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50 Best 4-Month-Old Baby Gifts For Them To Play & Learn

At 4 months, most newborns start rolling over or reaching for toys, indicating that they are becoming more mobile. Toys can become even more vital to their development now that they're starting to move more frequently. They will learn about the world around them through playing with toys. This means that the finest baby toys for a four-month-old are, well, baby toys. They can aid in the development of good grasp and fine motor abilities, as well as excite their vision as it adapts. Also, 4 months is the sweet spot between newborn and baby—a far cry from month one and also from month 6 it's usually around this time when some of the most basic and simple newborn toys don't appear to captivate their attention.

If you're seeking the greatest gifts for a 4-month-old baby, whether it's your own or someone else's, you're probably at a loss for what constitutes an age-appropriate gift. There are millions of toys to select from, making it difficult for parents to find the most value for their money.

That's why we compiled the following list, taking into account the aforementioned requirements as well as recommendations from reputable children's health specialists. Consider these the greatest toys for babies the greatest toys for babies aged 4 months and up.

Newborns are often attracted to colorful things, so a bright but safe gift would be a reasonable choice to send to this special recipient.

The light features an acrylic sheet to conduct light and provide a 3D illusion of precisely laser-engraved content. When the baby's eyes touch this item, they will be delighted. The recipient's name is also shown on the acrylic sheet, which creates a personal touch.


✔️ Featured with baby's name

✔️ Available in 7 light colors

✔️ Durable laser engraved details

Newborn babies develop their senses over time. Although, it was too early to see their names, they were still able to observe basic objects. That's why this ornament is ideal for you.

The art piece is your way of sending greetings and best wishes to this little angel. On the natural fiber wood material, the baby's first and last name is personalized and presented very cutely. Do you see the cute little elephant in the center just like your baby?


✔️ Show off the personalized details

✔️ Environmentally friendly material

✔️ Suitable for baby room decoration

How can you be sure you're picking the best presents for infants? Keep your thoughts to a minimum and concentrate on the emotions you want to express and the baby's well-being.

The present will immediately catch the baby's interest as soon as the light is turned on and the 3D illusion is displayed on the acrylic sheet. A picture of a feisty horse and their name are laser engraved in a beautiful font.


✔️ Meticulously detailed

✔️ Choose your favorite style

✔️ Express the sender's love

Let's make your kid surprised by this Baby Driving Personalized Car Ornament For Baby, it will be the best gift ever! He/she will love the design of this item, as it is totally personalized and unique.

This item is unique because it is personalized with a face and a name. The size of 3.5×3.5 inches makes it suitable for all car spaces, and all printing details will be made perfectly to have an amazing display.


✔️ A unique gift for kids who love a colorful and unique gift

✔️ Well-made with modern printing technology

✔️ Durable with non-fade guarantee

You do not know what to give to encourage the spirit of learning, to spread inspiration to the little angel. So, consider this Entered to the Game Shirt for Baby.

With 100% combed ringspun cotton, we are confident to bring you and your child an excellent, absorbent, and highly safe shirt for your baby's sensitive skin. Besides, there are many designs, sizes, and colors that you can choose that are suitable for your baby.


✔️ Breathable and comfortable cotton

✔️ Up to 6 colors and five sizes

✔️ Close-knit relationship gift

Get set to surprise the newest addition to the family and make them look absolutely adorable in the Personalized Babysuit Onesie.

With 100% combed ringspun cotton and 7 colors, it makes a dashing birthday gift for any infant. Take your bond to a whole new level when you customize it with their name – creating memories like never before! Get this one-of-a-kind gift before it’s gone!


✔️ Express your love for him

✔️ Soft and absorbent with easy-to-clean microfiber

✔️ Help your son have a good physical health

Bring happiness and warmth for your baby in special day with this Baby Month Milestone Blanket.

This cute blanket is made from a soft microfiber material which is made of high quality and durable. This cute blanket is perfect for baby boys and girls. The baby blanket will protect the baby from cold weather and ensure the baby’s safety when they sleep.


✔️ Keeps babies warm and cozy

✔️ Bright colors make a baby smile

✔️ Give the gift of a hug and help baby grow

This baby footprint personalized wooden plaque will be one of the most adorable for little angels regardless of the occasion.

The only thing you need to do is send us a custom photo and some birth information, a stunning plaque will be sent to you in the best conditions. With its durability, you can keep in your house for a long time.


✔️ Blue for boys and pink for girls

✔️ Adorable with a footprint

✔️ Amazing keepsake with various custom information

To commemorate this occasion and promote their physical and mental development, a present like this Decor Christmas Tree ornament is essential.

Even if your baby doesn't acknowledge your wonderful gift, just watching them make eye contact and smile back at you will suffice. Its lush branches are adorned with shimmering ornaments, twinkling lights, and a sparkling tree topper, creating a visual masterpiece.


✔️ Can customize the baby’s name and date

✔️ Safe for kids

✔️ Easy to hang

This Custom Face Photo Christmas Stocking is a lovely gift that conveys your unending love. Check it out now!

You will remember the first Christmas your 4-month-old child spent with you for years. Even if all your little one has to remember about the holiday are the pictures you took, they will always hold a special place in his or her parents' hearts.


✔️ Make your shopping easy as pie

✔️ Custom name and image

✔️ Extra strength and durability

Give a child the gift they truly want this Christmas, by gifting them a Personalized Color Photo Ornament in their favorite color.

It’s a keepsake they will treasure for years to come! They will love getting one for each year, and you’ll get to experience the magic of Christmas with your own eyes through their smile!


✔️ Add to her Christmas stocking

✔️ A cute and precious keepsake

✔️ Great way to show baby’s photo and name

The lovely Floral Animal Theme Blanket is a great gift for your little baby. It's a stylish way to wrap him or her up in your love.

A soft blanket with cute animal-style designs and cute floral prints, it is suitable to be wrapped up and snuggled against, making it a great gift for a baby shower, baptism, baptism day, baby blessing ceremony, newborn baby, and christening.


✔️ Have great printing patterns

✔️ Absorbent, plush, and soft

✔️ Bring your little bundle of joy to the world

Whether you're looking for a personalized Christmas ornament for your own home or want to send a special holiday gift to your beloved little kids around the world, the customizable Christmas rainbow wooden ornament is just what you're looking for!

This adorable ornament also fosters early cognitive development as babies begin to recognize and distinguish different colors. It's a delightful way to introduce them to the wonders of the world around them and the magic of Christmas.


✔️ Easy customization

✔️ Help kids feel entertained

✔️ Light up the Christmas tree

A perfect gift idea for baby showers, birthdays, holidays, and more, this keepsake personalized wall clock is a cute keepsake for your little babies and their room.

This personalized wall clock is crafted from high-grade materials, featuring a large decorative and colorful round base with multiple engraved pictures of the baby’s first smile.


✔️ Keep baby photos in one frame to save memories

✔️ Create lasting memories of babies’ first year

✔️ Last a lifetime

Embrace the joy and excitement of welcoming a new bundle of joy with the enchanting Baby Shower Tracker Blanket.

This beautiful, soft blanket is made of natural fibers with a durable water-resistant polyester finish. It is soft yet sturdy and will be great to snuggle up to as your baby grows. The pretty colors will appeal to your baby and the soft feel will comfort and soothe them when they get tired.


✔️ Printed with butterfly-themed wings patterns

✔️ Help to symbolize the first steps of toddlers

✔️ Made with eco-friendly materials that are safe for babies

If you are planning to buy gifts for a baby in the next few months, this canvas poster will make a cute gift.

This design is a combination of vintage images of babies and fun cartoon images. This delightful baby canvas comes in an easy-to-use tube with a special window where the baby’s photo will be placed.


✔️ Don’t fade, crack, or peel

✔️ Look adorable in any wall décor

✔️ Come with the beautiful background design

Are you searching for the perfect Christmas gift for your adorable baby? With the help of this Baby In The Christmas Sock, you may give your youngster a memory of their favorite holiday.

The Baby Christmas Sock Ornament is a keepsake that commemorates their very first holiday season, making it a cherished memento for years to come. Hang it on the tree each year as a reminder of this precious moment in their journey of growth and discovery.


✔️ Made from acrylic plexiglass

✔️ High-quality color printing

✔️ Average after payment

Stimulate the senses of touch, movement, vision, hearing, and coordination in newborns. This package is ideal for a newborn, baby shower, birthday, christening, or simply a great surprise gift for a four-month-old infant.

This will keep your baby occupied for several hours. Bright multi-colored ribbon ring, flashing ball, feather, foil blanket, coloured scarf, bubbles, maraca, and colorful balloons are included in this 4-month baby gift box.


✔️ Safe and non-toxic materials used

✔️ Promote hand-eye coordination skills

✔️ Introduce colors, shapes, and patterns

Baby Musical Duck Toy Dancing Walking is ideal for 4 month old boys and girls as a gift.

These baby toys are manufactured of 100% child-safe ABS plastic and are both sturdy and simple to use. When music is played, the duck's heart and headphones light up, making for amusing baby light up toys.


✔️ Engages their senses and promotes learning

✔️ Soft and safe for little hands

✔️ Colorful and visually stimulating

Are you looking for the ideal present for your child? The Maria Montessori method was used to create this handcrafted environmental Busy Board.

It will aid in the development of your child's brain, creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, color perception, movement coordination, and tenacity. This exercise game is fun for your youngster to play at home and on trips.


✔️ Compact size for little hands to grasp

✔️ Diverse activities for learning and development

✔️ Colorful and attractive design

Baby will adore snuggling up with the dinosaur Itzy Pal plush lovey, which will be given to babies aged 4 months and up.

The attached teether is constructed of soft silicone and has a massage and soothing texture that will help massage and soothe sore gums. The Itzy Pal's crinkle sound will keep baby entertained, and the textured ribbons will keep baby's hands occupied.


✔️ Colorful and visually stimulating

✔️ Develops fine motor skills

✔️ Easy to grasp and hold

Custom Crinkle Paper Sensory Toy will brighten your 4 month old's smile and keep them entertained for a long time while they play with this delightful toy.

Sensory Toy with Crinkle Paper The excellent sensory toy for babies, it measures 9x9" and is made of soft flannel stuffed with baby-safe industrial grade crinkle paper.


✔️ Soft and safe for little hands

✔️ Engages visual and tactile senses

✔️ Ideal for playtime and learning

Watch your baby's eyes light up as they track and stare at our 0-6 month Baby Development & Sensory flash card collection's high-contrast black and white creatures, shapes, and patterns.

These baby flash cards feature 60 sensory images on 30 premium A6 cards to assist improve your baby's brain and concentration while also maturing their photoreceptors until they are able to focus on bright colors at 4+ months old.


✔️ Help develop cognitive skills

✔️ Safe and baby-friendly materials

✔️ Interactive and educational play time

As you see your baby advance by practicing hand-eye coordination, this Wrist Rattle And Foot Socks fosters development from the beginning.

Designed to help your four-month-old baby identify and reach his or her feet with his or her hands by stimulating his or her eyes, ears, and hand ability in a vivid multicolor, which builds hand-eye coordination.


✔️ Cozy and gentle on delicate skin

✔️ Cute animal characters for visual appeal

✔️ Foster their grasping and kicking skills

Isn't this dress for your little one adorable? This Charge It To My Daddy Outfit is a fantastic gift for any four-month-old girl.

Infant sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 12-18, and 18-24 months are available. The bodysuit, bummie shorts, and full wrap bow are all included in this set! Soft polyester is used to make this item. Wash in warm/cold water as usual. Lay flat to dry for greater durability. Colors may fade if washed in hot water or dried in a hot dryer.


✔️ Soft and comfortable for all-day play

✔️ Cute and funny statement piece

✔️ Easy to dress and undress the baby

This charming Lemon Baby Travel Toy encourages tactile discovery with numerous soft fabrics, silky leaves, silky inside lining, and embroidered facial features.

Fabric lemon slices with a rattle, squeaker, and crinkle paper are included in the Mini-Apple Farm Lemon. The textured BPA-free C-clip hanging ring that also serves as a teether for your baby. Remove the travel ring for a plush buddy that may be explored by young hands during tummy time.


✔️ Encourages sensory exploration

✔️ Lightweight and easy to handle

✔️ Delightful way to keep them entertained

Eric Carle's classic tale The Very Hungry Caterpillar inspired the Attachable Activity Caterpillar with Music & Sound. It will bring smile to your kid.

The clear ball includes beads that spin and rattle, and the antennae generate a "crinkle" sound. Teether rings and an apple with a pocket for in-and-out play are just a few of the Activity Caterpillar's interactive features. The cot, carrier, or stroller may all be easily attached with the adjustable straps.


✔️ Soft and safe for little hands

✔️ Vibrant colors for visual stimulation

✔️ Teaches basic cause-and-effect

The b. One two squeeze construction blocks will provide your baby or toddler with hours of entertainment as well as many developmental benefits. A four-month gift of ten blocks and 60 sides would be ideal.

They'll like not only stacking and knocking them down (the best part), but they'll also enjoy learning about the many animals, colors, and numbers on each side. Stackable, squeezable, and chewable. Above all, the two squeeze bricks are adorable. Each block is individually molded and non-toxic.


✔️ Soft and safe for little hands to squeeze

✔️ Introduce colors, numbers, and animals

✔️ Encourage sensory exploration

In this Deer One all-soft book, take a vacation with baby to a region where bunnies and deer thrive in the wild! The animal-themed soft activity book folds out flat and may be used as a tummy-time pat-mat.

Each page is filled with vintage imagery, different fabric textures, and unexpected surprises. When fun is ended, a cloth closure keeps the pages clean. Peek-a-boo crinkle leaf, textured teether corner, baby-safe exploration mirror, tethered on squeaker-mushroom, and crinkle bunny are among the activities.


✔️ Safe and soft for little hands

✔️ Introduce early learning concepts

✔️ Foster a love for reading from infancy

The rainbow Itzy Pal plush lovey will be a hit with baby! The Itzy Pal comes with a handy ring that you can use to attach it to a stroller or car seat while on the road!

The attached teether is constructed of soft silicone and has a massage and soothing texture that will help massage and soothe sore gums. The Itzy Pal's crinkle sound will keep baby entertained, and the textured ribbons will keep baby's hands occupied.


✔️ Inspires curiosity and exploration

✔️ Gentle teether for teething relief

✔️ Stimulates sensory development

Shake it, baby, shake it! This shaker toy is simple to grasp... and impossible to put down!

The Oball Shaker Toy is designed to be gripped and grabbed by even the tiniest of fingers. Brightly colored beads rattling all around the clear, textured handle will delight her. The rattle is composed of flexible strong Oball material on both ends, allowing your baby to squeeze and play in any direction.


✔️ Easy to grasp and hold for tiny hands

✔️ Vibrant colors capture their attention

✔️ Rattles create fun auditory stimulation

The Lamaze Mortimer the Moose is a developmental toy with lots of fun for your baby to explore, and it would make a great 4 month present.

Mortimer has bright, silky, knotty legs with interesting crinkles and jingles, as well as varied textures on his hooves. Squeeze his tummy to demonstrate how it squeaks to the infant! Mortimer also has contrasting designs and a variety of vivid hues.


✔️ Soft and safe for little hands to explore

✔️ Encourages fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

✔️ Crinkly ears and squeaky feet for auditory stimulation

The baby was born with impaired vision, which gradually improved over the course of three months. So this Bright Starts Oball Musical Toy is suitable as a gift for your baby.

High-contrast baby books aid in the development of the retina and optic nerve, as well as the training and activation of the brain. Our soft book has 6 high contrast colors, 9 various patterns, and 1 baby-safe mirror, all of which will help with early visual development.


✔️ Soft and safe for little hands

✔️ Introduces cause-and-effect learning

✔️ Enhances auditory development

The infant will have more enjoyment if you send this Baby Books Toys on their birthday!

Vibrant color baby books aid in the development of the retina and optic nerve, as well as the training and activation of the brain. Our soft book has 6 high contrast colors, 9 various patterns, and 1 baby-safe mirror, all of which will help with early visual development.


✔️ Lay the foundation for literacy

✔️ Vibrant designs for visual engagement

✔️ Textures to enhance tactile experiences

✔️ Develop cognitive and motor abilities

This 4 minute infant Anti-Dropping Silicone present is constructed of safe Platinum Silicone. Your baby with be happy with this.

Free of BPA, PVC, and Phthalates. Prevents loss with a wrist teether that does not require a clip. The baby may eat from any angle, which helps to develop his or her gums and teeth. Ergonomic design that reduces contact and strengthens the wrist of the infant. Eco-friendly packaging that can be recycled completely.


✔️ Soft and chewable for teething

✔️ BPA-free and non-toxic material

✔️ Easy to grasp for tiny hands

It is soft, chewable, and ideal for babies who are 4 months old and have just gotten their first teeth - give your baby this adorable gift to brighten their day.

Each block features an embossed animal, shape, fruit, Arabic numbers, and geometrical patterns on the sides of the set of 12 baby blocks. Touching and watching these imprinted patterns can help children develop their sense of touch and vision.


✔️ Promote early cognitive development

✔️ Introduce colors, shapes, and textures

✔️ Build their motor skills and coordination

The Soothe 'n Snuggle Otter Plush is a one-of-a-kind plush soother that soothes your baby in the same way that you do.

It has a soft belly that swings up and down in a rhythmic motion that resembles breathing, as well as up to 30 minutes of peaceful music, sound effects, and soft lights to help soothe your baby organically.


✔️ Comforting toy for 4-month-old babies

✔️ Combine fun and early education

✔️ Easy-to-hold design for little fingers

Great brains begin small. During belly time or seated play, a baby can interact with colors, animals, lights, and music. Ideal for babies aged 4 months and up.

The enlightening content of Einstein's Glow and Discover Light Bar will make tummy time exciting and engaging. When baby touches the colorful parts or spins the rattle drum, the toy bar lights up. Three diverse modes, including animal sounds, colors, and xylophone sounds, are used to stimulate a baby's perception of sound.


✔️ Adjustable volume for a peaceful playtime

✔️ Soft and safe for little hands

✔️ Captivating music and melodies

Attach the station to a flat surface with the suction cup base and watch baby explore the station's many features. This Busy Learners Activity Cube will help your baby develops motor skills.

The spinning wheel stimulates baby to reach, tug, and bat, which helps to improve hand-eye coordination. When baby bats at the wheel, each feature rotates independently, allowing baby to learn about cause and effect. Baby can connect sound and sight thanks to the colorful beads trapped within the clear structures.


✔️ Stimulates sensory exploration

✔️ Encourages motor skill development

✔️ Vibrant colors and fun textures

With this Suction Cup High Chair Toy, songs and melodies at the early learning center that keep toddlers engaged and entertained.

5 sides of play inspire discovery and investigation in children's learning toys; 4 light-up buttons introduce animal names, animal sounds, and shapes. The 14 interactive components on this pre-kindergarten learning toy help build fine motor skills while also assisting babies in sitting up to play.


✔️ Safe and non-toxic materials

✔️ Easy to attach and remove

✔️ Keeps baby entertained during meals

4 month olds will adore this charming Magnetic Plush Stacking Toy. Don't hesitate to sent this toy to your baby.

The Cactus Garden Magnetic Stacker playset comes in three sections, each with soft fabrics, embroidered accents and faces, and internal magnets to keep stackers attached. Each plush cactus stacker comes with an embroidered base, a main trunk, and a cactus flower on top, but youngsters may arrange them in any way they like for hours of fun.


✔️ Fosters imaginative exploration

✔️ Effortless assembly and disassembly

✔️ Long-lasting and baby-friendly design

The belly time toys disintegrate into a beautiful array of colors and patterns, which can help toddlers improve their visual skills. All in this Baby Toys Musical Caterpillar!

Soft texture keeps your child from being restless during tummy time. Except for the head, the other sections of the baby musical toys are constructed with beautifully clear bells, BB and ring paper layer, the loud rustling of paper pressure, and other baby toys for newborns sensory functions are made for smart baby to discover.


✔️ Provides hours of entertainment and joy

✔️ Made from child-friendly materials

✔️ Foster a love for music and playfulness

While playing with this multisensory ball, your baby can feel different textures, see at glowing lights, and listen to rattling sounds in this Sensory Light-Up Baby Toy.

Friendly to Tiny Hands: This infant ball is soft, spongy, and simple to grasp by small hands. Babies can enjoy the sensory characteristics, while toddlers may toss, chase, and investigate the ball further. This baby toy is comprised of non-toxic materials and meets phthalates and BPA regulations.


✔️ Soft and safe for little hands

✔️ Colorful lights for visual development

✔️ Encourages hand-eye coordination

Cloth is used to make BeeSpring Kid Baby Crib Cot Pram Hanging Rattles Spiral Stroller Car Seat Toy. It's ideal for 4 month olds to play with and would make a great present for any occasion.

This will make any baby grin and will prevent them from weeping in any situation. It may be attached to a stroller car for children to play with. It's a great gift for your 4-month-old baby.


✔️ Gentle and baby-friendly materials

✔️ Effortless attachment to any stroller or car seat

✔️ Boosts hand-eye coordination skills

A tactile, pattern-filled, and sound-filled soft toy and teether, all in this Skip Hop Bandana Buddies! Baby's hands stay busy while they discover rattles, crinkles, and other toys.

The plush bandana teether toy of this colorful character detaches for mom to wear around her wrist for easy access. This adorable companion is perfect for multi-sensory play at home or on the go. Stroller, car seat, or infant carrier attachment.


✔️ Teething toy to soothe discomfort

✔️ Promotes cognitive development

✔️ A delightful companion for learning and play

This flip fish toy is a perfect present for 4 month old babies. To complete the sensory play experience, add the Melissa & Doug K's Kids Soft Baby Activity Books.

The Flip Fish Baby Toy is a multi-textured, squeaky soft toy with bold face features, vibrant colors, and secret pictures concealed beneath the scales. The Melissa & Doug baby flip fish aids in the development of many skills in infants. The squeaker tail promotes finger strength and grasping, while the crinkly scales inspire tactile exploration.


✔️ Stimulating and safe baby toy

✔️ Engaging colors and textures

✔️ Soft and cuddly for playtime

Tummy Time Exploration Pillow Provides your baby with comfortable support during tummy time, which is critical for the development of fundamental motor skills.

Supports your child as they learn to sit independently. As your youngster develops, it'll be ideal for take-along play. Light-up piano keys teach colors and objects while also playing music and brief tunes, which helps students develop fine motor skills while also giving auditory stimulation.


✔️ Soft and comfortable for tummy time

✔️ Stimulates baby's senses and curiosity

✔️ Colorful and attractive design

This would be a fantastic gift for a four-month-old baby. This modern nursery rhyme is a celebration of infant fingers and toes, as well as the joy they—and the babies they belong to—bring to everyone, everywhere, all over the world!

This book is a universal hymn to adorable, lovable newborns, with rhythmic, rhyming language that begs to be read again and again, and bright watercolor images of little ones from many backgrounds.


✔️ Colorful illustrations for visual development

✔️ Soft pages for tiny hands to explore

✔️ Encourages bonding during storytime

Shake Rattle-Pillar and it will answer with a variety of noises. This would be a wonderful gift for a four-month-old infant.

Watch as the bright beads in the clear dome rattle. Little ones can feel and see the colorful caterpillar thanks to multi-patterned ribbon tags. Take hold of the small caterpillar with the large, glowing heart! The Rattle-Pillar will answer with songs, melodies, and funny caterpillar phrases if you press the button.


✔️ Soft and safe for baby's tiny hands

✔️ Rattles and crinkles for auditory exploration

✔️ Teething-friendly material to soothe gums

Your little angel is in the age of playing and sleeping every day. You know we have the 4-month-old baby gift, a suit onesie that will support your baby's activities to give him/her a playful holiday.

When you purchase this present, you can individually add a name and age to make your gift more special. This suit onesie is also attractive with an eye-catching motif of cute penguins holding a Christmas tree.


Don't let the chance slip by to bring a bundle of learning and joy into the world of that precious little one you adore. Take a moment to explore our collection of gifts tailored for 4-month-olds and discover that perfect something which will light up not just the baby's face, but also the hearts of the parents. Ready to create a lasting memory? Hurry and dive into our selection now, because every choice you make adds a touch of magic to their journey. And if you're looking for gifts for a 6-month-old baby boy, you're in the right place too! So why wait? Let the gift-giving adventure unfold, leaving a smile that lasts and warms the heart.

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