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46 Best Gifts for Dog Dads that'll Surprise Him on Any Occassion

Are you searching for the perfect gift for the dog-loving dad in your life? Look no further! Finding the right gifts for dog dads can be challenging, whether for Father's Day, a birthday, or showing appreciation. But fret not because we've got you covered. This article reveals the top gifts that will make any dog dad's tail wag with joy.

In a nutshell, we've curated a list of unique and practical dog dad gifts that will impress. From personalized dog dad mugs and stylish apparel to innovative pet gadgets and interactive toys, there's something here for every dog dad out there. Our carefully selected recommendations will bring a smile to his face and enhance the bond between him and his furry companion.

Remember, a gift that acknowledges the love and devotion of a dog dad is more than just a material possession. It's a heartfelt gesture recognizing the joy, companionship, and unconditional love dogs bring into our lives. So, without further ado, let's embark on a journey filled with delightful dog dad gift ideas that will make any dog dad's heart soar with happiness.

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When trying to find the ideal gift for the doting dog dad in your life, it is fair that you give him a pair of socks with these furry friends printed on them. These customizable socks are made of good quality fabric, as well as a layer of fleece lining to keep your feet warm during the chilly months.

Simply send ZeekCreativeShop some quirky faces of the pet, and you shall have the perfect dog dad gifts that for sure can pull a chuckle from him!


✔️ The picture of your pets will be printed around the socks

✔️ Comes in a variation of colours to choose base on desire

✔️ Thick and soft wollen with seemless stitches

✔️ Sizes are provided to fit all feet size

The Custom Face and Name Apron is an excellent gift choice for dads who have a deep love for their furry companions. This apron combines practicality and personalization to create a meaningful and memorable gift for dog-loving dads.

In terms of design and functionality, the apron measures 32 inches in length and 26 inches in width, providing generous coverage and protection during cooking, grilling, or other culinary adventures. Crafted with high-quality materials, it ensures durability and easy maintenance.


✔️ Personalized with your dad's dog's face and name

✔️ Heartfelt gift for dog-loving dads

✔️ Ample coverage and protection in the kitchen or outdoors

✔️ Adjustable straps for a comfortable fit

A decently sized decorative item for your wall will help whichever space looks much more cosy. In particular, this personalized custom wall art as a favorite gift for dog dad! Each piece is individually handcrafted with premium wrap canvas and printed on with a professional grade UV-resistant ink to ensure durability.

You only have to send the shop the best snapshot of your dog lover alongside any other request you may have. After about a week, your present is ready to be handed to him on father's day or any occasions!


✔️ A perfect decor piece to hang on walls

✔️ Show your love and gratitude towards your furry friend

✔️ Available in many sizes to choose base on desire

✔️ Personalized names and pictures

Here's another pillow option for you, and it can be a gift that both you and your dog can enjoy. You can personalize the design with images, and we also offer different sizes for you to choose from.


✔️ A great way to comfort your pet when feeling ill

✔️ Provides a restful night's sleep

✔️ Help your loyal friend feel being appreciated

Every corner of your dog enthusiast must have some touch of their favorite fur baby. Key Holder is not an exception. The funny smile of their lovely dog will guard their keys and be a reminder for them before going out in case they forget anything.

Hold on, how many dogs does your friend have? It does not matter; I have this doormat that can apply to any number of dogs they have. Just input all their dogs’s names in the customizer, and then let it surprise them with the cuteness.

Father's Day is coming, a mug with a humorous graphic quote is a unique gift that you can give to your beloved dog dad on any occasion. This mug is made entirely of high-quality ceramic, and the text is printed using a specialized technique to prevent fading over time.

Not to mention, you can use this mug in a microwave or put it in a dishwasher without worrying about breakage. Talk about a funny looking mug that can withstand almost everything!


✔️ The capacity of the mug is 11oz, suitable for tea and coffee break

✔️ Made with high-quality white ceremic for longevity and durability

✔️ Convey funny messages for oru beloved dog daddy

✔️ Easily clean and wash with dishwasher

If you are choosing a safe route for a present, this cool and simple dog dad T-shirt is a strong contender . To make it unique for your beloved dog owner, you have the option to have his name and a selection of furry friend’s face printed on the left chest area.

Additionally, the shop offers up to four different colors of fabric, so don’t hesitate to grab one for your dog dad now! It's a special gift for father's day or any occasions.


✔️ Represent your love towards your beloved furry frineds

✔️ Soft and breathable material with no shrinkage after use

✔️ Pets name and illustrations are customizable to order

Ever wondered why the "Dogs Come Into Our Lives" light is an exceptional memorial gift for those who have just lost their four-legged friend? It stands out because you can personalize it with a photo, name, and year. Also, the 3D illustration effect used for all customizations enhances the image, making it vibrant and beautiful.

Check out this item if you're not sure what to present your favorite dog owner for his birthday, fathers day or his Christmas. This hilarious greeting card includes a charming corgi with painted letters on a blue backdrop and is manufactured using sustainably sourced papers.

When you open the card, a fart cloud will appear on the inside. This card is sure to pull a hearty laugh from any dog-loving dad, thanks to its humorous design and playful wording.


✔️ A great little comical dog dad gifts for the special occasions

✔️ Printed on high-quality paper stock with vivid colour and sharp images

✔️ Convey heartfelt personalized messages with hilarious but cute corgi images

Picture frames are a simple and stress-free present alternative that may be personalized to be as meaningful as you wish. This personalized wooden frame is the ideal gift for a loving dog dad.

This frame is handcrafted from solid wood while the letters are meticulously engraved, and it comes complete with a glass piece and wooden dowel. Giving this to your favorite dog owner will bring such a huge smile on their face!


✔️ The frame can holds a 4x6 inch photo

✔️ Excellent as a decor to store amazing memory with your pet

✔️ HIgh-quality wooden frame with personalized engraved names

In order to commemorate a pet that has recently passed, this custom pet keychain should be an ideal item to bring a part of it into one’s daily life. The store offers up to four discs for each keychain, and you can have the late pet’s name and face engraved on the disc.

These keychains are also available in three colors, so only you can pick out what is best to give the grieving dog dad.


✔️ Keychains are personalized base on customer's order

✔️ Show love and gratitude to the loss of your pets

✔️ Keychain is made with stainless steel with no wear after long usage

✔️ Gift boxes are included with the keychain

One common but still meaningful gift for dog dad is a customizable pet blanket. This beautifully made pet blanket could well be purchased for your house and contains your pet's name, making it a great gift for any dog lover and complementing the aesthetic of any space.

What you need to do is send a high resolution picture of the pet and its name, then choose the fabric and blanket size option, and you will be good to go!


✔️ A unique gift options for our pets lover

✔️ The blanket has up to 8 variations of color to choose based on desire

✔️ Beautifully design with customizable names

✔️ Soft to touch polyester material, suitable for decor or for usage

A mug with a personalized design is an ingenious item that you can give the dog dad in your life as a gift. Not only is this made of high quality ceramic and a topical glaze to prevent chipping, you can also have up to 5 pets customized on the mug.

Combining with the wide range of colors to choose from, this mug for sure will satisfy the heart of the receiving dog dad!


✔️ Has a variation of mug colours to choose based on desire

✔️ With provided picture and names, the pet's face will be illustrated on to the mug

✔️ High-quality ceramic mug which is safe for dishwasher and microwave

This dog memorial stone is an ideal pet bereavement gift for any dog mom or dad who has just lost a pet. Each rock is individually and carefully picked out by the owner of FamilyPlanks so as to find one that is perfect for printing.

All that is left for you to do is provide a vivid image of the pet and thorough instruction for the shop, and then you will have the ideal gift delivered to your door!


✔️ One of a kind gift to show memorial to your beloved pets

✔️ Comes in a wooden container which your pets name will be added

✔️ Authentic rock stone with seven million years old

If you are in dire need for a gift idea, check out this custom multiple dog portrait collection for a dog enthusiast you know! PortraitsyUSA currently offers this product in the form of a digital file, a physical print that is either unframed or has a black or white frame, or a slightly sturdier canvas print. With this in mind, you can take all the time you need to pick a photo, and let the shop assist you in creating the best gift ever!


✔️ Personalized your pets images and names

✔️ Beautifully black and white illustratiuon

✔️ A perfect item to have as an decor to hang on walls

If you want a household item as a tribute for your adorable pet that has passed away, check out this item. This watercolor picture frame will serve as a reminder of the special time they spent with their sweetheart.

Send a candid snapshot of your pet to the store, and they will arrange the photos into a digital watercolor painting. After approving the final draft, you shall have the frame ready to give to the grieving dog dad within a week.


✔️ Beautiful digital watercolour painting

✔️ Act as an memorial towards the loss of your lovely pets

✔️ Can either recieved with frames or the painting only

It's never easy to lose a pet, and it's good to have something to remember them by. This Custom Pet Loss Canvas is the appropriate method to express how much they were loved and how much they will be missed.

You may personalize the gift even further by including your own own remark, quotation, or message, as well as your pet's name in a fashionable typography to stand out. It's the ideal present for your bereaved dog dad.


✔️ A perfect gift to remember and show appreciation for your furry friend

✔️ The canvas can be personalized base on customer's order

✔️ Great as an decoration to hang on walls

There is no more thoughtful gift for a devoted dog dad than to give him a custom print of him and his beloved canine friends. MerakiDesign offers this gorgeous customizable print in both a physical print delivered to your place, or a digital file that you shall receive the final product in about 2 weeks.

Moreover, you can personalize the image to some extent, so you can have the perfectly unique print to give your favorite dog owner!


✔️ Adorable and stylish illustration from your personal image

✔️ The picture comes with the frame to hang as an decor

✔️ An excellent choice to celebrate and show gratitude towards your lovely pets

Are you on the lookout for the perfect gift for dog dad? Then you have come to the right place. This cute and quirky customizable graphic mug is a potential item as a gift to your man under any circumstances.

Made with commercial grade ceramic, it has proven to be safe to use in microwave and dishwasher, so this mug will definitely last a long time. Whenever he has a drink with this mug, it shall never fail to make him feel giddy and loved!


✔️ Adorable dog picture with funny messages print on the mug

✔️ Easily clean and wash by hands or dishwasher

✔️ Thick ceramic material to keep your drink hot and cold

Sometimes, you can melt someone’s heart just by giving them a simple yet fun item. Introducing this dog dad T-shirt for a puppy lover in your life! This T-shirt is made purely with cotton, so it is super breathable and comfortable to wear, even after a long period often.

In addition, there is also a gigantic range of size and color for you to choose from. So no need to look any further for a gift for the puppy enthusiast you know!


✔️ Comfortable wear with cotton fabric

✔️ Has a range of vivid colours to choose from

✔️ Represents and symbolizes your love towards the pets

Granted that you want something that is adjacent to a home decor piece, yet is still functional enough to use, then this customizable candle is the one for you.

This soy wax candle featuring a funny quote and an adorable puppy on its label might just be the best dog dad gifts idea! Just pick the size and scent of your choice, and you will have the product delivered at your door in no time.


✔️ Customizable names printed on the container

✔️ Avoid any uncomfotable odor from the pet

✔️ Made with natural soil with no added toxic ingredients

✔️ The candle can be lit up and last for long hours

Are you drawing a blank on what to get a dog dad you know? If so, go no farther than this collection of personalized and one-of-a-kind bespoke dog photos for the ultimate pet bereavement presents.

PortraitsyUSA allows you to choose from receiving a digital print or a physical canvas or frame, so definitely consider which option works best for you! The dog enthusiast in your life will undoubtedly appreciate the thoughts you have for him and his deceased dog.


✔️ A perfect piece of decor to have for dog lovers

✔️ Your pet will be professionally illustrated with black and white aesthetic

✔️ The painting can come with a frame if desire

One smart idea for a gift for your beloved dog dad if he is fond of casually drinking from time to time is this Dogfather whiskey glass that is made of high quality vinyl.

2CraftyChicks2 offers customization for every order you place, from the option to have his name on the glass or the color of the letterings. After everything is finalized, you shall receive this lovely present in about 3 to 10 days. Your dog enthusiast of a man will definitely appreciate this gift!


✔️ The glass can hold up to 12oz of liquids

✔️ Handwash is recommened to protect the fragile glass

✔️ Personalized with your pets name

I Have Two Titles Dad Personalized T-shirt is a great way to commemorate a special day in your dog's life! Make his day extra special with a personalized t-shirt that shows how much you care for him. Our t-shirts are made with high-quality materials and are available in multiple sizes. Add a personal touch by choosing a photo of a dog, and add your dad's name to make a memorable dog dad gift for your dad.


✔️ A great way to show your dog dad love

✔️ Show him how much you love him and appreciate all he does

✔️ Provides comfortable fit and high-quality construction

Is the dog dad in your life also into occasionally drinking wine ? So no need to look any further, this stemless wine glass makes for an ingenious gift idea for him! Every glass is made from handblown glassware by experienced craftsmen, hence you can rest assured that they will be of good quality!

There are also some other designs related to these cute canine fellas for you to choose from, thus it is solely on you to pick out the most suitable design for him!


✔️ Perfect for dog lovers who enjoy alcoholic beverages

✔️ The wine glass can hold up to 19 ounce of your favourite drinks

✔️ High-quality handblown wine glass to enhance the most flavour of the drinks

If your friend is a little obsessed with their overly adorable dog, do them a favor by giving them this custom shirt. Now, they can go everywhere and brag about their fur baby. Who knows, maybe they will draw a lot of attention while wearing this shirt and make a fan club for their dog?

This amusing whiskey glass is a wonderful gift for dog dads who will undoubtedly appreciate it. While savoring their favorite alcohol of choice, the vintage whiskey glasses offer a hilarious and soothing ambiance.

This whiskey glass's printing process was done with high-quality glass ink that will neither fade nor lose shine over time, not to mention its exceptional transparency is quite appealing to look at. Don’t hesitate, add it to your shopping list now!


✔️ A perfect gift for dog lovers who enjoy alcoholic beverages on daily basis

✔️ High-quality print by glass ink which will not fade after long-time usage

✔️ Can be cleaned with dishwasher

✔️ Elegant design with crystal clear glass

In a lot of cases, canine friend enthusiasts truly appreciate and are proud of being known as dog dads. So it makes sense that they receive some sort of present from taking care of their pets, such as this cute greeting card!

This card features a quirky saying that reads “Happy Pawther’s Day” along with some paw prints on sturdy card paper. The back is left blank so you can write a short heartfelt message dedicated to your dog dad!


✔️ Convey heartfelt messages to dog's lover

✔️ Folded card is printed on high quality with vivid colour and clear fonts

✔️ Compactable design to go with gift sets

Sometimes, giving an item that is made for daily use is not a bad idea at all. If that is what you are thinking of, then this Personalized Dog Dad Tumbler may just be the one you want. This is the ideal stainless steel tumbler, featuring a permanently etched humorous quote that will certainly make him laugh out loud.

Each tumbler is properly insulated to maintain the heat so you can enjoy your beverage like how it’s supposed to. Don't hesitate to add it to your cart ASAP!


✔️ Customizable messgaes with funny and hilarious meaning

✔️ Comes in a variation of colours to choose base on desire

✔️ Can hold your drinks hot or cold for a long time with vacuum insulation

One of the must have items in one’s closet is a fun T-shirt for a casual day. This retro dog dag T-shirt checks the box of being comfortable, yet adds a hint of playfulness to the wearer.

It is lightweight and made of breathable fabrics, not to mention you can choose from a wide variety of sizes and fits for the best T-shirt for your man. It is hands down the best gift someone could ever ask for!


✔️ Comfortable wear with lightweight material and breathable fabric

✔️ Uniquely design with a hint of retro and vintage vibe

✔️ Washing-machine friendly without any shrinkage

Have you ever considered buying socks for your favorite dog lover's birthday? If that’s the case, then his pair of socks with a "Dog" and "Dad" pattern on either side may be exactly what you want. In terms of quality, the socks are made of cotton and wool and give a pleasant fit while keeping his feet warm.

Apart from black, there are three additional heel colors to select from, and the store has sizes ranging from 7 to 12, so you're sure to find the right pair for the dog dad in your life!


✔️ Minimalistic design with teh messages prints on the bottom

✔️ Will sure to keep you warm on some chilly days

✔️ Comes in a variation of design and colours

Sometimes, your lovely canine fella needs to make a fashion statement too. This plaid bandana is the perfect item to give a dog dad so he can dress his pet up in casual attire.

It is made entirely of top tier materials, such as cotton and faux fur fabric, in order to provide comfort and breathability even after a long wear period. It will surely make him smile - every dog dad will enjoy your gift a lot!


✔️ Adorable plaid design with vivid colour and funny printed messages

✔️ The badana can be adjustable to suit on most pets

✔️ Soft and durable material which is washing-machine friendly

In case your receiving dog dad prefers something that is applicable in his daily life, this notepad from SusanCaseDesigns fits his need to a tee! This notepad features a black paw print on the front with a big white heart that says 'DAD' inside, which both sounds cute and looks adorable.

Each notepad comes with precisely 50 sheets of high quality paper and has a clear cellophane cover. Your beloved dog dad can never resist such a lovely and meaningful gift from you.


✔️ Write down yoru favourite memory with your pets

✔️ Thick and cream pages to protect your eyes

✔️ Adorable design with staple dog logo for dog lovers

If you want something that your beloved dog dad can use on a daily basis, don’t hesitate to check this tumbler out! The gift for dog dad travel tumbler with a funny saying is an excellent idea for a gift for him and is suitable for any outdoor activity.

It is made with stainless steel for longevity, and has a built in insulation to keep your drink cold or warm for a long period of time. Grab it now while supply lasts!


✔️ Tumbler comes in travel size for easy carriage to stay hydrated

✔️ Double wall insulation to avoid sweats and keeps drink cold for long hours

✔️ Easily clean and wash with dishwasher

✔️ Clear and anti-peeling prints

If you're looking for the ideal gift for the "Dog Dad" in your life, this is a glass they won't be able to deny! The transparent glass's clarity allows you to showcase any drink you serve it with. This can-shaped beer glass can hold 16 or 20 ounces and you have the option whether to put the “Padre” engrave on it.

There's no better way to combine his love of dogs with his appreciation of beer and other alcoholic beverages.


✔️ Adorable design with pawdre message to represent the love for your pets

✔️ The cup is uniquely design in a can-shaped glass

✔️ Can hold up to 20ounce of drinks and beverages

What do you think of a unique gift for your dog's doting dad? A simple yet attractive T-shirt is an excellent choice. Depending on the body shape, the store offers a wide variety of sizes to pick from.

It's composed of 100% natural cotton that makes for a comfortable feel and a proper fit when worn. If you're searching for a unique way to express your affection for him and his adoration for dogs, this funky graphic T-shirt will do the trick!


✔️ Has up to three variation of colors to choose based on desire

✔️ Fashionable item which compliments every body shapes and sizes

✔️ High-quality prints with funny messages for dog lovers

Have you found something for your dog lover yet? If not, then this keychain is the speacial dog dad gifts for the pet father in your life! This keychain has a hand stamped ring with the word "DAD" and a little paw charm, as well as a robust split ring that makes adding more keys less complicated.

This is a pretty common but yet a solid gift for a canine lover that can never fail to fill them with joy!


✔️ Personalized keychain with customized pets name

✔️ High-quality metal with no rust after long usage

✔️ A statement to show your love for your furry friends

Don’t fret if you cannot afford anything extravagant like jewelry or clothes. A small, heartfelt card from your genuine feeling is already such a thoughtful gift.

This cute and simple greeting card features an animated fist bump between human and his canine friend on a black background and comes with a navy blue envelope. The back of the card also has a short earnest message that will tug at your dog dad’s heartstring!


✔️ Small and compact design which suitable for gift sets

✔️ Made with sturdy, thick kraft material

✔️ Suitable for many special occasions as a gratitude

Do you want something that can make drinking a little bit more fun and playful? If so, this wine glass specifically made for dog dads is the perfect item! Each glass is meticulously handmade with high quality vinyl and printed, so the final product that you receive is going to be uniquely yours and last for a long while. Give this to your favorite dog owner and watch them being unable to stop smiling!


✔️ High-quality glass with crystal clear cup

✔️ The glass has the compacity of 8oz

✔️ Cute messages prints with will surely to bring a laugh to family and friends

If a dog dad in your life is also into casually sipping on wine, then this item right here fits your needs to a tee! This wine glass is made from a commercial grade type of glass with a funny quote that says “In Dog Wines I've Only Had One" digitally printed on the outside.

Not to mention, the glass comes delivered with a dainty white gift box, so you can cut down on some budget for gift wrapping!


✔️ Perfect gift choice for people who enjoy alcoholic beverages

✔️ High-quality prints with no wear and fade after long-time usage

✔️ Can be easily cleaned with dishwasher

Don’t you spare any drinks for me, mama? Well, my dog lover friend told me that she couldn’t resist the innocent look of her dog when she was drinking. So I made her this cup with her pooch’s face on it, and she cannot help laughing constantly. I believe that any other dog enthusiast will feel the same.

You definitely should give this item a look. This engraved wooden picture frame is perfect for framing your dog dad's favorite candid photos with his adorable pooch. Upon first glimpse, he will adore and be ecstatic to see your gift. This frame comes with an easel stand or hanger for decoration and is made of solid wood with elaborate inscriptions. This is such a well thought out gift for dog dad that will show the receiving dog lover how much you appreciate him and adore his dedication to his pets.

In case your dog enthusiast partner wants to show off more clearly, this dog mom or dog dad shirt is a perfect gift. You can buy it as a couple shirt because your spouse will be so proud that they have such an encouraging partner like you.

For the dog-loving dad who enjoys time in the kitchen, the "Every Snack You Make" Apron is the perfect gift.

It's fun, functional, and a reflection of his love for his furry friend. Made from quality, durable material, this apron resists splatters and spills. The playful text and personalized design make it a standout gift that will truly be appreciated by any dog dad.


✔️ Showcases love for dogs

✔️ Made from durable material

✔️ Fun and unique design

✔️ Resistant to spills

Are you seeking for a present to cheer up a dog dad? Let's come here and pick this ornament.

The ornament captures his dog's happy image to make him smile every time he sees it. With this present, he can decorate on any occasion to show off to everyone his great love for this kind of pet.

Final Thoughts

The options are endless when celebrating the love between a man and his dog. These carefully curated gifts for dog dads are designed to make their bond even more robust and bring smiles to their faces. Whether it's a simple token of appreciation or a grand gesture, these gifts convey the love, loyalty, and joy that dogs bring into our lives.

Now, choose the perfect gift for the dog dad in your life. Celebrate their special bond and make their tails wag with happiness!

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