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35 Hilarious Poop Gifts That Will Make Anyone Laugh Out Loud

Smiling is the best effective medicine in life. Life would be very simple and tedious if you forget to impress and delight the people surrounding you. Let's fill up your life and your loved one's heart with the sound of laughing; then, you will definitely feel every day is a bright and flavorful day. But you wonder how to make people laugh if you aren't a joker. Very simple, get a gift from the listing of poop gifts right here.

Each gift is an exceptional design and is represented in different forms of presents. That's why you even get fun from the process of grabbing a present with this listing. No matter whether you aim to give this gift on any occasion but ensure it is the most unique gift your loved one will receive on a day. Now, don't waste your time. Let's scroll down and grab some presents for yourself or your lovers below.

Do you want to laugh? Let's get the poop-farting plush toy, and the gift will make you cannot stop laughing and even delight people surrounding this toy. A fun gift like that would be easy to make anyone lose their cool and serious appearance to dip in your joke.

The plush toy is cutely made, and it features a strong battery on it. It can make a massive farting sound of 25,000 farts, impressive with seven different sounds. Need to laugh, get it, or need to fart, also get it!


✔️ Fun toy for any group of ages, from kids to adults

✔️ Super cute design to impress anyone

✔️ Durable toy to create an endless playing time for your small kids

You are holding a game to play with your friends at a gathering or giving this gift to your kids to provide a fun game for them to enjoy every day. The toy will create a fun time while playing to not step on poop, leading to messy consequences to delight people.

The toy is a mat, and the rule for playing this game is straightforward. You need to wear a blindfold and walk through the mat to not steep in poop. It is a win. The rug and poops are made from good material to give you a squishy feeling coming with a smell. So get it to enjoy right now!


✔️ Resist slippery to limit accidents while playing

✔️ Keep your kids laughing out loud constantly

✔️ Give an authentic feeling like stepping in a poop

The stink spray is absolutely a frustrating trick to anyone. So, you should be careful to use this gift if you don't want to make your friends angry. The spray will bombard a stinky wet cloud of fart and make your friend crazy immediately.

The spray is made from safe and non-flammable ingredients. This gift is really unpleasure, so let's be careful with prankers. The smell and feeling are awful and potent immediately to push him/her running for freshwater to wash. The gift has a large capacity, so you can play for hours.


✔️ Features nasty clouds and a poopy smell to keep people away

✔️ Malice prank for anyone to make them feel crazy

✔️ Very potent, but it is safe for anyone

The Daron doody head game is a fun toy for you to put on yourself or your surrounding people. You can wear it or put it on your loved one to make them smile. Wearing this gift is like putting a cap on the head and then throwing poops on it. It would be a trick to delight anyone.

The game will have 2 hats and 3 doodies. The hat is quite tight for adults, but it is fit for kids. The product will give you funny and relaxing moments to laugh out loud. The material is soft and will be comfortable to wear all day.


✔️ Lightweight to put on and cherish anyone

✔️ Give you a fun toy to trick people

✔️ Silly toy to put on your opponent's head

Feeling chill out with the poop emoji pillow. The gift is ideal for you to give to your intimate ones like your best friend or your lover. The gift will bring a smile to his/her face and make her/him love you much more.

The pillow features a case of polyester, and a filling inside is the same material. Besides that, the case features a silver sequin to create a special spot. The poop print is so cute and adorable. The product is ideal for washing in the machine, and you also remove the filling and exchange it conveniently with a sturdy zipper.


✔️ Have only size and many colors to purchase

✔️ Personalized with a name

✔️ Make your lover smile with your idea

The farting poop pen is the funniest gift for your friend to give them on his/her birthday or any occasion. Only by pressing the poop head will the pen make a sound and make you and them laugh immediately. So, if you need a hilarious gift, here is the smart choice for you.

The pen has seven funny sounds, and it is no nasty smell. The poop face is smiling and so cute. You can use this pen as a normal pen to write. The plastic pan is durable to limit breaking down in case you drop it.


✔️ Great size to hold like a regular pen

✔️ Cherish people around you

✔️ Create fart noises to trick anyone

Instead of giving some gifts like jewelry, keychain, card, or shirts. Why not give your loved one a brown poop hat? The gift is fun to make her a joker, and it would be a supportive tool for a hilarious person in his/her performance.

The poop hat is made of cotton for a case, and the filling is polyester. The emoticon of this gift is happy and fun. The product is manufactured by a long-year company designing toys, souvenirs, games, etc. The size is 12 x 12 x 8 inches and suitable for kids of 3 ages.


✔️ Comfortable when wearing to impress anyone

✔️ Make you look like a silly person

✔️ Soft and lightweight to give you a fun hat

The turd sculpture is absolutely a bad prank from anyone. So, you should be careful to use it to avoid making your friend or lover feel uncomfortable. The turd will contribute to making your plan to trick or chill up anyone to be very easy.

The turd is designed to look like a real one, and you only observe outside. You also feel nasty and want to keep it away. That's why it can be easy for you to do mischievous acts. Anyone will also feel terrified whenever seeing or even crazy if touching it. So, consider using it!


✔️ Awful prank to make your loved one mad

✔️ Wonderful design to accomplish any trick plan

✔️ Give you an effective tool to delight people

Are feel happy with the gift here, a poop night light? The gif is offered for you to take back home to use or get it to give to your friends. It would be an extra special on your gift listing and an impressive design for your house to impress anyone.

The light top is made from acrylic and the special and favorable point of the gift is that it is easy to insert and remove. You can remove the top whenever you want to clean it daily. To power this light, you need to plug the base into the socket. The light can automatically adjust the brightness level thanks to the sensor function.


✔️ Not give off heat while working

✔️ Electricity-saving with a consumption of 0.5W

✔️ Perfect to set in a bathroom or kid's room

Using the poop mug to sip or enjoy coffee or tea every day would be an exciting experience for anyone. Therefore, don't miss this gift to get back home and try it one time or give it to your friend, siblings, coworkers, or your lover to please them with a laugh.

This funny mug is made of high-quality ceramic and the design is exceptional and excellent to evoke a fun feeling in each one. The capacity is 18oz so you can load a quite large volume of liquid to supply your body whenever being in need.


✔️ Have a convenient handle to hold

✔️ Ideal mug for microwaves or washing machine

✔️ Give you a novel experience

Getting the poop bag holder for a dog dad or dog mom. The gift would be an additional special for him/her to make them laugh every moment seeing this gift. The product is ideal for hooking a leash for a dog or a bag if you want. Fun is not hard if you have this gift, right?

The poop holder has the material of silica gel and plastic. The dimension is 3.53.22 inches, and the mouth of the poop can open and load something like a waste bag. The product almost fits any dog bag roll. And there is a clip for you to attach to the dog's leash.


✔️ Necessary item for dogs to keep them clean

✔️ Clip works well on the leash to keep it in place

✔️ Enable to keep up to 15 waste bags

Let's grab the poop emoji planter to decorate your indoor or outdoor gardening in your house! Besides that, if you want a fun gift to make him/her happy on a day, here is what you are finding.

The size is 3.5 inches wide and stands 3 inches in height. The gift is ideal for air plants or small succulents. You can put it on a tabletop or hang it. There are two colors for you to customize, one is light brown, and the other is dark brown. You also choose the unpainted planter.


✔️ Have a drainage hole to help you take care of plants easily

✔️ Adorable design to make a little cuteness in your home

✔️ Exceptional home decor to create greens and beauty for your house

Are you always around with jokers and prankers? Don't panic. The nose plugs will help you not to fall in their trick. The plug will prevent any stinky smells like diapers, nasty poop, farting, or more to keep you immune from any unpleasant smells. Enjoying this one to have a good day.

The box will have 4 sturdy nose plugs and it will maintain your good mood from stinky smells. Each plug is sealed in a plastic bag and packed in a box so it is clean and hygienic. Besides using it for stinky smells, you can use it whenever you swim to prevent water penetrate your nose.


✔️ Multifunctional items for many figures

✔️ Fun poop plugs to add on your face

✔️ Long-lasting product to use for many hours

The fake floating poop is such a bad trick for anyone. But if you are a prankster, maybe the gift would be an effective support for your idea to make people around mad. The gift will provide you with a tool to draw up a perfect plan to trick and delight anyone.

The fake poop is made from foam. It is skillfully crafted, and the texture is like real poop except for the stink. The size to color is too authentic to trick anyone at first sight. In the box, you will receive an extra fake floating poop. So, don't hesitate to get it for your next crime.


✔️ Disturbing toy to trick anyone

✔️ Make your life more flavor with these fun gifts

✔️ Fool anyone in a blink

Do you have any idea about holding a party for your loved one, like your best friend, your kids, or your lover? If you feel difficult and are stuck in trouble, the poop emoji balloon is a great starting point for you. Buying this gift and developing it with your plan to have the funniest day.

The balloon is made from latex, and the size is 18 inches. The poop face is smiley and adorable to bring a smile to your loved ones at their first seeing. The gift allows you to make a bulk order to get them to decorate your house with an exotic theme to celebrate a day.


✔️ Great item to keep the air inside longly

✔️ Create a novel vibe for a party or gathering

✔️ Chill up your guest and make them feel happy

Are you feel your life is too boring and tenuous? Why not add a fun thing to life and refresh your spirit with the poop log notepad? The gift is offered for you to give your coworkers or your beloved to make them happy and laugh. It is the best way to kick off your life.

The notepad is made from Leatherette which is a synthetic material. The leather looks like a real one, and it is also durable not, less other leather products. The gift is easy to clean, and used the laser to engrave a poop log miniature on the cover to create a funny factor for this gift.


✔️ Have 50 pages inside for you to satisfy any purpose

✔️ Elastic strap to keep the notepad secure and durable

✔️ Come with a chrome pen to perfect this gift idea

The toilet warning sign will satisfy your friend, who is a joker with a lot of unexpected ideas to chill people. The gift would be his/her favorite to carry on to his joke and make people laugh out loud every single day. Brightening up your day with a fun gift like that is ideal.

The warning sign features a quote of "Caution deeply satisfying poo in progress" to express your busyness while making people smile. The product is plastic with a size of 9.84 x 4.65 x 0.4 inches, so it is perfect for you to set on a desk or anywhere.


✔️ Perfect size to carry anywhere

✔️ Give a fun reason for your procrastination

✔️ Bright colors to grab people's attention quickly

Grabbing a gag gift for your kids or anyone to enjoy and get fun when they are feeling bored with the bag of poop here. The gift will provide you with a limitless fun time to laugh and relieve your stress. It is an ideal toy for parents to joke with their kids and bring a smile to their's faces.

The set bag gift will have four poop piles like this. The toy comes from good and friendly material. It is perfect for you to hold and trick anyone. The fake poop is also endurable; even when you accidentally drop it many times, it is still hard to break down.


✔️ Hilarious toy for both adults and kids

✔️ Well packaged in a bog to give you a good product

✔️ Satisfy your tricking idea to impress anyone

The remote control poop car is a unique gift for your kids to enjoy while getting fun. The gift will make him/her smile and indulge in this toy for many hours. The product will cultivate to keep your loved one in a good mood. That's why don't miss this fun gift for any occasion.

The poop car gift will include a poo toy, a controller, and a screwdriver. You can install the poop toy on the screwdriver and the using the remote control to move the car. The gift features brown colors, and it is made like realistic poop. The control is small for kids to hold and control easily.


✔️ Bring a humorous toy for your kid to play

✔️ Long-lasting poop car with good plastic material

✔️ Compact size to keep in a bag and carry anywhere

Pull a prank on your family member, friends, or even your lover with the gag gift of poop toilet roll. The gift will make him/her laugh out loud or even cannot stop. The different poop emojis will give people different emotions, but all it will give you a relaxing in mind.

The set is simply a regular toilet paper you still buy, but it is decorated with a hilarious label to add a smile to people's faces. Each poop emoji is cute and comes with a short text to express emotions. Remember that you can add a message card to send to your loved one.


✔️ Please your loved one even when being a toilet

✔️ Create a comfortable atmosphere for an intimate party

✔️ Show off the close connection in a relationship

Spending your spare time in the dog pooping puzzle to relax and feel calm. The puzzle will offer you a relaxing game to play with friends or alone whenever you are feeling down or don't know what you have to do next. Let's sit down and assemble a puzzle to find ourselves.

The intricate game has 101 dogs on the finished display, and each piece of the jigsaw puzzle is printed with nontoxic ink, and the colors are hard to fade. With the size of 27 x 19" approx, this 1000-piece puzzle will be quite tricky for beginners, but absolutely you will feel fun from this game.


✔️ Train your memory and imagination

✔️ Give you nice decor after completing

✔️ Relaxing toy for all ages and especially dog lovers

Spreading out your positive energy to people around with the bag of poo gift. The product will delight your loved one and make them feel love life much more. Simply. Adding a smile to their faces and bringing the pile of poo here to your joke.

The bag of poo is fun from the outside with a cute poop face. The package is also enough to make him/her laugh, but you will be surprised by the context inside. It is brown cotton candy. Enjoy it by taking a but out of a bag and put in your mouth. You will feel a sweet black cherry taste from that.


✔️ Excellent items to attract any group of ages

✔️ Give you a wonderful experience in emotions

✔️ Show you different facial expressions from your beloved when using this bag

It is an awesome gift for you to give your friends at his/her housewarming. The gift will celebrate a great day with a fun quote. Your friend will smile at first glance at your humor. Smiling will bring a good mood and spirit to anyone, so remember to purchase this gift for your beloved.

The candle is a soy wax blend. It features cotton wicks, a lid, and a humorous label. The candle does not have artificial colors, and the colors completely depend on what scent you choose from. There are 3 sizes, and they are 3.5oz, 7oz, and 13oz to meet your needs.


✔️ Offer a wide variety of scents

✔️ Create an unwinding space for you to reduce stress

✔️ Safe and burning for many hours

Are you falling in love with the cute poop Airpods case here, right? Everyone like you loves this design at first sight. Therefore, it would be regretful if you didn't make some orders for yourself and for your friends. The gift definitely cherishes your loved one and keeps her in a good mood.

The AirPods case is made of silicon, so it is endurable and long-lasting. The gift is compatible with Apple AirPods 1 and 2. The case has a recharging port for you to repower your airport. There is the front LED, but it is not visible.


✔️ Lightweight and great size to keep neatly on a bag

✔️ Lovely and cute case to keep your Airpod

✔️ Scratch-resistant to protect your Airpod better

If you are finding a gift to carry on to a housewarming party or give to your beloved on a special day, the poop jokes sign is a smart choice for you. The gift features a sense of humor to chill up anyone, and it is also a nice ornament for a new house.

The sign is framed by wood material, and the colors are for you to choose from to match the house's style. The size is 4.5 inches in width and 4.5 inches in height. The text is printed clearly and is easy to read. Some text is represented in an artistic form to highlight your message.


✔️ Be able to decorate on a desk or hang it on the wall

✔️ Simple in decorating but containing a fun context

✔️ Please, your beloved and others, whenever seeing it

Adding a cute poop planter in your house and particularly in your room, makes your bedroom much more adorable and lovely. The poop planter will allow you to plant seeds and enjoy this process. You also send it to others to encourage them to relax and take pleasure in gardening.

The poop pottery planter is wonderful for you to observe the growth of a plant and enjoy the fresh air from this process. Inside the package, there will have a plastic dip trap, seed packs for 3 plantings, and detailed instructions of 6 steps for you to take up a planting.


✔️ Grab people's attention with the wonderful pottery

✔️ Enjoy the exciting process of waiting for a plant to sprout

✔️ Have entertaining value through a hilarious poop face

Have you ever imagined you would eat poop? Don't be too surprised. It ultimately comes true with the poop emoji chocolates. The gift is beautifully made in poop shape for you to enjoy or give to anyone on occasion. It would be fun, right? So, quickly grab it to try one time.

The poop chocolates used premium chocolates with different flavors like dark chocolates and milk chocolates. There will have 10 small pieces on the box and one solid chocolate bar of 4.75" x 2.25". Each poop emoji features cute little eyes begging you to taste it.


✔️ Spread sweetness from your mouth to your heart

✔️ Freshing making to give you a high-quality chocolate

✔️ Personalized with your own message

You have to enjoy the process of using the condiment bottle topper to feel fun and a good laugh. The gift is extra special for your loved one on a special day. Let's come to the kitchen and prepare a breakfast or meal for them, then use the topper to add sauce or condiment to it.

The bottle topper is made of plastic, and it is safe to use in cooking. The product is hilariously designed with attractive colors and a fun shape. It is ideal for you to use with ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, syrup, sriracha, and chocolate syrup bottles.


✔️ Give you an idea to conduct a joke

✔️ Make your loved one chuckle anytime watching

✔️ Enable to free-standing and resist heat from foods

Light up your mood by watching the facial expression of the poop emojis. The gift will give you endless joy to laugh and make others smile daily. Don't forget to smile in a day to spread out your positive energy to others and frequently get this gift like that to give others.

The poop emoji keychain gift will offer you a bulk order with 12 emojis which is able to be assorted. The plush material is soft and warm to give you a gentle touch. Each one measures 2.75 inches and has a clip closure for you to clip it on anywhere.


✔️ Give you a wide variety of different emojis to give many people

✔️ Hilarious keychain to feel energetic every day

✔️ Wide application on backpacks, keys, and bags

Supply the set of poop emoji towels to a joker to make him feel your caring. The gift is a necessary item for anyone to serve their basic need. If you love cute designs, you also get them for yourself to use and laugh about every day.

The set gift will have a bath towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth. All the product is cotton, and each one has different sizes, in which the bath towel is the biggest, and you also buy a bath sheet in a bigger size if you prefer. The poop emoji is embroidered on the towel, so it is permanent and give you endless fun.


✔️ Available in various colors

✔️ Ideal items for folding, hanging, and stacking

✔️ Essential set to make your life convenient

Are you happy if receive the poop emoji trophy? Or do you think your loved one will have what expression if being granted this trophy? Not have to think, it will definitely laugh out loud, right? Thus, don't consider more. Quickly grab this gift to honor a winner.

The poop emoji trophy holder is made of plastic and silver, and the engraving plate is made from black aluminum. The gift is 8'' in height, and the poop emoji is engraved by laser so it will show a glossy image and never fades. The trophy will bring a smile and happiness to anyone to enjoy in a competition.


✔️ Solid and sturdy trophy to keep for a long time

✔️ Customized with a message on the holder

✔️ Novel and cute design to boost anyone's excitement

You are purchasing the poop solar decor to light up your room in a hilarious and beautiful way. The gift features a happy face to make anyone feel energetic and active whenever seeing it. Just forget all the bad things happening during the day. This gift will finish the mission perfectly.

The poop solar automatically works when light shine on the solar strip directly. So, it saves electricity and is an authentic eco-friendly product. The size is 3 x 2 x 3 inches, and the base is flat and non-adhesive to place anywhere.


✔️ Bring a cuteness feeling to your normal day

✔️ Shake a poop head to cherish your loved one

✔️ Entertaining decor to make your house heartwarming

It sounds silly to wear the poop emoji beanie, but it is super fun to make people laugh. The gift is an ideal choice for a joker to put on every day. It will make him/her look fool, and no need to talk about anything is also enough to chill up anyone.

The beanie is a knit hat, so it will be more durable than other garments. The poop emoji is embroidered, so it will never peel or disappear hard. The product has one size, but it fits anyone from men to women. There have lots of colors so you can feel easy to choose a favorite one.


✔️ Keep warm in the freezing weather

✔️ Nice to match and mix with different clothes

✔️ Build up a happy and upbeat image for yourself or your beloved

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