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33 Best Cocktail Gifts For Anyone Who Loves A Serious Mixed Drink

Are you desperately looking for a gift for your alcoholic friend? I know the difficulty of someone who does not drink but still wants to find a cocktail gift for those liquor lovers. Actually, there are a lot of suggestions out there; the problem is that we do not know which one is true.

Therefore, I have collected most of the suggestions and curated a short list of the best-reviewed items (mostly from my drinking-lover friends). Stay with me for a few minutes, and I guarantee you can pick up something that makes your drinkers feel ‘sick’ in the most positive way.

Ding ding! The party is ready in just 2 minutes with this margarita set. Add some tequila and shake, shake, shake! Your cocktail lover will be satisfied with the taste, as the liquid has already been mixed to the finest level.

Cocktail enthusiasts know that the drink only tastes good in nice glasses. Due to their exotic appearance, these wedge glasses will be the centerpiece of their collection. The accompanying mold is removable, so they can use them normally and with triangle ice.

Normally, a tool kit for mixing cocktails often comes with an open shelf. But you must be surprised by this personalized cocktail kit because it comes with a full-cover wooden shelf. Never worry about dust or insects getting near the kit. I cannot complain about anything about this kit.

Your alcohol lover has gone to a lot of bars but still has not found his best vodka mix. This DIY vodka kit will be a big help. It comes with all the ingredients and instructions. Freely mix and match to find out his best personal recipe.

100% handmade, can you believe that? This infusion kit is made from the experiences of alcohol lovers in Atlanta, so it is completely unique. The taste is different from any other kit. Your cocktail lover can also make it more personalized by mixing them together.

This recipe book supports your cocktail enthusiast’s journey. It provides detailed instructions for everything from the most basic steps to professional mixing recipes. Because it is covered in hardwood, you can bring it anywhere without fear of damage.

Opening a mini bar at home is never easier! This cutting board will serve as both a practical tool and a provider of basic instructions for starters. The best part is that it can be customized with your favorite recipes for mixed drinks.

Wow, did I get enchanted? Sure, because this color-changing cocktail kit can bring magic to anyone who looks at it. Why do we have to drink boring cocktails while we can enjoy this sparkling beauty?

Your bride-to-be is an alcohol enthusiast, and would you like to find a practical gift that makes her smile? Cocktail napkins can be a good supporter. Customize it with the bride and groom’s initials and loved patterns, and you've already added more charm to the wedding look.

Amateur at-home bartenders often underestimate the importance of a decanter tray. But take a look now! With the tray, the drink and the decoration are more neatly arranged. How can the cocktail lover take a photo of their own drink without a tray?

Imagine how well this cocktail poster will decorate your alcohol lover’s kitchen world! You can choose the poster with or without recipes (but I recommend the recipe one). It is not only to beautify any drink trolly but also a reminder if those drinkers suddenly forget something.

Guess what ingredient can turn a homemade cocktail into a professional one? That is the smoke taste. But now the smoked cocktail kit is ready to be shipped to your door and provides your alcohol lover with a bar-like mixing drink.

No matter if your cocktail enthusiast is a newbie or has been in the industry for a long time, this personalized shaker will make him appear more expert. Mark his name on the black cover (which will make it look cleaner), and watch him start shaking the best Margarita ever.

Smoke taste is a must for many types of cocktails, but not many home bartenders already have a smoker kit at home. This smoker kit contains almost everything for a smoking ritual and even some reusable ice cubes. I think this smoker kit and the vodka gift set below can be everything needed for a starter.

If your cocktail lover is deeply in love with smoked drinks, try this smoker with a torch. It focuses on the different tastes of smoke; therefore, it comes in six flavors of wood to burn. Besides, the smoke infuser is heat-proof in design, so it is genuinely safe to use.

If you know someone who always stores a bottle of vodka in his home, this cocktail mixer set will turn his home into a funky bar in no time. Eight of the most popular flavors of vodka cocktails have already been added. All you need to do is pour some vodka under instructions and enjoy.

We have scrolled through many mixed gift sets, but this Mexican cocktail set is something you must try. Differing from common design, the set brings a Mexican feeling to your liquor lover’s bar. The best thing is that it comes in pairs, so it is easy to share your favorite drinks with your partner.

If the liquor lover you are about to send a gift to is your dad, don’t hesitate to give him this “dad joke” glass T-shirt. It brings comfort to his hangover time and is also a reminder for him to control himself (even though it is hard to refuse tasty drinks).

Are you looking for something that impresses a cocktail lover at first sight? This cocktail kit will surely bring a “wow” to the drinker. It is best for drinkers who love some spirits but hate the noisy, crowded bar. They can confidently make their own drinks with the support of this kit.

Bourbon seems to be the love of elderly drinkers. Therefore, it is a good idea to give them this book of whiskey cocktails. They can easily enjoy each day—each different flavor of Bourbon—without going out of their house.

Do you agree with me that it is hard to find a good bar when you are traveling? Prepare for your cocktail enthusiasts before a long trip with this cocktail kit gift set. They can serve themselves a glass of Cosmo even in the middle of the jungle.

Drinking at home will be boring as hell without this neon light. Don’t you want your cocktail enthusiast to feel that? Let their name be customized on this light, and in just a second, it will turn their kitchen into a playful bar.

Cocktail lovers are party lovers! These glass cups will be a big support when they want to throw a small party at home. Four cups with huge capacity will help them hold four different types of drinks, and the bamboo lid will seal the taste to keep it perfect for hours.

Save hours of planning wood with this smoke infuser set. It already provides you with wood chips for your convenience. What is more? A brusher and storage bag also go with it to keep the infuser clean and more durable.

It looks like a minibar, and it is truly a mini bar for home-mixers. This tool set allows its owner to replicate any drink from a true bar within a second. All the tools are placed compactly in the stand. Therefore, it will not cost any more room in the cocktail lover’s kitchen.

Your friend claims to be a cocktail lover, but does she still struggle to find her favorite drink? If so, this cocktail mixer set will be a helping hand. By collecting all the most popular flavors worldwide, your friend can easily choose to enjoy them little by little to decide her favorite. The best thing is that it isn't even costly.

“I wish the bartender gave me more candies for my Sugarfina.” - my alcohol enthusiast friend often said before she received this candy gift bag. Now, she can get as sweet as she wants for every drink, despite the recipe.

Sometimes, your liquor lover would like to add some personal touch to their drinks, but your beloved is so clumsy. They can still fulfill the wish with the mini sampler cocktail mixer. All the flavors are already perfectly mixed. Combining two or three flavors together to make a unique one is just a piece of cake.

This LED light is perfect for both home bars and normal bars. Your professional bartender will love it since it can help them show off their own personalities. What else can I say about it? It is multi-color, so your cocktail lover can set it up based on their mood.

Although not many cocktail enthusiasts like the bitter taste, your friend might be the unique one. In that case, this cocktail bitter is the tailor's gift for them. It has a completely natural taste from herbs, so don’t worry; those delicate tongues will taste the finest.

“Even the homemade cocktail must be gorgeous.” For high-class drinkers, nothing can compare with this cocktail therapy gift set. Sprinkles, edible pearls, and roses often just appear in expensive bars, but now they can add them to their own drinks at home and enjoy the fancy.

Starting to mix the very first drink can be challenging because there are a lot of instructions out there. But I suggest starting from the very basics with this essential cocktail book. All the recipes within are simple yet tasty. Besides, the recipes were arranged from easy to difficult, so any amateur could easily understand them.

I think we don’t have to discuss this cocktail cherry more. Normally, cherries are already the fancy fruit that everyone desires. Its cocktail version is even sweeter and will blow up the taste of any drink it goes to.

Do you hate those sweetened cherries that damage your cocktail flavor? Don’t let it happen to your cocktail enthusiast. This black cocktail of cherries is made under a pre-prohibition recipe, so it has a natural tart-ending flavor. It will immediately level up the spirits experience like a pro.

If your cocktail lover is a perfectionist, let them perfect their own drinking habit with this crystal ice tray. Why? Because it is beautiful and takes a long time to melt. Your liquor enthusiast will enjoy the drink in good style and with good taste.

After looking through the above gift list, I hope you have not already turned into an alcoholic yourself due to the cuteness and tasty look of these gifts. Just kidding, but personally, all the gifts here are really practical. Even if your cocktail lover has a daily drinking ritual, they can upgrade the experience to the most fancy level ever.

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