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30 Best Stranger Things Gifts That The One Who Love This Series

As Stranger Things' newest season is now the most-watched TV show on Netflix, it attracts many fans. And I guess someone around you must love this movie, right? So how about giving each other gifts related to this series? From there, you can unwrap the gifts and discuss what happens in the movie.

Let us present you with the greatest Stranger Things gifts if you know a fan or want to add exciting items to your collection. You might be surprised to see some rather weird goods listed here. And your loved ones will be even more surprised when they receive a gift from you.

You will discover interesting collaborations and collector's items like Dustin's cap, the famous "Friends Don't Lie" ornament, and collectible Funko Pop figures – all with a Stranger Things theme. So, keep reading for more details!

Are you and your best friend fans of Stranger Things? If so, why not buy this couple bracelet set to celebrate your beautiful friendship?

These low-key styles match the fashion sense of Stranger Things characters. It allows your friend to incorporate a bit of the show into their everyday outfits. Moreover, as inspired by the beautiful friendship in the movie, this bracelet presents a beautiful bond between you and your friend.

For fans who are deeply invested in the characters, this companion may offer insights into the development of their favorite characters.

This can include interviews with the actors, discussions about character arcs, and how certain iconic moments were developed and executed. Trust me - if you give them this gift, they will be excited and want to unbox it immediately.

If your friend enjoys collecting items related to their favorite shows, this beautiful blanket can be seen as a collectible that will amaze him/her.

Since the blanket is themed around Dungeons & Dragons, it directly connects to the series. Your friend can enjoy the cozy comfort of a soft blanket while indulging in their love for Stranger Things.

If your loved ones are true fans of Stranger Things, you should not miss this adorable version of the characters in the movie.

Its design looks no different from a movie character coming to life. This will make fans excited to collect the remaining characters. With this cute plush toy, they can place it in the room as decor or replace a pillow, which is also a great idea.

Confused about what to gift to lovers of the movie Stranger Things? This peel-and-stick wall decal set is the top choice to satisfy their passion.

These decals, which include recognizable characters and icons from the show, let fans surround themselves with what they know and love. Who doesn't like to immerse themselves in their favorite world? They will surely be touched by this gift you prepare.

Giving gifts one can use and see daily is also not a bad idea. That's why you should gift Stranger Things fans this iconic desk mat.

The desk mat turns a regular workspace into a personalized Stranger Things-themed area. This makes work or study time more enjoyable and adds a touch of passion to the space. Fans will love it because the design is an iconic scene from the movie and features a logo print.

What's better than wearing a shirt with your favorite character or movie printed on it? Even with Stranger Things fans, I'm sure they will be delighted to receive this upside-down silhouette shirt!

This T-shirt is comfy and adaptable, making it a great everyday gift. Fans can easily add this shirt to their wardrobe for casual outings or home relaxation.

It would be a mistake for those who love the movie Upside Down not to have this figure. So, it’s fantastic to give them this Demogorgon creature model as a big surprise.

You can imagine the joy when they see the realistic image of a central and menacing creature in their room. They can touch, hug, and take impressive photos with this figure. I bet they will be so happy when they receive your present.

Cleaning up has never been this entertaining! With these Dart and Demogorgon kitchen sponges, you can help Stranger Things fans add some Hawkins flair to their kitchen.

The unique design of Dart and the Demogorgon on the sponges makes them a conversation starter. Guests visiting the kitchen will likely notice these quirky items and wonder where to get them.

How beautifully does this bag portray the world of Stranger Things? This pouch is more than just a bag. It's a portal to the iconic '80s universe of Hawkins.

The pouch serves a practical purpose by providing a convenient way for fans to organize and carry their daily essentials. They will be very touched as they own an additional item about their favorite movie.

Have you prepared Christmas gifts for Stranger Things lovers? If not, you can consider this funny ornament as a cherished piece of fandom.

This funny glass ornament has a playful twist through its hilarious design. In this case, it's called Santa Things, making it a unique and amusing Santa ornament! What a wonderful gift idea that will bring laughter to fans, right?

Who says fashion can't be fun, nostalgic, and somewhat supernatural? With this pair of Stranger Things earrings, fans can accessorize like a resident of Hawkins!

These earrings are perfect for fans who like a subtle way to show their love for Stranger Things. They blend seamlessly into everyday style and work well for different occasions. Whether it's daily wear or fan meet-ups, it helps them stand out from the crowd.

Giving gifts to Stranger Things fans doesn't have to be difficult. You just need to choose items related to the movie, like this desk mat.

Besides showing love for the series, this desk mat offers a smooth, relaxing surface for working or playing games. I guarantee that after seeing the design of this desk mat, they will not want to use their old one anymore.

All of the iconic show lines, visuals, and moments can be found on one tumbler! This is a one-of-a-kind design that is guaranteed to satisfy program fans!

The tumbler is a visible and practical expression of the recipient's fandom. Fans can proudly display their love for Stranger Things while enjoying their favorite beverages. They will even enjoy showing off this unique item they have collected to friends or colleagues.

Are you confused about finding a gift to celebrate your beautiful friendship with your close friends? Search no more and look at this Stranger Things-inspired bracelet!

This bracelet lets your best friend subtly express their love for the show in a stylish way. It is tasteful and easy to wear daily, blending seamlessly with your friend's style. It can be worn for different occasions, constantly reminding you of your special friendship.

What is the most appropriate gift to give your best friend this Christmas? My answer would be this beautiful ornament with a touching message from Stranger Things.

Anyone who watches Stranger Things knows the meaning behind "Friends don't lie." That is the final destination of friendship. Then, no gift depicts beautiful friendship more meaningfully than this ornament.

For avid readers and Stranger Things enthusiasts, these bookmarks offer a unique way to bridge fiction with reality. Fans can carry a piece of the show into their daily reading routines.

These bookmarks are crafted with intricate designs inspired by the Stranger Things series. For fans of the show, this creates a personalized connection to their beloved characters and overall aesthetic. Plus, each bookmark also depicts a message of the movie that will touch every fan.

Open the door to humor and fandom with this funny doormat – a witty and entertaining gift that turns any entrance into a whimsical homage to Stranger Things!

The "Welcome Stranger" phrase directly connects to the show's themes, creating a fun and recognizable reference for fans. As a way of direct publicity, guests entering the house will immediately recognize the homeowner's preferences.

Are you and your loved one fans of the hit series "Stranger Things"? So why not give them this sign as a starting point to share interesting things about the movie?

The sign directly references the Upside Down, a central and mysterious dimension in Stranger Things. Hanging it in the main door allows your loved one to show their love for this series in a distinctive manner.

I think any fan of this series would be more excited than ever if they could own a light with the Stranger Things logo. So it will be a great idea to give them gifts.

Its design is simple, with mainly two tones of red and black. When placed in a dark space, this light will evoke a magical and adventurous feeling, just like in the movie. How interesting this decor item is for true series fans!

Your tabletops will become a canvas of nostalgia with this collection of Stranger Things coasters, each piece telling a unique Hawkins story.

What sets these coasters apart are the imaginative designs inspired by key elements of the show. Possessing this typical coaster set will make it clear to any guests exactly how much of a fan they are.

Fandom-inspired gifts are rising, with enthusiasts seeking unique ways to connect with their favorite shows. Themed glassware has become a standout choice for fans of all ages.

Sipping from a glass with Stranger Things symbols is fantastic. The designs capture the essence of the show, taking fans to Hawkins. Rather than a glass, it's a tangible piece of the Stranger Things universe that fans can hold.

For enthusiasts who want to carry a piece of Hawkins with them everywhere, a Stranger Things keychain will be a wonderful gift choice for them.

These keychains boast unique designs inspired by iconic symbols and characters. Each keychain becomes a miniature work of art that attaches well to your loved one’s belongings. They will be very happy to receive a gift about their favorite character!

The good news is that there are several ways to show your or your loved ones' enthusiasm for a famous sci-fi series, such as a limited-edition gift set, including a knitting hat and a pair of socks!

The warm winter beanie and cotton socks make the gift seasonally relevant. Fans can use this set during chill months and enjoy the movie. It provides both comfort and a subtle nod to their favorite show in their winter wardrobe.

Gift-giving is about creating connections, and this sign does just that. It connects fans with the supernatural world of Hawkins!

The sign drawing of the Shadow Monster from the Upside Down is an eye-catching piece that draws attention. It's also a playful nod to the dangers of the Upside Down, showcasing a fan's ability to find amusement in the supernatural.

Are you trying to find a present that combines style with Hawkins's nostalgia? Take a look at this Stranger Things scrunchie.

The scrunchie isn't limited to just one styling option. It can be worn in various ways – on the wrist, in a high or low ponytail, or even as a trendy accessory on a handbag. As a series fan, she'll love it and use it daily!

Searching for an exceptional present that captures the Hawkins in a truly unique way? This framed print is the ideal choice for fans of the iconic show!

This print is carefully made with attention to detail, showing excellent craftsmanship. The clear imagery ensures it is a cherished decoration over time. Plus, its design fits into different decor styles, be it modern or classic, making it an adaptable gift for any room.

One way to show your love for a movie? That is to own figures of your favorite characters. With this gift set, you will satisfy every fan of Stranger Things.

The box set likely includes figures of iconic characters from Stranger Things. How cute these characters are! Fans can recreate scenes from the show or display the figures as a tribute to their favorite characters.

To please the people who belong to the Stranger Things universe, you need to choose items with symbols of this movie that they can always carry with them, like this necklace.

Unique jewelry pieces like the Demogorgon necklace can serve as conversation starters. It allows fans to share their enthusiasm for Stranger Things with others who appreciate the show.

Like the movie's name, the creative design of this interesting globe successfully shows the upside down of two worlds. This is a unique gift that many fans want to own.

The globe is designed to mirror the eerie and mysterious “Upside Down” world featured in Stranger Things. The attention to show-specific details in the design is likely to surprise fans, creating a connection to the series.

How can fans show their passion for a favorite movie? That is to own items that contain the logo of that movie. By giving them this set, you are helping them satisfy their passion!

Encouraging hydration is a health-conscious aspect of the gift. The water bottle promotes healthy habits in a stylish and fandom-inspired manner, making it a win-win for fans!

Want to make Stranger Things fans impressive and memorable? Give them this eye-catching coffee mug that will remind them of you every time they use it.

Drinking from a mug with the show's distinctive design can transform the coffee or tea-drinking experience into a unique and themed ritual. Fans may be surprised by the added enjoyment of this personalized touch.

When clog sandals are being used by many young people, why not give them a pair with Stranger Things designs? With these decoration charms, they will help you do just that.

The charms showcase iconic elements from horror movies, allowing fans to display their love for the genre in their shoes proudly. What a unique and personalized way to express their passion for horror films.

For fans who crave more content beyond the TV series, the paperback contributes to the expanded universe of Stranger Things.

The book is like a new chapter in Stranger Things, letting fans dive back into Hawkins, Indiana, and hang out with their favorite characters. Your friend can create his/her own unique version of the Stranger Things based on what he/she likes. It's a personalized adventure just for him/her!

Bottom line

We've gone through a pretty long list of Stranger Things gifts, and it's time to say goodbye. I hope this blog post has inspired you a little. No matter what it is: a mug, a t-shirt, or a pop figure, these top presents will help you get the right item for a friend or yourself. So, hurry up and get them before they're all gone, and bring more Hawkins into the lives of your loved ones!

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