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35 First Day Of School Gifts That Will Make Your Child Feel Loved

The first day of school is an important milestone for students and parents alike, and it’s a day that should be celebrated. To make the day even more special, consider surprising your child with the thoughtful and unique first day of school gifts. Whether it’s a new backpack, a personalized notebook, or a fun lunchbox, a special gift can help place the tone for a positive and successful school year.

We understand the significance of this special day and have put together a list of the best first day of school gifts that are both practical and memorable. From stylish and trendy items to sentimental keepsakes, our collection of gifts will make your child feel confident and excited as they start a new chapter in their academic journey. So why settle for just any ordinary gift? Give your child a special present they’ll cherish for years to come. Browse our collection today!

Is your little one making that big leap to start school? Mark this significant milestone with our beautifully designed "Happy First Day School" Tumbler.

Ideal for children beginning their school adventure, the tumbler comes with a cute, school-themed design that will make them feel excited about their awesome journey. It's personalized, high-quality, and most importantly, it's a practical gift that they can use each day at school.


✔️ School-themed design

✔️ Add a personalized touch

✔️ A high-quality daily use item

My First Day School Ready To Learn T-Shirt is perfect for getting your child excited about their first day of school. It features an adorable design with the message “My first day school ready to learn” that is sure to inspire confidence in young learners.

The high-quality materials ensure comfort, while the personalization options allow you to add your child’s name or grade. This t-shirt is a great way to show your child’s enthusiasm for learning and starting a new school year. It’s a fun and practical gift that will be appreciated by both children and parents.


✔️ Perfect for first day of school

✔️ Adorable design with inspiring message

✔️ High-quality materials for comfort

✔️ Personalization options available

Are you looking for a wonderful and unique gift for that special girl in your life starting school? The "On Your First Day At School Personalized Name Necklace" is a delightful choice.

This exclusive necklace can be personalized with her name, adding a personal touch, and making it more than a mere accessory. The premium-grade material ensures durability and longevity, ensuring your child can cherish this memento for years to come. Surely, this necklace could be the perfect token to express love, concern, and commitment.


✔️ Unique, personalized gift

✔️ High-quality material

✔️ Long-lasting remembrance

✔️ Perfect for school starters

The "You're Braver Than You Believe" Keychain is a powerful token of encouragement for a first day in school. It's a thoughtful accessory that helps to boost confidence and courage in a new phase of life.

Made from sturdy steel, this personal accessory is designed to last, just like the braveness it promotes. The customizable aspect introduces a personal touch, allowing you to affirm the specific qualities you see in your child. This is not just a keychain; it’s a tool to inspire bravery for school adventures.


✔️ Customizable for a personal touch

✔️ Confidence-boosting accessory

✔️ Tool for inspiring courage

✔️ Sturdy and long-lasting

Kick-starting the new academic journey can be stirring for kids. The First Day of School 3D LED Light serves as a charming and vibrant memento to mark this memorable transition.

This personalized LED light sets itself apart as it adds a touch of creativity to the room's decor with its enchanting 3D effect. What's more, you can tailor it to best suit your child's preference, making it feel even more special. The sturdy material promises durability, while the warm light provides a comforting ambience, perfect for a child heading into a new phase of their educational journey.


✔️ Unique 3D design adds creativity

✔️ Personalized for a special touch

✔️ Durable material extends longevity

✔️ Warm light fosters comfort

Starting school is a major milestone that deserves to be cherished. The "First Day of School" Personalized Photo Clip Frame is the perfect keepsake to capture this unforgettable day.

With the ability to personalize it with your child's name, this frame adds an extra touch of sentiment to the celebrated occasion. The easy-to-use clip makes changing the displayed photo a breeze, allowing you to keep updating special memories. Made with high-quality materials, this frame is sturdy and designed to last, letting you relive that special first day year after year.


✔️ Captures memorable milestones

✔️ Easy photo replacement

✔️ High-quality construction

✔️ Personalized for added sentiment.

Instill confidence and joy in your child as they embark on a new academic journey with our 'Ready For First Day Of School' T-shirt. This apparel is not only comfortable but also a wonderful ice-breaker among fellow students.

The shirt is made from breathable fabric, ensuring all-day comfort. The printing is resilient and vibrant, designed to withstand countless washes. An optimistic message promotes excitement and neutralizes first-day jitters, making this shirt an ideal gift for the first day of school.


✔️ Comfortable and breathable fabric

✔️ Durable print

✔️ Motivating message

✔️ Ideal first-day gift

Commemorate a pivotal milestone in your child's life, their first day of school, with our heartily crafted Happy First Day of School Mug. Designed with love, this mug is a unique way to kindle learning enthusiasm in your young ones.

The bright white color of the mug coupled with a vibrant, fun message makes it appealing to children. Made from durable material, it is sure to stand the test of time, tolerating those inevitable accidental drops and bangs. It doubles as a precious keepsake to look back on, reminding them, and you, of the unforgettable first day of school.


✔️ Kid-friendly design

✔️ Durable and long-lasting

✔️ Encourages learning enthusiasm

✔️ Reminiscent school memento

Celebrate and ease the transition to school with this unique "Handwriting First Day Of School Wooden Sign." It's a thoughtful gift that promises to make the first day at school an event to remember.

The school bus shape adds a playful touch to this wooden sign, making it a child's favorite. It's adequately sized, making it a perfect decorative element for the child's room. Besides being a fun gift, this wooden sign encourages children to be excited about this significant milestone.


✔️ Celebrates significant milestone

✔️ Playful design & perfect decor size

✔️ Encourages school enthusiasm

The Today Is My First Day Of School Wooden Plaque is a beautiful keepsake for such a significant milestone in a child’s life. Its aesthetic appeal and sentiment make it a must-have treasure.

With a custom shape and lovely, polished wood, the plaque is ideal for capturing the excitement and nervousness of the first day at school. The plaque's quality material ensures durability, and its visually pleasing design is suitable for any home décor. This is more than a plaque, it's capturing a memorable moment for a lifetime.


✔️ Beautiful keepsake of a milestone

✔️ Custom shape and quality material

✔️ Captures the excitement of first day

✔️ Harmonizes with any home décor

How can kids go to school without bringing pencils? The Personalized Pencils make for a fun and practical First Day of School gift. The set includes 5 neon colored pencils, adding a pop of color to any pencil case. These pencils can be personalized with names, making them a unique and special gift for students. With a smooth writing lead, these pencils are great for note-taking, drawing, and other school-related activities.


✔️ Add a pop of color to any pencil case

✔️ Personalized touch making a great keepsake

✔️ Have a smooth writing lead

As the new academic year begins, what better way to motivate your students than with a 'Dear Student Behind Me' Wooden Sign? This inspiring piece of classroom decor will surely make students eager to learn.

The sign is made of foolproof quality wood, and the lettering is etched with precision. Its clear, motivational message stimulates learning progress while adding an aesthetic touch to the classroom. It's the perfect size to be noticeable but not overwhelming.


✔️ High-quality wood material

✔️ Motivational inscription

✔️ Perfect classroom size

✔️ Aesthetically pleasing

The ideal first day of school present for children to record and reflect on their academic experience introducing - the School Journey Journal. It will foster creativity and offer a treasured memory of the school experience with its adorable design and interactive instructions. With the help of this distinctive and personalized diary, save memories.


✔️ Encourages self-expression

✔️ Personalized and unique gift for kids

✔️ Provides a platform for documenting school memories

Get your kids excited for their first day of school with the First Day of School Sign. This sign is a fun and creative way to capture those precious moments and milestones.

Its vibrant and colorful design instantly grabs attention, making it perfect for photos. Made with high-quality materials, this sign is durable and can be used year after year. The large size ensures it is easy to read and adds a decorative touch to any back-to-school photo. Give your kids a memorable start to the school year with this delightful sign.


✔️ Vibrant and eye-catching design

✔️ High-quality and durable materials

✔️ Waterproof and fade-resistant

✔️ Creates lasting memories

Give your child the gift of limitless potential with the Osmo-Little Genius Starter Kit! The Osmo-Little Genius Starter Kit is the perfect First Day of School gift for kids! This innovation combines hands-on play with interactive learning, allowing children to explore, discover, and develop crucial skills like math, spelling, and creative problem-solving.


✔️ Interactive and engaging learning experience

✔️ Develops early learning skills such as creativity

✔️ Compatible with iPad for convenience and portability

Introducing the perfect solution for your First Day of School celebration - the First Day Of School Tag! Say goodbye to boring labels and hello to a fun, personalized touch. This product is a digital download in the form of a PDF file, allowing for quick and easy access to your customized tags. Add a special touch to your child's backpack or lunch box with these vibrant and memorable tags!


✔️ No need to pay for shipping or printing

✔️ Can be downloaded instantly

✔️ Cost-effective gift for parents

For young readers starting school, "Curious George's First Day at School" is a need. This well-known story follows the daring monkey as he sets off on a brand-new educational quest. Kids will adore reading about George's thrilling first day of school experience because of its vibrant visuals, relevant plot, and interesting characters. It's the ideal addition to any library for back-to-school time!


✔️ Engaging story with beloved character Curious George

✔️ Introduces children to the concept of school and its routines

✔️ Creative gift choice to help them improve the skills

The ideal approach to highlight passages in books and flaunt your personal style is with the adorable First Day of School Set of Bookmarks! This collection of bookmarks is the perfect way to display your school pride and give your books a unique touch of individuality, thanks to its adorable design and sturdy construction. The ideal present for college students of all ages.


✔️ Comes in a set providing multiple options

✔️ Can serve as a great back-to-school gift

✔️ Adds a fun touch to reading and studying

Say goodbye to messy chalk and hello to vibrant, customized First Day of School memories with our digital version - Editable Colorful First Day Of School Chalkboard. With its digital format, you get instant access to high-quality, self-editable downloads through an easy-to-use online tool. Get yours now!


✔️ Easy to use with instant digital access

✔️ Creating special memories

✔️ Reusable chalkboard

Celebrate your child's first day of school in style with this personalized Necklace! This beautiful piece features a custom birthstone, making it unique and meaningful that your child will cherish for years to come. Show your love and support for your little ones as they embark on their educational journey. Get yours today!


✔️ Suitable for any grade or school occasion

✔️ Made of quality materials that will last a long time

✔️ Customized quotes bring a meaningful message

On their first day of school, your child will love receiving the Personalized Back to School Gift Box! This present box may be tailored to your child's individuality, from first grade all the way up to sixth grade, with a number of color options. This personalized gift box is the ideal way to either make their first day extra memorable or just let them know how much you care.


✔️ Consist of various practical stuff

✔️ Give kids a touch of personal

✔️ Put things inside a box would create a surprise

With one PDF file containing all color variations, you can easily choose the perfect flag to suit your style. The bright and fun design will make this flag a cherished keepsake for years to come. What are you waiting for? The First Day of School Paper Flag is the perfect and affordable way to commemorate your child's first day of preschool.


✔️ Various color options for you to choose

✔️ Easy to access and print

✔️ Meaningful gift for kids to remember

This delightful treat box comes with a teacher tag, making it the perfect gift for your child's teacher to enjoy. The bright colors and fun design are sure to put a smile on everyone's face! The First Day of School Candy Box is the perfect way to make your child's first day special!


✔️ A sweet way to show appreciation to the teacher

✔️ Customizable with a tag to add a personal touch

✔️ A simple and practical gift for the teacher

A must-have for parents who want to make lunchtime fun and easy for their little ones called for Bento-Style Kids Lunch Box one of the most practical first day of school gifts. Its cute and colorful design will make lunchtime exciting for kids, and its durable and easy-to-clean material will make it a favorite for parents. Began the school year off right with this fun and functional Bento-Style Kids Lunch Box!


✔️ Bento-style design allows

✔️ Easy and organized packing of meals

✔️ Various fun designs to choose

✔️ Made of durable materials

The First Day Of School gift of a Lucky Coin with Messages would bring you uniqueness to start the school year. Handmade and personalized, this coin is a symbol of good fortune and encouragement. With inspiring messages engraved on both sides, this coin will be a cherished keepsake for years to come. Give the gift of positivity and motivation with this one-of-a-kind Lucky Coin with Messages - the perfect way to kick-start the new school year!


✔️ Can serve as a keepsake to commemorate

✔️ Help to stay a positive attitude

✔️ Made of durable materials

For young girls who adore dancing and fashion, the ballet heirloom doll in pink makes the ideal first-day-of-school present. A soft T-shirt with a lovely hand-embroidered "Love" design, a sparkly pink tulle skirt, a delicate pink flower collar, and a sweet pink bow are all worn by this 40cm tall handmade doll. This doll is a unique treasure that will undoubtedly make your child smile. Give your young dancer this thoughtful and distinctive first-day-of-school present!


✔️ Set includes multiple accessories

✔️ Make your kids happy when receiving it

✔️ Handmade and crafted with care and attention to detail

Showcase memories from your child's first day of school with The First Day of School Picture Frame. Handmade from wood, it is both sturdy and stylish, making it an ideal addition to any home, office, or classroom. The picture frame comes in two sizes, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs. It can be said that this First Day of School Gift is a special and meaningful thing that will be cherished for years to come.


✔️ Adds a touch of elegance to any space

✔️ Available in two sizes to fit different picture sizes

✔️ Handmade and crafted with high-quality wood

The First Day Of School Tiny Handprint is a keepsake gift that allows parents to preserve the memory of their child's first day of school. With 7 different versions available, including Preschool, Pre-K, and Daycare, parents can choose the one that best fits their child's educational journey. The compact size of the handprint makes it easy to display in a home or office.


✔️ Personalized in color or black and white

✔️ A touching gift to cherish for years to come

✔️ The compacts size of the handprint

The Simple Modern Kids Water Bottle makes for a practical and stylish First Day of School gift. With its leakproof design, students can carry it around with peace of mind, ensuring that their drinks stay put. The water bottles come in 20 different themes, giving students a chance to choose a design that fits their personality and style.


✔️ Well-made with a leakproof design

✔️ Drinks stay put and prevent spills

✔️ With 20 different themes to choose from

✔️ Easy to carry around because of convenient size

Charming and meaningful gift option for the start of a new school year, the bracelets are crafted by hand with a soft nylon satin cord material and come in two sizes, one for the parent and one for the child. Whether you're looking for a keepsake to commemorate the first day of school or a daily symbol of love and support, these bracelets are a great choice.


✔️ The adjustable design suitable for all wrist sizes

✔️ Personalized with names or special messages

✔️ The bracelets come in two sizes

The First Day of School Animal-Themed Eraser makes a great present for anybody starting school and will delight them. The animal-shaped erasers are a charming touch to any pencil box. Because they are inexpensive, the erasers are a great option for anybody looking for a gift that won't break the budget.


✔️ The erasers come in a variety of animal shapes

✔️ The erasers are an affordable option

✔️ Used for schoolwork or as a fun desk accessory

Start the first day of school in a festive atmosphere with The First Day of School Balloon. The included decals make it easy to personalize the balloon and make it a unique and special gift. Whether used as a decoration or as a gift, the First Day of School Balloon is a great way to mark the occasion and create a festive atmosphere.


✔️ Included decals make it easy to personalize

✔️ The balloon creates a festive atmosphere

✔️ An affordable option for anyone

Follow kids' school's journey with School Days Memory Album. The album is handmade and offers sections to capture moments from preschool to college. Personalizing the album is easy and adds a special touch, making it a truly meaningful first-day-to-school gift.


✔️ The album is COMPLETELY handmade

✔️ The album captures all important moments

✔️ A practical way to store memories

The First Day of School Gift - Soft Plush Pencil Pouch offers parents with a great choice for anyone looking for an adorable and practical gift. The pouch has an adorable look, and its friendly material makes it a great choice for kids. The compact design of the pouch makes it easy to carry in a backpack or school bag, ensuring that all your child's writing essentials are easily accessible.


✔️ Has an adorable look, making it a fun choice for kids

✔️ Gentle to the touch and comfortable to hold

✔️ The pouch makes a great gift for kids

The First Day of School gift - Cat Lunch Bag is a fun and practical way to start the school year. The bag comes in two styles, Paloma or Picasso, offering options to suit different tastes. The bag is machine washable, making it easy to clean, and it dries quickly for added convenience. The added bonus is that the bag can be personalized with a name or quote, making it a unique and special gift.


✔️ Providing options to suit different tastes

✔️ The bag can be personalized, adding a special touch

✔️ Adds a touch of playfulness, making it a fun choice for kids

Send your words in a plaque; it sound weird, right? The First Day of School Plaque is a beautiful and unique way to commemorate a child's first day of school. The plaque is made of maple veneer wood and has dimensions of 11 x 11cm, making it the perfect size for display. The best part is that the wording on the plaque can be changed to suit your needs, making it a personalized and special keepsake.


✔️ Perfect size for display

✔️ Have a beautiful design

✔️ The wording on the plaque changed

Covid-19 has gone but stay hygienic, stay forever! With options for Spider-Man and Batman, kids can choose their favorite hero to carry with them. The hand sanitizer is well-crafted and features a cute and playful design that kids will love. This Cute Hero Inspired Hand Sanitizer is a highly recommended first-day-of-school gift.


✔️ Have cute hero-inspired design

✔️ A practical and useful gift helping keep kids healthy and safe

✔️ The small size makes it easy to carry

First-day-of-school is a cannot miss event. With The Starting School Countdown Card, parents and kids can easily count down the days until the first day of school. The specially folded card can be pulled open to reveal numbered windows, allowing kids to follow the steps and count down the days until the first day of school.


✔️ Allows kids to follow the steps and count down the days

✔️ A great gift which suitable for all ages

✔️ The countdown card makes a great gift for students

24-Pack Party Favors for Kids with Three LED Lights - a highly recommended gift for any first-day-of-school celebration. The three LED lights - red, blue, and green - add a colorful and playful touch to the party favors, making them a hit with kids of all ages.


✔️ LED lights: add a fun and playful touch to the kid's favors

✔️ The 24-pack size makes it a great value

✔️ LED wristbands are a popular party favor among kids

Commemorate the first day of school with the Winnie the Pooh Personalized First Day of School Card. For students embarking on a new academic path, the option to write your own message to be written inside the card adds a personal touch, making it a meaningful and memorable present. This is a fantastic option for anybody wishing to give the first day of school a little more sparkle.


✔️ A great keepsake treasured for years to come

✔️ Appeal to kids of all ages because of classic design

✔️ A great way to show love and support to students

Is anyone looking for a special and lasting first-day-of-school gift? The First Day of School Pencil Ornament is a charming and unique way to celebrate the first day of school. Made of high-quality cherry or maple wood, this ornament is both durable and attractive.


✔️ The gift box included

✔️ Made of high-quality wood

✔️ The red satin ribbon attached for hanging

The Editable First Day of School Sign Board is a versatile and practical gift for parents and students. The zip file includes 4 PDFs with 2 versions, a whiteboard, and a chalkboard, which can be reused for multiple kids and grades over the years. This is a highly recommended product for those looking for a unique and lasting first day of school gift.


✔️ Personalize it and add a creative touch

✔️ Reusable PDF file making it a cost-effective solution

✔️ Capture memories and milestones as kids grow up

Make the first day of school extra special with our Customized Unicorn Night Light! Add your child's name and your choice of seven dazzling colors to make it uniquely yours. This unusual and kind present will undoubtedly cheer them up and brighten their space.


✔️ The unicorn design is cute and appealing to kids

✔️ Fun and colorful design

✔️ Soft and calming light

✔️ Easy to use


❌ Requires a power source

Adding a touch of uniqueness to your child's first day of school memorabilia, the Handprint My First Day at School Board Sign is a great way to make memorable moments even more special. It brilliantly captures the excitement of your child’s big day.

This sign allows the imprint of your child’s handprint, providing a personal touch that parents and children will absolutely love. The high-quality board seamlessly matches any décor at home, ensuring it fits perfectly when displayed. In addition, it's easy to use, making it all the more appealing for busy parents.


✔️ Unique personal touch

✔️ High-quality board

✔️ Easy to use

✔️ Great home décor

Set the right tone for the school year ahead with the Important Part of My Story Puzzle Acrylic. This unique gift is designed to foster a sense of community and connectedness from the very first day of school.

Every piece is a vital part of the picture, much like every student is an essential part of the classroom. It’s designed for durability and portability, built to endure the daily hustle of school life. Plus, its intriguing design makes it a fun piece for students to fiddle with and discuss during breaks.


✔️ Fosters classroom unity

✔️ Durable for daily use

✔️ Facilitates social interaction

✔️ Engaging and fun design

This First Day Of School Acrylic Plaque is an excellent way to commemorate the first day of school. It features an attractive design with space to add your own text, making it perfect for personalizing with your child’s name, grade, or school.

The high-quality acrylic material makes it durable, while the included base allows it to stand on its own. This plaque is a great way to capture the excitement and anticipation of the first day of school. It’s a keepsake that can be cherished for years to come.


✔️ Attractive design with personalization

✔️ Commemorates the first day of school

✔️ High-quality acrylic material

✔️ Includes base for standing

Encapsulate the magic of the first day of school with our charming "First Day Of School Handwriting" Canvas.

This is not merely a decorative piece but a personalized canvas capturing the unique first-day handwriting, serving as a lovely keepsake to look back on in the years to come. Carefully designed, this gift would surely surprise and thrill your little scholar.


✔️ Captivating handwriting replication

✔️ Customizable piece

✔️ Warm and thoughtful design

✔️ Long-lasting keepsake

Embrace the Witchy in you with the 'When Witches Go Riding' sign.

A fitting tribute to the witching hour, this is the perfect gift for the self-proclaimed witches or anyone who has a remarkable penchant for the mystical. This sign channels the power and thrill of magic folklore, wrapped up in a beautifully crafted artwork. The unique aesthetics are not the only advantage – the sign is made of high-quality materials that guarantee longevity.


✔️ Pays homage to folklore

✔️ High-quality crafting

✔️ Aesthetically pleasing design

✔️ A great symbol of empowerment

Your child doesn't want to go to school. So why not wrap this custom necklace as a first-day-of-school gift for him/her?

Its pendant is customized according to your kid's name so your little one will be super excited as they receive it. Beyond that, this necklace is stored in a box with an inspirational message, bringing your wishes to his/her academic journey.

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