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40+ Valentine’s Day Games for Kids to Make This Day Extra Special

You’ll likely spend time with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, but you may also want to share the day with your family and friends. To make the celebration special for your child, why not bring up Valentine’s Day games for kids to indulge in some heartwarming fun? There’s no doubt that these activities will provide your little ones with plenty of excitement.

If films are the key to their hearts, check out some heartwarming Valentine’s Day movies for kids that highlight tales of friendship and kindness. From funny jokes to trivia questions, there’s something for every age. But the fun doesn’t stop there! There are also thrilling games for adults to celebrate February 14th in every form imaginable.

Fun Valentine’s Day Games That Kids Will Love

1. Valentine Pattern Match Game

valentine pattern match game

Your kids can enhance their memory skills with matching games on Valentine’s Day. Instead of ordinary images, you may increase the difficulty with festive patterns. After the game, these cute hearts can also be reused for Valentine’s Day decorations. It’s a double win that blends mental stimulation with creative fun!

2. Valentine Bingo

valentines day games for kids - bingo

Kids love bingo, so why not create a Valentine’s version? It includes 30 different calling cards, allowing the children to play traditional bingo or blackout bingo. Even the littlest kids can join the fun with images instead of text in the boxes!

3. Roll and Cover Heart Game

valentines day games for kids - roll and cover heart game

This Valentine’s Day game for kids helps them learn number recognition. You can grab a dice from any of your other board games and follow the instructions on this cute printable. The children will have a great time learning as they roll the dice and discover the enchanting world of numbers!

4. Family Feud

valentines day games for kids - family feud

For older kids, this Family Feud-style game is perfect for a fun family time—even those teens who claim they don’t want to play! Players will try to guess popular romantic comedies, favorite kid Valentine gift ideas, candy brands, and more. The one with more correct options on the board wins. It’s surely a lively round of guessing and laughter.

5. Tumble Game

valentines day games for kids - tumble game

It’s time to shake up the traditional Jenga with a Valentine’s Day Tumble Game. You will get wooden blocks, write down fun brain teasers and actions, and have your kids do them when they pull out a block. It’s a heartwarming and giggly activity to enjoy with your little ones.

6. Cupid’s Cup Game

valentines day games for kids - cupid's cup game

How about temporarily allowing Nerf guns in the house on February 14th? In Cupid’s Cups game, kids will use a Nerf gun and try to knock all the cups off the table as quickly as possible. If they run out of bullets, they need to dash across the room to get more. With this Valentine’s Day game for kids, laughter and excitement are guaranteed!

7. Love Game

valentines day games for kids - love game

This Valentine’s Day game for kids will surely spread good vibes between you and your children. Each family member picks a color and wears a heart of that color around their neck. Then, spin the spinner and say something nice about the person with the matching color heart. Let’s spread compliments all around!

8. Don’t Eat Pete

valentines day games for kids - don't eat pete

Candy eating is a fun part of this Valentine’s Day game for kids! One player steps out; the group picks a square as “Pete.” When the player returns, they start eating candies off the squares. Laughter ensues when someone accidentally chooses Pete, and the group shouts, “Don’t eat Pete!”

9. Tic Tac Toe Game

valentines day games for kids - tic tac toe game

Let’s give this Valentine’s Day sensory game a go, especially if your little ones enjoy tactile experiences. Children can play tic-tac-toe by pulling hearts from a jar filled with water beads. This will get them excited—especially since there is a chance they might have to skip a turn.

10. Bean Bag Toss

valentines day games for kids - bean bag toss

Bean Bag Toss is perfect for kids of all ages to play at home or in the classroom. It’s an easy-to-make game that stays enjoyable even after February 14th. Another plus? Your kids can invite as many friends as they want to play together. So, grab some festive construction paper, and let the fun begin!

11. Valentine’s Day Scattegories

valentines day games for kids - valentine's scattegories

Scattegories is a classic, but this Valentine’s Day twist could be more enjoyable. In five minutes, each player comes up with answers that start with each letter of “love.” The player with the most answers wins. The friendly competition makes the game more festive and brings out laughs and creativity.

12. Volkswagon Love Bug Pinata

valentines day games for kids - Volkswagon love bug pinata

This pinata not only has a sweet reward for the first to break it open but is also an enjoyable DIY craft for the whole family to create together. You can have the kids take turns trying to open it and let the successful one pick from the loot before the others. Laughter fills the air as the piñata bursts open, and the sweet loot spills out.

13. Spot the Hearts

valentines day games for kids - spot the hearts

Get ready for a heart-hunting adventure! This Valentine’s Day game for kids requires a pack of stickers only. You will place little hearts on various objects around the house and let the kids find as many as they can throughout the day. The one who collects the most gets a prize! Whether it’s on the fridge, a door, or a bookshelf, every heart found adds to the fun!

14. Mittens and Kisses

valentines day games for kids - mittens and kisses

Mittens and Kisses is a speed and skill game where players unwrap Valentine’s Day Hershey’s Kisses while wearing big mittens. This activity allows the children to have fun and get into the festive vibe on the year’s most romantic day. Your kids will cherish the time you spend with them while playing Mittens and Kisses!

Exciting Valentine’s Day Games for Kids

15. Emoji Punchboard

valentines day games for kids - emoji punchboard

The heart-eye emoji is an ideal Valentine’s Day game for kids—thematic without being overly romantic. In the Emoji Punchboard, kids pick an emoji-decorated cup and punch through tissue paper to uncover the prizes inside. It’s a lighthearted and enjoyable way for children to celebrate the occasion.

16. Heart Hopscotch

valentines day games for kids - heart hopscotch

If it’s too wintry for the playground on Valentine’s Day, why not bring the fun home with Heart Hopscotch? This game is super easy and teaches kids various skills without them realizing they’re learning. You may create your hopscotch version for the kids and let them practice identifying and saying numbers while hopping.

17. Musical Hearts

valentines day games for kids - musical hearts

In Musical Hearts, you will need to write various actions on paper hearts, scatter them in a circle on the floor, and start the music. Players walk from heart to heart, and when the music stops, everyone performs the action written on the heart they’re standing on. It’s undoubtedly a cheerful Valentine’s Day game for kids!

18. Relay Race

valentines day games for kids - relay race

What better way for kids to burn off energy after the Valentine’s Day candy rush than the Relay Race? You can start with set-up cones, obstacle courses, and easy challenges. The kids will compete in teams or individually for a chance to win first place. So, get everyone on their feet and moving!

19. Heart Hustle

valentines day games for kids - heart hustle

February 14th is all about hearts, so let’s give your kids a heart-healthy game! This board game encourages kids to engage in various movement activities based on the squares they land on.  This game brings warmth to the celebration, making it a favorite for kids of all ages!

20. Valentine’s Day Mad Libs

valentines day games for kids - valentine's day mad libs

You won’t want to miss this Valentine’s Day Mad Libs game on February 14th. It pairs well with heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast for your children or as a fun game at the celebration.

To play, one person calls out the types of words needed while others provide them. Once filled, read the stories aloud for laughs and enjoyment. It’s a hilarious and entertaining activity for all!

21. Heart on a String

valentines day games for kids - heart on a string

How about transforming a craft into a Valentine’s Day game for kids with foam hearts and paper clips? It becomes a magnetic fishing game for the little ones! You may challenge them to pick up as many hearts as they can within a specific time frame. With magnetic wands in hand, the thrill of “fishing” for hearts brings smiles and laughter.

22. Valentine’s Day Hedbanz

valentines day games for kids - hedbanz

The goal of Hedbanz is to wear cards on your head and ask other players questions to guess what’s on the card. If you figure out the card before the timer is over, you pick another and continue asking until your time is up. When the timer signals the next player, the excitement stays high, keeping the overall thrill alive.

23. Cupid’s Arrow Toss

valentines day games for kids - cupid's arrow toss

Your kids will enjoy this simple and fun activity of tossing DIY heart arrows onto paper plates for points. Also, these cute “Cupid’s arrows” will be a lot of fun to decorate. Whether inside or outside, this Valentine’s Day game for kids blends crafting joy with the excitement of a tossing game.

24. DIY Skeeball

valentines day games for kids - diy skeeball

If your kids love arcade games, let’s turn their favorite into a Valentine’s Day version at home. This game involves building the main structure using foam core and letting the children decorate it with plenty of hearts. Then, they can score points by tossing ping-pong balls. The DIY Skeeball not only offers lots of fun but also encourages friendly competition and skill development.

25. “Minute to Win It” Candy Games

valentines day games for kids - minute to win it candy game

“Minute to Win It” Candy Games are timed challenges to test your kids’ candy skills. For an easy one, see how many candy hearts they can stack in 60 seconds. To make it more challenging, you can give them chopsticks and ask them to pick up hearts one by one, dropping them into a mason jar. Speed is the key!

26. Balance the Hearts

valentines day games for kids - balance the hearts

Here’s a fine motor coordination challenge: Kids try to balance candy conversation hearts on top of golf tees. Then, you may stop the timer and record the time on their scorecards once all 14 hearts are placed. In Balance the Hearts, keeping it steady is the key!

27. Pin the Arrow on the Heart

valentines day games for kids - Pin the arrow on the heart

Rather than the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey, your kids will love this heartwarming version of “Pin the Arrow on the Heart”! Their blindfolded attempts make it more suspenseful and fun, which is ideal for family gatherings or Galentine’s Day celebrations.

28. Word Scramble

valentines day games for kids - valentine's day word scramble

Word puzzles are always fun, whether done alone, competitively, or cooperatively as a family. It is a fun way for kids to exercise their brain muscles while playing Word Scramble on Valentine’s Day. You can prepare the game by unscrambling the words or setting a timer to see who can solve them all first!

Easy Valentine’s Day Games for Kids to Keep Them Engaged

29. I Spy

valentines day games for kids - i spy

This “I Spy” game requires children to search for the number of strawberries, donuts, rainbows, and more on the page. For older kids, just add a timer and race to answer the questions before out of time. It’s genuinely enjoyable for kids of all ages. Bonus: It includes an answer sheet as well!

30. Cupid Says

valentines day games for kids - cupid says

This Valentine’s Day game for kids puts a twist on “Simon Says.” Before the game begins, players will think of actions like jumping or running in place to get their blood pumping. Then, you can sneak in a lesson about maintaining heart health. As the children follow the commands, they’ll learn a little something about how to stay heart-healthy along the way!

31. Valentine Bowling

valentines day games for kids - valentine's day bowling

There is nothing more classic than bowling for kids. To create these cute Valentine-themed bowling “pins,” you can use those felt-covered Pringles cans. Each kid has three chances to try knocking down the cans. This bowling game will be a hit for Valentine’s Day parties; just make sure your kids like Pringles.

32. Candy Matching

valentines day games for kids - candy matching

This Valentine’s Day game for kids game includes chocolate, making it ideal to play on February 14th. You can start by putting stickers on the bottom of a Hershey’s Kiss (or similar candy), mixing them up, arranging them in a grid, and letting the kids try to find a pair. The chocolate goes to whoever makes the match. Throw in some candy, and Valentine’s Day becomes more enjoyable!

33. DIY Ring Toss

valentines day games for kids - diy ring toss

This classic carnival game includes a Valentine’s vibe with heart-shaped rings (made of pipe cleaners) and painted bottles. The festive decorations and entertaining challenge ensure a hit for the little ones. And the best part? They can enjoy a refreshing sip of Coke once the game is over!

34. Crack the Code

valentines day games for kids - crack the code

It’s time to crack the code! This “Crack the Code” game allows you to send hidden messages to your children and challenge them to decode the sweet notes. Once decoded, each monster message is a heart-filled Valentine’s Day sentiment for kids of all ages.

35. Valentine’s Day Memory Game

valentines day games for kids - valentine's day memory game

This personalized memory game is a sweet Valentine’s Day gift for children. It provides hours of entertainment as they aim to make as many matches as possible. With each successful match, the game brings an enjoyable experience for kids in this celebration of love.

36. Bouncing Hearts

valentines day games for kids - bouncy hearts

Bouncy Heart is a thrilling Valentine’s Day game for kids that combines fun and physical activity. You need to prepare a sturdy box decorated with heart stickers as the target and ping pong balls. The kids will try to sink as many ping pong balls with heart marks into the hole within 30 seconds. Points are awarded based on their skill levels, which encourages friendly competition.

37. Outburst Game

valentines day games for kids - outburst game

Now, let’s challenge those brains! Suitable for both kids and adults, Outburst Game is sure to spark some friendly competition. Players take a guess and try to name the items for each Valentine’s Day topic. The children will enjoy this easy, hilarious, and enjoyable game throughout the holiday season.

38. Valentine’s Day Guess Who Game

valentines day games for kids - guess who game

Suppose you remember the classic Guess Who; you can share this holiday version with your kids! Each player asks yes or no questions to guess the mystery person of the other player. With familiar gameplay and love-themed characters, this Valentine’s Day game for kids creates a festive and memorable Valentine’s Day activity.

39. Balloon Stomp Word Scramble

valentines day games for kids - balloon stomp word scramble

Popping balloons is a favorite pastime of kids all over the world. This Valentine’s Day game lets them stomp and pop balloons to assemble the letters inside as quickly as possible. And don’t forget, teamwork is key to completing the task!

40. Cupid’s Arrow

valentines day games for kids - cupid's arrow

First, you will create a box with a heart-shaped target and arrows featuring felt heart tips. Then, let the kids take turns trying to throw the arrows into the target. The winner is the one who manages to score the most points. This game creates memorable moments for your children and boosts their Valentine’s Day spirits!

41. Broken Heart Match

valentines day games for kids - broken heart match

This Valentine’s game for kids can be a solo activity like a puzzle, where one child puts broken hearts back together. For a group of children, you may cut paper hearts in half, mix up the pieces, and give one to each of them to find their match. Let the joy of reuniting hearts spread during this love-filled occasion!

Bottom Line,

Valentine’s Day games for kids not only entertain the little ones but also create bonds of happiness and joy. The vibrant decorations, echoing laughter, and bright smiles on every child’s face will show how successful the celebration is. No matter how you celebrate February 14th, let these kid-friendly games enhance the festivities and make the holiday even more memorable.

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