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How To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine – 20 Ways

The feeling of falling in love with someone is always a wonderful experience from childhood to adulthood. And the question “Will you be my Valentine?” is a sweet confession that you desire to see a nod from your crush, right?

To make it happen, you will look for a thousand ways to express your feelings: from writing a Valentines card, leaving a message for your future girlfriend/boyfriend in a special way, showing special care to them as a “green” signal, and so on. Knowing you still struggle to find a romantic and simple confession, this article is for you!

We’ll provide tips to ask someone to be your Valentine, from a simple love letter to something unique that melts their heart; keep watching the list to prepare your best on February 14!

Tips to Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine

Melt Their Heart with a Flower Bouquet

How To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine

Here are some of the most loved flowers on Valentine’s Day; exploring the meaning of each flower will give you ideas to give it to your loved one. 

White lilies – Represent devotion, purity, and elegance, making them ideal for expressing love. The red lily symbolizes passion. They look lovely alone or even better with some roses. 

Sunflowers Sunflower is the best way to tell your lover, “You are my sunshine.” She will burst into tears.

Red roses – These are considered the symbol of love and adoration.

Give Them a Romantic Gift

How To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine

Sweet gifts can be considered the language of love. Consider their personality and your partner’s preferences to choose a gift they will appreciate forever. 

Make a Special Valentine’s Gift for Them on Your Own 

Choosing meaningful gifts at stores is a good idea. But it’s even better to make your significant other a gift yourself. That gift doesn’t need to be too expensive or fussy; you only need to put your love and effort into it, and we are sure they will appreciate it.

Here are some lovely handmade gift ideas that you may love:

  • A homemade keychain: A keychain is a daily reminder of your love. You can find cute keychain photo frames and craft ideas for creating a one-of-a-kind heart keychain for your Valentine. Isn’t it great?

  • Heart-shaped gift: Make a canvas for your sweetheart’s home. Make a heart out of anything else you can think of. They’ll enjoy it for years to come—and remember your generosity. 

  • A homemade love album: This album will synthesize photos of your love memories. When you both review the album together, your feelings will be connected. Remember to decorate the album with typical Valentine’s motifs such as hearts, flowers, and your photo.

Ask Your Loved One on a Date

How To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine

If you have a crush on someone, be prepared to ask them out. You can prepare the gifts as we mentioned above, explain why you are giving them this gift, and ask for a date. When speaking with them, be gentle and calm. Aside from that, you can pay for their drink at the coffee shop or bar where you meet and become interested in them.

You can also prepare extra chocolate and proactively schedule your date. If you’re the introvert type and are afraid to confess in person, you can also politely invite them via text. Below, we have listed many “how to ask someone to be your valentine” from funny to romantic text messages, so keep reading!

How to ask someone to be your valentine in person: Dragging someone into a new position is never easy, especially when that person becomes your lover. Unfortunately, there are no specific examples of saying to your crush from general advice on asking someone to be your Valentine. Instead, waiting for an appropriate opportunity to express yourself would be best.

Write Them a Love Letter 

Meeting directly makes it difficult to express what you want, so make a card or write your thoughts on white paper. In today’s texting world, handwritten letters mean more and are a cute way to ask someone to be your Valentine. Send a personal note on unique stationery with a special touch, such as a wax seal or a spritz of your favorite perfume or cologne. You can bet they come across something like that infrequently. Please don’t make it so complex or lengthy that the main point becomes misplaced.

Romantic and Funny Text Message

How To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine

If you want to ask someone to be your Valentine from a long distance, texting is the easiest way to do it. But since you text each other daily, you’ll need some tips to make your Valentine’s Day message extra romantic.

Did you know you can text your way into someone’s heart? This Valentine’s Day, we’ve offered some advice on texting the people who mean the most to you.

Here are some funny and romantic Valentine quotes and message you may note down:

  • Girl: What is worse than a swarm of starry-eyed people crushing on each other and running around the streets? Guy: What do you mean? Nothing…  will you be my Valentine?

  • Because it’s Valentine’s Day, I just wanted you to know that if you called me, I wouldn’t ignore you.

  • How to ask someone to be your valentine pick-up lines: If I don’t meet your expectations for a Valentine’s date, please lower them.

  • To one of my favorite people, I wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. If I made phone calls, you’d be on my speed dial.

  • Lemons are yellow; Roses are red; I consider myself a lucky fellow! 

  • I want to LOL with you all night long. Happy V-day, stud!

  • V-Day? Let’s Try Me+U Day!

  • To ask someone to be your Valentine in Spanish, you can say: “¿Quieres ser mi Valentine (for a male) / mi Valentina (for a female)?” This translates to “Would you like to be my Valentine?” It’s a simple, sweet, and direct way to ask someone special on Valentine’s Day.

3 Tips To Make Your Valentine’s Date Memorable 

How To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine

Is it a first date or a tenth anniversary? It makes no difference. Let’s be honest here! We are all a mystery to one another. So, take your curiosity for a ride and discover the unexplored sides of your loved ones.

1. Make eye contact

As you’ve already known, “The eyes are the soul’s mirror,” and so on. But did you know that just 4 minutes of eye contact is enough to activate the hormones adrenaline and oxytocin? Yes, you guessed correctly. These are the same hormones that make our bodies samba when we’re in love. More extended periods of eye contact result in a stronger bond between us. And doesn’t that sound wonderful? So, on February 14th, will it be your ace in the hole?

2. Make an effort!

How To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine

One simple ice-breaker tip is to put all of your heart into making the moment incredible and thoughtful. Then, even if your crush refuses to be your Valentine, they can still see your true nature and remain your friend. But, of course, everything must be genuine and unambiguous.

Tell them how much you adore them and plan a perfect day to let them know you are ready to be their sweetheart. Everything must be done perfectly, whether your preparation is a casual conversation or a surprising moment.

3. Make it simple 

People like to feel special, which can sometimes complicate matters. If you overthink and become stressed about approaching their love, you may miss an opportunity to come to them before someone else.

You must also have faith in yourself. They will not like anyone who loses confidence and starts sweating when they are around them. Being shaky and timid would have a negative outcome. This is just a confession, not a limb for future marriage. Stop overthinking and start acting right away.

To Say Last Words, 

There are various lovely ways to ask someone to be your Valentine, but you should pick the one your crush or partner prefers. They are more likely to say yes if you consider what they like.

Take charge of your romantic life. And, if everything goes as planned, you should have a fantastic Valentine’s Day with the one you love.

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