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30 Best Birthday Gift for 9 Years Old Girl that She'll Definitely Excited

A 9-year-old girl reaching this age is an important milestone in her growth. We have a great selection of gift options to make her special day even more memorable. From cool toys to educational games, our collection is designed to bring joy and ignite her imagination. You can choose a gift that she will treasure and remember for years to come, and also have fun too.

I understand that finding the right gift for a child can be a bit challenging. Sometimes, it's hard to know which toys are popular in the market and whether they are suitable for kids. You might also wonder if the toys will last or if you need something that the little girl can keep as a keepsake. In this collection, we bring you the best gift ideas for a 9-year-old girl, whether she's your own daughter or someone special. This collection mainly includes toys, for sure, and I'll also introduce you to some personalized items if you're looking for a meaningful and long-lasting gift. Keep reading to explore more!

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This elephant-shaped light bulb is really adorable, and I think little girls would love to have one in their bedroom.

About this Led Light:

✔️ You can choose from up to 7 different colors for this product.

✔️ High quality and safe material

✔️ Stand out with personalized name

For young girls, pink items are always a popular choice. This DIY tumbler allows crafty girls to unleash their creativity and make their very own unique product. All the necessary tools come with it when you purchase this tumbler. The little one can use her self-made creation, which is awesome!

About this DIY art set:

✔️ Dazzling rhinestone stickers add a touch of sparkle

✔️ Encourages personal expression and empowerment

✔️ It provides both fun and functionality, so it's a win-win.

As I mentioned earlier, you might want to consider giving a meaningful gift to a 9-year-old girl that she can keep for a long time. This puzzle is a great choice, as it can capture beautiful moments and provide her with creative moments to complete her favorite picture. Even as she grows up, putting together this puzzle can be a source of enjoyment.

About this photo puzzle:

✔️ You can select the most beautiful picture to print on the puzzle.

✔️ You can choose from various styles and different sizes.

✔️ Provide endless possibilities for the mind

This girl diary is a creative and fun way to preserve thoughts and memories. With this kit, she can make her own one-of-a-kind pages. 9-year-old girls will enjoy adding their favorite pictures, notes, quotes, thoughts, and ideas. They can layer them with scrapbook pages, frames, and other decorations. This gift is an excellent choice for inspiring your child's creativity

About this DIY Journal Set:

✔️ This set already includes all the necessary accessories.

✔️ It's a toy that's both fun and helps the girl be creative.

Just get this scratch paper set, and every girl will surely love it. Why, you ask? Because when you use the wooden stylus to draw on the paper, your lines magically change colors, just like a little piece of enchantment.

About this Scratch Paper Art-Crafts:

✔️ The product doesn't use ink, so it won't create any mess.

❌ The quantity of drawing paper is limited.

✔️ Cathartic and therapeutic artistic experience

For a birthday girl who dreams of being a princess on her special day, this personalized necklace is the perfect accessory. This headband adds a touch of magic and sophistication to her birthday outfit with its sparkling design and comfortable fit. The birthday girl sparkles and catches everyone's eye, thanks to the crown-shaped design adorned with sparkling rhinestones.

About this custom neclace:

✔️ You can personalize almost everything: the photo inside the locket, the name on the necklace, and the necklace's length.

✔️ High-quality and durable materials

❌ It may not be suitable for girls who don't like wearing necklaces.

At 9 years old, a girl will have her own little treasures to keep and cherish. This ring dish can help her do just that. She can use it to decorate her study desk or personal space, especially after customizing it with her creative touch.

About this jewelry dish kit::

✔️ All the accessories for personalization will be included when you buy it

✔️ It offers both creative fun and long-lasting use.

❌ It's fragile, so kids should play with it carefully.

This unicorn wall clock is a delightful and enchanting present, especially for girls, making it a great birthday gift for daughters. It's a personalized wall clock that blends a galaxy theme with the whimsical charm of unicorns, creating a captivating piece of home decor. It's also a useful addition to their room, helping girls keep track of study time, playtime, and bedtime.

About this Wall Clock:

✔️ You can personalize the girl's name on the clock face.

✔️ Functional and decorative wall clock for everyday use

❌ AA batteries are not included; you need to purchase them separately.

The special design shows her zodiac sign and her name on a beautiful galaxy background, making it a one-of-a-kind and meaningful gift for a girl turning 14.. The tumbler comes with a lid that prevents spills and a strong straw, making it perfect for when you're on the move.

About this zodiac sign tumbler:

✔️ Very good and durable material

✔️ You can choose from a wide variety of designs and personalization.

❌ There is no option to choose the color.

This jewelry storage box is a lovely and practical way to keep her jewelry neat and add a bit of fun to it. It has plenty of space for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, so they don't get all tangled up, and you can reach them easily. As far as I know, there's no girl who doesn't like unicorns!

About this musical storage box:

✔️ High-qaulity and durable wood

✔️ Delightful musical feature adds charm and nostalgia

❌ It cannot be personalized or selected in different colors.

If you believe in giving gifts with heartfelt wishes and a "happy birthday," this wooden sign is a great choice. While toys can break or lose their charm quickly, this item will never lose its meaning, even as the girl grows up.

About this wooden plaque:

✔️ It can be personalized with the date, name, and a picture of the girl.

✔️ High-quality wood ensures durability.

❌ In case the girl wants a gift for interactive play, this might not be the best choice.

If you're not satisfied with other night lamps, consider getting this one. It's like holding a little moon in your hand, and even the details and light on the lamp resemble a mini moon. This lamp is sure to provide a good night's sleep for the girl.

About this Moon Lamp:

✔️ You can personalize it with the name and message you prefer.

✔️ You can adjust it to 16 different moon colors, with the base included

❌ It's very meaningful, but it may not be as much fun or interactive.

This fun toy mixes bubbles and dinosaurs, making playtime magical. Its special design and exciting features will surely make young adventurers curious and happy. It's suitable for kids aged 5 to 14, both boys and girls alike. When I was a kid, I only had a bubble wand where you could blow small bubbles one at a time. But now, kids have this amazing toy!

About this Dinosaur Bubble Machine:

✔️ User-friendly and effortless operation

✔️ Sturdy and long-lasting construction

❌ It's not advisable to let children have too much direct contact with bubbles as it can be harmful to the skin.

Elsa and the ice castle are a big fascination for all little girls, and what I have for you here will give your girl a special space, a play tent where she can have fun with her friends. This tent is beautifully designed and shaped in the style of the Frozen animated movie.

About this play tent:

✔️ Engaging and enchanting castle design sparks imaginative play

✔️ Spacious interior allows for comfortable play with friends

❌ Because it's spacious, it may not be suitable for small bedrooms.

Who says tech gadgets are just for grown-ups? If your girl loves being stylish and, especially, taking pictures, this smartwatch offers a really fun experience. It has a decent camera for capturing everyday moments. Plus, it comes with a bunch of cool features like a watch, a computer, and a flashlight, all built into this watch.

About thiis smart watch toy:

✔️ You can choose from three different colors.

✔️ This watch also has an anti-addiction mode to ensure your girl doesn't spend too much time with it.

❌ Tech products can have minor flaws, for sure, and it's not very waterproof.

These colorful markers are made just for making temporary tattoos, so your child can create their own designs on their skin. There are eight different colors in the pack, some bold and some shiny, giving lots of options for being creative. Each marker has a fine tip, which makes it easy to control and create detailed designs.

About this tatoo marker:

✔️ The ink has been tested by skin experts, so it's safe to use on the skin.

✔️ Fine tip for precise control and detailed artwork

❌ It's washable, but it may stay on for quite a while. It's a good idea not to let the child draw too much.

These fun socks have charming cartoon animals on them, which she'll love right away. Whether she's into cats, dogs, pandas, or other cute animals, these socks are a playful and stylish addition to any outfit.

About this sock:

✔️ Crafted from soft and breathable cotton, these socks provide utmost comfort throughout the day.

✔️ Pack of five pairs offers a variety of cute designs

❌ It's a bit too simple for a birthday gift, and it's not an interactive product.

Instead of using paper or canvas, give water painting a try! It's a unique way to make stunning art. Just put layers of paint, smudge, drag, and 'transfer' it onto the paper. Let it dry, and you'll have beautiful marble-like paintings. Follow the easy instructions in the guide with pictures to create amazing art.

About this paint art kit:

✔️ Provides a mesmerizing and immersive artistic experience

✔️ Versatile kit for marbling on various surfaces

❌ You can't use it too many times because the number of colors is limited.

There's only one set of these, and the girl will have a bunch of rings to make herself look stylish. With various cute shapes, she can change her rings every day for some fun experiences. These rings have bands that can be adjusted, so they'll fit her perfectly, and she can wear them with confidence and happiness.

About this jewelry ring set:

✔️ Sparkles with everyday enchantment and radiates joy

✔️ Delicate designs and vibrant gemstones evoke wonder

❌ These rings are made from regular plastic, so they can get scratched

A birthday gift for a 9-year-old girl that's both fun and lets her be creative. Get ready to enter a world of happiness, where soft, colorful rainbows and magical creatures come alive. It's a journey filled with joy, making special connections, and endless smiles. These squishies, like cute unicorns and charming rainbows, will steal her heart with their playful designs.

About this unicorn gift:

✔️ Relieves stress and fosters a sense of tranquility

❌ The colors on these squishies can fade quite easily with a lot of handling.

Jump into a world where memories can be saved underwater, a place where your 9-year-old girl's love for adventure and exploration can be kept forever. This fantastic waterproof camera opens the door to a world of limitless opportunities. With its easy-to-use buttons and user-friendly setup, she can express her creative side by taking colorful photos and valuable videos that show her unique perspective.

About this digital camera:

✔️ Waterproof design for capturing underwater adventures

✔️ Intuitive controls and user-friendly interface

Prepare for loads of laughter and giggles with the "Jokes for 9 Year Olds" book. This collection of humor is sure to make your 9-year-old girl burst into laughter and keep her chuckling. Every page turn reveals more clever and funny punchlines. From silly knock-knock jokes to clever wordplay, this book is sure to make her day brighter and put a smile on her face.

About this joke book:

✔️ A collection of hilarious jokes, riddles, and puns

✔️ Sparks laughter and brings joy to young readers

There are lots of adorable patterns on just one bracelet. This beautiful bracelet is a way to show your love and how much you care about your 9-year-old daughter or granddaughter. It's decorated with pretty charms and bright colors that represent how special and beautiful she is in your life.

About this bracelet:

✔️ You can personalize the digits with the ones you want.

✔️ You can adjust the width to make it more comfortable to wear.

Here's another bracelet idea, but instead of buying one ready-made, you can create your own. Girls aged 5 to 10 really enjoy exploring and being creative. That's why I'm offering you a bunch of crafting products in this collection, so you can give her gifts that are not only meaningful but also fun and creative to make together.

About this bracelet kit:

✔️ There are dozens of fun patterns included.

✔️ Radiant beads and captivating charms ignite the imagination

✔️ The materials are both beautiful and durable.

This item, with its gentle pink color and glowing letters, makes a cozy and welcoming ambiance that touches the heart. The marquee light box comes with 110 pink letters, 110 colored letters, and 180 emojis. You can put up to 10 letters in each row, which is more than others that usually have 8-9. It's a unique gift for girls, and it can also assist in your child's learning journey.

About this cinema light box:

✔️ Captivates with its enchanting pink glow

✔️ Illuminated letters allow for heartfelt expressions

Kids these days really enjoy playing with slime, and that includes 9-year-old girls. So, why not get a slime kit as a special birthday gift for a 9-year-old girl? We're confident she'll adore this wonderful gift. The squishy, fluffy texture provides comfort and relaxation, and the bright colors spark a sense of fun and playfulness. It lets her express herself as she mixes colors, adds glitter and charms, and creates her own special slimes that show off her personality and imagination.

About this slime kit:

✔️ Vibrant colors and customizable options inspire creativity

❌ Even though the product isn't harmful, playing with it excessively can still be harsh on the skin.

The unicorn night light is a great gift for kids, including 9-year-old girls. It's a fancy night light that can make any room look lovely. It has everything you need to create your unicorn night light, and your kids will be so happy when they see how pretty the lamp is when it's lit up. The gentle light it gives off makes the room feel cozy and soothing, taking her to a world of dreams and endless possibilities.

About this unicorn craft kit:

✔️ Customizable with vibrant paints and glittering stickers

✔️ Instills a sense of security and magical wonder

The LED Marquee Lights with Remote Control make a great birthday gift for a 9-year-old girl. These color-changing letter lights can brighten up her special day. Unlike the regular white lights, this upgraded marquee letter light can switch between 16 colors, giving you more color options. With all 26 letters of the alphabet and symbols, you can create endless messages. Spell out her name or any fun phrases with this fantastic glowing alphabet.

About this letter light:

✔️ Illuminates her space with love and positivity

✔️ Transforms her space into a magical and radiant haven

✔️ Infuses her surroundings with a sense of comfort and bliss

Kids these days spend a lot of time on their phone screens, and the blue light from screens can strain their eyes and might lead to early nearsightedness. With this cute little handheld game device, your girl won't have to spend as much time playing games on her phone. The classic pet-raising game on this device is sure to keep her entertained.

About this game machine:

✔️ Brings endless joy, pride, and a sense of fulfillment

❌ There aren't many games available on this device.

✔️ Awakens a deep sense of nostalgia and heartfelt connection

This t-shirt is a wonderful way to make your girl feel special and unique on the birthday party. You can customize the t-shirt with your girl's name and birth date to make it more personal and meaningful. The t-shirt also has a beautiful design that features a dabbing unicorn and the words "Awesome since 2014" in a lovely font. The t-shirt is also made of high-quality cotton that is soft and comfortable for your girl.

About this personalized T-shirt:

✔️ You can choose from up to 10 colors for the shirt.

✔️ Personalized with name and birth date

❌ There are no long-sleeve shirt options, so it may not be suitable for colder weather.

✔️ High-quality cotton material

When it comes to finding the best birthday gift for a 9-year-old girl, our devoted elephant mom world's most personalized plaque stands out. This gift is the embodiment of personalization and thoughtfulness. It's a testament to love, support, and the unique bond between a child and her mother. We believe this plaque will excite the young girl and resonate deeply with her, creating a lasting memory from her 9th birthday celebration.


✔️ Expresses love, support, and the special bond

✔️ Excites and creates lasting memories

✔️ Unique and thoughtful gift choice

✔️ High level of personalization

When you search for the ideal birthday gift for a 9-year-old girl, you should not ignore this youth shirt unlocking birthday magic. This remarkable present is designed to capture her imagination and excitement. With its unique customization options and vibrant design, this shirt unlocks a world of fun and creativity, making it a one-of-a-kind gift that she'll cherish. We believe that the personalized touch and the ability to express her individuality through the shirt's design will make her feel truly special.


✔️ Adds a thoughtful, personal element

✔️ Eye-catching and captivating design

✔️ Encourages self-expression and imagination

Final Words From Loveable

When it's time to celebrate a 9-year-old girl's birthday, the best gifts are the ones that let her be creative, use her imagination, and enjoy her interests. We've carefully chosen some things to make her day really special, mixing in fun, learning, and lots of happiness. Get ready to make her birthday extra exciting with a surprise that will make her eyes light up and get her excited for new adventures.

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