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34 Best Bob Ross-Inspired Gift Ideas for Artists and Fans

For those who don't know, Bob Ross is an American television personality who has used his artistic skills to spread a little happiness to the world. Many fans who want a little more Bob Ross in their lives will love Bob Ross merchandise and clothing, which will be constant reminders of happy little trees and fluffy clouds. So what better way to celebrate his wonderful life than by getting one of these great gift ideas from Bob Ross?

If you're shopping for a gift for Bob Ross's sweetheart, you'll want to pay attention to this list of the best Bob Ross gift ideas. Whether you're looking to dress up Bob Ross, paint your own Bob Ross picture, or even play the Bob Ross board game, we've put together some great Bob Ross gift ideas for you to do. Light up their world this season. This list will be your guide to the best Bob Ross gifts available to buy!

This set is the perfect Bob Ross gift for anyone who missed seeing him on TV. The gift will bring delight and wit to bobblehead enthusiasts.

This set includes a 4-inch round-headed figure that plays 10 different witty and wise quotes by the artist himself. A small flip-through easel featuring 30 landscapes by Bob Ross completes the series. Please take in more useful information that you can bring to people who like Bob ross, it is definitely useful.


✔️ Have a Soothing sound to improve experience

✔️ Can be used to decorate anywhere

✔️ Enjoy the art perfectly

You need some snacks before you start painting with oil paint. Why not "paint" your toast with some fire? This adorable toaster will turn you into a perfect piece of toast, branded with the legendary Bob Ross.

Make toast fun at home. Drop the bread in the slots, and press the lever. Before you know it, the toast pops up with Bob Ross' face and the distinctive 'do.' Dual slot toaster with quick stop and heat adjustment. For 120v electrical system. UL listed. 10" wx 8 1/2" hx 5" d.


✔️ Cheer up the spirit of any kitchen

✔️ The joy of breakfast with a bright smile

✔️ Reheat, defrost, and quick stop function

Things can get a little wacky with the easel when you have a raised apron to protect your clothes. Pay attention to Bob's words on the apron. It's sure to create some new masterpieces out of all those crazy ideas.

The apron is made from 100% cotton twill, weighs 7 ounces with stain resistance, and is designed with three carrying pockets. Adjustable neck strap and extra-long back apron fit people of all sizes: 30" long x 24" wide. Adjustable laces make this funky apron stretchable to fit most people.


✔️ Create crazy fashion style

✔️ Flexibility for the kitchen

✔️ Easy to wash

Life often imitates art, and this Bob Ross keychain might just be the inspiration you need to get a little wild. Do something that makes Bob proud, and you'll be happy to see this keychain smile at you.

The Bob Ross Squirrel Keychain is an officially licensed product inspired by artist Bob Ross. There are six classic Bob Ross phrases. It makes a meaningful little gift for anyone who loves Bob Ross or a fun gift idea for anyone who needs some extra positive vibes.


✔️ Funny and lovely gift to make him/her smile

✔️ Excitement for Bob Ross Enthusiasts

✔️ Enhance enthusiasm full of spirit

Clever minds have recognized Bob Ross' true superhero nature and transformed him into a figurine. As a heart transplant gift, give it to someone who is truly passionate about Bob Ross.

The Bob Ross figure comes with 15 interchangeable parts, including an original, surprise Potato Head piece. The 4" body almost doubles in size when it comes to accessories. Sold in a clear, stackable, collectible display package. Stack and display your entire collection or create your own fun spud combinations!


✔️ An interesting change

✔️ Combine two iconic classics

✔️ Add a touch of playfulness to any space!

Does the iconic '90s Chia Pet look particularly good with some Bob Ross flair? Take care of and grow his icon with this set. All you need is water for everything to grow.

Includes a unique ceramic planter, a convenient plastic drip tray and a packet of chia seeds for 3 growers. Split Pets come in all different shapes and sizes, including presidents, actors, emojis, and even your favorite movie characters. Seeds will germinate within 3-4 days, with full development in 1-2 weeks!


✔️ Variety is endless

✔️ Affordable for any budget

✔️ Creating fun when watching chia seeds sprout

Enjoy the world's coolest viewing party next time you wrap up the group with Bob Ross Bingo. Grab some drinks and see the masterpieces the artist created. Happy, simple as that.

Includes 16 colorful Bingo cards, 400 Bingo chips, Bingo calling board, 42 calling cards and instructions. Great for Bob Ross birthday party, Bob Ross graduation party, art party, baby shower and family game nights. Host a Bob Ross Bingo Party anytime. A fun party game for adults and kids ages 8 and up!


✔️ Create exciting games

✔️ Bring the spirit of practical experience

✔️ Try to fight to win

Before you slip into the studio, put on a pair of socks that are soft, breathable, and cold enough. These Bob Ross socks are the fun piece your wardrobe has been waiting for.

The sock is made from premium cotton, these socks are super soft and lightweight, allowing your feet to breathe and stay cool during activity. The thin, elastic hem around the opening ensures the socks stay snug against your feet and prevent them from sliding down, but not too tight. High-quality construction gives these socks greater durability and flexibility during wear.


✔️ Fun, soft and comfortable socks

✔️ Stay safe and reduce the risk of falls

✔️ Stylish and warm when wearing

You can expect endless laughs when you treat a friend these Just Happy Accidents Boxers as a gag gift. They can laugh so hard that they can have a fun accident.

These shorts are made of 95% cotton/5% spandex for even greater coverage and comfort along with versatility. Machine wash in cold water, inside out. Sublimation printing is a method that uses dyes to transfer to fabrics. It creates detailed, vibrant and durable designs with soft finishes. The prints on our blankets will never fade, fade and tarnish.


✔️ Maximum comfort in wearing

✔️ Vibrant and attractive colors

✔️ Elastic waistband ensures a snug fit

Bob Ross sees joy in everything, and this bronze will bring some of his living joy into someone's life. In playful shades of blue, yellow and green, this watch is covered with a design featuring smileys, trees, and one of his favorite phrases.

Classic Watch with Stainless Steel Dial and Buckle. Features an adjustable strap that fits wrists from 7 inches to 9 inches. Mercury-free batteries included. The straps are made of soft silicone rubber for comfort and durability. The straps are made of soft silicone rubber for comfort and durability.


✔️ Soft strap, easy to put on and take off

✔️ Light and upbeat style

✔️ Have a Timeless Design

Using this mug in the studio is one way to ensure that Bob Ross fans never mix painted cups with their drinks. They will be able to appreciate art with their morning coffee as they drink it from this cup.

The cup measures 12oz. All the color changing mugs come in a beautifully designed, colorful box. Heat-activated color changing cups are microwave safe, but not dishwasher safe. When you pour hot drinks in, a picture of Bob Ross will appear to inspire you. Officially licensed by Bob Ross Inc.


✔️ A reminder to stay calm

✔️ Take time in your life to be creative

✔️ For Loyal Bob Ross Fans

The Bob Ross Mouse Pad is perfect for any Bob Ross fan. This is an indispensable accessory for any workspace, gaming fan of Bob Ross.

The rectangular mouse pad measures 9.25 x 7.75 inches, 1/8" thick. The top of the mouse pad is made of polyester fabric with a black rubber backing for durability and comfort. They are very absorbent for maximum table protection.You can personalize the quote of your choice by adding a name as shown in the image example above.


✔️ A bit of a fun and positive vibe

✔️ Add a little joy and happiness to your desk

✔️ Funny and full of cuteness

Keep the feet of Bob Ross fans in the studio warm by wearing a pair of slippers that will make them feel fuzzy all over. The body of the sandal features lovely illustrations of Bob.

Keep your sandals smelling fresh season after season. Made of premium soft fleece fabric and warm fleece lining. The bottom has a non-slip texture to keep you steady and prevent you from slipping or slipping on slippery surfaces, so you can take them on the go, from laid-back days at home to pajama parties to those A quick walk around the house.


✔️ Comfortable and keep warm

✔️ Smooth like this fashion style

✔️ Looks funny and cute

With a wide range of oil colors and tools included, this toolkit has everything they need to start living with beautiful landscape paintings. Gift for Bob Ross fans who really want a landscape painting.

Six water-based and base paints named like Bob's! Four brushes and a knife, similar in shape to Bob's but smaller. Cute little clear plastic palette; three spacious 9x12 tarps; a 36-page comic book with simple steps for 5 pictures, from setting to signature. Bob and his friends follow each page one by one; plus online quizzes, certificates and video links.


✔️ Unleash your passion and create landscape paintings

✔️ Have fun having moments together

✔️ Train your child's brain

The bright minds at Funko Pop recognized Bob Ross' true superhero nature and transformed him into a figurine. Whether they collect Funko POP! figures or just love all things 'Bob', this adorable little vinyl is a must-have.

Complete with this signature hairstyle, beard and pair of jeans, this little boy is just 3 ¾” tall and holds an artist's palette in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. They are housed in a window display case. Check out other TV characters from Funko! Let's collect them all for Bob Ross enthusiasts!


✔️ Great for displaying any space

✔️ Create Funko collection excitement

✔️ Meticulous and compact design

Don't let a little frizz get in the way of a pretty picture! Keep this scarf close to your painting space and pull it in for Bob Ross inspiration as you start painting.

This plush duvet is made with 100% polyester flannel fleece woven to be super soft, smooth and cozy. Size 46" X 60", perfect for any Bob Ross fan to curl up and get creative. This particular blanket features an image of Bob Ross himself with a collage of some of the famous paintings he has created.


✔️ Super soft and super soft bristles

✔️ Feeling of luxury and warmth

✔️ Great design for everyday use

Do you want Bob Ross fans to keep up with the party trends? This Bob Ross dinner plate set will bring a fresh new dimension to fan dining tables.

Our Bob Ross Classic Plate measures approximately 9" x 9" and was designed just for you by Prime Party. Made of high-quality thick coated paperboard. High-resolution print featuring original Bob Ross painting and Bob Ross quote. This is an actual Bob Ross licensed production approved for production by Bob Ross the Joy of Painting.


✔️ The party looks luxurious and upscale

✔️ Bringing back lavish art

✔️ Impressive images and colors

Positivity and creativity radiate from Bob Ross's on/off switch. This Bob Ross lamp will bring any fan's space warmth and happiness.

Easily control your kitchen and bedroom lighting with a simple clap. Now it's easy! 2 clap to turn on the light and 3 claps to turn on the night light and play the movie dialogue. Each power switch fits a standard US 120 Volt outlet. Each pack contains 1 easy to use Clapper switch.


✔️ Simplify your life

✔️ Convenience to use

✔️ Bring a lively landscape to the house

Wall decals are one of the hottest decorating trends in recent years. So hurry up and own a Bob Ross decal for real fans.

The actual size is from 22'' x 22'' to 22" x 40". You can stick decals on anything like walls, doors, glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, car door, etc. Vinyl has a shelf life of 6 years when installed properly. The decals are removable but not reusable and very easy and fun to install. They can be applied to any space.


✔️ Add vibrancy to the house

✔️ Impressive Bob Ross Art

✔️ An easy and cheap way to decorate

Invite Bob into your home and learn from the master with the iconic wall clock. This Bob Ross watch is a decoration that you can gift to anyone who loves Bob Ross.

The 13-inch Bob Ross Sound Clock fits perfectly on the wall. The fancy watch dial features a colorful Bob Ross design, and the minute/hour hands look like paintbrushes. Combine that with some of the artist's actual recorded signature expressions - one that plays at the top of every hour. The light sensor will mute the sound when the room is dark. Licensed by Bob Ross.


✔️ Exhibits the positive and enterprising spirit of Bob Ross

✔️ Cultural icon honored by generations of fans

✔️ Bringing the joy of painting to people around the world

You can park and drive safely if you have this windshield visor tucked into your car window. How can anyone be angry when Bob Ross's adorable face is staring at you?

The sun visor measures approximately 64 x 32 inches, built to fit most standard vehicles. The collapsible design allows you to easily fold and securely store the sun visor until needed. The sunshade makes it look like Bob Ross is driving his car through the scenic area in one of his paintings.


✔️ Helps keep cool and block UV rays

✔️ Creates maximum coverage

✔️ Upgrade every safe ride

Share a little happiness with one of these sweet t-shirts. It's a great gift for art fans or happiness in general!

The shirt is made of soft cotton, and the quality print makes users fall in love. It features a ribbed knit collar for posing. Shoulders are tapered for a more durable fit over time. Side seams hold shape longer. Available in black, blue, navy, green, or red, this t-shirt features a fun Bob Ross design.


✔️ Classic, simple style

✔️ Maximum comfort to wear

✔️ Combined with any everyday style

The glasses will look more luxurious if accompanied by these Bob Ross coasters. As one of the gifts for someone who really loves Bob Ross.

This set is hand-printed with bright color designs and quotes about 1/4" thick flexible rubber coasters that are smooth and highly absorbent. The coasters measure round 2.6" x Thick 0 .25" with a split side. Polyester fabric top with black rubber backing and extremely absorbent for maximum protection.


✔️ Super cute and lovely

✔️ For talented painters

✔️ New combined drinking style

Bob Ross's words are indeed words of wisdom and grace, and living your life with them will illuminate it. What you will learn from this book are lessons about being gracious to yourself, how to find positive affirmations everywhere, and how to apply those lessons to your paintings.

Inspired by famous painting techniques, quotes, and iconic images of Bob Ross. This affirming life guide will help you navigate your own personal landscape, one day or canvas at a time. These are rare, antique, hard-to-find, collectible books, and they make perfect gifts or additions to any book lover's library.


✔️ Exploitation of imagination

✔️ Communicate the desire to live

✔️ Bringing amazing painting skills

Life often imitates art and this Bob Ross jibbitz could be the inspiration you need to get a little wild. Try bringing these jibbitz to a Bob Ross fan party.

A pair of Crocs can contain 26 Jibbitz icons. Tuck the Jibbitz into your shoe hole for easy attachment! Trade with friends to customize your look. Jibbitz for Crocs lets you personalize your Crocs in style! Specially designed by Crocs for Crocs!


✔️ Fun and interesting style

✔️ Impressively personalized

✔️ Great for everyone

While the word "relax" isn't usually associated with Monopoly, when you play the Bob Ross version, you can have the least critical game ever. Great gift ideas for Bob Ross fans that you shouldn't miss.

Walk around the board in Bob-themed tokens, buy, sell, and trade his iconic creations, and enjoy a beautiful game from start to finish. Trade the artwork of '80s icon Bob Ross for the wealthiest. Includes 6 custom sculpt cards: fence, owl, squirrel, pine tree, easel, and palette.


✔️ Bring endless possibilities from the series

✔️ Create fun when painting

✔️ Discover games and artwork

Spread a little cuteness with these sweet face masks. It makes a great gift for art fans or happiness in general and for Bob Ross fans in particular.

100% breathable cotton mask with straw opening is convenient to drink They will always cover your mouth and nose. Stretchy and breathable fabric, moisture-wicking and quick-drying, lightweight and stretchy fabric keeps you comfortable in any position. Each mask features soft elastic ear straps for maximum comfort. Flexible nose band for the best fit and prevent fogging when wearing a mask with glasses.


✔️ Convenient to use to protect the health

✔️ Modern design for maximum breathability

✔️ Funny 3D design, creating a breathing space

Once you see how cute these mints are, you might want to keep a box for yourself. Featuring a landscape by Bob Ross and the artist himself on the front, this double pack is mint flavored and shaped like little trees - happy ones, of course.

Each 3.8 x 2.4 x 0.80" collectible tin contains 1.5 ounces of mint. Offering delicious mint flavors, this is the air freshener for you or the Bob Ross fan in your life. Turn the world upside down for Bob Ross fans with this happy mint box.


✔️ Gifts that bring happiness and joy

✔️ Attractive colors and flavors

✔️ Melts and cools in the mouth

Are you a Bob Ross fan or looking for a gift for a Bob Ross fan? Your search ends here because this is the perfect pillow for you.

They are made from thousands of sequins, and it is difficult to put each one in the right row. The fabric side of the pillow may have slight ink stains or "burns" due to the application process required for this product. Very high temperatures are required to ensure the highest quality images, and this can cause the image on the sequins to affect the back of the pillow.


✔️ Brighten up any room in your home

✔️ Exquisite and creative design

✔️ Made with love and enthusiasm

Needless to say when wearing these pants – just look at the color that says it all! These pants will appeal to everyone who loves and misses The Joy of Painting and Bob Ross's cheerful and life-affirming commentary.

Includes a pair of nightgowns for both men and women. Does not include anything else. Officially licensed Bob Ross Happy Little Clouds lounge pants. Drawstring closure for comfort. Conforms to adult unisex standards.


✔️ Designed with maximum comfort

✔️ Well-made with the excellent quality

✔️ Unique style and elevating the outfit

Spread the joy of painting across your neighborhood with a Bob Ross landscape hat that kids and adults alike can enjoy. They will bring happiness to true Bob Ross fans.

The hat is printed using the most modern equipment - our prints are vibrant, durable and never fade. This hat features an adjustable back strap and a midsection construction that makes for a sturdy, quality baseball cap. One size fits all. All hats are printed. The fabrics are sourced and carefully selected to maximize product quality.


✔️Style and fit

✔️Bring the joy of painting

✔️Striking, brilliant prints

See Bob Ross in a whole new and creative way with this tiny art kit that turns him into a little pixel man. There is only enough in this crate to build a 3D model of the good artist.

Pix Brix is a revolutionary pixel art brick that allows artists to create 2D and 3D pixel artworks with a patented 1-piece design. This pixel art set for kids and adults is fun, reusable, and compatible with other brands and brick sets. Awarded the Best in STEM field by Newsweek.


✔️ Create and deconstruct works easily

✔️ Colorful and diverse 3D version

✔️ Creativity and imagination

Learn how to draw scenes from every season and all kinds of landscapes with this DVD set. When you're done, you'll internalize what you've learned and be able to create your own stunning scenes.

This DVD set will give you Bob Ross's wonderful method of oil painting with his soft, soothing voice that will teach you everything you need to know. It's your private class with the legendary Bob Ross, host of TV's favorite art show, Joy of Painting! This is a great DVD set that includes an hour-long tutorial with Bob and covers a wide range of topics.


✔️ Create excitement for painting fun

✔️ Exploit creativity and talent

✔️ Improve your skills in landscape painting

What can you bring to the party of true Bob Ross fans? It's hard to find, isn't it? Don't worry, and this icing is exactly what you can bring.

Bob Ross's Vintage printed images adorn any cake. Includes an 8" x 10" edible cake image with assembly instructions. Made from premium edible printed frosting sheets. The best quality edible paper on the market! This is an officially licensed Bob Ross product approved for production by Bob Ross of Painting.


✔️ Sweet, attractive taste

✔️ Unique party decorations

✔️ Brilliant and beautiful printing

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