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38 Best Eid Gifts For Him That He Will Appreciate

One of the greatest and sweetest partnerships in the world is that between husband and wife. And occasions like Eid give every couple a wonderful opportunity to show their love for one another by exchanging Eid presents for husband or wife. Finding the perfect Eid gift for the man in your life might be tricky. Muslims observe specific dos and don'ts, but if you are married to him, you already know how pious he is, where he stands on issues, and which Islamic fundamentals he pays special attention to.

In this article, we will assist you in identifying a gift that he will appreciate based on your knowledge of his preferences. If you want your efforts to be successful, you must be willing to put in time and work, as well as a lot of affection and feelings. Your present should demonstrate your closeness and commitment to your husband. Whether you are looking for unique gift ideas or want to surprise him with an astounding Eid present, we have a variety of fun gift ideas that will appeal to any Muslim man. There's something for everyone here, from religious and spiritual to cool, entertaining, and quirky gifts, so let's get down to business!

Let your significant other know how much they mean to you with this stunning Custom Engraved Watch - the perfect Eid gift for him.

The watch is made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel 316 and features a luxurious copper dial. It's also equipped with quartz movement and can be personalized with up to three custom messages of your choosing. Make their next gift extra special by giving them this personalized luxury watch.


✔️ Equip Water-resistance rating 3ATM

✔️ Add more excitement to your wedding ceremony

✔️ Customize your favorite couple's memory

Eid is an important time in the year and it has a big impact on your better half's spiritual life. Don't forget to show your care and love with a thoughtful gift - a scented candle.

The item is designed to relax the mind through natural scents. 100% soy wax comes in a glass jar and is heated with a cotton wick. The decoration and the text printed on the label are really suitable for the eid festival.


✔️ Utilize natural materials

✔️ Available in 5 scent options

✔️ Exclusively for eid day

There's nothing quite like the joy of celebrating Eid Mubarak Ramadan with your beloved husband, and a personalized white mug is the perfect way to mark the occasion.

Crafted from high-quality ceramic, this mug boasts a sleek cylindrical shape with a convenient C-handle for comfortable gripping. With a capacity of 11oz, it's perfect for sipping on coffee, tea, or any of your husband's favorite beverages. The mug's double-sided design features your couple's names prominently displayed, making it a thoughtful and romantic gift that your husband will cherish.


✔️ Ameaningful reminder of your love and devotion

✔️ Speak volumes about your relationship

✔️ Both microwave and dishwasher safe to use

This personalized 3D LED light is more than simply a present; it's a representation of your feelings of love and gratitude for your spouse.

The lovely statement that is printed on the LED light serves as a reminder that you are there for him at all times and that you hope for his happiness and success. As you customize this LED light with your husband's name, you add a personal touch that makes the gift even more special. Besides, the seven different colors that this LED light can change into represent the different moods and emotions that you both share.


✔️ Demonstrates your thankfulness and admiration

✔️ Make her feel loved and cared for

✔️ Creates a sense of completion and fulfillment

Personalized Cuban Link Chain Necklace is a beautiful and thoughtful gift that your husband is sure to appreciate. Whether it's for Eid or any other special occasion, this necklace is a great way to show your love and appreciation.

Crafted from durable stainless steel, this necklace features a classic Cuban link chain that is sure to catch the eye. To make it even more special, the box can be printed with the message "To My Husband Happy Eid Mubarak," making it the perfect gift for your loved one on this special occasion. Additionally, you can customize the necklace with his name, adding a personal touch that will make it truly unique.


✔️ Secured with a sturdy lobster clasp closure

✔️ Add to the overall aesthetic, creating a modern and refined look

✔️ Easy to customize make a deep impression on this special day

Time flies and the Eid is coming soon, you will join your family and precious friends in a sacred ritual. Let's mark the event of 2023 with this meaningful gift.

The round wooden sign is the perfect addition to welcome any guest to your home during Ramadan. The familiar image of the architecture, the symbol of the moon of Islam is shown in a very meticulous and vivid way. When looking at the family name printed directly on fiber wood, your spouse will feel extremely proud of his small family.


✔️ Utilize environmentally friendly material

✔️ Decorated with typical religious motifs

✔️ Show the family name

The Eid Mubarak Circle Ceramic Ornaments are a beautiful and heart felt way to remind us of the love and blessings that surround us during this special time of the year.

The ability to customize these ornaments with your name makes them a truly personal gift that will be cherished for years to come. The "Eid Mubarak with Love from Afnans" message printed on the ornaments adds a touch of warmth and sincerity, expressing your deep love and affection for your spouse. Crafted from high-quality ceramic, these ornaments are both beautiful and durable.


✔️ Symbolize the eternal bond between you and your spouse

✔️ Represent the love and connection that will endure for a lifetime

✔️ Remind of the blessings of love, joy, and togetherness that Eid brings

A special Muslim holiday, the Eid is approaching. Bring a little joy to your man through this Arabic lettering gift. The T-shirt is sure to become his favorite for many years.

This is a standard design with a classic unisex shirt form and a variety of colors and sizes so you can choose the one that fits him best. On the front, there is a simple but meaningful decoration. His name is personalized and printed in Arabic transliteration.


✔️ Show pride in religion

✔️ Bear the mark of the husband

✔️ Soft and comfortable cotton blend

Gifts for Eid will become more meaningful than ever if it bears the mark of Islam. This moon lamp is how you to bring surprise and delight to your beloved spouse.

The lamp is made of PLA with 4 sizes for you to choose from. The recipient will be overwhelmed by the captivating 3D illusion. The image of the islamic castle, the moon and the sky lanterns is like telling a fairy tale. The light has up to 16 light colors that can be adjusted by touch switch or remote.


✔️ Decorated with religious motifs

✔️ Various colors of light

✔️ Meaningful gift for Ramadan

The Ramadan Kareem Moon Mosque T-Shirt is a perfect way to show your love and appreciation for your husband during the holy month of Ramadan.

Available in 6 trendy colors, this t-shirt is not only stylish but also comfortable, making it a perfect addition to your husband's wardrobe. Made of premium materials, this t-shirt is designed to last. The soft and high-quality fabric ensures maximum comfort, allowing your husband to wear it all day long without any discomfort. The beautiful and intricate design featuring the moon and mosque is printed on the front of the t-shirt, making it a stunning and eye-catching piece of clothing.


✔️ A great way to make his outfit more fashionable and meaningful

✔️ Bring a comfortable feeling

✔️ Add more happiness and joy in your life

The Ramadan Kareem Moon Mosque Wooden Plaque is a beautiful and thoughtful way to celebrate Eid with your beloved husband.

Made of environmentally-friendly fiber, this wooden plaque is not only beautiful but also eco-friendly, making it the perfect gift for your environmentally-conscious husband. The vivid and high-quality color printing on this plaque makes it a stunning and eye-catching addition to any home. The intricate design featuring the moon and mosque is a beautiful symbol of the holy month of Ramadan.


✔️ A reminder of the love and bond that you share with your husband

✔️ A memorable and beautiful home decoration

✔️ Keep your loved ones close and safe all the time

More than just a regular cup, the Eid Mubarak Ramadan Black cup is a lovely and heartfelt way to mark Eid with those you cherish.

During the holy month of Ramadan, this premium black gloss ceramic mug is the ideal way to drink your favorite beverage because it is both fashionable and practical. This mugs full wrap ornamentation showcases a gorgeous Eid Mubarak pattern that is guaranteed to make people smile. ORCA Coating is used to print the design, providing optimal print vibrancy and endurance.


✔️ Easily customizable with the name of your husband

✔️ Lightweight and convenient for extended use

✔️ Increase the enjoyment of your drinking time

Are you want to surprise your husband, wife, or your Muslim friend with a gift on Eid? Here is an amazing idea for you. The replica of the Kaba, which is to represent something sacred or religious. So, the model will make her feel good whenever seeing it.

The replica model is made of resin and accented with velvet and rhinestones. The product is outstanding in gold and silver colors. The small size here is 4.5 x 4in, you also get the bigger or smaller to fit your decorative purpose. The product is detailed and has a wonderful decor to add to the bookshelf.


✔️ Sturdy to withstand weather damages

✔️ Stunning to make your house look prettier

✔️ Delight your Mulism friends or your loved one

The holy month is around the corner. Don't wait for more if you want to have a happy time with your husband and your family. Starting to decorate your house with the Eid decor here. The gift will cover your house with a new appearance to welcome Ramadan and Eid.

The ornament is made of wood and there have a wide variety of woods for you to choose from. The decor is designed like a crescent moon to match the Eid atmosphere. The product is 4'' and it is the only size. But remember that you can customize a name to get a special decor.


✔️ Make a highlight at your house

✔️ Bring an exciting feeling to your family member

✔️ Enable to hang it on a tree or different places

If you are going to have an Eid party at your house with your friends, husband, and kids, you should get some treat bags here to prepare a thank-you gift for them. The gift will express your welcome to your guest and make people at your party feel cozy and heartwarming.

The treat bag gift will have 100 pieces in one order and each bag is 27.5 x 12.5 cm in size. The product is made of plastic and it is durable to keep a certain weight. There will have silver twist ties to seal these bags. The bag is ideal for you to keep cupcakes and sweets.


✔️ Great size for kids to hold

✔️ Feature Eid-themed decoration on bags

✔️ Delight your guests and especially kids

Getting the Eid Marabak mug to give to your partner to enjoy drinks during the holy month. The product is only a homely gift for you to express your love to your husband. Using your love and caring to make this gift more special.

The mug is made of high-quality ceramic and the product can contain up to 11oz. You also get the bigger size you want. The white color is the main and it will be supported with different colors. Having a handle to hold drinks conveniently. Give it to have a good holiday.


✔️ Be able to heat up drinks by microwave

✔️ Easy to clean with water

✔️ Durable printing to keep this gift like a keepsake

Let's decorate your house quickly because Eid is coming. On a special day like that, you should add an extra special to delight your husband, kids, and your family members. And the Eid sign is a nice gift to support your finishing decoration perfectly.

The sign is made from wood, so it is endurable and long-lasting. The product is painted white, brown, gold, and other colors which match the holy month. On the round sign, it is decorated with lanterns and stars. The gift is stunning for you to apply anywhere in the house.


✔️ Personalized with your family's name

✔️ Get your preferred colors to have a desired decor

✔️ Provoke excitement and happiness in each family member

Adding decorative ornament to your husband's car to give you a surprise. The gift is to welcome the meaningful day, Eid. The gift is nice for him to keep a mini Al-Quran and it will remind him of being polite and kind to anything and anyone. Don't miss it if you want to have a special gift.

The ornament is made of plastic, but it is durable and sturdy to load the weight of a small Ai-Quran. The detail is exceptional with symbols or signs of Muslims. The pendant size is 4x6 cm and it will come with a chain to hang it on easily. You can hang it on the rear mirrors or inside a car.


✔️ Nice storage space to keep your AI-Quran

✔️ Give you a quick touch when reading Quran

✔️ Special decoration for your house or car

This Personalized Heart Necklace is a thoughtful and sentimental gift for your husband. It is a reminder of your love and affection that he can carry with him wherever he goes.

The Personalized Heart Necklace is a beautiful and meaningful gift that can be customized with your loved one's name. Made from high-quality surgical steel, this keychain is durable and will last for years to come. The key ring diameter is 1.1 inches (28mm) and the heart pendant is 0.9 inches by 0.9 inches (24mm x 24mm).


✔️ A heartfelt way to carry your key

✔️ A meaningful keepsake for your loved one for years

✔️ Suitable to use in a variety of occasion

Eid or Ramadan is well-known as a traditional holiday of Muslims. It will last for a month. It is time for people to appreciate what they have owned and spend time praying and finding back the balance in the soul. So, never stop to give a gift to your husband, kids, or your loved ones on this holiday.

The gift envelope is a nice and simple choice for you to express love and spread love to others. With a size of 6.8 X 3.6 inches, the envelope features a tuck flap and it is easy for you to assemble. You can insert a card or money on it to give to your relatives. The material is sturdy and durable so don't worry it will tear easily.


✔️ Botantial patterns to inspire a positive energy

✔️ Elegant design with artistic congrats

✔️ Sell a pile of 12 pieces for you to give many people

Do you need to have a gift to impress your husband or your loved ones on Eid? Here is what you are finding. The wall art is aesthetic and attractive to honor the beauty of Allah and it would decorate your house with a festive atmosphere to welcome the holy month.

The unique wall art is well-cut from metal. It is 1/12 inch in thickness and the detail is beautifully made based on Qurant words and Arabic calligraphy. The gift carries spiritual and religious context so it will be a blessing for Islamic people to receive this gift.


✔️ Easy to hang with a single nail

✔️ Create a solemn space at your house

✔️ Inspire your kids with the meaning of the Ramadan holiday

Your husband will definitely feel warm and emotive with the Eid gift, a Cuban link chain. The chain is like a red love string to connect your heart to his heart and make your relationship stronger and closer. Sending this gift on his nation's holy month will make your gift to be more meaningful.

The Cuban link chain is made from stainless steel and it is well-polished to give a glossy looking outside. The product measures 18" in length and 5mm in width. It features a proper weight for men to wear daily. There is a parrot clasp to keep this accessory secure on his neck.


✔️ Come with a sentimental box to express love

✔️ A stylish accessory to add to your lover's wardrobe

✔️ Spice up a man's fashion style

✔️ Never oxidize or change colors

Are you planning to hold an Eid party at your house? If you have, don't forget to prepare some gifts to give your husband, friends, and your loved guests. With the bow boxes here, you can purchase bulk and wrap your gifts on it to send your loved ones.

The order will offer you 12 square gift boxes. Each box measures 3.5 inches in length x 3.5 inches in width x 7 inches in height. When you assemble and put a gift on it, it will create a 3D image, it is very pretty. The decoration is printed on double sides on sturdy cardboard paper. The lantern features Ramadan and Eid themes to make your guest love it.


✔️ Ideal box to wrap cupcakes or homemade gifts

✔️ Send your respect to your guest

✔️ Perfect your party with a thank you gift

Sneakily put the Eid chocolate gift in your husband's bag or in his working desk's drawer to give him a surprise. The gift is a nice treat for him to enjoy during Ramadam and make him feel your carefulness. You also give it to your friends or Islamic people you know.

The chocolate gift is Belgian chocolate made with milk chocolate. One pack will have 5 square pieces and each square is 3.5cm. 2 chocolate bars are equivalent to 10g which will supply you 55KCal. So, it is an ideal food during the diet. The outside is also beautiful with Eid-themed decorations.


✔️ Keep your partner stay healthy during Ramadan

✔️ Transparant pack to give you an outside view

✔️ Sweeten your lover's heart with a little caring

Praying is one of the most beautiful activities Muslim people do on Eid, or generally on holy month. And it would be much fantastic if you can take advantage of this time to give your husband a personalized Quran Pear.

The Velvet Quran is about 13x8.5 cm and it is shining and fabulous to use whenever reading Quran. The gift will be packed in a velvet box of 17x17x6 cm to appreciate this pear. The most special of this order is that you can personalize the box and pear with your own message to send your love and thoughts to him.


✔️ Important item for Muslims to do rituals on Eid

✔️ Carefully and beautifully designed to give you a nice gift

✔️ Melt your lover's heart at the first sight

✔️ Offer a wide variety of colors

Give your husband a gift that reflects the trust and purity of your relationship with a personalized prayer mat gift set this Eid. This exquisite prayer mat is a treasured Muslim home product that will remind him of your love and support every time he prays.

Made from high-quality cotton and polyester, it is soft to the touch and large enough for an ordinary man to fit on during prayer acts and antics.


✔️ Hand-finished with the highest quality craftsmanship

✔️ An elegant and thoughtful Eid gift idea for him

✔️ A reminder of the special bond you share as husband and wife

Want to add a touch of spirituality and sophistication to your hubby's Eid celebration? Check out the unique 4 Quls Islamic Wall Art, a stunning masterpiece that makes an ideal Eid gift for him!

The 3D art brings a whole new dimension to your home decor and elevates the ambiance of any room, adding an attractive touch to the area. Your husband will be thrilled to display this artwork in his favorite corner, showcasing his love for his faith and artistic taste.


✔️ Crafted from top-notch acrylic material

✔️ Comes in five easy-to-assemble pieces

✔️ Proportionately calculated to fit your space perfectly

Crafted by skilled artisans from premium quality solid 304 stainless steel and plated with 18K gold, this necklace exudes luxury and durability.

The intricate Arabic calligraphy design adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion.


✔️ An unique and thoughtful Eid gift idea

✔️ Showcases your love for him

✔️ Honors the beauty of Arabic culture

This Jacquard Cotton Silk Long Kurta may seem like a predictable Eid gift for your husband, but sometimes the best gifts are the ones that fulfill a practical need.

Let's face it, your husband probably won't go out of his way to buy himself a new kurta pajama, even if the old one is starting to look a little worse for wear. But with this elegant and comfortable kurta, he'll be all set for Eid prayers, family gatherings, and other festive occasions.


✔️ Made from a luxurious blend of cotton and silk

✔️ Sure to make your husband stand out in a crowd

✔️ Will definitely light up his face

For the suave and stylish Muslim man, the Muslim Prayer Headware is the way to go! This high-quality headwear is an indispensable item for your beloved husband, especially as an Eid gift for him.

With a perfect blend of thickness and comfortable fit, this headwear is designed with utmost accuracy to ensure a unique and snug fit for your husband. Originating from Thailand, the Muslim prayer hats boast a distinct design that is sure to make your husband stand out at weddings and other important events.


✔️ He will flaunt this with pride and joy

✔️ A symbol of his faith and devotion to Islam

✔️ Can be paired with a variety of outfits

The Shahada is the foundation of Islamic belief, and wearing this ring is a daily reminder of the importance of acknowledging the truth.

This beautiful ring not only makes a stunning addition to any outfit, but it also carries a powerful message inscribed inside: "There Is No God But Allah, and Muhammad".


✔️ Never worry about rust or discoloration

✔️ Show your husband your love and faith with a touch of sophistication

✔️ The gift of calm and humility

✔️ Reminder of his devotion to his faith with this elegant ring

Don't settle for an ordinary Eid gift for him. Make this occasion memorable by giving your husband a gift that reflects his faith and your love with the White Quran Tasbih Set.

The exquisite set includes a Mini Quran Book and a prayer bead (tasbeeh) made with top-quality pearl gems, all enclosed in an elegant acetate box with a ribbon-decorated personalized tag. What sets this gift apart is the gold acrylic mirror installed on the tasbih, allowing you to customize it.


✔️ Your husband will receive nothing but the best

✔️ Serve as a beautiful reminder of your love

✔️ A spiritual tool that he can use during his daily prayers

Made to last! This one-of-a-kind gift is built to withstand the test of time, making it a lasting reminder of your love and affection.

The 99 Beads Pearl Tasbih Set is a unique and handcrafted piece that is crafted with the finest materials to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience. The Turkish-style prayer beads are carefully sculpted with dividers, giving them a premium and luxurious feel.


✔️ Personalization at its best!

✔️ Show him how much you care

✔️ Make his day unforgettable!

Step up your Eid gifting game with a pair of socks that will make your husband's soul happy!

The Making Your Sole Happy collection offers premium fashion and novelty dress socks made with luxury combed cotton, ensuring ultimate comfort for your hubby's feet. These socks feature a relaxed cuff and classic flat-linked toe seams, making them suitable for all-day wear or even on the adventures of a lifetime.


✔️ Features a variety of patterns to choose from

✔️ Surprise your husband with this simple yet thoughtful gift

✔️ Say "Eid Mubarak" to your beloved husband in a fun and practical way

This Eid, surprise your husband with a gift that embodies the essence of faith and love.

The Kaaba Design set is not just any ordinary present, it's a thoughtful expression of your devotion, carefully crafted to captivate his heart. Unlike ordinary gifts, this Kaaba Design set is made of high-quality acrylic that has been laser-etched to perfection, adding a touch of elegance and durability to your gift.


✔️ A stunning display of Islamic artistry

✔️ Memorable gift for your husband

✔️ Make a gesture he will never forget

Elevate the spirit of Eid with a gift that speaks to the heart - a personalized Black Prayer Mat Gift Set that will surely captivate your husband's soul.

Designed with newlywed couples in mind, this exquisite Eid gift set includes a prayer mat and prayer beads, all nestled in a luxurious prayer mat gift box.


✔️ Gift the beauty of prayer

✔️ A gift tailored just for him

✔️ Meaningful and simple

Behold the epitome of exquisite design and intricate craftsmanship - the Ayatul Kursi 3D Bar Necklace!

This stunning necklace is not just a piece of jewelry, but a symbol of eternal love for your most cherished person - your husband. With its elegant engraving and meticulously constructed design, this necklace is a true masterpiece that will leave your husband awe-struck.


✔️ Engrave your eternal love with elegance

✔️ A divine reminder, beautifully etched

✔️ Protection and serenity, wrapped in love

Eid is a great occasion for you to send gifts to your Islamic husband. Therefore, this plaque is added to help you have a meaningful holy with him.

Designed as a heart shape, this graceful ornament shows your enormous love for him. This plaque excellently combines religious beliefs with your love to make him realize how much he means to you.

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