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38 Best Gift Ideas for 10-Year-Old Girl Birthday Will Surprise Little Cute Angels

A girl at the age of 10 is about to enter her tween years with increased independence as well as maturity. This will also be the time for her creativity and fun to bloom. 10-year-old girls tend to develop a lot of cognitive characteristics at that age, and they love to spend time with their peers and fit in as well. Whether it is her birthday or any other special occasion, there are myriad presents to enhance their developmental milestones.

10-year-old girls still hold on to their inner child while being ready to take the world. So, it is a bit complicated to look for a perfect gift to express how special and important she is. Do not worry! There is a load of presents with unique and personalized items you can buy online. For sure, the choices are limitless, literally.

To assist you in finding the best gift ideas for a 10-year-old girl faster, we have rounded up the best educational games and toys, books for kids, bedroom décor, or games for her. We consider the age recommendation, value, ease of use, safety, and design as well. Now, let’s get started!

Celebrate the special moments and memories that have made the birthday celebrant who they are today with the Happy Birthday Behind You: All Your Memories Decoration.

This Happy Birthday Behind You All Your Memories Decoration will melt the heart of your little girl from first sight. She cannot imagine that you will give her such an amazing gift and it will make her birthday more special and memorable.


✔️ Lovely birthday with a meaningful message

✔️ Unique with customized photo and other details

✔️ Suitable for all spaces

Looking everywhere for the ideal birthday present for a 10-year-old? The Custom Year Sweatshirt Hoodie is a fantastic option that will wow.

The Custom Year Sweatshirt Hoodie is created from a comfortable and soft fabric that has been crafted with comfort and longevity in mind. While yet being lightweight, it offers warmth throughout the cooler months so that it can be worn all year. The hoodie's adjustable hood and roomy front pocket provide the garment with both flair and usefulness.


✔️ Colorful and durable print design

✔️ Can be worn with many outfits

✔️ Appropriate for all body types

✔️ Self-expression and self-assurance

Do you find a suitable birthday present for your 10-year-old daughter? We understand how stressful it is to find the best gifts for your little princess! With so many gift ideas to choose from, this Personalized 7 Color Change Decor Lamp is the ideal gift she'll appreciate.

With its sleek and compact design, the Personalized 7 Color Change Decor Lamp fits perfectly on a nightstand, desk, or shelf, adding a touch of personality to any corner of the room. Its portable and cordless design allows your daughter to easily move and position it wherever she desires, giving her the freedom to create her own magical lighting display.


✔️ Impress her for the first time

✔️ Make it practical and versatile enough

✔️ Essential for everyday use

You can sweep a ten-year-old girl off her feet on her birthday with the beautiful style for kids' rooms. As a 3D illusion light extravaganza, it invites the child into an enchanting, vibrant realm. It deepens her aesthetic appreciation while amplifying her room with a captivating fairy-tale-like atmosphere.


✔️ Children-friendly design

✔️ Customizable styles and colors

✔️ Boosts aesthetic appreciation

✔️ Promotes curiosity and creativity

Pamper the birthday girl with the luxurious Photo Collage Custom Name Necklace, designed to provide her with a relaxing and indulgent experience.

This set includes an assortment of soothing bath products, such as bath bombs, body scrubs, and bath salts, all carefully curated to create a spa-like ambiance at home. The delightful fragrances and nourishing ingredients will leave her feeling rejuvenated and refreshed


✔️ Compact and easy to carry

✔️ Wireless connectivity for convenience

✔️ Variety of indulgent bath products included

✔️ Impressive sound quality from the Bluetooth speaker

Your little girl is busy with her studies and daily activities. A tumbler is needed for her to replenish the water at the ideal temperature.

The seller uses SUS 304 to finish the product to ensure the heat retention effect. It will become her favorite item because of its useful uses and unique beauty. The body is covered with an eye-catching durable paint.


✔️ Coated with durable paint and high adhesion

✔️ Consist of a high quality lid

✔️ Unique with name and zodiac sign

If you're not satisfied with other night lamps, consider getting this one. It's like holding a little moon in your hand, and even the details and light on the lamp resemble a mini moon. This lamp is sure to provide a good night's sleep for the girl.

About this Moon Lamp:

✔️ You can personalize it with the name and message you prefer.

✔️ You can adjust it to 16 different moon colors, with the base included

❌ It's very meaningful, but it may not be as much fun or interactive.

Wish the fortune and health for your lovely child on the 10th birthday. And this elephant led light is how you execute that plan.

The led light is personalized to the recipient exclusively through personalized name. Elephants represent luck and prosperity, and are as beloved as a clover or a horseshoe. You don't need to worry about safety because it provides flicker-free and gentle light to the eyes.


✔️ Send best wishes on birrthday

✔️ Laser engrave every detail with precision

✔️ Express the personality of the recipient

It is not easy to find a jewelry accessory for a 10-year-old girl, but we believe this Making The World A Happier Place - Personalized Necklace is an amazing recommendation.

The necklace is characterized by a 14K white gold finish, wearable for her even during school time. The zirconia stone in the love knot is sparkling enough to catch her attention and remain gorgeous.


✔️ A small luxurious jewelry to surprise your little princess

✔️ Lovely and sparkling

✔️ Safe for skin

Give the perfect birthday gift to that special little girl in your life with this unique Personalized 3D Moon Lamp. Get your Personalized 3D Moon Lamp today and show your favorite little girl just how much you care!

It's printed with the beautiful words 'Believe In Yourself & I Will Always Be With You' and made of PLA for a soft, warm glow. Not only is it eye-catching and personalized, but it also serves as a reminder that you'll always be there for her.


✔️ A sweet room decor

✔️ Increase her energy level while relaxing

✔️ A memorable treasured keepsake

This personalized t-shirt, celebrating awesomeness since 2013, is a perfect birthday gift for the coolest 10-year-olds. It's a stylish and thoughtful choice they'll appreciate.

The t-shirt combines fashion and comfort effortlessly, making it ideal for trendy kids. The personalized message adds a special touch, and its quality ensures it lasts as a cherished memento. This t-shirt, made with soft, comfortable fabric, features her birth year in a funky style that she'll love showing off to her friends.


✔️ Feature a vibrant design

✔️ Perfect sizing for comfort

✔️ Appreciated by cool 10-year-olds

✔️ Built to last as a cherished memento

Make her 10th birthday a truly memorable one with the Fabulous Skinny Tumbler – the ideal gift for women who deserve something extra special.

Your little princess will be on cloud nine when seeing this 10th Birthday Gifts for Women Fabulous - Skinny Tumbler, and she will love it for sure. With personalized details added, this will be the most special gift she has ever had as it is made just for her.


✔️ An amazing birthday gift for 10-year-old princesses with customized details (background, name, and age)

✔️ Keep temperature up to 4 hours

✔️ Durable with premium materials

All girls will love this "Always remember there is magic beside you" 3D light because it is really beautiful.

The unicorn is a great addition to make the design more adorable. The ability to change to 7 colors will help this light suitable for different moments and spaces.


✔️ Easy to use

✔️ Custom name used

✔️ Adorable design

Embrace modern elegance and make a statement with the Modern Monogram Decoration. Elevate your living space with a touch of personalization and showcase your individuality in a chic and contemporary way.

This modern monogram decoration will be a great addition to the private space of your teen girl. She is at a sensitive age, and choosing a gift for her is not an easy task. It serves as a symbol of the bond you share and your effort to make their holidays even more memorable.


✔️ Outstanding with a custom letter/word

✔️ Beautiful home decoration

✔️ Unique gift for teen girls

Ten-year-olds are starting their tween years, a period of growing independence and maturity as well as an opportunity for play and creative expression.

At this age, there is a lot of cognitive development as well as a rise in the need to socialize and fit in. This personalized necklace can be given to her for her birthday, Christmas, or just for fun. It also supports developmental milestones.


✔️ A stunning addition

✔️ Adopt her style

✔️ Simple to modify

For a 10-year-old girl's birthday, you can surprise her with the world's greatest mom custom plaque, which is sure to delight. This customized gift signifies appreciation, love, and the unique bond between a child and her mother. We believe it will be a wonderful surprise that captures the hearts of both the recipient and her mom, ensuring a memorable celebration.


✔️ Customized for a personal and special touch

✔️ Signifies appreciation, love, and a unique bond

✔️ A wonderful surprise for both the recipient and her mom

✔️ Ensures a heartwarming celebration for 10-year-old girls

Your lovely daughter will quickly grow up, becoming a teenager and an adult. This star map wall art as a birthday gift is a great choice to save each stage of your child's life.

The Star Map beautifully displays the night sky exactly as it appeared on their birth date. It's a celestial keepsake that will leave them starry-eyed and inspired.


✔️ Customizable photo and date of birth

✔️ As a souvenir for your child's childhood

✔️ Send eternal love from parents

✔️ Exist for many years

It will be your little angel's birthday present she will cherish forever. This is a perfect personalized decoration pillow that will make her happy. She will keep this adorable pillow for years to come.

This elegant pillow is a great gift idea for your special 10-year-old princess, with a soft white background that has been decorated with black and pink sequins. It will look cute hanging in their bedroom or as an addition to her bed.


✔️ Celebrates the joy and artistry of dance in home decor

✔️ Soft and comfortable for lounging and relaxation

✔️ Features beautiful dance-themed designs for dance enthusiasts

Give her this lovely gift from the heart, and she'll cherish it forever! She'll love having the horse charm pendant that hangs from a delicate chain necklace, which she can wear to feel a little closer to the beloved equine.

The pendant measures 4.5cm, which is easy to attach to the chain, making it a suitable present for any young horse lover.


✔️ Makes a thoughtful gift for horse lovers and equestrians

✔️ Delicate design that captures the grace and beauty of horses

✔️ Can be worn as a statement piece or for everyday elegance

The time Machine strap watch is a perfect gift idea for a 10-year-old girl's birthday.

Featuring a stylish analog design, this timepiece features a stainless-steel case with a blue dial, stainless steel hands, and a date display window. It is a great watch for children and adults alike. The beautiful analog display makes it easy to see the time.


✔️ Available in a range of colors and patterns to match personal style

✔️ Offers a lightweight and comfortable wearing experience

✔️ Stylish and versatile design suitable for various occasions

The DIY Educational Science Experiments Lab Specimens Toys is a great gift idea for a 10-year-old girl's birthday.

A perfect birthday present for any young budding scientist, these science lab specimen toys will surely help build up her scientific curiosity, which will stand her in good stead when she reaches puberty and starts her own family. These toys are simple, yet fun. They come with detailed instructions so even the youngest scientists can enjoy making their own experiments in science class.


✔️ Creates stunning crystal specimens that can be displayed as decorative pieces

✔️ Exciting kit that allows you to grow your own dazzling crystals

✔️ Enhances patience and observation skills as you witness the crystal growth process

Your kid will be happy to receive this cool 3D Printing Pen for her birthday! She can print out cute things using different materials and colors to create something special for her.

The PLA cartridge prints the 3D designs from files on your computer, the ABS cartridge prints models of ABS or PLA plastic, and the XG cartridge will give you a smooth surface for printing paper-like designs.


✔️ Lightweight and portable for creativity on the go

✔️ Allows for creativity and artistic expression in three dimensions

✔️ Intuitive controls and ergonomic design for easy and precise 3D drawing

This creative DIY project is simple, fun, and affordable for kids and their parents alike.

The happiest wall collage art & crafts kit is comprised of everything needed to create your own unique, personal wall collage masterpiece. Your wall will come to life with stunning images in a multitude of vibrant, modern colors and styles.


✔️ Provides a fun and engaging activity for arts and crafts enthusiasts

✔️ Allows you to showcase your favorite memories and artistic vision

✔️ Enhances home decor with a unique and personalized touch

The marble painting art kit is a perfect gift idea for a 10-year-old girl's birthday. Let her experience the unique feel of paint on canvas.

She can choose from seven different colors and the whole process of art creation is simple. After filling in the color she chooses, she will have to wait for the paint to dry up to see what masterpiece she has created.


✔️ Suitable for artists of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced

✔️ Allows for endless creativity and unique designs

✔️ Provides a satisfying and visually stunning art experience

The educational puzzle game is a great gift idea for a 10-year-old girl's birthday. This puzzle game features myriad levels of brain-teasing puzzles.

Each puzzle comes with a booklet full of educational tips and hints. You can share the fun with your child by taking turns solving the puzzles together.


✔️ Portable and perfect for on-the-go brain exercise

✔️ Offers a wide variety of puzzles for continuous stimulation

✔️ Enhances spatial reasoning and logical reasoning abilities

Take your binoculars wherever you go with the compact, waterproof design. You don't need to buy a bulky case to carry around these high-quality binoculars, just slip them into your pocket.

These binoculars are compact, lightweight and the perfect gift for a girl aged between 10 years old to 20 years old. It will be a perfect birthday present for a 10-year-old girl.


✔️ Adjustable focus and comfortable grip for extended use

✔️ Compact and lightweight for easy portability and convenience

✔️ Waterproof design ensures durability and usability in various conditions

This unique bracelet is designed with a charm and heart to celebrate the sweetest day of the year. For the best quality, please do not bend or fold the chain more than twice.

This cute and fashionable bracelet is easy to style with our adjustable clasp and you can have it ready in a matter of minutes.


✔️ Versatile and suitable for everyday wear or special occasions

✔️ Symbolizes special memories, milestones, and experiences

✔️ Stylish accessory that adds personality and flair to any outfit

The slime kit is the perfect birthday gift idea for girls! It's a stationery set filled with a variety of pink fluff and fun surprises for kids to enjoy.

With the cute stationery items, cute plushies, and fun activity sheets, it's guaranteed to be an instant hit among kids, as well as a great addition to their bedroom.


✔️ Offers hours of entertainment for both kids and adults

✔️ Promotes creativity and imagination through slime customization

✔️ Includes all the materials needed to create fluffy and squishy slime

It's hard to think of a more colorful way to decorate your birthday party than with these Pooqla Colorful LED Marquee Letters and their remote control. They're designed with LEDs for long-lasting durability, and they're compatible with most incandescent and fluorescent fixtures.

It is a great gift idea for a 10-year-old girl's birthday. It will be her first time using an LED marquee letter light, and she will surely enjoy playing with it. It is very easy to operate and has a very pleasant voice, making it much easier for her to control.


✔️ Creates a captivating and illuminated focal point

✔️ Offers a wide range of color options to suit different moods

✔️ Eye-catching and vibrant decor for personalized messaging

This book has all the famous jokes you know and loves for children, but these jokes are aimed at young kids. Kids will love laughing at the jokes and reading the text, and parents will enjoy a laugh.

Your little girl will appreciate the funny jokes for girls that are included. It is a perfect gift idea for 10-year-old girls. Your daughter will really enjoy having a joke book on her desk or bedside table!


✔️ Engages children in playful and light-hearted humor

✔️ Features age-appropriate jokes that are easy to understand

✔️ Provides laughter and entertainment for young jokesters

Take a virtual tour of the KidiZoom creator camera with its built-in camera and microphone. Simply download the free app on your smartphone or tablet, and then press the camera button to snap a photo or video of your child.

Kids will love playing around with this creative toy and sharing what they create. What’s more, with the camera in your own hand, you are free to roam around her house and capture anything you see that catches your eye.


✔️ Durable and easy to use, designed specifically for children

✔️ Allows kids to explore their creativity and storytelling skills

✔️ Kid-friendly camera for capturing and creating videos

A great gift for your 10-year-old daughter who is more of a gamer than a fashionista, these socks will add a nice touch to her collection of gaming apparel and accessories.

These soft cotton socks feature a stylish 'Do Not Disturb' graphic across the left leg, along with a subtle 'gaming' logo on the foot. A gift of such simplicity and sophistication - they'll love how they'll look and feel, and how much time you saved them!


✔️ Adds a touch of gaming-themed style to any outfit

✔️ Comfortable and cozy for extended gaming sessions

✔️ Fun and humorous socks for dedicated gamers

The ATM electronic coin bank is a perfect gift idea for a 10-year-old girl birthday. This money bank can relate to the computer via USB and help her transfer and organize her coins and bills.

It has a smart function, which will help kids get more money in the future. It can collect coins and save money. The coin is small, and the weight is light. You should put it inside a safe place.


✔️ Encourages financial literacy and responsible saving habits

✔️ Provides a visual representation of saving progress

✔️ Allows both cash and coins to be deposited

It looks a little like a miniature UFO and spins in a circle on the end of your finger. As it spins, the lights flash on and off. When you release your finger, it flies away and hovers over your hand or across the floor until you catch it with your other hand.

The orb is constructed with a hard plastic shell and filled with bright blue plastic. The light-up globe lights up with a rainbow spectrum of colors, illuminating the sky when you shake it!


✔️ Easy to control and operate with hand gestures

✔️ Provides a unique and captivating play experience

✔️ Interactive and fun toy that hovers and flies like a UFO

Get her a pair of these knee-high socks and she’ll never want to take her shoes off. Made by FNOVCO, the Girls Knee High Socks feature a faux leather trim on the toe, heel, and ankle of the sock.

They also come in an array of pastel colors and patterns. A soft cotton and nylon blend means that they’re comfortable to wear and they have a lovely sheen too! They have a cute bow detail on each side of the ankle for added style.


✔️ Comes in a variety of colors and patterns to suit personal style

✔️ Stylish and comfortable socks designed for girls

✔️ Provides a fun and playful accessory for everyday outfits

The Bluetooth speaker night lights are a perfect gift idea for a 10-year-old girl's birthday. The LED lights turn on automatically as soon as you step foot outside your house, so you can be sure to see who’s at the door.

Turn up the volume and light up the party with this fun gift! The battery life is up to many hours, and there's a long-time memory mode. A total of 8 high- brightness LEDs will provide you with an even brighter and more colorful experience.


✔️ Allows for wireless music streaming from compatible devices

✔️ Combines the functionality of a speaker with the ambiance of a night light

✔️ Enhances the atmosphere with both audio and visual elements

If you are looking for a stylish yet timeless gift for your 10-year-old daughter, she will surely appreciate this gorgeous ring.

This pretty sterling silver hug ring is perfect for everyday wear. You can add the charm to your bracelet, pendant, or necklace. It is made from 925 Sterling silver. The ring is a high-quality piece that you are sure to love for years to come.


✔️ Hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin

✔️ Versatile piece that can be worn for any occasion

✔️ Symbolizes warmth, affection, and the bond between loved ones

This is the perfect way to plan and organize your day with this diary kit. A stylish organizer for your desk, wall, or bookshelf, the planner features an acrylic window to let the light shine through, making the cover more vibrant.

Inside the planner, there are 8 sheets of pages for your notes, calendar, and more. You can also personalize the front cover by using your own photos. This is the perfect gift idea for a 10-year-old girl birthday.


✔️ Encourages organization and goal-setting for personal growth

✔️ Inspires creativity and self-expression through personalized journaling

✔️ Includes various artistic materials for decorating and customizing your journal

Your little cute angel is about to welcome her milestone of entering 10. And are you preparing a surprise birthday for her? Don't forget to get this plaque to make that day extra special.

The wooden plaque will fill the 10-number shape with all your daughter's memorable pictures, adding a highlight for her party. No need to guess, she will be thrilled and melt as she sees this decor.

There is no girl who can't fall in love with this fashionable t-shirt, so don't hesitate to wrap it up.

With a variety of sizes available, this shirt will dress her up, making her to be the star of the stage. Moreover, its attractive pattern will capture her attention, making her want to wear it immediately.

Bottom Line

if you're searching for the perfect birthday gift for a 10-year-old girl, this list of 34 best gift ideas is sure to surprise and delight those adorable little angels. From toys and games that foster creativity and imagination to stylish accessories and educational tools, these gifts cater to a variety of interests and preferences. Whether she's into arts and crafts, science experiments, outdoor adventures, or fashion, you'll find something here that will bring a sparkle to her eyes. These carefully curated gift ideas not only provide entertainment and enjoyment but also encourage learning, personal growth, and self-expression. Celebrate her special day with a gift that will make her feel loved, cherished, and excited to embark on new adventures as she continues to grow.

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