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35 Exciting Advent Calendar for Kids: Count Down to Christmas

Walk into the magical world of anticipation and joy with our extraordinary collection of 35 advent calendars for kids. Designed to bring a twinkle to their eyes and a flurry of excitement to each passing day, these whimsical treasures are the perfect way to make the countdown to Christmas truly unforgettable. From delightful surprises to enchanting experiences, our advent calendars for kids are a gateway to cherished memories and cherished moments.

Imagine the sheer delight on their faces as they wake up each morning, eager to discover what lies behind the doors of their very own advent calendar. Our carefully curated selection offers a range of captivating themes and characters, ensuring there's something to captivate every child's imagination. Whether they dream of exploring a winter wonderland with adorable animals, embarking on a thrilling space adventure, or immersing themselves in the world of their favorite fairy tale, our advent calendars for kids are sure to spark their imagination and fill their hearts with joy.

Each advent calendar is a treasure trove of surprises, meticulously crafted to ignite their wonder and anticipation. Every day, from miniature toys and trinkets to delicious treats and *delightful activities, brings a new delight. Let the enchantment unfold as they embark on a magical journey, counting down the days until Christmas with joy and excitement. Discover the perfect advent calendar for your little ones and make this **[Christmas an unforgettable celebration of joy and wonder.

Step into the enchanting world of Disney's Encanto with our extraordinary Family Advent Calendar.

Unwrap the joy and excitement of the holiday season with the Madrigal family as you open a door each day to reveal a delightful surprise. From miniature figures of your favorite characters to accessories and trinkets inspired by the movie, every day holds a new adventure.


✔️ Captures the essence of Disney's Encanto

✔️ Promotes family togetherness

✔️ Magical surprises every day

Embark on a delightful journey of surprises and joy with our Girls Advent Calendar.

Open a door each day to reveal a delightful surprise, from sparkly bracelets to trendy sunglasses and charming accessories. Your little one will be captivated by the magic and anticipation of discovering a new gift each day.


✔️ Trendy and stylish accessories

✔️ Encourages creativity and self-expression

✔️ Exciting surprises every day

Each day, your child will unveil a new surprise, from exclusive Hot Wheels cars to track pieces and accessories. Watch their eyes light up with joy as they discover the world of Hot Wheels unfold before their eyes.

This advent calendar is not just about counting down to Christmas, but also about igniting their imagination and fueling their passion for cars.


✔️ Promotes imaginative play and creativity

✔️ Exciting surprises every day

✔️ Exclusive Hot Wheels collectibles

Watch as your child's excitement grows with each passing day as they build and create their very own Lego world.

The Lego Advent Calendar includes 24 surprises, one each day leading up to Christmas. Let your child's creativity soar and create lasting memories with this enchanting advent calendar.


✔️ Sparks imagination and creativity

✔️ Provides a fun and interactive way

✔️ Builds fine motor skills

Behind each door awaits a delightful surprise featuring beloved Disney characters, making every day leading up to Christmas a truly special experience.

Uncover mini-figures, accessories, and iconic Disney elements as your child explores the enchanting world of Disney. From Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to Cinderella and Buzz Lightyear, this advent calendar is a treasure trove of Disney magic.


✔️ Inspires imaginative play and storytelling

✔️ Adds an extra dose of magic to the holiday season

✔️ Unveils beloved Disney characters

Uncover mini-figures, accessories, and surprise Jurassic World elements as your child opens each door. From ferocious T-rex to cunning raptors, this advent calendar is a gateway to a world of dinosaur fun.

With 24 surprises, this Jurassic World Advent Calendar is packed with prehistoric thrills. Your child can create epic dinosaur battles, go on daring rescue missions, and explore the untamed wilderness.


✔️ Sparks imaginative dinosaur adventures

✔️ Brings the thrill of Jurassic World

✔️ Unveils exciting Jurassic World elements

Each day, your child will unveil a new specimen and learn its origin, properties, and significance.

With 24 carefully selected specimens, this Rock Collection Advent Calendar provides a tangible way for your child to explore the Earth's geological diversity.


✔️ Provides a hands-on learning experience

✔️ Expands knowledge of rocks and minerals

✔️ Offers educational insights into geology

Unleash the holiday magic with the Pokemon Holiday Advent Calendar. Behind each door, your child will discover a delightful surprise from the world of Pokemon.

As your child opens each door, they'll unveil a new Pokemon character, accessory, or decoration. With 24 surprises to discover, the Pokemon Holiday Advent Calendar keeps the anticipation alive and creates lasting memories.


✔️ Includes a variety of Pokemon characters

✔️ Enhances holiday decor

✔️ Offers a daily dose of Pokemon excitement

As your child opens each door, they'll discover mini LEGO figures, accessories, and festive elements that come together to create a unique holiday-themed play experience.

From snowmen to sleighs, this advent calendar brings the season's joy to life through the power of LEGO bricks. Measuring approximately 12 x 9 x 2 inches, this LEGO Toy Advent Calendar is also compact and easy to display.


✔️ Encourages creativity and imagination

✔️ Provides a festive playmat

✔️ Offers daily surprises for building fun

This exquisite advent calendar goes beyond traditional surprises, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for your child.

Imagine the joy on your child's face as they uncover a personalized surprise each day, tailored specifically to them. This advent calendar is a true celebration of individuality and thoughtfulness, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


✔️ Attention to detail

✔️ A cherished keepsake

✔️ Personalized surprises

Embark on an exciting journey with the Super Mario Advent Calendar, a must-have for every young adventurer and fan of the iconic video game franchise.

Behind each door lies a surprise that will transport your child to the enchanting world of Super Mario. Uncover mini figures, accessories, and even exclusive limited-edition items that are sure to ignite their imagination and bring hours of joy.


✔️ Limited-edition items for collectors

✔️ Compact size, perfect for any space

✔️ Exciting surprises from the Super Mario universe

This advent calendar is more than just a countdown; it's a gateway to endless imaginative play.

With the color-changing surprises, they can transform their Barbie dolls' outfits and accessories, adding an extra element of surprise and creativity to their playtime. Let this advent calendar be a special gift that shows your love and sparks your child's creativity this holiday season.


✔️ Portable and travel-friendly design

✔️ Encourages imaginative play

✔️ Color-changing surprises for endless creativity

This beautifully crafted calendar holds hidden treasures behind each door, bringing joy and anticipation to your child's countdown to Christmas.

With its festive design and intricate details, it creates a delightful atmosphere and enhances the anticipation of Christmas. Each day, as your child opens a new door, they will uncover a small gift, fostering excitement and adding a touch of wonder to their holiday experience.


✔️ Includes a beautiful holiday-themed bracelet

✔️ Enhances the festive atmosphere of the holiday season

✔️ Hidden treasures behind each door

This unique calendar allows you to personalize the countdown to Christmas, adding a personal touch and creating lasting memories for your child.

The DIY Advent Calendar provides a wonderful opportunity for you and your child to engage in fun and imaginative activities. With 24 empty drawers waiting to be filled, you have the freedom to choose the surprises that will bring joy and excitement each day.


✔️ Encourages creativity and imagination

✔️ Durable and reusable

✔️ Personalized and customizable

From math challenges and science experiments to language puzzles and brain teasers, the Educational Advent Calendar provides a fun and engaging way for your child to learn and explore.

Measuring approximately 12 x 9 x 2 inches, this calendar is designed with bright and colorful illustration. It encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, making it an ideal gift for young learners who love to discover new things.


✔️ Enhances critical thinking skills

✔️ Interactive and engaging learning

✔️ Promotes educational activities

Each day reveals a new Pokemon-themed surprise, allowing your child to dive into the captivating world of Pokemon and ignite their imagination.

Your child will have the opportunity to expand their Pokemon collection, engage in imaginative play, and embark on thrilling battles with their favorite Pokemon characters.


✔️ Encourages imaginative play

✔️ Expands Pokemon collection

✔️ Collectible Pokemon surprises

With Peppa's Kids Advent Calendar, your child will embark on a joyful journey of discovery, as they eagerly open each door to uncover a new surprise.

The durable construction ensures that it withstands the holiday excitement, providing hours of fun and enjoyment. Let this calendar be a delightful addition to your child's holiday traditions, bringing smiles and laughter throughout the festive season.


✔️ Encourages imaginative play and storytelling

✔️ High-quality and durable construction

✔️ Daily surprises with Peppa Pig themes

Unveil the magic of the holiday season with the Advent Calendar Kids. This enchanting calendar brings joy and anticipation to children, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

The Advent Calendar Kids is not just about counting down the days; it's about the joy of discovery and the excitement of unwrapping something special. From small toys to trinkets, each surprise is carefully curated to bring a smile to your child's face.


✔️ Fosters a sense of anticipation and wonder

✔️ Beautifully crafted and durable

✔️ Delightful surprises every day

Embark on a thrilling journey of anticipation and excitement with the Cars Advent Calendar.

The Cars Advent Calendar is not just about collecting cars; it's about fostering a sense of adventure and creativity. From iconic characters to sleek racing cars, this calendar offers a diverse collection that appeals to every car lover.


✔️ Fosters imagination and creativity

✔️ Vibrant artwork and sturdy construction

✔️ Daily surprises of die-cast cars

This enchanting calendar offers a delightful way for children to eagerly anticipate each day leading up to Christmas.

Measuring approximately 15 x 11 inches, the Countdown Calendar features a visually appealing design that adds a festive touch to any space. Behind each numbered door lies a surprise, creating a sense of wonder and joy as the countdown progresses.


✔️ Encourages quality family time

✔️ Durable and reusable design

✔️ Builds anticipation and excitement

Having this cute doll advent calendar, an enchanting world unfolds, filled with collectible accessories and delightful surprises.

The hidden benefits lie in the joy of discovering new accessories that enhance the playtime experience, allowing children to build stories, create their own worlds, and foster their love for dolls.


✔️ Includes collectible accessories

✔️ Enhances storytelling and creativity

✔️ Encourages imaginative play

This magical calendar brings joy and excitement to each day leading up to Christmas, offering hidden benefits that are ready to be discovered.

Behind each door, a delightful surprise awaits, allowing children to unlock their imagination and embark on endless adventures. The calendar provides a daily dose of fun and anticipation, fostering a sense of wonder and excitement in children.


✔️ Provides daily surprises and anticipation

✔️ Enhances playtime with interactive elements

✔️ Sparks imagination and creativity

This unique advent calendar offers benefits that may not be immediately apparent but hold immense value. Each day, a puzzle piece is revealed, encouraging problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and concentration.

Measuring approximately 8 x 10 inches, this puzzle calendar features high-quality materials and intricate design.


✔️ Provides a personalized keepsake

✔️ Fosters concentration and critical thinking

✔️ Encourages problem-solving skills

This delightful calendar is sure to combine play, learning, and anticipation!

Each day reveals a new animal toy, allowing your child to expand their imagination, learn about different species, and engage in imaginative play. As they open each door, they will discover a surprise animal friend, fostering a sense of curiosity and wonder throughout the holiday season.


✔️ Introduces children to different animal species

✔️ Combines learning and fun

✔️ Promotes imaginative play

Let's unveil the magic of the holiday season with the Jewelry Gift Advent Calendar. With various jewelry pieces, including bracelets and accessories, your child can create unique looks and express their style throughout the holiday season.

Behind its dazzling façade, this advent calendar holds secret treasures that will spark your kid's eyes brighter than the Christmas lights.


✔️ Keeps the excitement high with daily surprises

✔️ Ignites creativity and fashion-forward thinking

✔️ Unleashes the inner diva with stylish bling

Get ready to create cherished holiday memories with the Personalized Christmas Countdown!

With its customizable design, you can personalize it with your child's name, adding a magical touch to the countdown experience. Hang it on the wall or place it on a tabletop, and let the countdown begin!


✔️ Builds excitement and anticipation

✔️ Encourages family bonding

✔️ Personalized touch for a unique experience

Unleash the magic of the holiday season with the Unicorn Advent Calendar! This enchanting calendar is a delightful surprise-filled journey for unicorn lovers. The detailed features and precise measurements perfectly fit any wall or tabletop display.

This calendar will surely be a daily dose of whimsy, imagination, and the opportunity for your child to create their unicorn-themed wonderland!


✔️ Fosters imaginative play and creativity

✔️ Brings daily doses of enchantment

✔️ Sparkles with magical surprises

Rev up the excitement this holiday season with the Car Advent Calendar!

With 24 doors to open, this car-themed advent calendar is packed with surprises. Behind each door, your child will find mini cars, accessories, and track pieces to build their racecourse. Watch as your child's love for cars and imagination collide in a thrilling countdown to Christmas!


✔️ Encourages imaginative play and creativity

✔️ Provides a thrilling holiday adventure

✔️ Unleashes racing excitement daily

Spread joy and make a difference with the Act of Kindness Calendar! The detailed features of the calendar, including the beautifully designed cards with acts of kindness, ensure that each day brings a new opportunity to make someone's day brighter.

From spreading smiles to lending a helping hand, this calendar encourages empathy and teaches valuable life lessons.


✔️ Teaches the joy of giving

✔️ Encourages positive actions

✔️ Cultivates empathy and kindness

Embark on an epic journey to a land of roaring excitement with the Dinosaur Toy Advent Calendar!

Roar-some benefits await! From the fearsome T-Rex to the majestic Stegosaurus, this calendar brings a Jurassic playground to life. Watch as your child's face lights up with awe and curiosity as they delve into the detailed features and measurements of these captivating creatures.


✔️ Sparks imagination and creativity

✔️ Builds a collection of dinosaur figures

✔️ Encourages learning through play

Step into a world of cuteness and enchantment with the Hello Kitty Calendar! With the lovable Hello Kitty guiding the way, children can engage in imaginative play and create their own stories of friendship and kindness.

Unveil the hidden benefits! As your child opens each door, they'll discover more than delicious chocolates. The Hello Kitty Calendar encourages imagination, creativity, and the spirit of giving.


✔️ Inspires imaginative storytelling and play

✔️ Fosters the joy of giving and sharing

✔️ Sparkles with adorable Hello Kitty charm

This unique calendar brings more than just the joy of counting down to Christmas!

From ornaments to decorations, this advent calendar is a solution for keeping little hands busy and minds engaged during the holiday season. With a variety of crafts to choose from, your child can unleash their artistic skills and proudly display their creations.


✔️ Offers a diverse range of DIY projects

✔️ Builds excitement and anticipation

✔️ Ignites creativity through hands-on crafts

Embark on an exciting digital adventure with the Roblox Advent Calendar!

Unlock hidden benefits! From rare collectibles to unique outfits, this advent calendar brings the virtual world of Roblox to life and adds an extra layer of fun to their gaming experience.


✔️ In-game rewards and accessories

✔️ Enhances the Roblox gaming experience

✔️ Exclusive Roblox items

Experience the charm of a timeless tradition with this exquisite Wooden Advent Calendar.

Each numbered drawer holds a delightful surprise, encouraging anticipation and excitement every day leading up to Christmas. From small treats and trinkets to handwritten notes or personalized messages, this advent calendar allows you to create cherished memories and special moments with your kids.


✔️ Personalizable surprises and messages

✔️ Promotes family bonding

✔️ Handcrafted with care

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