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35 Cute Gift For Hamster Owners That Will Make Them Surprise

Hamster is one of the cutest pets that exist on this beautiful planet. You could never seen such an adorable animal as a hamster before in your entire life. Moreover, you might want to hug this cute animal immediately after seeing it. Therefore, a gift for a hamster can be as attractive as they are!

Hamsters are also very easy to care for, so it is no wonder they are so popular. But, before getting a hamster, give them a perfect gift to bond up your relationship. Let's jump right into the wish list of 35 gifts for hamsters, but be warned that they may cause a cuteness overload.

This adorable PVC Plaque has engraved the word "A Spoiled Hamster Lives Here." It looks gorgeous and cute that can hang onto the door or wall in front of your house.

Let's show everyone knows an adorable hamster is living in your house. It can also be a perfect gift for your friends and family if they are a hamster lover. What a wonderful gift for any occasion!


✔️ Made of top-quality PVC

✔️ Durable and water-resistant

✔️ Engraved with eco-friendly ink

Your little hamster baby needs a protective shelter to sleep in there. It requires a place that is as comfortable as possible.

This Hamster House is made of safety chew-proof ceramic that is sure to be durable and scratch-resistant. You can clean it easily by using water and soap. So your baby hamster can do everything inside its house without any distractions.


✔️ Lightweight and portable

✔️ Contain feeding bottle

✔️ Reduce hamster's body temperature in the hot summer

Let's have a blast with your kids in your free time! This Interactive Hamster Toy makes a great Gift for your kids to be a hilariously fun gift.

It is sure to bring so much fun in a healthy method and prevent your kids from getting addicted to video games. This little adorable hamster will talk back and repeat all the sounds it can hear including laughing, singing, or speaking.


✔️ Made of safe and non-toxic materials

✔️ Adorable and lovely appearance

✔️ Repeat every word in a funny way

Wearing socks in the winter can keep your feet warm and is also perfect and beneficial to your health. Hence, these Animal Socks can be one of the most meaningful gifts for your sweetheart in the cold winter.

You can quickly put these socks in the machine wash. Surely, these socks are durable, and all the details cannot be faded or peeled off. If your beloved is a hamster lover, she will love these socks and wear them everyday!


✔️ Made of mostly combed cotton

✔️ Fashionable and unique design

✔️ Packed with an exquisite gift box

Using an adorable Wireless Hamster Mouse can motivate you to have a energetic day at work! Because of its cuteness, you will feel so energetic and motivated to complete your assignment on time.

This Wireless Hamster Mouse can also become a wonderful and useful gift for your beloved who is a hamster lover too. Your sweetheart will be so grateful to be your friend or family.


✔️ Multiple color modulations

✔️ Up to 1-year warranty

✔️ Adapt to almost every laptop and tablet

This adorable Hamster Plush makes a great and unique gift for those who love hamsters so much. It is not only tiny but also cute and lovely!

You can give it to your beloved or your lovely hamster as a gift and friend to themselves. It is also soft and comfortable to hold in your hand tidily. With the plush materials, your beloved hamster might love it from the bottom of their heart.


✔️ No batteries required

✔️ Good partner for a pet, good gift for a hamster lover

✔️ Stuffed and adorable toy

Rats or hamsters are small animals, and they are also charming! This adorable Rat Notebook has a rat smiling happily on the cover. The rat carries many beautiful colors, which look so gorgeous and enjoyable.

There are also legions of rats on every page inside the notebook that plays peekaboo with you! How wonderful a gift this notebook can be! The journal is 6x9 inches which are large enough to write in or draw.


✔️ Put it in your purse conveniently

✔️ Perfect gift for the fancy hamster or rat

✔️ Gorgeous design for the cover and inside

Hamster lovers need to check out this awesome street Hamster Sign! This will make the perfect piece for anyone who loves hamsters and rats.

This sign is made of premium aluminum, so it will stand the test of time even with the harsh weather condition. It looks great in any space, such as your home or office... The ink printed on the surface of the sign is sure not to blur or fade away.


✔️ Unique and personalized gift

✔️ Can last for a lifetime

✔️ Packaged carefully to ensure the safety

A Stainless Steel Charm will always be a wonderful gift for your sweetheart who is a hamster lover or even for your lovely hamster. It brings a meaningful quote "Sweet to the sweet!"

You can also customize this unique and charming necklace with the shape of your cute animal and its name. It is sure to be long enough to fit almost every neck because you can easily adjust the length of the necklace.


✔️ Contain blank message card

✔️ Made of high-quality stainless steel

✔️ Packaged perfectly to be gifted

Hunting for a valuable and gorgeous gift for your beloved who is a hamster fan? Not to worry, this Hamster Makeup Bag can be one of the most practical gifts to them!

With the double-sided printed, the bag ensures high-quality images that will remain vibrant and vivid with daily use. Moreover, this makeup bag has a water-proof protective layer which will keep the bag clean and dry every time.


✔️ Made of high-quality cotton and linen fabric

✔️ Simple yet outstanding

✔️ Durable sleek black zipper

This Hamster Coffee Mug is a perfect gift for pocket pet lovers, especially hamsters! Your loved one will shout out to be happy!

This adorable design features a cute and tiny hamster. By using a high-quality kind of ink, all the designs on the surface of the mug will remain for years vividly. It is sure to be no peeling or fading.


✔️ Durable ceramic mug

✔️ Choose 2 different types of size

✔️ Dishwasher and microwave safe

A cute hamster inspires this adorable necklace. A hamster is a small animal, but everyone loves it because of its cuteness and happiness.

It's a special and unique keepsake for people who raised a little hamster. You can decorate this necklace with sparkly zircon, which makes it look more charming and gorgeous. It glows perfectly under the sunshine!


✔️ Adjustable length from 18 - 20 inches

✔️ An meaningful accessory to any outfits

✔️ Wrapped in a beautiful gift box

Oh! This Night Light Hamster looks gorgeous. It surely brightens up your dark room and sad day! After a tiring day, turn on this light, and you will feel relaxed and unwinding!

These handmade LED lights can be personalized with your name or personal message. You can also send it as a unique gift to your friends, family, or lover (whoever loves hamsters) to light their days up! Make them become a particular person in your life!


✔️ With only 1 purchase, possess 16 colors of light

✔️ Ideal for creating a captivating atmosphere

✔️ Each LED is approx 12 inches tall

Have you ever seen anything more adorable than these Hamster Stickers before? These Hamster Stickers are so cute and unique!!!

Let's help them to show their hobby and care for hamsters to everyone. With high-quality vinyl material, these stickers are fashionable and durable at the same time. All the stickers are non-toxic and water-proof, so do not need to worry if they are faded or peeled.


✔️ Non-repetitive stickers make an exciting set

✔️ Scope of application

✔️ A surprise gift to express your love

With all the high-quality fabric, this adorable Stuffed Hamster is super soft and comfortable to hug when you sleep, learn or play.

Just hug it and squish it! The flexible short plush makes it not easy to deform. How immense this Stuffed Hamster is! It is nearly 24 inches long. Moreover, everything is sewn and attached so that nothing could become dangerous to the infant and kid.


✔️ Contain a convenient zipper design

✔️ Removed and washed easily

✔️ Suitable for people of all ages

Keeping your body warm is the most vital thing in the cold winter. But it can be more critical when you want to show everyone knows that you are a hamster lover!

This custom Hamster Sweatshirt will help you to do that. Moreover, you can send this gorgeous sweatshirt to your beloved to show how much you care about their health and hobby. The detail printed on the sweatshirt is durable and vivid color.


✔️ Many color and size options

✔️ Soft and relaxed fit

✔️ Be able to wash by hand and machine

Even the most boring person on this planet will love an adorable hamster! Therefore, everyone will love this Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle of a Hamster too. It looks so lovely; you want to hug a hamster immediately.

The puzzle contains 30 pieces 25 cm in diameter, which is large enough for you to think and organize all details carefully. You can also give it as an educational gift toy to your children. It is sure to improve kids' intelligence and creativity.


✔️ For children aged 3 - 5 years old

✔️ Develops fine motor skills

✔️ Bright illustrations with a cute hamster

If you want to write a meaningful message, this Hamster Birthday Card can be your energetic assistant to help you write a letter beautifully.

The message is printed inside this birthday card, so you only need to type down the message you want to send to your beloved. Of course, it becomes more special for a hamster lover when having an adorable hamster on the cover.


✔️ Professionally printed on 300 gsm

✔️ Use a smooth white card

✔️ Contain a stunning envelope

These adorable hamster earrings look so gorgeous for every woman who is important in your life. Even if it is her birthday, Christmas, or Woman's Day, your beloved woman will absolutely fall in love with your present!

Sending these earrings to thank your beloved woman for bringing joy and happiness into my entire life. The earrings are made of sterling silver and it is non-toxic, and eco-friendly so they will not harm even sensitive skin.


✔️ Keep you a good health

✔️ Packaged in an exquisite gift box

✔️ Lasts for years

With ultra-soft fur, this adorable Stuffed Adorable Hamster has a hand-sewn nose and floppy body. Your kids want to hug it immediately after seeing it.

A little hamster sits in the cutest position, which will delight any hamster lover or a child. The hamster is great for cuddling and caring for. This unique gift is perfect for a lovely little one in your life.


✔️ Sparkly and lovely eyes

✔️ Soft and comfortable to hug

✔️ Look precisely like a real hamster

Every woman loves wearing earrings, especially these gorgeous Hamster Stud Earrings. They can mix and match with any type of cloth, such as vintage, minimalist, or cute...

These earrings can become one of the most meaningful and beautiful gifts for those who are hamster lovers. They have two hamsters as a happy couple loving each other. Let's show how much you love and care about your beloved with these beautiful earrings!


✔️ Made by hand with full of love

✔️ The image is coated in resin

✔️ Sell in a couple

If you are raising a lovely hamster in a cage, this Hamster Cage Accessory is perfect to decorate and warn others of the hamster's cuteness.

The sign makes an original illustration that is super unique! It is the perfect purchase for all occasions! Everyone must beware of their beloved hamsters (and their cuteness). The sign is made of high-quality materials, so all the image has vivid and vibrant color.


✔️ Stand out in any room

✔️ Easy to hang and install

✔️ Water-proof and scratch-resistant

Have you ever seen the cutest and most detailed crochet as this Crochet Hamster before? Of course, not! This Crochet Hamster is super adorable.

It is perfectly hand made full of care and love to ensure its quality and colors. Moreover, you can send it as a special and unique gift to your beloved who is a hamster lover to express your love to them. The toy is stuffed with hypoallergenic filler.


✔️ Tiny and cute stuffed animal

✔️ Vibrant and vivid color

✔️ Soft to hug

This Hamster Sticker is excellent for gifting and decorations for your cards, envelopes, letters, boxes, crafts, etc... You can decorate and make your things more unique.

It is charming on steel water bottles too. Let's give this cute bumper sticker to your beloved mom on Woman's Day or Mother's Day to show how immense your love is. If you shyly say "I love you," just give her this adorable sticker.


✔️ designed and packaged beautifully

✔️ Small size of 2.5x2.5 inches only

✔️ Meaningful message "Thank you mom"

Finding a special yet unique gift for someone important in your life is really hard and challenging. However, this Hamster Statue makes a perfect gift if your beloved is a hamster lover!

This Hamster Statue is super cute as a button!!! They are sold as a set of 2 hamsters. Therefore, with only one purchase you will possess both 2 hamsters. Your beloved can place these 2 hamsters everywhere, even in the office, bedroom, living room, or garden.


✔️ Shipped carefully in a sturdy box

✔️ Adorable and lovely appearance

✔️ Look like a real hamster

This T-shirt is created and designed for a hamster lover! It is a perfect gift for your beloved who loves hamsters or pets for Christmas or a birthday party...

With 100% Cotton, the T-shirt is super soft, and your beloved will think they are wearing clouds. The design of this T-shirt is made by a professor, which makes it unique. Your darling would be the only person wearing this adorable T-shirt.


✔️ Variety of color options

✔️ Choose a fit size

✔️ Lightweight and classic fit

Your beloved is a hamster lover, she loves her pet her entire life. This Memorial Stone makes a thoughtful goodbye gift to her beloved hamster.

This stone comes in 2 sizes. You can choose a suitable size (3x3 or 6x6 inches). Both sizes are a perfect way to honor a little loved one. The stone can be personalized with a hamster's picture and name with high-quality ink.


✔️ Engraved in black granite

✔️ Ensure a lifetime of beauty

✔️ Thick and durable

This sticker set comes with 100 assorted stickers which is super cute. They are all designed in various styles of hamsters.

It will surely be a perfect gift for adults and kids, especially girls. You can utilize it for DIY decoration for water bottles, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, tables, bags, laptops, phones, or refrigerators... Wherever it is placed, it will make a gorgeous appearance to it.


✔️ Made of high-quality PVC resin

✔️ Water-proof and sun-proof

✔️ Suitable for pasting on any items

Homemade For Hamsters Book includes 20 easy projects for creating toys and exercise equipment for a hamster.

The projects use materials and tools commonly found at home, such as paper and cartons... If your beloved is a hamster lover and she is learning how to treat a hamster, this book is an excellent start for her.


✔️ Assort what hamsters enjoy and enrich their life

✔️ Contain up to 5 types of project

✔️ Bond the relationship between you and your hamster

This card makes a lovely birthday card for someone who is a fan or lover of hamsters. If you have already bought a gift for your beloved but still find a card, this card is perfect for writing down a meaningful message.

You can choose to personalize this greeting card with the number of your beloved's age or with the image of a cute hamster. Just leave a meaningful message to your beloved as a way to thank them for being part of your life.


✔️ Available in 2 different sizes

✔️ Contain a smooth white cover

✔️ Supplied with a brown fleck envelope

This Hamster Playset Toy would be the perfect birthday gift for your lovely kids. It is not only a fun gift but also an educational toy for learning the lifestyle of a hamster.

Let's inspire your kids and activate their creativity and imagination! This set is created with accurate and realistic details of hamsters and other essential accessories such as a home cage, table, and meal... Just have fun together!


✔️ Create a lifelike little hamster's world

✔️ Cultivate love for animals

✔️ Enjoy fun in happy growth

This is a cute and adorable gift for the hamster lover and is also a good Christmas gift, birthday gift, back-to-school gift, housewarming gift, or game prize.

The keyring is made of safe PP cotton and zinc alloy, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. So it guarantees your kid's safety when playing with this lovely toy. The keyring is very strong and durable.


✔️ Create harmony atmosphere

✔️ Safe to use and play

✔️ Bring more happiness to your daily life

How wonderful and gorgeous this Hamster Keychain is! It makes a perfect and unique gift for any occasion, such as a birthday, Thanksgiving... to your beloved.

The keychain is designed with optional hamster name charms, so you can choose a hamster's name to personalize this keychain. It is made to be perfect for any hamster lover.


✔️ Printed with high-quality ink to ensure durability

✔️ Funny and hilarious message

✔️ Last for years

Christmas is an occasion that everyone and every family will decorate their house with many beautiful and gorgeous items, especially ornaments.

If your beloved is a hamster lover, this Christmas Ornament which is engraved with a picture of an adorable hamster makes a wonderful and perfect gift for them.


✔️ Match with any home's style

✔️ Personalize with your beloved's hamster's name

✔️ Packaged in a gorgeous gift box

Some normal ornaments are quite boring. You really want something more special and unique. These Glass Blown Ornaments are created for you and your beautiful house!!!

All the ornaments are hand-crafted in age-old tradition with full of love and care. With the cutting-edge techniques which originated in the 1800s, the Glass Blown Ornaments are super durable and charming.


✔️ Use the molten glass to design

✔️ Perfect for hamster lover

✔️ Boxed carefully to ensure its safety

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