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What is a Beige Flag? The New TikTok Trend Explained

As you browse through TikTok, you stumble upon the hashtag #beigeflag. Stop there; I know you’re likely familiar with the ideas of green flags and red flags. But what about dating beige flags

This newest buzzword is one that’s gained popularity on TikTok recently. However, the original meaning of beige flags in dating is actually different from what’s currently trending online. Here’s what you should understand about the evolution of the beige flag trend and how these different definitions can impact your romantic life, whether you’re single or in a committed relationship.

What is a Beige Flag in Dating?

The term “beige flag” was first introduced in May of 2022 by a TikToker @itscaito. She wanted to help single people spot signs on dating apps that suggest “someone might be really boring.” She observed that while swiping through profiles, there were repetitive types of photos and answers to questions that “made the whole experience feel like a waste of time.”

What is a Beige Flag in Dating?

Recently, the term has become popular again on the app. TikTok users post videos of themselves staring into the camera while jazz music plays in the background. They include text on the screen describing their partner’s “beige flag.” Now, it’s not so much about finding a partner but highlighting the little quirks of someone you know well rather than pointing out a red flag.

So, a beige flag is a quirky or strange habit that someone has, but it’s neither really good nor really bad. It’s not a big warning sign like a red flag, and it’s not necessarily a good sign like a green flag. It just makes you stop and think for a moment because it’s a bit odd or unusual.

Examples of Beige Flags in Different Situations

Several TikTok users have gained popularity by sharing their partner’s Beige Flag videos, each offering a unique glimpse into their lives and personal experiences. These videos often resonate with viewers, prompting them to reflect on their partner’s Beige Flags and share them with others. Let’s see what they are!

  1. “Every time we’re on a plane, my boyfriend will order apple juice but only when we’re on planes.” —Nicole, 26
  1. “He plays video games…like, on the computer.” —Gina, 28
  1. “My girlfriend’s beige flag is that she eats straight ketchup, like, with a spoon.”
    —Bridget, 22
  1. “My boyfriend (whose feet are double the size of mine) steals my socks to wear as no-show socks.” —Mandy, 21
  1. “My boyfriend doesn’t like wheeling a suitcase, so he holds it by the top handle instead and carries it…” —Michela, 28
  1. “My fiancé wears tube socks pulled basically all the way up when he works out.”
    —Janie, 28
  1. “My boyfriend really loves to analyze the smell and flavor profiles of everything he eats. 
  1. He’ll sniff or taste something, pause for a sec before speaking, and describe what stands out to him. Literally almost every time.” —Vee, 29
  1. “My girlfriend literally puts my cum on her sunburns…all the time. She swears it works.” —Trey, 23
  1. “My boyfriend’s beige flag is that he has to have a white noise machine on anytime he’s in his room [not just when he’s sleeping].” —Aly, 26
  1. “My fiancé’s [beige flag] is definitely that he takes multiple baths a day…like two or three.” —Emma, 27
  1. “My fiancée does not use condiments, sauce, or dressing at all. She eats her salad dry.” —Mark, 24
  1. “My partner’s beige flag is that they make their hyperfixations personality traits. Tiny homes? Built one. Coding? Turned it into a career.” —Rachel, 27
  1. “My boyfriend refuses to get social media but will send me videos or memes from Reddit five weeks after I first saw them on Instagram or TikTok. He also listens to audiobooks while he deadlifts.” —Sophia, 28
  1. “My boyfriend’s beige flag is that he loves Frappuccinos from Starbucks but otherwise won’t drink coffee. He got the new mint one today.” —Camila, 27
  1. “[My partner] always asks the table next to us what they ordered.…” —Kaylon, 25

How to Identify Your Personal Beige Flags

How to Identify Your Personal Beige Flags

Everyone’s beige flags are unique, just like red and green flags. To identify your or your partner’s beige flags, think about what you find strange or unusual about your partner. Do they have habits that seem odd or don’t make sense to you? If yes, then it’s likely a beige flag worth paying attention to.

According to psychologist Carly Dober’s suggestion, you can bring up beige flags with your partner in a fun manner. You could mention that you’ve been seeing a lot about beige flags on social media, which made you think about your own quirks. Then, you could ask your partner what they think your beige flags are and share what you think theirs are. As long as you are respectful and don’t criticize each other, this can be a good way to think about your relationship. 

Overall, accepting and openly discussing our differences regarding beige flags can help strengthen and enrich our relationship.

Are Beige Flags Good, Bad, or Irrelevant?

Beige flags are neither strictly good nor bad. Instead, they’re more neutral in nature. It’s up to you to decide whether the behavior associated with a beige flag is something that warrants careful consideration or not.

As Dr. Sherman suggests, when deciding how important beige flags are, consider whether they go against your beliefs. For example, if you’re someone who values punctuality and being late makes you anxious, then a beige flag to watch out for is someone who is often tardy. 

Are Beige Flags Good, Bad, or Irrelevant

Sharing the same point of view, Ginsberg also points out that what might be considered a ‘beige flag,’ like strange, unusual, or quirky behavior, could be viewed in a positive light as “cute or endearing.” However, if it’s so bothersome that it makes you uncomfortable or embarrassed, it could be a major issue that affects your decision.

Social media often pushes us to pursue flawless relationships, but in fact, no one is perfect in reality. But our beige flags can assist you in identifying who is truly compatible with you. It means understanding someone’s flaws well. And decide whether or not those flaws are things you can handle and work through for a long time.

To Wrap Up,

As you read, beige flags are subtle warning signs that require careful consideration in decision-making processes. While not as overt as red flags, these indicators should not be overlooked, as they may signify underlying issues or concerns. By understanding beige flags, you can make more informed choices and successfully navigate potential challenges.

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