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62 Last Minute Birthday Gifts For Mom From Daughter In 2024

Life is busy sometimes. If you accidentally forget to get your mother a Birthday gift, you are most certainly not alone. Fortunately, there are numerous last-minute Birthday gift ideas that will arrive on or before mother's special day. While you are unlikely to be able to purchase a personalized jewelry gift for your mother this year, you can still buy a meaningful gift that she will adore and cherish for years to come. And, as the adage goes, it is the thought that counts.

When shopping for your special lady, keep in mind your budget and her personal preferences. However, finding a thoughtful and unique gift for mom can be challenging, especially when she never expresses what she wants or claims to have everything—which is why we've compiled a list of thoughtful and particular gifts for mom that are sure to make her smile. With a variety of items ranging from moms, stepmoms, or lovely mothers-in-law gifts, grandmothers, aunts, and other motherly figures, you're sure to find something the woman in your life will adore — whether it's sentimental, practical, or a combination of the two.

Even if you wait until the last minute, Amazon gift for mom, Uncommon Goods, Etsy items , and Zazzle are here to save the day with overnight shipping and next-day delivery. This list includes 62 perfect Birthday gifts mom from daughter, from chocolate boxes to beautiful bracelets. She will never know you ordered that thoughtful present just a few days before the day.

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What do you think about creating beautiful memories on mom's birthday with a meaningful gift? Are you looking for a present that is thoughtful, lovely and unique? This blanket is the ideal suggestion.

As soon as mom unwraps this gift, she will instantly fall in love with this cuteness. On the front of the blanket, your face is personalized and printed in vibrant colors for a dramatic personal touch. The back of the blanket is covered with fluffy sherpa while the front is artificial fur, this ensures a soft and comfortable experience for the recipient.


✔️ Exquisite and useful double-sided design

✔️ Decorated with photos and personalized messages

✔️ Create a deep emotional connection with mom

✔️ Printed content is durable and does not peel

Do you want to brighten a young mom’s day? Then, you need to pick up this LED light immediately.

The excellent point of this light lies in the idea of uploading her image combined with sincere messages. She will be mesmerized when this decor is lit up with various colors.

It will be so sweet and touching when you give your parents a special gift like this Hold Us Together Plaque on a special occasion!

Made of acrylic plexiglass , environmentally friendly, this plaque is pollution-free, and odorless.


✔️ Show a heartfelt message in your plaque

✔️ Show how much you value and care for her

✔️ An attractive object to adorn her space

Be ready to record your mother's reaction to seeing this wall clock appear in your home as a gift for her special occasion. It definitely won't let you down.

The wall clock is produced in acrylic or wood style for you to choose from. It is decorated with 12 pictures of mom. These images are printed directly on the material, so you can be assured of its color fastness for many years. In the center of the item, is a sweet message for mom placed in a heart frame.


✔️ Useful and sweet gift

✔️ Apply soft ticking sound

✔️ Decorated with pictures of mom

If you want to know if a family is happy, look at their kitchen. To make mom's kitchen work more interesting, a personalized apron is a good gift suggestion.

This apron is made from 100% Poly Oxford, which has a smooth texture and foam lining for a comfortable feel. On the front, nine family photos are printed in high-tech color along with the children's names. Every time she cooks, a mother will feel the love and pride of her children.


✔️ Useful gift for mom's kitchen

✔️ Preserve the love and pride of mother

✔️ Unique with pictures and names of children

If you are seeking a present that can unwind her anytime, we want to tell you that it is a scented candle. Many scents are offered for you to customize, so make sure your mom will experience a truly relaxing time thanks to a calming scent. With your photos and wishes, she will appreciate this present and use it daily.

You are planning to surprise your mother on her special day. If so, you can’t skip the harvest with a gourmet herb seeds pod kit.

This option is an indoor gardening system to plant seeds like mints, basils, and so on, providing your mom with fresh cooking ingredients. The high-teach pod will create a green space in her kitchen and satisfy her with the moments of harvesting herbs.

Do you know that a candle holder can show love to your mom in an amazing way? You will be surprised by this I Love You With All Of My Heart Description Candle Holder because it can send all of your thoughts to your mom in the most delicate manner.

This is a 4.72 x 3.93 x 2 inches holder with the ability to be used for 2 candles. It will play an important role in helping your mom have relaxing moments at home, and she will appreciate this gift. Moreover, meaningful words and messages on the item will be a great support for her and honor her amazing role in your life.


✔️ Personalized with a name and a date to make the present more meaningful

✔️ A fantastic gift to send your love and care

✔️ Durable with premium wood

We call this So Much Of Me Personalized Photo Heart Acrylic Plaque is an excellent combination of traditional and modern design.

The traditional part lies in the acrylic heart, which is a symbol of love. Besides, all details inside are printed with new technology, non-fade and precise to keep.


✔️ A special gift

✔️ A gift of love and a keepsake

✔️ A unique home decoration

Depending on the necklaces, wearing silver necklaces may or may not result in skin allergies. This Personalized Mom Heart Necklace is safe for our health, so you can give it to mother to show her how much you care.

Our jewelry has a patent pending and is made of premium surgical steel with a shatterproof liquid glass coating and an 18k gold finish option. Our pendants are individually engraved in the USA by fantastic working mothers just like you! Please get in touch with us if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, and we'll make it right. Our ultimate goal is to have you satisfied.


✔️ Help with your mom's circulation

✔️ Accent any outfit and improve the mood

✔️ No worry about dislodged gems or broken chains

Forget about having to go to the grocery store at the last minute to buy boring flowers. Your mom deserves a garden filled with loving flowers, not just a bouquet of flowers that are about to wither. This "Mother's Garden" pot is her ticket to magical flowers all year round, a miniature Garden of Eden that she can nurture and admire.

Imagine a sun-drenched ceramic pot, hand-painted with vibrant flowers, and personalized with the recipient's name, ready to cherish her favorite blooms. that. Your mother will be so touched when she receives this meaningful gift

Are you looking for a special birthday gift that can melt your mom's heart at first sight? This Sassy Classy And Fabulous - Custom Name Necklace will definitely be one of the best recommendations.

The necklace will be made in rose gold or sterling silver, both of which are gorgeous and luxurious. It is also unique with a custom pendant that is made with a personal name. With the "Sassy Custom Name Necklace," redefine elegance and leave an unforgettable impression wherever she goes.


✔️ A customized-pendant necklace that is put in a unique gift box

✔️ Simple, unique, and meaningful

✔️ Make her look gorgeous

Show your endless love to your precious woman in your life - your mom with this 'I Love You To The Moon And Back' plaque.

This clear acrylic custom song sign has crisp, clean edges which are very strong, moisture resistant, shatterproof, and clearer than glass.


✔️ Help to celebrate life's greatest moments

✔️ Be a reminder of what truly matters

✔️ Bring good luck and happiness

Let this birthday be the one where you show her just how much she means to you. With our carefully selected canvas art, you can convey the emotions that words may struggle to express.

You will need 48 photos in total to complete this mom canvas wall art, and what you receive will be incredible. Your mom will receive this big surprise with high appreciation as she can take it as a keepsake and look back on memories whenever she wants.


✔️ Customized text and photos

✔️ Unique home decoration

✔️ High-quality print

Your mother will love this Custom Reason Canvas Poster Wall Art as a birthday present.

The product is ready to hang, printed on durable coated canvas, and wrapped around a solid wood frame, which is sure to please her.


✔️ Custom reasons and name

✔️ Choose your photo

✔️ Enhance any space

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Add a touch of love and sunshine to your life with the "You Are My Sunshine" Leather Handbag.

Your mom will love this You Are My Sunshine Leather Handbag and it will become her elegant accompany at all events. Unlike other bags, this item is so special as it is a gift of love on which several customized names will be printed.


✔️ Durable with PU leather

✔️ Can be used for multiple purposes

✔️ A personalized gift with customized names

Show your appreciation for the Best Mom In The World with a Custom Photo Wooden Plaque that speaks from the heart.

This beautiful gift is for those who are the Best Mom in the world! It's a one-of-a-kind customized wooden plaque that shows an actual photo of your mom or dad with a handcrafted quote saying "Best Mom in the world". This gift will remind her of all the fantastic things she does and she'll definitely treasure it for life.


✔️ Make her feel really happy

✔️ A gift that will be treasured for years to come

✔️ Makes her feel like the best mom in the world

If you choose this Birthday Gifts for Women Fabulous Tumbler for the upcoming birthday celebration, you can make it personalized with many details.

It comes in a convenient size that fits comfortably in her hand and most cup holders, allowing her to enjoy her drinks on the go. Crafted from high-quality materials, this tumbler is durable, leak-proof, and easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting use and enjoyment.


✔️ A special personalized birthday gift

✔️ Durable

✔️ Safe for health

With our Kitchen Rules Printed Metal Sign, we invite you to share in the love, warmth, and flavor that define our kitchen.

This Kitchen Rules Printed Metal Sign Custom Rules will create joyful cooking moments for your mom every day.


✔️ Personalized rules and text

✔️ Durable with metal

✔️ Lovely gift for moms

You still come to paper cards to send your message to people you love on their special day. It is so out of date now! Nowadays, you can do it better with a gift like this moon lamp.

The moon lamp is printed with a sincere message to remind your mom of you constantly. The most wonderful feature is that it can switch to different colors to light up every word and create a pleasant vibe for her to unwind.

This personalized moon wood image would make a wonderful birthday present for your mother because it has 12 pictures that are modified according to your choice.

It is made of sustainable wood fibres and is painted with quality copperplate that is both long-lasting and vibrant in color.


✔️ Make wonderful gifts for woman

✔️ Add a whimsical, customized touch

✔️ Can be hung on a wall or perched on a mantel

For your mom, we are sure there is no gift more wonderful than a photo frame. The name-customized artwork represents the growth in your family. This one is highlighted with an inspirational message to raise her excitement on the day she receives this gift!

Show lots of love and respect to your amazing woman - your mom by giving her this surprising gift - a sparkling print decor!

For a personalization, please choose the print format, the number of mountains as for the number of her kids. Don’t forget to enter the required name and date as well! When shipping to you, this sign comes with 2 mounting holes in the back for easy wall hanging.


✔️ A reminder of a bond that shines eternally bright

✔️ Heartwarming tribute, expressing a love beyond the cosmos

✔️ Emotions in art, capturing the depth of a mother's love

Kids are the treasure to a mother, and this personalized canvas is truly inspired by that saying.

The canvas uses the star map to showcase a mom's enormous and unconditional love. Therefore, you can’t skip it if you want to show her respect and love.

After 50 years of being in this world, do you know what is the best treasure she had? It is all you, her children. Via this customized LED light, you can send her a thousand loving words.

The heart top represents your mom’s heart, and each name in this is her children. Thus, when you give this light to surprise your mother, this product touches her heart.

It will be so sweet and touching when you give your mommy a special gift like this personalized plaque on a special occasion!

Made of acrylic and environmentally plexiglass, this plaque is pollution-free, and odorless. Using professional printing technology, it brings out clear pictures, with no color fading. With your personal touch to customize this, now you have a special plaque for your mom that no one has a second one like hers.


✔️ Heartfelt gratitude, honoring a friendship like no other

✔️ A tribute to love, celebrating a bond that endures

✔️ Mom's love, a guiding light through life's journey

Try to act nicely as a youngster and show your mother your love. View the poster wall art below.

Any place may be given color and life with the help of this premium matte canvas. featuring both a vertical and a horizontal configuration, and available in 17 various sizes.


✔️ Use modern printing technique

✔️ Image can be personalized

✔️ Look wonderful as a decoration

No more special way to show your love to your mom with this “We Always Reach For You” sign. Seeing this gift made for her only, she will be very touched and proud of you a lot!

Made of environmentally-friendly fiber wood, covered by superior copperplate painting, durable and vivid color. With two size options, you can choose either of them and the cover design does not change at all. To personalize the sign, just upload your photo and it’s done!


✔️ Family unity, a symbol of support and connection

✔️ Heartfelt tribute, a constant reminder of love's embrace

✔️ Memories cherished, a sign that warms the heart

When it comes to mothers, there are people who say the best gifts are the ones you make yourself. But what if you can't sew or don't have time? Our Jillian NightShirt is the perfect gift because it's made with love and it looks awesome!

The Jillian Night Shirt is made from luxe silk charmeuse, making it feel as luxurious as it looks. It has a slim and sexy fit, and this looks more like a sexier tank top than a shirt. Perfect for nights in or romantic evening wear, the nightshirt is sure to become her new favorite pajamas collection.


✔️ Cozy comfort, wrapping you in softness through the night

✔️ Sweet dreams, a perfect blend of style and relaxation

✔️ Sleep in style, feeling beautiful as you rest

Are you looking for the perfect last-minute birthday gifts for moms? These black leather winter gloves will be a great choice. Not only are they warm and cozy, but also stylish and chic. They can block out the strong wind and snow.

Featuring a touchscreen-compatible design, these gloves make it easy to handle your phone or other touch devices. Outer is made of high-quality 100% Genuine leather with softness of touch, suppleness, strength, and lasting comfort. The leather gloves are windproof as well. A great gift option so far for your beloved mother!


✔️ Adventure awaits, a durable companion for outdoor escapades

✔️ Embrace warmth, keeping hands cozy in chilly weather

✔️ Timeless elegance, a touch of style for winter fashion

Get her ready for spring and warm up those winter nights with the Women's Coquette Slipper.

Crafted with a 17mm twin-face sheepskin upper, this slipper features a cozy fleece lining and a lightweight synthetic outsole for cushioning. The slip-on design makes them easy to wear, and the synthetic sole will keep her feet warm when she steps out onto hardwood floors. With an embroidered logo on the side of the shoe, this slipper will be one of your mom's favorites. These cute slippers are just right for lounging around the house on chilly nights.


✔️ Comfort in style, stepping through the day with grace

✔️ Cozy indulgence, a soft hug for tired feet

✔️ Treat for the feet, elegance combined with relaxation

To help your mom have a fit body shape, getting this LELO massager is a supportive item that she will love after using it!

Featuring the pink color, its design is very adorable and is also portable to carry anywhere, anytime. If she wants her body to look nice quickly, just apply it on her body part that she wants to get her body part massaged. It is proven to work effectively, so just hurry to add it to your cart at an affordable price.


✔️ Intimate moments, enhancing intimacy and connection

✔️ Blissful indulgence, a luxurious massage for ultimate relaxation

✔️ Elegance meets pleasure, a touch of sophistication in pleasure products

Let's face it, getting in shape isn't always easy. If you're looking for a last-minute birthday gift for moms, this pair of one-pound wrist and ankle weights are a great way to add some constant but comfortable hands-free resistance to your workout and daily activities.

Made of high-quality fitness materials – recycled stainless steel wrapped in baby-soft silicone – and come in a range of colors. These adjustable wrist and ankle weights allow her to quickly adjust the amount of weight being used so she can easily increase or decrease resistance as needed throughout the course of a workout.


✔️ Stay hands-free, keeping essentials close at your wrist

✔️ Fashion meets function, a wearable accessory for convenience

✔️ Stylish utility, a smart solution for on-the-go lifestyles

Need a last-minute gift for the new mom in your life? Need a new body lotion that is going to leave your skin feeling silky soft and smelling of coconut and natural vanilla? Well, then you need to order Herbivore Botanical Coconut & Vanilla Body Lotion.

This lotion is a blend of amazing ingredients, including Aloe Juice, Coconut Oil, Raw Shea Butter, Vanilla Extract, and Orange Flower Water. It will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. There's no better gift than giving your mom something that will leave her feeling silky soft and smelling of coconut and natural vanilla.


✔️ Radiant glow, pamper yourself with Herbivore's touch

✔️ Nature's beauty, skincare enriched with botanical goodness

✔️ Ethical beauty, a brand that cares for you and the planet

Want to make a last-minute birthday gift for your Mom? Make her a coffee in the morning with the Keurig Mini Coffee Maker.

Who says you need to buy a full-size Keurig coffee maker to get great-tasting coffee? With its compact size, the Mini Keurig Coffee Maker is perfect for small spaces, dorm rooms, or anywhere else where you can't find much counter space. Just add fresh water for each brew and the Auto-Off feature turns off your coffee maker 90 seconds after your last brew, helping to save energy.


✔️ Morning magic, jumpstart your day with a fresh brew

✔️ Brew joy, a mini marvel for your perfect cup of coffee

✔️ Compact delight, a coffee companion that fits any space

With the Ember Temperature Control Mug, your mother can finally enjoy her coffee the way she wants it. This mug keeps your drink at the exact temperature you prefer (between 120 degrees Fahrenheit - 145 degrees Fahrenheit).

It is also connected to her phone that pairs with the Ember App to set the temperature, customize presets, receive notifications, and more conveniently. Moreover, you can select your personalized LED color when ordering.


✔️ Warmth at your fingertips, enjoy hot beverages without haste

✔️ Sip perfection, a mug that keeps your drink just right

✔️ Tech and comfort unite, a mug that's a delight

When you need birthday gift ideas for your mom, Amazon White Truffle Hot Sauce is a perfect gift for moms - a cooking lover.

White Truffle is sprinkled with organic coriander, resulting in a brighter but equally decadent sensation. Infused with the same chili peppers, organic agave nectar, this meticulously crafted flavor profile will change your hot sauce experience. Flavor and spice meet prestige in this delight.


✔️ Exquisite flavor, elevating your dishes to gourmet heights

✔️ Culinary luxury, a hot sauce infused with white truffle magic

✔️ Epicurean delight, a treat for taste buds with a touch of heat

Haven't you always wondered what it would be like to have a pirate eye patch? Now you can find out with these fun gold eye patches for puffy eyes. It will be a great last-minute gift to give your mother on special occasions.

These soothing eye patches are the ideal gold eye patches for puffy eyes and anti-aging eye pads that are definitely for women in their 40s. Simply place the patches over your closed eyes for ten minutes, twice a day. Your mother will quickly notice a reduction in puffiness and fine lines.


✔️ Birthday indulgence, showing appreciation for the best mom ever

✔️ Daughter's love, a thoughtful gift to rejuvenate and cherish

✔️ Beauty rest, pampering mom with luxurious eye patches

There is no better birthday gift than the one that can help your mom take care of her health. With a huge 32oz capacity and a full-length infuser basket that adds flavor to the last drop, drinking water has never been more enticing.

With the new timeline tool, she'll be able to effortlessly measure her daily water intake and develop a good hydration habit that's been shown to boost energy and aid in weight loss. Constructed from durable, superior BPA-free eco-friendly Eastman Tritan, this bottle can be used and reused safely. The metal ring latch on the flip-top ensures that the bottle is completely leakproof and securely sealed.


✔️ Sip in style, staying hydrated with a touch of zest

✔️ Healthy and refreshing, a bottle that elevates your water game

✔️ Hydration with flavor, infusing water with fruity goodness

If you're looking for last-minute birthday gifts for moms, then these smiley face slippers are just what you need.

With soft plush lining the entire smiley slipper, these slip-on will bring a funky touch to your mother loungewear look. Slide into instant comfort with these fashionable, retro-style smiley slippers. The comfortable rubber soles are perfect for wearing around the house, while the whimsical smiley design adds a touch of fun to her look.


✔️ Joyful steps, spreading positivity with every stride

✔️ Happy feet, slipping into comfort with a smiley touch

✔️ Cozy happiness, smiling slippers for a cozy day in

There may be a case when you want to give your mom a birthday present that can demonstrate your love, but you cannot give her a bracelet or keychain anymore, this gift is perfect for you.

This Chevron Trimmed Box Sign is 3” x 3” in size and specially designed to freely stand on its own or hang on the wall. It is constructed of high-quality wood and include rounded corners and sanded edges for a distressed aesthetic - a pretty yet lovely reminder for your mom of how much you love her.


✔️ Inspiring words, a sign that adds positivity to any space

✔️ Stylish décor, a box sign with trendy chevron trim

✔️ Home accent, a chic addition to elevate your interior design

This Alex and Ani Bonded by Love Charm Bangle will help you express your love and gratitude for your mom, as well as remind her of how cherished you are for having her as your first caregiver. This is a birthday gift that will move your mom's heart immediately as soon as she sees it.

This lovely adjustable bangle features a two-sided charm that has "Mom" on the front and "Bonded by love, connected for life" in script on the back. This bracelet is a piece of timeless and easy-care jewelry as it is based in a nickel-free brass/copper metal mix - a suitable gift for every special occasion.


✔️ Personalized charm, a bracelet that adapts to your style

✔️ Elegance that fits, an adjustable bangle for a perfect fit

✔️ Bangle with meaning, carrying sentiments close to your heart

This Customized Woman Apron will be a great gift idea for mothers and women.

The Aprons are personalized with initials and a mother's name on an all white cotton apron. They are designed to match each other.


✔️ Compliment her cooking style

✔️ Be the talk of the town in her kitchen

✔️ Be a perfect way to express your gratitude

Looking for a one-of-a-kind way to say thank you? Consider giving the "Thank You For Helping Me Grow Birthday Gifts Mom" personalized plant pot.

This special plant pot is made from superior materials, with a unique design that adds charm to any room. The recipient's name can be customized for a more personal touch. It also comes with a carefully chosen plant that signifies growth and beauty.


✔️ Enhances the ambiance and brings a touch of nature to any space

✔️ Can be paired with a heartfelt note or card for an extra touch

✔️ Reminds the recipient of their positive impact on others

Your wife is about to be promoted to young mom, so you want to give her a meaningful gift to celebrate this occasion. This leather journal will make her day.

The journal is engraved with a heartwarming message to honor the mother’s love and promote her fulfillment. She can also use this present to take notes about the pregnancy period or babies.

Bottom line

We have curated a diverse collection of 62 last-minute birthday gifts that are perfect for daughters to surprise and celebrate their moms in 2023. From sentimental keepsakes to practical and thoughtful presents, this list offers a range of options to show appreciation and make your mom's birthday truly special.

Finding the perfect last-minute gift for your mom can be challenging, but with this comprehensive guide, you can find inspiration and meaningful ideas that will bring joy to her heart. Whether it's a personalized photo album, a spa day experience, or a heartfelt handwritten letter, each gift on this list has been carefully chosen to create lasting memories and strengthen the bond between a daughter and her mom.

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