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36 Best Gifts For Readers Who Are Bookworms In Your Life

Finding a good present for a bibliophile seems like an easy game at first. Because they already clearly express their specific hobby: reading. But buying books for them on every occasion is not a good idea. You may fall for the wrong genre or the wrong authors. Even when you know their favorite types of books, what makes you so sure that they do not have one copy at home? Don’t let those bookworms trick you. It is actually a piece of cake to find undeniable gifts for readers. All we have to do is support their reading hobby with nice and convenient accessories. If you are still confused, the list below will be a good assistance since it was my hard work to collect the best gift ideas for bulk readers. From book rest to night lights, they will all make it favorable for those bookworms to live in their vivid books. Let’s find out now.

Does this T-shirt look cute on your funny reader? I bet it does since it is a basic design with such an exotic quote. Any bookworm who is into the cool vibe and has a good sense of humor will adore this shirt. Be careful; they might love it so much that you may have to buy a full collection of colors for them.

Books and tea were born together; therefore, a package of tea is an undeniable gift for any avid reader. The pack contains 25 tea bags with literary quotes to cheer on your beloved's day. Believe me, as a 30-year-old bookworm, a great day will start with a hot cup of tea and a freshly bought book, what a heaven!

Who could refuse a present that most perfectly captures who they are? This iron cast depicts a serene image of a guy reading a book on the moon. That sounds so dreamy!

The statue is small yet robust, and it works well as a bookend and a decorative. Your friend will look at it daily with the sensation of love from you.

Since I was a kid, my only reading time was at night, so I wished this light had already been available. And I was no exception; every reader writes this neck light on their wishlists. How can you pass it by since it is so convenient for a quick glance at night without annoying anyone?

This candle is lit! Let your lovely bookworm set up their own reading environment with this spicy smell, especially when they are fans of classic novels. The smell of the old days from clove leaves and birch wood will bring the characters to life for them.

“Leave me alone with my book” is a message that any bookworm wants to send to others but is too scared to say. But now they don’t have to if they have such a thoughtful gift like these socks.

The socks bring tender warmth to the feet, so now all the bibliophile's sense is the comfort in every toe while stretching their legs and reading on their own.

Look at how distinctive this book rest is! Any reader would agree that they should never stay away from it.

Designed in a triangle shape, it creates a perfect angle for holding any kind of book. Read books, eat snacks, and have fun! That’s all a reader has on their mind when they see this book rest.

Sometimes, even your nerdy-nerd friend finds trouble looking for a new book to spend time with. Let's get them some suggestions with this 100-must-read bucket list. All the books on the list are hand-picked by bibliophiles and will surely be in your bookworm friend’s reading list.

Free those busy hands right now; reading books with just one hand is easier than ever. The bookmark shall keep the book wide open for your bookworm while they enjoy their favorite tea with the other hand.

A book-lover’s house is always like a small library. Let’s help them share their treasure with the world with this library kit.

Fear not from losing their precious because the kit works like a professional library, where you can note and stamp the time and the lender’s name. Every book you love will always be back to you.

I assure you that every bookworm secretly desires to have this reader pen. Why? It will help to save some rest for those reading eyes. Load any interesting book in, and it could be read out loud immediately, or a book lover can save it for before-sleep listening. Both ways are so time-saving and convenient for any busy bookworm.

Is your bibliophile the definition of a “hot mess” since they cannot live without their Kindle, charger, and tons of other things? Help them organize—at least the chaos they often create in their bed—with this caddy. Every Kindle version fits in perfectly, along with its charger, so they don’t have to look for it so often.

If you don’t want to spend too much time thinking about gifts for readers, this book cover set is a never-wrong choice. Bibliophiles will never have enough book wrap, not to mention this eye-catching coat. It shielded readers’ books against moisture and dings. What’s more? Their bookshelves will be uniform and stylish, which no one can deny.

Wine and fine books—what a lovely combination! This wine tumbler is willing to be your bookworm’s partner for this great combination. Home, library, or party—the tumbler fits in all well. No messy, yes classy. Who can refuse a sip of red wine from it while reading Romeo and Juliet?

No matter how many bookmarks a reader has, they need more and more. Why not satisfy them with this handmade wicked bookmark?

Attached to the usual marker are the hand-crafted cartoons depicting feet immersed in the world of books. How fun it is! Your bookworm friend will carry it everywhere to spread out the cuteness they have.

Are you still scrolling for more gifts? If you have a generous budget, I think you don’t have to think more, but grab this reading light for your bookworm because it is a “wow” gift.

Its appearance is no different from a regular book. However, it is a 3.66-watt LED light. When folded, it is as compact as a notebook and can be charged easily. It does not only bring light, it also brings style to the bookworm’s nest.

A bulk reader always has a collection of different types of bookmarks, but we believe this bookmark will have room in anyone's collection due to its unique design.

Engraved on the bookmark is a profound quote from the Bible on stainless steel, ensuring the message you choose will never be indelible. Give this to your book queen to remind them daily of how wonderful they are!

If you think book stamps are already out of fashion, the best solution for you is this book embosser.

Never worry about smudging the ink all around or damaging your beloved book; this embosser creates an elegant yet standout marker on many types of paper. Any quote or name can be customized, and it is ready to help you address the ownership of your treasures of knowledge.

What is a perfect gift for a bookworm? It is the one that can add vibrancy to their lives, literally like these markers. Any reader will adore its super convenience for remembering things.

The pack comes in 12, 24, and 36 colors, but we believe the more colors there are, the more joyful the bookworm will be. Let it brighten up the faces of bookworms at any age.

This mug is a useful and adorable gift for your readers. It is handmade of ceramic with a dominant white tone. This design will make this mug become a perfect decoration for any desk, making it more elegant. This mug can also be personalized with your recipient's name.

Together with the bookshelf graphic printed on it, this mug can represent the love and passion for books that your readers certainly desire to show off to others. Buy this adorable item for them to enjoy their favorite drink while reading books.


✔️ Humorous and Playful Design

✔️ Perfect for Book Lovers with a Sense of Humor

✔️ Adds a Fun and Whimsical Touch to Coffee Time

We once gave this book stamp to a bulk reader, who happens to be a teacher. Then, she did not miss any opportunity to stamp it on the books and give it to her students. It is her favorite gift. Your bibliophile friend could think the same if you customize their name on this stamp, then send it to them now.

If your nerdy boy is a big fan of fantasy heroes, this invisible bookshelf will motivate him to read more. The bookshelf is an eye-catching and exotic decoration, ensuring that your little geek will be proud to show it to his bookworm fan club. The more exciting he is, the more eager he is to add more “book weight” for the superhero to lift up.

It is hard to refuse that once a bookworm gets into old age, they feel more lonely than others. Retirement bookmarks are a great way to lift their mood instantly.

It will remind the elder bookworms that they are just entering a new chapter in life. That period will be full of fun and adventure, and they always have this bookmark accompanied.

Praise your bookworm’s annual achievement with this mini book ornament. Take a closer look inside: all the books they read during the year are in here, encouraging them to read more.

It is also a clever way to help them show off. Your bookworm friend will be extremely proud of it and hang it on the Christmas tree this year.

Although bookworms prefer a quiet and focused environment, sometimes reading alone is still lonely. Let the Nessie bookmark accompany your book queen through every page of the book.

Choose one color that best suits your bookworm, and it is ready to join them as a page keeper, bookmark, or even a page holder. It will make any reader feel accompanied and surely will become the Nessie-sary whenever they read.

Don’t bore your book queen with usual glasses; let them be pampered in every sip with this one-of-a-kind. Yes, you can design your bookworm’s name on the back coolly. I recommend buying this glass with the walnut bookmark I already mentioned for the bibliophiles. So the reading experience will be more completed!

If you've ever heard your bookworm friend complain about being bored with one book genre and looking for something more interesting, the blind book is a practical suggestion.

Choose any genre of book and surprise your friends. Help your friend have a little adventure with a random choice; maybe this will be the first book that opens up their new passion in life.

The classic bookmark never goes out of style; any bookworm who is classy will fall in love with this natural wooden one. The reason is quite simple: they are elegant. Besides, they are also environmentally friendly; your bibliophile will feel proud that they can read without causing any harm to nature.

Are your bookworm friends ready to take some risks? This blind book will be a pleasant surprise. The reader will never know beforehand what book they are about to read without a little hint on the cover. But worry not; all the books are carefully selected and in good condition and will not disappoint any bulk reader.

The interesting print on this mug will ensure that every time your beloved reader sees it, they will not be able to refuse to take a sip of water and take good care of themselves.

Wrap this mug in lovely birthday covers, and it will be ready to serve your friend a hot drink any day, at any time.

Tell your loved one how much you care about their reading hobby with this necklace. Designed like a mini book, each necklace hides your message or good memory. Your nerdy will feel like they receive a secret treasure filled with all your love.

Have you ever thought about making a bookmark from metal wire? This custom bookmark deserves a place in your cart because of its unique design, which will blow any bookworm’s mind. Personalize it with the receiver's name and favorite color; your bibliophile will go crazy about it.

Your geek may have a lot of cups and mugs, but do they have the right coasters? Take a look now at this coast.

It has extremely good absorbency and protects all books from any water leakage. Buy your bookworm a pair of these coasters, and then they can enjoy a peaceful day with their books.

Bottom Line

Regardless of whether you have chosen a suitable gift from the list above or not, your friend will certainly be delighted to know that you are spending time and effort on them. Any gift is most precious and suitable because it contains your love and care. Remember to spend more time with your bestie to listen to the interesting read stories and are excited to share with you.

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