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33 Best 4 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him that'll Melt His Heart

Reaching the milestone of a 4th anniversary is a momentous occasion that calls for a special and meaningful gift to honor the love and partnership you've shared. If you're searching for the perfect gift to celebrate this milestone with your beloved partner, we're here to help.

In this article, we've curated a collection of exceptional 4th anniversary gifts for him that will convey your love and appreciation. From personalized keepsakes and engraved accessories to unique experiences and thoughtful gestures, our handpicked selection encompasses a range of options to suit different interests and preferences. Whether he appreciates sentimental gestures or enjoys practical and meaningful surprises, our guide will inspire you to find the perfect gift that captures the essence of your four years together.

So, if you're ready to celebrate four years of love, commitment, and the beautiful moments you've shared, join us as we explore the world of 4 year anniversary gifts for him. Let's dive into a realm of love and appreciation that will make this milestone celebration a testament to your enduring bond. Get ready to create unforgettable memories and express your love with a gift that celebrates your journey. Let's embark on a journey of gift-giving and make this 4th anniversary an extraordinary occasion for both of you.

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Ignite the magic of your relationship with the "When We Met 4th Leather" personalized map wallet - a symbol of love and connection, crafted to perfection.

Aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, the "When We Met 4th Leather" map wallet is an excellent choice. Its size of 4.5 inches by 3.5 inches ensures that it's suitable for everyday use.


✔️ Ideal for couples celebrating milestones or anniversaries.

✔️ Exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

✔️ Durable construction ensures long-lasting use.

Unleash the power of personalization with the Personalized Upload Photo Acrylic Plaque. This remarkable plaque enables you to transform a cherished photo into a tangible symbol of your love.

The acrylic material ensures that every color and detail of the photo is beautifully preserved, creating a captivating display. Its generous size demands attention and becomes the focal point of any room. The sleek and contemporary design effortlessly blends with various decor styles, adding a touch of elegance and sentimentality to your anniversary celebration.


✔️ A timeless way to commemorate your anniversary

✔️ Ensures a high-quality and professional finish

✔️ Easy to clean and maintain for long-term enjoyment

✔️ Can be displayed year-round

This 4th-anniversary, surprise your loved one with a gift that guarantees laughter and comfort. The I Promise To Always Fleece Blanket is a delightful reminder of the lightheartedness and warmth you bring to each other's lives.

This blanket is more than just a cozy accessory—it's a symbol of the enduring love that has withstood the test of time. With its generous size and luxurious craftsmanship, it provides the perfect setting for intimate conversations, stolen kisses, and moments of pure bliss. Wrap yourselves in its softness, create new memories, and let the happiness of your love radiate.


✔️ Perfect for anniversary celebrations

✔️ Makes a memorable and thoughtful gift

✔️ Shows creativity and attention to detail

A decoration item may be an amazing idea to give your husband, for example, this Custom Star Map With Favorite Song Plaque. A wonderful 4th anniversary gift for him.

This Custom Star Map With Favorite Song Plaque is a unique and lovely decoration item that will blend seamlessly with many home styles. It's also incredibly easy to customize!


✔️ Personalized with your favorite song

✔️ High-quality and durable

✔️ Beautiful and trendy design

✔️ Easy to customize to your liking

If you're looking for a thoughtful and sentimental gift for a 4th anniversary, this Personalized Steel Keychain is the perfect choice. It's a beautiful way to celebrate a milestone anniversary and show your loved one how much they mean to you.

The message "Print My Soulmate My Everything" on the keychain is a beautiful expression of love and commitment that symbolizes the deep connection between two people. By customizing it with your name and picture, you can create a unique and personal keepsake that will always remind you of your special bond.


✔️ Add a beautiful touch to your room

✔️ A beautiful gift that will never go out of style

✔️ Provide a durable touch, which is practical and efficient

Keep your family's keys in one convenient location with the Personalized Last Name Key Holder - a thoughtful and practical gift for any occasion. This beautiful and unique key holder is handmade with high-quality wood material, ensuring durability and longevity.

Measuring 23 inches in width and 9.5 inches in height, it's the perfect size to hang in any space. With the option to personalize it with your last name, this key holder is both practical and stylish. Say goodbye to lost keys and hello to a more organized and efficient way of living with the Personalized Last Name Key Holder.


✔️ Handmade with high-quality wood material

✔️ Perfect size to hang in any space

✔️ With the option to personalize it with your last name

Creating some romantic vibe with your husband or your boyfriend with this Light Me When You Want A BJ - 9oz Scented Candle.

Available in three tantalizing scents, this candle will add a touch of romance to any occasion. Its comfortable aroma will put your special someone at ease, while its bright flame sets the mood for an intimate evening.


✔️ Inviting and romantic scents

✔️ Hand-poured with care for a personal touch

✔️ Comes in a sleek and modern design

✔️ Made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients

Is your anniversary upcoming? Celebrate your significant day in style with our Personalized Map Necklace.

Crafted from sterling silver, this elegant necklace showcases a pendant with a circular frame, inside of which lies a customized map.


✔️ Layerable with other necklaces

✔️ Option for long-distance couples

✔️ Start conversations about your love story

✔️ Unique alternative to traditional gifts

Honor your fourth anniversary with the versatile and durable "4th Anniversary Gifts Linen Tray". Available in three different sizes - small (7"x4"), medium (8"x8"), and large (13"x8") - this tray is versatile and functional, making it a great addition to any household.

The tray is made from a high-quality linen fabric that's durable and easy to clean, and the simple yet elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to any room. The small tray is ideal for holding small items like keys or jewelry, while the medium tray is perfect for use as a desk organizer or for holding small household items.


✔️ Versatile and practical

✔️ Durable and easy to clean

✔️ Simple yet elegant design

Celebrate your fourth anniversary in style with the exquisite "4th Anniversary Soy Wax" candle, the perfect present. This beautiful candle is made from hand-poured soy wax and features a natural color with no dyes. The label is made from high-quality matte pearl finish photo paper that adds a touch of elegance to the design.

At 7.5 oz. (212g), this candle is the perfect size to add ambiance to any room without overwhelming it. Plus, with a burn time of approximately 50 hours, you can enjoy the warm glow and soothing scent of this candle for days on end.


✔️ Long burn time

✔️ Elegant design

✔️ Eco-friendly and sustainable

Do you want to impress your husband with a magical and amazing four year anniversary gift for men? You might want to get this custom photo projection bracelet.

The bracelet is made of leather and stainless steel that are comfortable and fashionable. It has an adjustable buckle that fits most wrist sizes. It comes with a mini flashlight that you can use to project the photo. You can upload any photo you want for the projector.


✔️ Magical and amazing gift

✔️ Mini flashlight and custom photo

✔️ Adjustable buckle and lightweight

✔️ Comfortable leather and stainless steel

Showcase your precious memories in style with the Engraved Natural Wood Picture Frame, a beautiful and unique display option. Crafted from high-quality wood material, this rectangular-shaped picture frame has a natural wood finish that gives it a charming, rustic feel.

With dimensions of 8.5"L x 6.5"W, this single picture frame can accommodate any 4x6 photo. Its wall-mounting design makes it easy to display your favorite pictures in any room of your home or office.


✔️ High-quality and durable product

✔️ Unique and charming rustic-style finish that adds character to any room

✔️ Allows for a personal and thoughtful touch to your picture frame

A beautiful and considerate gift for any event is the Traditional Fruit Gift. This gift includes a 3 1/2" x 3 3/4" Flat Crystal Apple that is expertly made and a classic item that will be treasured for years to come.

This stunning crystal apple is both gorgeous and functional. It can be a beautiful addition to any home's décor or used as a paperweight or workplace ornament. It makes a wonderful present for nature enthusiasts because the apple design brings a bit of natural beauty to any room.


✔️ Beautiful design

✔️ High-quality materials

✔️ Making it a practical and functional gift.

Almost of men like to use the same things as their lovers, so these Personalized White Mug Gifts can be a smart choice because they look perfect in a couple of sets. A sweet four year anniversary gifts for him.

Whether you want to say "I love you," "Thank you for being with me," or simply "Congratulations on our 4th anniversary," these Personalized White Mug Gifts can do the talking for you.


✔️ Feel free to choose your favorite style

✔️ Can be customized

✔️ Microwave and dishwasher safe

This Custom Star Map and Photo Wall Art Decor is a thoughtful 4 year anniversary gift for him that he can decide to hang anywhere in his place to celebrate your relationship.

This stunning piece of home decor combines the beauty of a custom star map with up to 6 of your favorite photos. It is the fabulous way to showcase your love and celebrate the memories you have shared together.


✔️ Best material and durability

✔️ Can be customized for up to 6 photos

✔️ Multi-functional Home Décor for any style

✔️ Perfect gifts of love for your partner

On your 4th-anniversary, go above and beyond with the Wooden Docking Station.

This meticulously crafted organizer offers a stylish and practical solution to keep all essentials in one place. With its carefully designed compartments and slots, it ensures that phones, watches, keys, and wallets are neatly organized and easily accessible. Purchase to own a symbol of the enduring love and the special moments you've shared.


✔️ Promotes a clutter-free and stress-free environment

✔️ Can be personalized or engraved for a custom touch

✔️ Helps create a visually appealing and organized space

Make your anniversary special with the Transparent Acrylic Car Ornament, a remarkable 4th wedding anniversary for husband that commemorates the journey of love you have shared over the years.

The Transparent Acrylic Car Ornament adds a touch of elegance and sentimental value to your car. With its customizable feature, you can select a song that holds significant meaning, bringing back cherished memories and setting a romantic atmosphere during your car rides. Its durable construction ensures that it withstands the test of time, becoming a cherished memento that symbolizes the strength and longevity of your love.


✔️ Ensures it lasts for years to come

✔️ Customizable with a meaningful song

✔️ Symbolizes the enduring commitment

✔️ Creates a romantic and nostalgic ambiance

As you celebrate the fourth anniversary, you've traveled a beautiful journey filled with love, understanding, and companionship. Commemorate this special day with the Personalized Heart Map Art Piece.

This art piece beautifully merges two significant locations into a heart, mirroring your shared life journey. These could be your favorite café and your first shared home, etching memories of your beautiful moments. Designed with high-quality materials, this piece serves as a lasting reminder of your shared experiences.


✔️ Merges two significant locations

✔️ Etches beautiful memories

✔️ High-quality, lasting reminder

This he asked she said yes picture frame displays your engagement photo and the words "He asked, she said yes". It is a wonderful way to capture your special moment and show your love.

The frame is made of wood and acrylic that are durable and stylish. It has a floating design that creates a stunning effect. The frame measures 10 x 10 inches and can hold a 4 x 6 inch photo. It has an easel back that allows it to stand on any flat surface. You can also hang it on the wall with the attached hook.


✔️ Easel back and wall hook

✔️ Durable wood and acrylic

✔️ Sentimental and lovely gift

✔️ Floating design and stunning effect

We suggest you mark your 4th anniversary with this anniversary wine box. It is a wooden box containing three bottles of wine you can enjoy on your future anniversaries.

The box has a sliding lid that reveals the wine bottles inside. It comes with three compartments that fit standard wine bottles. You can choose from different designs like toast, love letters, or vineyard.


✔️ Creative and thoughtful gift

✔️ Smooth pine wood and sliding lid

✔️ Three compartments for wine bottles

✔️ Different designs and personalization

If you want to give your husband a unique and meaningful gift for your 4th anniversary, you might want to consider this personalized photo album keychain.

The keychain is made of high-quality leather and metal that are durable and elegant. Its size is easy to carry and attach to your keys, bag, or wallet. Moreover, you can choose different colors, like black, brown, red, and pink.


✔️ Unique and meaningful gift

✔️ High-quality leather and metal

✔️ Zipper closure and lightweight

✔️ Different colors and customization

The custom wooden Ferris wheel is an excellent gift to melt his heart. The Ferris wheel is uniquely designed to add a touch of creativity and fun to the usual picture frames, making it an unforgettable 4th anniversary gifts for men.

Spin the wheel, and it will run with romantic photos appearing in return. It is such a fun present decor that your lover finds very interesting to display!


✔️ Unique and creative design

✔️ Excellent room decor item

✔️ High-quality plywood construction

✔️ Customizable with photos and messages

The intimate tumble tower game is a fun and daring gift that will certainly make his heart race.

The intimate tumble tower game consists of 54 wooden blocks including 54 different activities. The game comes with a canvas bag for easy storage and transportation. It has a booklet with instructions and suggestions for customizing the blocks.


✔️ Fun and exciting game

✔️ Naughty or nice commands

✔️ Customizable blocks

✔️ Canvas bag and booklet included

If your husband is a book lover, this handmade personalised leather bookmark is a great choice. This is a perfect way to show your support for his reading hobby.

The handmade personalised leather bookmark measures 6 x 1.5 inches and weighs about 0.5 ounces. It is soft, smooth, and flexible, and will not damage the pages of the book. It is also durable and long-lasting, and will age beautifully with use.


✔️ Handcrafted from genuine leather

✔️ Soft, smooth, and flexible bookmark

✔️ Durable and long-lasting leather

✔️ Personalised with name, initials, or monogram

When you and your husband love to travel together, this travel keepsake library is a great choice. This wooden box is designed to store and display your travel souvenirs, such as tickets, maps, postcards, photos, coins, and more.

The travel keepsake library has a magnetic closure and a metal handle for easy carrying. It also comes with acid-free paper envelopes and stickers to organize your souvenirs.


✔️ Encourages travel

✔️ Easy to organize items

✔️ Cute and compact design

✔️ Provides storage for keepsakes

If you want to give your husband a gift that he can carry with him everywhere, this personalised wallet insert is a great choice.

The personalised wallet card fits in most standard wallets and credit card holders. Its engraving is clear and permanent, and will not fade or wear off. The seller will send you a proof of the design before making the final product to check.


✔️ Gift that he can carry everywhere

✔️ Engraved with a heartfelt message

✔️ Durable and lightweight metal card

✔️ Clear and permanent engraving

If you want to give your husband a gift that he can enjoy anywhere, we recommend this wireless bluetooth speaker. This portable speaker delivers powerful and clear sound with deep bass and surround effect.

The wireless bluetooth speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 10 hours of playtime. It also has a LED display that shows the battery level, mode, and time. It comes with a USB cable, an audio cable, and a user manual.


✔️ Speakerphone, and FM radio functions

✔️ Long-lasting battery and LED display

✔️ Portable and stylish design

✔️ Powerful and clear sound

Anyone who wants to give their husbands a gift that is fun and creative, this custom mini-figures on a personalized brick is a great choice.

The custom mini-figures on a personalized brick measures 8 x 2 x 2 inches and weighs about 0.2 pounds. It comes with a stand that allows you to display it on any flat surface. It also comes with a gift box and a card.


✔️ Fun and creative gift

✔️ Stand, gift box, and card included

✔️ Customized LEGO bricks and mini-figures

✔️ Personalized brick with names and date

This set of two champagne flutes features a delicate floral design that is etched by hand. These flutes are perfect for celebrating your four years of marriage with some bubbly.

The etched champagne flutes set is made of glass and have a capacity of 8 ounces each and are dishwasher safe. They come in a gift box with a ribbon which is ready to gift at anytime!


✔️ Elegant and classy gift

✔️ Delicate floral design etched by hand

✔️ Personalized with initials and date

✔️ Glass flutes with gift box and ribbon

This set of two wooden dice features different date night ideas that you can roll and try. These dice are perfect for adding some spice and variety to your relationship.

The personalized date night dice set is made of wood and measures 1 x 1 x 1 inch each. They are engraved with black ink and have rounded corners. They come in a cotton drawstring bag for easy storage.


✔️ Fun and adventurous gift

✔️ Different date night ideas on dice

✔️ Customizable with own suggestions

✔️ Wood dice with cotton drawstring bag

If you want to give your husband a relaxing and pampered gift, this sandalwood luxury spa skincare set will help him unwind and rejuvenate his skin.

The basket has a handle and a bow for easy carrying and gifting. The products are cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free. The set also comes with a gift card you can write your message to congratulate him on the 4th wedding occasion.


✔️ Relaxing and pampering gift

✔️ Wooden basket with handle and bow

✔️ Natural ingredients and sandalwood scent

✔️ Cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free products

You should show him your love on your 4th anniversary with the create a mug set for couples. This set offers an array of styles that encapsulate your shared love story. It's not just an item of daily utility but a memory holder too. Each time he takes a sip, he will be reminded of your love, and that'll surely melt his heart.

Sending a card on the 4-year anniversary is classic. Nowaday, there are many better ways for you to express your love. The keychain is a typical example of a unique gift for him to melt his heart.

In this option, you can send a heartfelt message to him as well as impress him with the photo and name personalization. He will love this present very much and carry it by himself anytime to value it.

You are looking for a meaningful gift for him to celebrate the 4th anniversary. Then, you can't miss the personalized song lyric ornament.

Through the love lyric, you can remind him of these sweet memories in the past. Not stop here, the ornament allows you to add your photo to uplift his day, leaving him a keepsake to cherish for years to come.

Instead of grabbing glamorous jewelry, you can choose something more affordable and meaningful like this lamp.

The photo personalized lamp will impress your man with a memorable photo to relive happy moments in him. He can set this present on the table or desk to admire and miss you every day.

4 years of love is a special occasion so don't let it do simply. This canvas poster will help you cherish your lover and mark that day.

In this decor present, you can customize your sweet photos with her/him on it. Your spouse's heart will certainly be melt, igniting their flame of love.

Final Thoughts

Four years down and a lifetime to go! Here's your chance to make your man feel loved and cherished on this 4th anniversary. We've handpicked some amazing 4th anniversary gifts for him that are sure to make him smile. It's the perfect time to show him how much you care and create memories that will last forever.

Our selection is filled with unique, thoughtful gifts that he'll appreciate. Don't let this special day pass by without making it memorable. Find the gift that speaks your heart and let him know he's loved. As you celebrate this year, remember that the next anniversary is just around the corner, and we've got you covered there, too, with a beautiful selection of 5-year anniversary gifts.

So go on, start shopping today and make his 4th anniversary one that he'll always remember with a smile!

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