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34 Best Funny Halloween Gifts That'll Put A Smile On Their Faces

Halloween is not just a holiday for spooky creatures and ghostly delights; it's also a fantastic opportunity to share laughter and joy with your friends and loved ones through funny Halloween gifts. As the haunting October 31st approaches, surprise your nearest and dearest with gifts that are sure to put a wide smile on their faces and fill their hearts with laughter.

While Halloween toys like stuffed pumpkins, bats, and witch hats are popular choices, there's a whole array of other amusing gifts to consider. From cleverly crafted fake blood eyes or arms that playfully tease the "weak of heart" to hilarious Halloween-themed mugs or quirky decorations, the options are endless.

No need to fret if you're feeling a bit lost in the spooky maze of gift ideas. We've got you covered! Explore our carefully curated list of the best funny Halloween gifts that will leave everyone cackling with delight. Whether you're gifting your friends, family, or that special someone, these presents will create unforgettable moments and bring a spooktacular sense of humor to the season. So get ready to add a dash of laughter and mischief to this Halloween with gifts that truly stand out!

The some horrors in this house doormat is a humorous and unique gift that would make anyone's Halloween memorable. This doormat is not only a practical item for keeping your home clean, but also a fun piece that adds a touch of Halloween spirit to your doorstep.

The doormat features a playful Halloween-themed design, printed on high-quality coir. The design is versatile and can fit into various styles, making it a perfect addition to any home's entrance. The doormat is made with natural fibers that vary in color, adding to its unique charm.


✔️ Made from quality coir

✔️ Fun and unique design

✔️ Versatile for various styles

✔️ Perfect for Halloween

The skulls and bones boxer is a hilarious and unexpected gift that would make any friend's Halloween memorable. This pair of boxers is not only a practical item for everyday wear, but also a unique piece that adds a touch of humor to one's wardrobe.

These boxers showcase an impressive skeleton hand design, expertly printed on premium-quality fabric. This versatile design effortlessly complements various styles, making it an excellent addition to any gentleman's clothing collection. Additionally, these boxers are conveniently available in multiple sizes, ensuring a comfortable and personalized fit for individuals of all sizes.


✔️ Premium-quality fabric

✔️ Strikingly unique design

✔️ Complements different styles

✔️ Available in a range of sizes

Brighten up anyone's Halloween with this humorously designed hoodie. The local witches union' sweatshirt is an amusing gift for people who appreciate a bit of fun during the spooky season.

It is fashioned from robust material and offers a uniquely comfortable fit. The creative design adds a feeling of mirth to the season, and it’s equally a practical pick with handy care instructions. It's effortless to handle and has a classic unisex fit that caters to everyone.


✔️ Fun and distinctive design

✔️ Comfortable and durable

✔️ Ideal for Halloween festivities

✔️ Simple care instruction

Celebrate Halloween in a totally unique way by giving this I Promise to Always Be by Your Side pillow as a great gift to the people you care about.

Crafted with high-quality materials and available in various sizes to suit your preferences, this pillow ensures maximum comfort while adding a touch of spooky charm to your home decor. Personalize it with your names to make it an even more meaningful and unique gift for your partner.


✔️ Create a high Halloween spirit with a unique design

✔️ Help to express your Halloween personality

✔️ Come with a one-of-a-kind printing

Looking for a funny Halloween gift? The "Staying Alive with Coffee" Tshirt/Sweatshirt is a wonderful choice.

Featuring a humorous quote and playful graphics, it amplifies the festive vibe. It's an outright coffee-lovers' delight, inciting laughter and adding to the Halloween fun. This refreshing take on Halloween attire is set to bring smiles to everyone's face!


✔️ Humorous and playful

✔️ Coffee-lovers’ delight

✔️ Adds to Halloween fun

✔️ Bound to incite laughter

A little glass bottle with a screw top and a height of only around 1.5 inches. Using miniatures, scenic materials like sand, and photographs from across the world within.

Because each bottle is handcrafted to order, little variations in size, shape, and colour are to be expected. A little fork, a bit of Halloween confetti cake, and a scrap of birthday music notes.


✔️ Unique and Eerie Halloween Gift

✔️ Captures the Spirit of Halloween

✔️ Personalized and Handmade with Care

This "Ghost Every Love Story" is the best Halloween present idea you'll find this year for your funniest scary party.

This one-cup wine glass has a lid to keep out dust and insects and is designed to keep your wine from spilling. Whether you're sipping hot or cold, the shatterproof wine tumbler will keep your drink at the perfect temperature.


✔️ Convenient and Spill-Reducing Design

✔️ Shatterproof for Durable Use

✔️ Maintains Ideal Beverage Temperature

Brew up some spooky fun and heartwarming moments with the 'We Are Friends Halloween Mug' – a perfect gift to spookify your bestie's coffee break! This adorable Halloween-themed mug is the perfect gift for your best friend on this festive occasion.

The C-shaped handle provides a comfortable grip, ensuring your friend can securely hold the mug without any accidents.


✔️ Made from Sturdy and Thick White Ceramic

✔️ Holds Hot or Cold Drinks Perfectly

✔️ C-Shaped Handle for Easy and Secure Grip

This Halloween, treat yourself to something a little more exciting: our Halloween Underwear. They're the perfect blend of playful and cool that will make your holiday experience a memorable one.

These underwear are designed to provide comfort while also adding a festive to your ensemble. Featuring a unique and interesting print, they can surely add a dose of festive cheer to your Halloween. Moreover, they are crafted with quality materials, it ensures they will last long past the holiday.


✔️ Unique Halloween print

✔️ Quality material

✔️ Comfortable fit

✔️ Durability

Unleash a spooky and pampering experience with our Halloween Skull Bath Bombs – the perfect eerie delight for that horror lover in your life! These large and ghoulish bath bombs are designed for the ultimate horror-themed indulgence.

Insanely high pigment* creates a dark and spooky bathwater, resembling a midnight stroll through a graveyard under a new moon. The bath bombs are infused with a HIGH scent of Eucalyptus Mint, turning your bath into a relaxing at-home spa experience.


✔️ Infused with Eucalyptus Mint Scent

✔️ Enchanting Bathing Experience

✔️ Ideal for Pampering and Stress Relief

The entire roll of toilet paper is printed with a "That's Some Scary Sh*t" message and features Halloween-themed poop emotion faces. Perfect gag gift to create a spooky and fun vibe for the recipient and all the guests during Halloween.

Great for topping off your Halloween decor or using as streamers for a Halloween party. The prank toilet paper is sure to be a hit with everyone and will leave a lasting memory of laughter and amusement.


✔️ Unique Halloween-themed Design

✔️ Hilarious Gag Gift for Bathroom Pranks

✔️ Ideal for Halloween Decor or Party Streamers

Get ready to spook and giggle with our Funny Scarecrow Pumpkin Halloween Decor – a hilarious and cheeky surprise that will leave your friends laughing out loud!"

With a clever design, this scarecrow appears innocent at first, but with a simple slide down, it reveals a surprising and comical twist - a hidden "appendage" pops up, adding a humorous touch to your Halloween décor.


✔️ Surprising "Appendage" Twist for Laughs

✔️ Handmade with Care and Precision

✔️ Hilarious and Original Halloween Decoration

You may decorate your table or outdoor living space for Halloween with this handcrafted burlap table runner with black bats. It would look great in your home this Halloween. It is finished with a 1/2" fray that has been sewn to prevent unravelling. Hessian always seems to have a new and interesting appearance. That's what makes it so endearing. Add it to your shopping cart right now!


✔️ Securely Stitched Frayed Edges

✔️ Unique and Rustic Burlap Look

✔️ Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use

✔️ Adds Spooky Charm to Your Table

Bloody finger from a person severed realistically. Use a severed finger with fake blood to frighten children or party guests. The fleshlike texture of the fingers is achieved by the use of low-hardness rubber and silicone.

Silicone is used to colour the blood so that it would not leave any stains. Each finger is built to order, therefore there will be subtle variations between them. The included images depict the "just a little blood" variant.


✔️ Fleshy Texture for Enhanced Horror

✔️ Non-Staining Silicone Blood

✔️ Custom-Made for Authenticity

Bats made of stained glass are a great addition to any Halloween display. Your guests will find it really weird and scary. Furthermore, suncatchers are lovely presents for family and friends. Adorable little stained glass window. Excellent performance.

I'd say there's a good chance this is even more lovely in person. What a stunning beauty! I bet you can't wait for it to be sent your way! Let's just put it in your shopping basket and wait for it to arrive.


✔️ Intricately Designed Stained Glass Bats

✔️ Perfect Addition to Halloween Home Decor

✔️ Versatile Gift for Relatives & Friends

Any nurse, doctor, EMT, parent, or other carer who helps mend broken hearts would appreciate this spooky badge reel. Badge reels and pin-back buttons (1.5" and 2.25" sizes) come with either a slide-on clip with a retractable string or a swivel/retractable alligator clip, depending on your preference. Ideal for storing your employee ID, student ID, or any other type of badge card.


✔️ Choose Between Badge Reel

✔️ Variety of Sizes Available

✔️ Slide-On or Swivel Clip Options

Need a handwritten note on the inside of a greeting card before sending it directly to the recipient? Featuring a pair of bone-hungry skeletons. This heavy-duty card is made from thick card paper and coated with a matte finish to convey your heartfelt thanks in a way that will last. This is the perfect card to send to your loved one on Valentine's Day, an anniversary, a birthday, a surprise visit, or any other special occasion.


✔️ Saucy and Humorous Design

✔️ Sturdy Card Stock with Matte Finish

✔️ Option for Personalized Handwritten Message

Do you want to impress your Halloween guests with a unique dessert that fits the idea of being sweet yet spooky? Why not a chocolate skull, you say? The skull is stuffed with Reese's Pieces and is a great complement to Halloween candy. The skull is about four inches long and three inches high. The included wooden hammer cracks the skull so easy that a child could accomplish it. The skull is a creepy yet fun addition to any Halloween cheese board.


✔️ Sweet and Scary Combination

✔️ Filled with Delicious Reese's Pieces

✔️ Perfect Size for Halloween Treats

Feel like something's lacking from your life? Want a friend who'll always be there for you? You needn't look any farther; all of our spectres are looking for new homes. Find out their name and/or history from us, or make it up yourself. You may put these ghosts anywhere—on your desk, in your car, on your vanity, etc.

They're inexpensive, versatile, and come in three different sizes, with or without a loop, so you can use them as necklace pendants, earring backs, ornaments, rearview mirror decorations, etc.


✔️ Personalize with Names and Backstories

✔️ Whimsical Addition to Various Spaces

✔️ Available in Three Different Sizes

Men's knickers is brand name and style specified cotton boxer underwear. Band style changes and information may be found in the second photo. Sizes range from 28 to 30 inches for a small to 36 to 38 inches for a large to 40 to 42 inches for an extra-large and 44 to 46 inches for a 2XL. For longer design life, turn items inside out before washing in cold water and tumble dry on low. Separate dark clothes from the others.


✔️ Spooky and Hilarious Halloween Design

✔️ Available in Various Sizes for the Perfect Fit

✔️ Easy Maintenance with Machine Wash

Take a risk and sleep in these one-of-a-kind thong pyjamas. Purchase these pyjamas for a couple and have matching thongs and tushies made.

The ideal present for lovers of thongs, parties and Halloween costumes. Pyjama bottoms for HE or SHE with a special pattern design. The soft, loose fit and 100% polyester jersey knit fabric make this the most relaxing option in your wardrobe. At the same time, the all-over design and the drawstring at the back provide a custom fit to your body's contours.


✔️ Playful and Cozy Thong-Pajama Fusion

✔️ Unisex Design for Both HIM and HER

✔️ Perfect Gift for Thong Fans and Party Wear

Autumn is when we celebrate Halloween. That means it's probably freezing outside. So why not protect the ones you love most from the chill of the season by gifting them with something toasty? Are you shopping for a new pair of socks? 70% cotton, 30% spandex, and 100% awesomeness make up this particular combination. The manner you wear them is up to you. Your feet, your hands, whichever one will do. These nasty lads turn the rules of right and left on their heads.


✔️ 100% Awesome with Hilarious Halloween Prints

✔️ Versatile – Wear on Feet or as Hand Warmers

✔️ Playful Twist on Traditional Socks

Do you collect coffee mugs for their unique designs? Please accept this unique mug as a new addition to your ever-growing collection. Mugs available in two sizes, 11 ounces (regular) and 15 ounces (large), with the design printed on both sides. We print and press all designs expertly in house. Mugs made of ceramic may be heated in the microwave or cleaned on the top rack of the dishwasher. The pattern is not removable and nor vinyl.


✔️ Suitable for Right- and Left-Handed Drinkers

✔️ Professionally Printed and Pressed

✔️ Durable Ceramic Material

Do you want a gift basket with a spooky theme? Possible solution; give this a try. Products range from brand new and sealed to those manufactured by hand. Nothing old, used, or discarded.

Fun horror and Halloween-themed merchandise, such as keychains, jewellery, koozies, stickers, T-shirts, mugs, tumblers, bags, towels, washcloths, and wall art. Also, having your name printed on practically everything is an adorable touch.


✔️ Curated Collection of Ghoulish Gifts

✔️ Handmade and New Sealed Items

✔️ No Junk, Trash, or Used Items

To whom may I offer a frightful and entertaining Halloween present?! There's just enough self-care in this Halloween package to soothe your inner monster. With a base of papaya and lavender, this Halloween gift basket has a familiar scent for your enchantress on top of saffron, tobacco leaf, sage, and amber incense. Whatever time of year it may be, the Monster Mash Gift Set is the ideal tool for a spiritual spring cleaning.


✔️ Soothing Base: Papaya and Lavender Notes

✔️ The Perfect Halloween Gift for Friends

✔️ Embrace Your Inner Monster with Enchantment

Do you want to add some levity to your Halloween décor this year? You've arrived. This is the "skeleton" version of a wall plate. What's beneath his physique is where the humour is. It manages to be both raunchy and hilarious. When you and your loved ones get your hands on it, you're guaranteed to have a great time laughing. Absolutely everyone adores it. Put it in your shopping basket right now!


✔️ Bring Laughter to Your Halloween!

✔️ Perfect Conversation Starter

✔️ Amuse Your Beloved People with Every Touch

You have a unique and hilarious sense of humour, and you are quick to try out any number of "bad" pranks that come to mind. You'll find humour in this. Sticker Reads, "Funny Sh*t Inside"

Labels on the inside: I busted a gut laughing, and they came out. To a small dish, add a few tablespoons of water and this garbage. Throw it all together to generate diarrhoea, then use the resulting faeces soup to grow flowers in the ground.


✔️ Hilariously Cheeky Gag Gift: Unleash Your Humor!

✔️ Perfect for Pranksters with a Weird Sense of Humor

✔️ Humorous Outside Sticker: 'Funny Sh*t Inside'

There are 12 different varieties of denture teeth included (one of each), which should be enough for a large gathering. The PVC material used to make this set of false teeth makes them safe for human consumption and makes them simple to clean after each usage. These fangs are perfect for any event with a Halloween or horror theme.


✔️ Unleash Hilarious Horror Vibes

✔️ Diverse Set of 12 Denture Teeth

✔️ Perfect for Large-Scale Parties

Cute little ghouls here hope you'll take them home with you. You'll want to keep track of your ghost at all times, so they're packaged individually in little plastic jars with surprising names. Each ghost is unique in size and shape, thus the plastic jar it arrives in will have a different overall height than the ghost within.


✔️ Adorable Paranormal Companion

✔️ Tiny Ghosts in Cute Plastic Jars

✔️ Unique Surprise Names for Each Ghost

This humorous spectre is good for chuckles anytime of year. What more can be said? This phantom enjoys your laughter very much. PLA plastic, generated from plant fibres, is a biodegradable eco-friendly plastic that functions as carbon capture since it is a renewable organic resource.


✔️ Perfect for Naughty Pranks and Laughs

✔️ Variety of Sizes to Choose From

✔️ Eco-Friendly PLA Plastic Material

It's unsettling to think of a toy being made out of actual human body parts. But that's okay, since today is Halloween. This is a rather peaceful approach to terrify folks. Clay fingers fashioned by hand, resting above a black ink BIC ballpoint pen. Amazing realism, it seems. Indicate in the remarks section your preferred skin tone. It's simple to discover and purchase new ink for your pen. The ideal Halloween present.


✔️ Eerie and Amusing Writing Experience

✔️ Realistic Finger Design

✔️ Perfect for Halloween Fun and Pranks

Giving someone a roll of "Poo" Halloween toilet paper is the best prank you can pull on the holiday full of tricks. Fantastic as a gag present, for decorating the house, or as a token of your affection for Halloween. Do not flush the decorative paper, but feel free to utilise the first few of sheets if you're running low. The first two sheets are embellished with embroidery and presented in a bag with a bow on top.


✔️ Hilarious Halloween Gag Gift

✔️ Multi-Purpose: Decorative and Usable

✔️ Adds Humor to Halloween Decor

You can have an infinite amount of fun with these false teeth, and they're perfect for Halloween and costume parties. This box of artificial teeth has ten individual teeth in various designs to complement any ensemble. These false teeth are created from a durable resin that feels natural in your mouth.


✔️ Hilarious Addition to Halloween Parties

✔️ Great for Fancy Dress and Costume Events

✔️ 10pcs of Ugly Fake Teeth for Unlimited Joy

These convincing playthings aren't only for the classroom gift exchange; they're also useful for Halloween parties and as realistic fake prank props.

Five Types of Real-World Joker has a bundle of stocking stuffers that contains rubber snakes, a potato chip can, a prank toilet, fake bugs, and Spider. Fantastic stocking stuffer for young men and boys of all ages.


✔️ Unleash the Laughter with Realistic Prank Toys

✔️ Perfect for Halloween Parties and Gift Exchanges

✔️ Hilarious Stocking Stuffers for All Ages

Bottom Line

These 34 hilarious presents are sure to put you in the Halloween mood. They'll be grinning mischeviously at these ghostly treats. Our assortment offers something for every Halloween fan, from funny mugs to brighten up their morning coffee to outrageous costumes that will have everyone in stitches. Give them a present that captures the lightheartedness of the holiday season to show how much you appreciate their wit. Browse through our many humorous Halloween options to add some lightheartedness to the frightening holiday.

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