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35 Customised Gifts for Girlfriend To Show Your Romantic Side

Let your girlfriend be the luckiest girl you have in your life on special occasions! Do you love her a lot? Of course, the answer is yes, however, how to show her your sincere love and compassion to her in a particular way is not an easy task. The woman is very emotional as well as unpredictable to find out which kind of appropriate gift is the best for her. Don’t panic; you have come to the right place where you can find the best gift for your girl, which makes her excited and touched being given this.

A usual gift for her on a special day is too ordinary and predictable to her. Thinking outside of the box is what you should do right now. Let’s make your present much more unique and memorable by giving her a customized gift. She will feel like this gift is made to be prepared for her only when receiving it. She will appreciate and treasure it more than you think, as the way she cherishes a happy memory of being with you at that moment.

Now, it is time to look through our list of awesome personalized gifts for your girlfriend – from Personalized necklaces, bracelets to mugs, glasses, care boxes, and even home decors; you undoubtedly get the suitable keepsake to give your girl.

Are you hunting for a customized gift for your girlfriend to touch her heart? Don't worry as you can get this custom photo collage puzzle.

In this option, you will customize your romantic photo with her to have a unique present. Other than that, with 500 pieces and 1000 pieces selection, you will have a challenging activity to enjoy with her, tightening your relationship.

To express your love to your girlfriend, one of the most indispensable things is a gift, right? This time, let's get this custom wall art to amuse her right at first sight.

The decoration will allow you to customize a song, photo, and text to create a sentimental gift for her. She can hang this round art on the wall to brighten her living space, making love you much more.

There are many personalized gifts for girlfriends in the market. But you know this custom 3D LED light is more outstanding than others.

Your lover will be enchanted with the vibrant colors emitted from this light. Not stop that, but via this light you can express all your deep emotions to make her more understanding of you, strengthening your love.

Sending a customized gift for your girlfriend, what is the best? How about grabbing this custom 3D LED light lamp?

You will add individually your memorable photo and song to this design to make it more appealing. This color-changeable lamp will light up the love in her and provide her with good sleep every day.

That would be an awesome experience to cuddle with your girlfriend on this personalized blanket.

This gift is made of quality fleece so she will feel soft and warm when touching it. Specifically, this blanket will amuse her with a funny message to make her laugh out loud, keeping her in a positive mood.

You are too shy to say some loving words to your lover. Why not purchase this personalized keychain to express your thoughts to your girlfriend?

This item will be personalized with your romantic photo and her name to give you a functional yet sentimental present. She will fall in love with this keychain as she sees it. This one will constantly remind her of the love you had with her.

This personalized ornament gift is the simplest way for you to celebrate Christmas with your girlfriend.

Designed as a snow globe printed with your love photo, this ornament will bring festive spirit to cherish her. This present is also glowing with a sentimental message to warm up her heart on this cold winter.

Since jewelry is expensive and sparkling, I truly believe that every woman will adore this Custom Photo Heart Shape Gift For GirlFriend.

She will be shocked to discover her name inscribed within the diamond-heart-shaped lid. How lovely it can be!


✔️ Make her heart melted

✔️ Stand the test of the time

✔️ Have the effect of relieving pressure

You are searching for a personalized gift for your girlfriend that can constantly remind her of you, right? This keychain will ideally satisfy your needs.

With a portable design, this accessory will be customized with photos and songs to arouse nostalgic memories in your lovers. This one will accompany with her daily as a symbol of love to honor your eternal love.

This custom plaque is a new way to show your love to your girlfriend. You may gather it individually or use it as a collection or decoration.

Every Acrylic can be customized. You can customize whatever you want. Environmentally friendly, pollutant-free, and odorless; made of acrylic plexiglass. Clear images, expert printing process, no color fading, or color differences. It is a perfect gift for your girlfriend on any occasion.


✔️ A visual representation of a special tune

✔️ Add a modern and chic touch to any roo

✔️ Can be easily displayed on a desk, shelf, or wall

The personalized photo song's name car ornament is a cute way for a boyfriend to show his girlfriend that he is still thinking about her and her car. Our hand-painted ornament is a simple yet classic addition to your holiday décor and will be cherished for years to come.


✔️ Be able to personalize

✔️ Make your girlfriend’s car more charming

✔️ Become the highlight of her car

Let's turn your Christmas Eve into an unforgettable night with this sweatshirt.

This personalized gift for your girlfriend will evaluate your binge-watch and heat up the atmosphere to rekindle love in her. Both of you will put this shirt on, savor scrumptious snacks, and watch a romantic movie. That would be a wonderful experience, right?

You are living with your girlfriend. Then, do you want to decorate your house to make it more affordable? If yes, the personalized pillow gift is here for you.

This addition promotes a sense of humor via romantic motifs and messages. She will certainly non-stop laughing when she receives this present. Let's get it to enhance your pre-marrital life.

Make your loved one feel special with the Falling In Love With You For Girlfriend Lamp - a stunning personalized 3D moon lamp.

It's a meticulously crafted experience that takes you beyond your imagination. When you touch it, the feeling of holding a piece of the moon in your hands is indescribable.


✔️ Touch or remote control

✔️ Adjustable brightness settings

✔️ Energy-efficient LED light

Show your love with a timeless and beautiful gift! Looking for the perfect anniversary present? Our Personalized Necklace Jewelry For Her is just the thing.

With up to 8 of your most cherished photos, 14k white gold over stainless steel, and an adjustable cable chain necklace, this special token of love will show them just how much you care.


✔️ Leave her feeling forever honored

✔️ Let her know she's been loved and appreciated

✔️ Create lasting memories for a lifetime

All your valuable memories about your love will be incredibly packed in this ornament. This personalized gift for girlfriends will transport her to the night she first met you.

This ornament will be customized with date, start map and location to indicate your love is destined. Your lover will appreciate it very much and hang at a noticeable place to admire every day.

This white elephant gift will tell your girlfriend you adore her and that she is one of a kind.

Imagine her smiling and thinking of you every time she drinks her beverage, mixed drink or favorite beverage from this tumbler. The rim of the cup is smooth so you won't get hurt. The bottom of the cup can prevent it from falling from the table. This personalized wine tumbler serves as a constant reminder of how unique she is, they will make your big milestone event truly special.


✔️ Excellent heat retention properties

✔️ Regular usage without readily breaking or peeling

✔️ Add a splash of color and elegance to your desk or coffee table

Your girlfriend loves working out so you want to have a personalized gift to give her. You can consider this tumbler.

The tumbler features an eye-catching design with an outside label customized to show your love for her. This present will tell her that both of you are destined for each other. Also, this tumbler will keep her energized both mentally and physically.

Say “I Love You” to your girlfriend in a special way on Valentine's day with personalized heart puzzles.

Wooden box looks spectacular, so it will be a great expensive present. Inside the box, there is a riddle in the shape of a heart, 12 or 20 reasons why I love you. At every piece of the riddle, the reason to love is engraved, and at the middle part, there will be a name of your loved one.


✔️ A form of meditation

✔️ A great way to stimulate the brain

✔️ A fun and engaging activity

This elegant necklace gift for your girlfriend that will be very touched when she receives the gift. It will be a simple piece that will complement any look on any occasion.

This mixed metal plated necklace combines the precision and quality of sparkling Swarovski crystals with a timeless necklace design. The Infinity heart necklace features a dainty heart entwined with a delicate infinity sign and paired with a touch of sparkling clear crystal pavé on a delicate chain.


✔️ Won't go out of fashion

✔️ Ensure longevity and allow them to be worn frequently

✔️ Encapsulate the notion of infinite love

Send your love to your beloved girlfriend with these adorable couple mugs!

With these "his and hers" mugs, you can remember each other with every sip! Coffee mugs feature two boldly contrasting "stick figure" love cartoon characters. Each design reviews a "unique" love message by combining the design patterns together. After your order, it is ready to be packed into a pretty gift box, given to her as soon as it ships to you.


✔️ Add some sparkle to your collection of kitchen utensils

✔️ A sweet and affectionate gesture

✔️ Enhance the sense of togetherness

Regardless of physical distance, let’s show your love to her endlessly with this map artwork.

Custom map artwork perfectly designed to sit on a shelf or desk. Two jigsaw puzzle-shaped maps are hand-cut with the locations of your choice. A couple of short lines of text can be added to the mount if needed. This small but perfectly formed artwork makes an ideal gift to let her know that you are thinking of her all the time.


✔️ Represent a location tied to a significant memory

✔️ A versatile option for different aesthetic tastes

✔️ A visually appealing addition to the decor of any room

Your special loved one deserves a unique and lasting gift. This book is perhaps the only statement more heartfelt than “I love you”.

This mini-book is a love letter to a Soul Mate and a tribute to the amazing power of love. Marci and her children of the inner light characters have created the perfect gift for your lover. This little keepsake book will be a sentimental reminder for her, knowing how much you love her.


✔️ Offer a wide selection for readers of different tastes

✔️ More comfortable to hold for extended periods

✔️ Make reading more accessible to a wider audience

Express how much you love your girlfriend by giving her this customized morse code bracelet.

Made from a high-quality silk cord, the shop can guarantee its quality as well as longevity. You can personalize the message of the morse code by changing the color of beads. Of course, you need to contact the shop to make it for you. When she knows this bracelet has a deep meaning inside, she will be very happy all the time - like the way she treasures the relationship with you.


✔️ Stimulate creativity and thoughtfulnes

✔️ Carry symbolic meaning or personal significance

✔️ Add a layer of intimacy and secretiveness

Let your girlfriend know your affection for her by sending one of a kind lovely pick glass with thoughtful date ideas inside.

Such a handcrafted thoughtful gift for your partner. These 100 date ideas make a fun, romantic Valentine's gift. Open one note for a date idea and let the fun begin! These charming set of date ideas offer to inspire, uplift, and bring a smile. That is a new way for her to start a day with a sentimental quote from her lover.


✔️ Help to strengthen the bond between couples

✔️ Can simply pick a random idea, saving time and energy

✔️ Provide a wide range of activities

Pamper your girlfriend with this personalized Galentine care box.

Inside the box, she can see a white speckle mug, mindful tea, fuzzy socks, and a soy candle. With these items, it shows how delicate and caring you are to her, from the trivial things like this. This floral, fancy box will be packed inside another double wall shipping box to make sure you would receive the gift in great condition.

This 3D illusion lamp was personalized as a gift for her. The beautiful room decor can be bought as a gift for your girlfriend.

The light features an infinite symbol of your love to her, below are the customized names of you and her. This pretty light will show your woman how sweet and romantic you are. Please contact the shop to enter your name and her name, making this personalized gift much more special and meaningful.


✔️ Create the perfect ambiance for different situations

✔️ Suitable for use around children and pets

✔️ Modernize and creatively accent any area with these ideas

Take your and your girlfriend’s memories of being together around with this personalized photo notebook keychain.

Your photos will always be with your loved ones. Your photos are printed on photo paper, which is hidden in a leather case. Thanks to that, it is an elegant and sincere gift that you can take with you wherever you go. Such a gift will not leave anyone indifferent that she will not neglect but fall in love with.


✔️ An icebreaker in social situations

✔️ Carry around without adding bulk to your keys or bag

✔️ Keep your treasured memories close by

What a cute couple of beans! A lovely little gift for your girlfriend to decorate her room while thinking of you.

The beans are happy to sit on the dashboard of her car, on the office desk, or on her kitchen shelf. Pet beans are made to order and all have their own character so will vary slightly from the photos. They come in a little thimble dome and are glued in to keep him safe.


✔️ Ensure a smooth and satisfactory buying experience

✔️ Illustrate the relationship and link

✔️ An adorable and decorative item for the recipients' home

To be honest, no lady will not love jewelry since it is sparkly and valuable. Then you can give your girlfriend this customized engraved heart necklace as a special gift.

You also need to know that each jewelry gem and shape have their meaning. Diamond refers to initiation and clarity; meanwhile, emerald means deep love and compassion. When opening the cover diamond heart shape, she will be surprised to see her name engraved inside. Just how pretty it can be!


✔️ Demonstrate your consideration for the recipient's feelings

✔️ A classic symbol of lov

✔️ Contain particular sentiments or experiences

A special designed candle will be a great ideal gift to give your girlfriend to decorate her room. It gives an elegant and simple vibe wherever she puts it.

These beautiful ivory beeswax candles burn down the middle and leave spires as they go. They are 11" inches tall, 2" at their widest, and burn approximately 7.5 hours from top to bottom. When shipping to you, it comes in a pair and is packaged in a clear bag.


✔️ Add a touch of festivity and joy to the occasion

✔️ Set a romantic mood

✔️ Produce a warm and tranquil atmosphere

Express your love and support to your girlfriend in a special way that she does not expect at all. This wooden heart box will be a unique present that she has ever gotten.

You can really make this gift truly personal and 100% tailored to you through the name of the box cover. Please leave her name in the box at the checkout, with a maximum of 12 characters for the name on the box, and please choose between blank heart, standard hearts or fully personalized hearts.


✔️ Provide a practical solution for organizing small

✔️ Add a sense of coziness and warmth to the living area

✔️ Convey love, care, and thoughtfulness to the recipient

This is a dainty and delicate bracelet with a thin bangle band by design to be light on the wrist. Can’t wait to see how the pretty bracelet is on your girlfriend’s wrist!

Your choice of a silver tone infinity symbol with couples initials will be transformed into a personalized bracelet for girlfriend with bangle band choice of silver filled or sterling silver. The charm is cute and small to match the size of the mini infinity charm.


✔️ Compliment various attire and personal trends.

✔️ Create a unique and personalized jewelry combination

✔️ Represent eternal love, friendship, and never-ending bonds

Show the loving relationship between you and your girlfriend with this customized engraved ring.

This listing is for 1 ring engraved with two initials separated by a heart along with a date. The ring measures 3mm wide, which is available in whole ring sizes 4-10. You can select the font shown in the font photo. Customize the ring with the names of you and her to make this gift much more special.


✔️ Ensure comfort and ease of wearing

✔️ Stand out and hold special significance

✔️ Signify a promise of love and devotion

Looking for the perfect gift for the newly engaged couple? This his and hers whiskey and wine glass set makes a great gift for a couple like you and your girlfriend.

Celebrate your girlfriend's newest adventure being with you with these one of a kind glasses. This couple set includes a 15oz wine glass and 11oz whiskey glass. These are made of the highest quality with a design guaranteed to last. Enjoy a romantic night while having a sip of wine and spending time with your soulmate.


✔️ Encourage you and your partner to take time out from busy schedules

✔️ Influence the drinker's perception of the whiskey's taste and aroma

✔️ An opportunity for a shared drinking experience

This high quality cover photo album acrylic is the perfect gift for your special one. This personalized feature on this decor will make your girlfriend touched a lot whenever seeing this.

Choose your song, picture and code, once you receive, remove the protective film and enjoy the music with your lover. The UV printer gives you the best quality acrylic engraved you can get. Ask for other multiple materials such as wood, glass and cases to make your special gift reality.


✔️ Enhance the overall aesthetic of your space

✔️ Easy to handle, move, and store

✔️ Protect your photos from damage over time

Surprise your girlfriend with a unique and pretty classic bag that she will never forget!

Made from 100% cotton Mud Pie totes are sturdy with a lasting construction, great for daily use. The bag is designed to go well with all her looks on that day. She will definitely use it many times, for work and for a party as well. The compartment is large so she can put a lot of personal stuff into this bag, even her laptop, ipad or books.


✔️ Designed with the latest fashion trends in mind

✔️ Provide a touch of luxury at an affordable price point

✔️ Suits your personal style and needs

Do you want to find a unique personalized present for your special lady - your girlfriend? This spa gift box will be a great gift to give a relaxing bathing time.

Modern and elegant touch, this exquisite gift box gives you a unique surprise. There are a variety of different gifts in the package, which will bring her the sweetest surprise when opened. Every item in our set has been selected and curated with thought and care to create the most special moment for that lady in your life.


✔️ Show someone you care about their wellbeing

✔️ Help nourish the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed

✔️ Promote relaxation and stress relief

Are you trying to look for a special gift to give your girlfriend? That should leave a deep impression on her that she can treasure it as a keepsake for years to come. Then just have a look at these retro blessing cards.

This gift will not let you down since you just got the great gift for her. Each card has a blessing message that she can read it every time. Start a new day with an inspirational and motivated message from her lover, that is the best thing ever!


✔️ Promote a more optimistic outlook

✔️ Convey your good wishes and blessings

✔️ Ability to spread positivity and good vibes

A unique way to confess your love to your girlfriend is to give her this 3D moon crystal decor.

It is highly durable, and even after a lifetime of use. Crystal nightlight lamp creates a comfortable light in her room. Light the crystal in various colors everytime pressing on the button. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition for up to 30 days after purchase.


✔️ Can be used in meditation spaces, yoga studios, or personal altars

✔️ Â starting point for conversations

✔️ Conducive to stress relief and relaxation

If you want to find an appropriate gift to give your girlfriend on special occasions, jewelry is never a bad ideal gift to give women. Then you can give this pretty engraved necklace to your lover.

With this elegant design, she will love wearing it a lot. Moreover, it also matches with any kind of outfit on any occasion. Contact the shop to select your own font and content of the text. The special feature of this necklace will make her feel like this is made for her only.


✔️ Preserve the special message or design

✔️ Reminded of a special moment, person, or sentiment

✔️ Commemorate a special occasion, honor a loved one

Are you trying to find a unique present for your love? Hoping this gift can keep for a long time? This forever rose in a glass dome will give your girlfriend an excellent surprise!

The real rose will die with time, but this galaxy rose will be preserved forever! The led light wrapped around the rose will light bright and warm, looks like you and your love are living in an enchanted galaxy. What beauty and romantic time! Just keep this great romantic memory between you!


✔️ Designed to closely resemble the real thing

✔️ An excellent choice as they do not produce any pollen

✔️ Can last for a long time

If you would like to choose a great gift for your girlfriend? This village candle is the perfect gift choice to bring her a relaxing time in a natural environment.

Rich, rose pink colored food-grade paraffin wax, fragranced by the finest scented oils. This candle provides a consistent fragrance release, longer burn time, and clean, even wax burn with less soot. Before reaching your home, each candle is quality checked and the cotton wicks are hand-trimmed, ready for you to enjoy!


✔️ Known for their long burn tim

✔️ Ensure the entire surface of the candle burns evenly

✔️ Allow you to choose a scent that suits your mood

Are you still having trouble how to select gifts? Are you also worried that your girlfriend won't like it because it's not beautiful or practical? This care package one can be inspirational gifts for women.

It is a fun and amazing idea with a beautiful box. The package is designed with a unique gilt gold background and specially warm language expressions like "Smile a lot, Shine brightly". Come with some bathing items along with a wine tumbler, these can pamper her while taking a shower.


✔️ A great way to bring a little bit of home to someone who's far away

✔️ Bring the joy of surprise to the recipient

✔️ Make the recipient feel valued and understood

Playing romantic music when being with your girlfriend on a special day with this sentimental wooden music box.

This music box is made of high-quality wooden materials. The surface of the music box is exquisitely carved by hand, the theme of the music box mechanism is "You are my sunshine". Spin the crank handle constantly, you will hear a clear music mechanism “You are my sunshine" and also can repeat it by hand.


✔️ Can be taken on trips as a comforting piece of home

✔️ Can help to alleviate stress

✔️ Evoke a sense of nostalgia

A personalized gift for her - your girlfriend, should present your deep love and affection. Engraving her name or adding several heart-warming lines like this blessing pillow should be enough.

This cushion cover has an invisible zipper, so it is safe and convenient to machine wash. Moreover, they print just on one side, and the other side is blank. Made from environmentally friendly cotton linen material, she will feel soft and comfortable when lying her head on this pillow.


✔️ A sweet reminder of love from home

✔️ A touch of warmth and charm to a bedroom

✔️ A good way to show their affection and love towards their loved ones

Are you looking for a special personalized gift for your girlfriend on a special occasion? Get this “Love You More” ring holder for her to store her favorite jewelry.

This tray is 4x4 square and is adorned with a golden glaze trim. It is the perfect size for a vanity, bedside table, or near a basin to hold rings and other trinkets. Such an elegant ring holder and a special gift idea to make your lady a surprise.


✔️ A decorative touch to your dresser, vanity, or bathroom

✔️ Prevent pieces from getting lost, tangled, or damaged

✔️ Make it easy to find your favorite pieces

Customize this with hearts near the cities of your choice, make a sentimental keepsake for both of you and your girlfriend.

This pretty engraved map keychain is the proof of the bonding love relationship between you and her, regardless of physical distance. You know how important it is to feel close to your other half when you cannot be together. These pieces are meant to serve as a reminder - give you and her strength to face the difficult road ahead.


✔️ Typically quite affordable

✔️ Enhance the style of your keys, bag, backpack, or baggage

✔️ Keep precious memories alive

Are you looking for a sentimental personalized gift to give your girlfriend? Nowhere to find out but get this funny keychain.

With a message “I love you more. The end. I win”, she will laugh out loud at how funny and sweet you are. It is a unique way to show how much you love her. She will be very happy to attach it to her personal bag or pouch as a favorite keepsake.


✔️ Encourage positivity and motivation in your day-to-day life

✔️ Represent a bond between two people

✔️ Carry a deep personal meaning

This universal docking station is compatible with all cell phones including any iPhone and android phone. Give your girlfriend this pretty vintage gift on special occasions.

With a classic green look, this is not only a stocking station but also a pretty decor in her room. The shop can engrave on the docking station any logo or picture. Just write to us about your wishes. The result will not let you down after you receive their product.


✔️ Encourage the habit of placing your items in the same spot consistently,

✔️ Help save space on your dresser, desk, or nightstand

✔️ Easily charge your devices overnight

Do you want to show care to your lovely girlfriend on her birthday? Then, you definitely should get this personalized journal.

This journal is personalized with a name and portrait to showcase her confident state. This item will support her to enhance her productivity at the workplace while strengthening her confidence in herself.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the 35 customized gifts for girlfriend provide the perfect way to showcase your romantic side and express your love in a unique and thoughtful manner. These gifts go beyond the ordinary, allowing you to create a personal connection and make her feel truly special. From customized jewelry and engraved keepsakes to personalized photo frame and custom-made experiences, our curated collection offers a wide range of options to suit different tastes and preferences. Each gift can be tailored to reflect your girlfriend's interests, and the beautiful moments you've shared together.

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