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33 Best Super Mario Gifts That Will Surprise Them

Mario first appeared in Donkey Kong in 1981 and has since been a part of more than 200 games. Super Mario is famous worldwide for its exciting and challenging adventures in video games. The characters, challenges, running, and jumping movements have attracted children and adults. You'll find stuffed animals, toys, Super Mario-themed LEGO sets, and more. With such a rich history and decades' worth of games to use, it's hard to know where to start with Super Mario giveaways.

Whether you're looking for a Mario gift for a young fan, an adult with nostalgic Mario memories close to their heart, or yourself, a wide range of great Mario items are available. We've compiled a list of the best Super Mario gifts, so it's easy to find the perfect one. Let's get started, don't let this list restrict you. Just get out there and start spending. There's never been a better period to be a Mario fan with our gift list.

It's a celebration! Gather the whole family and enjoy the exciting race around the board while playing the Mario game. The board game is filled with great images from the games.

Each game comes with a game board, 34 maze squares, 24 character cards, and four pieces. Clear instructions guide you through the game every step of the way as you set it up and start playing. The rulebook is available in multiple languages in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.


✔️ Great replay value

✔️ Quality components and design

✔️ A joy to play over and over again

Are you fascinated by the cute and colorful design of Mario toys? These Mario and Luigi toys make a great gift for any popular video game fan!

Super Mario Bros graphics and styling, are lightweight and designed for the tiny hands of any boy or girl. High-quality, static-free, extended-range radios and mics, with a simple push-to-speak button. Create your own adventure wherever you go out with extended range and static-free operation up to 500 feet in ideal conditions.


✔️ Encourage communication, and develop language skills

✔️ Improve social skills that promote inquiry and discovery

✔️ Share the fun with friends

Is your home lacking in vibrant colors? If not, then this super Mario rug is the choice for your home.

The mat includes a non-slip cotton base and soft, shiny polyester microfiber feathers on the top. The thickness of the carpet is about 5-6 mm, and the color of the edge seam of the carpet varies depending on the color. The non-slip cotton base can have different styles depending on the weave. It uses high-temperature digital printing technology, so the size of the mat can vary.


✔️ Safe and secure use at home

✔️ Effective home decoration

✔️ Clean the house all the time

This kids' digital watch for boys and girls comes in an easy-to-open, kid-friendly box perfect for gift wrapping. This makes a great gift idea for Mario fan parties.

Trendy accessories for kids featuring their favorite Mario characters. This kids' digital watch is something your kids will use every day, learn to tell the time, and show off to their friends. With easy-to-use features and a simple design, your child will read and tell you the time in no time!


✔️ Share the joy and excitement

✔️ Fashionable and attractive

✔️ Allows you to create style every time you wear it

Are you looking for the perfect Super Mario gift for the fan of this game? Look no further, and this personalized Mario Bross mug will provide a variety of experiences as you enjoy your favorite beverage!

This mug is created of high-quality ceramic and is dishwasher and microwave safe, so it's not only a great conversation starter, but it's also practical. With an 11oz capacity, you can enjoy your morning tea or coffee in a mug featuring your favorite game character.


✔️ Can be customized as you want

✔️ Bright, eye-catching colors

✔️ Convenient C-handle design, easy to hold

Mario shoes are one of those things that everyone wishes for them. So hurry up and order these cute little shoes for real Mario fans.

Made of non-marking rubber, these soles are great for playing but won't leave marks on indoor surfaces. The shoe surface is washable, so cleaning them is easy; Wipe the stained area with a damp cloth and let it dry naturally. Great for creating a premium feel to the foot. This textile lining wicks moisture throughout the day.


✔️ Perfect fashion combo

✔️ Give them a classic look

✔️ Comfortable with playing, outdoor activities

Kids will love the ultra-comfortable feel of swaddling with this Super Mario beach towel. It will increase the personality and dynamism of the children in fun activities on the beach.

This terry towel offers cozy comfort with its smooth surface and soft feel, whether at the beach or in the bath. The durable and absorbent fabric removes sand and provides quick-drying convenience. One beach towel measures 28" (R) X 58" (L). It's big, fun, and easy to wrap around kids and toddlers. Towels are lightweight and easy to fold for travel.


✔️ Gives a colorful style

✔️ A cute home decoration

✔️ A fun swimming and bathing accessory

Super Mario is no longer limited. You can now play Super Mario on a handheld. It doesn't take long to be used to seeing the character on a small screen, and you will quickly play at speed.

Bring your gaming experience on the go with the built-in 1020mAh large-capacity lithium battery. The handheld console offers up to 6-8 hours of gameplay. Enjoy playing with friends using the included gamepad, or connect the 3.0-inch LCD monitor to your TV via the AV output for a more immersive gaming experience.


✔️ Relive childhood memories

✔️ Enhance parent-child interaction

✔️ Bring more laughter and happiness

You'll want to be careful not to make your Jenga shard over the edge of the tower like you do your Kart over the edge of a rainbow road. This tower block game is a fresh twist from the original, with challenge cards, coins, tokens, and a spinner for extra adventure.

Super Mario Edition allows players to race up the tower as Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Toad. Characters have their own cards to refer to throughout the game. You can earn points by collecting coins as they stack, steal, climb, and beat Bowser. If the tower falls on your turn, you lose the coin, and the game is over. This is how you play a game full of fun.


✔️ A fun and challenging game

✔️ Connecting people together

✔️ Enhance team spirit

If you know any Mario fans who love to listen to music, then buy this Super Mario Bluetooth headset. You can connect to any device and listen to audiobooks, Spotify, and YouTube!

Use your headphones in two different ways! Up to 18 hours of continuous Bluetooth playtime when connected to the device. Use the included 3.5mm audio cable to listen to music/audio when Bluetooth is not available or when charging is required. This wireless headset features an adjustable headband and soft ear cushions for a custom fit. This headset even has a microphone for chatting with friends and family on Facetime or Zoom.


✔️ Chat with friends and family easily

✔️ Portable and Rechargeable

✔️ Ideal for traveling

Use your imagination to build a truly epic level in Mario with this super fun Lego set. This lego set has tutorials to get you started building an interactive Mario level that you can make a mini-character bounce through.

The lego set has a led screen color sensor to display various instant reactions to movement and action bricks along Mario's path. The speaker plays iconic sounds and music from video games. The lego character in this game is powered by 2 AAA batteries, providing a highly interactive playing experience with instant feedback.


✔️ Offers unlimited playing opportunities

✔️ Fun interaction with family or play alone

✔️ Increase combo power in infinite ways

Power up your room with a set of Mario night lights. Mario 3D illusion lights will be a great gift for both kids and adults to give a big surprise at parties.

The lamp is equipped with 10 LED beads powered by 3-AA batteries or a 5V USB cable connected to your PC or home adapter. Provides red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, white, and color-changing colors. It can be fixed by one color, or 7 colors change gradually. Mario's unique lighting effect is a fantastic optical illusion.


✔️ Cute design gives you amazing 3D visual effects

✔️ Gives you a more comfortable and delicate light

✔️ No glare, no flicker, no harm to children's eyes

Can you carry the Mario character everywhere? Of course, yes, if you are up for this animated Mario sticker. These stickers will give Mario a new look.

High-quality PVC waterproof vinyl stickers, size 2-4 inches. Each set will have 100 pieces. You can apply stickers by peeling off the backing and using your imagination to stick them on any surface you want! It is made of high-quality vinyl, which has the function of sun protection and is waterproof.


✔️ Add vibrant and eye-catching colors

✔️ Perfect to stick anywhere

✔️ Best gift for Mario fans

Show your love for Mario with practical and practical gifts like this water bottle for your child. With a fun and lovely design, your kids will love this colorful gift.

The high-quality 18/8 stainless steel construction water tank is built to handle drops, bumps, and other types of hard knocks. Using thermos vacuum insulation technology keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours. This water bottle is lightweight and compact, with a push-button lid, so it is easy to carry and open. It has a hygienic lid that is also removable for easy cleaning.


✔️ Child-friendly design

✔️ Suction tube with hygienic lid

✔️ Sustainable for everyday use

Do you need a super fun Mario party? Look no further than Mario's decorative paper! This wrapper features colorful illustrations of Mario and his friends, including Luigi.

You can edit this decorative paper file of your own directly in the browser or on a mobile device using the online editing software You can change it up, download a PDF, JPG, or PNG file, and have it ready to use right out of the box. You can use this decorative paper to create the perfect birthday party for your little one or to celebrate your big brother's special day!


✔️ Colorful and fun design

✔️ Elevate the party to the next level

✔️ Many different sizes for you to choose

Make a great gift and use it in any room for kids and adults with this Mario poster. This gift is sure to liven up any room.

The poster is printed on a premium two-tone white pop-up with vibrant colors and images. It is digitally printed in high resolution at 720 x 720 and is UV-safe, which will last for years. Poster Used durable low-memory PVC material, so even after rolled, the graphic will lay flat for easy installation.


✔️ Superior color quality

✔️ Quality ink, fade resistant

✔️ Clean and elegant appearance

Add colorful Mario clocks to your kid's bedroom wall decor. Encourage learning to see the time, bedtime, and wake-up time.

Imagine the look on your child's face when he opens the box and finds an amazing Mario wall clock with a unique design inside. You don't need to put in extra effort to find something more than an ordinary gift! This wall clock has the best quality movement and high-quality printed design, With a size of 9.5". It is very easy to hang on the wall.


✔️ Help you manage your life

✔️ Being everywhere on time will help you

✔️ Ideal for kids with large display dials

Mario is the main character of the same name and the main character of the long and very successful Mario series. If you are a true Mario fan, get your hands on this Mario teddy bear.

Tanooki Mario is a form of Mario that first appeared in Super Mario Bros., now produced in the form of a teddy bear. In their Tanooki form, they use their tails to defeat enemies and destroy blocks lying on the ground. With this 5"L x 5"W x 9"H size, Mario can jump walls with just a corner and glide by shaking his tail and falling slowly.


✔️ Made of top-notch material

✔️ Highly collectible for fans

✔️ Soft to hug

If you're looking for a Mario gift that also brings a lot of nostalgia to it, then this Super Mario fridge magnet set is the right choice.

A set of 46 3D magnets inspired by Super Mario, which you can stick to the fridge. This Mario magnet set is made from high-quality plastic, they are about 1 inch in size. Quickly own this collection if you are one of the true Mario fans.


✔️ Variety of vibrant colors

✔️ Many styles look cute and lovely

✔️ Compact design, does not take up too much space

Every music box is designed to capture the movement of signature music. These music boxes are made with you in mind if you are really a Mario fan.

The wooden music box is made from 4mm baltic birch plywood with waterproof paper strips and is very durable. The size of each wooden box is 78x45x63mm with a 15-note playing mechanism. You simply add a note to your order in the "Add your personalization" section and it is engraved with text up to 35 words.


✔️ Classic, rustic design

✔️ Listen to melodious, deep melodies

✔️ Meditation and relaxation

Baby will be ready for everyday activities with this fun and uniquely designed Mario baseball cap. Mario hats are a great gift and accessory that boys will always love.

The 5-cell baseball cap is made of durable cotton twill. Features a curved bezel and an eye-catching size image of the Mario character, and a sweat-wicking strap inside. Adjustable fit with easy-to-use buckle. Designed for toddler boys aged 4-7 years. Approximate crown size: 6" (L) x 7" (W) x 6" (H) - circumference 53 CM. Rim is 2.4" (L) x 7" (W).


✔️ Fun and practical cap

✔️ Bring a style of daily activity

✔️ Uniquely designed, your favorite characters appear in 3D

While Mario is the star of the series, there are plenty of iconic side characters that fans know and love. This dish set makes great gifts for anyone who loves Mario.

Designed with quality that children can safely enjoy, the plates and bowls are made of durable melamine, which is strong, long-lasting, and light enough for kids to carry around. The cup is made of Poly Propylene plastic which is light and durable for a baby to hold. The spoon and fork set is made of stainless steel with an easy-to-grip plastic handle that makes it easy for children to hold.


✔️ Make meals and snacks more enjoyable

✔️ A practical choice for picnics or birthday parties

✔️ Bringing action-packed style to gamers

On the surface, this set of games looks like a block of questions that you can find in the game. But when you start opening it, you will discover some glowing beads.

This glow set features over 2,500 solids, gems, and stars in 30 colors. Unique star-shaped particles add dimension and texture to designs to bring your Super Mario-inspired creations to life! Made from the highest quality materials. Suitable for children 4 years and older. This glowing set is a water-activated bead craft set.


✔️ Create your favorite Mario characters

✔️ Comes using design pins and sticker sheet

✔️ Create unique, interchangeable scenes

Your kids will love these Mario lingerie sets with fun textures and designs available in a variety of pack sizes and styles. Bringing this collection to true Mario fans.

Mario Men's Shorts 5pk and 8pk are 100% combed cotton. 4pk and 7pk boxer briefs are made with Coolcraft Technology for extreme softness. Lots of great options and pack sizes available for fun everyday wear. All pairs of Mario pants are tagless with a brushed waistband for maximum comfort.


✔️ Colorful and eye-catching

✔️ Comfortable for everyday wear

✔️ Softness and extremely cool

This amazing piece is ready to be spaced out from the wall, for a very cool floating look, and together with the light they give the room a great result.

Solid pine wood is processed by modern CNC technology. High-grade 2K glossy paint ensures the durability of wood, and can be waterproof, and anti-termite. The acrylic photo printing plate is transparent, sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. LED lights with 16 RGB colors and 4 flashing modes for impressive lighting effects. You can change the color of the light to create the right mood for your space, or simply switch the colors to your liking.


✔️ Easy remote control

✔️ Bringing a cozy and warm space

✔️ Not too glare, no flicker, safe for kids

Rainy days have never been more enjoyable! Any Mario fan will love this Mario umbrella, he's sure to be a hero on a rainy day.

The 8-cell Super Mario umbrella is made of durable polyester. Features a safety helmet, Super Mario's easy push/pull clamshell handle, nylon cord and Velcro strap for easy portability. Anyone will enjoy being able to open and close their own umbrella by themselves. Designed for toddlers and boys ages 3-6 and measures 20" x 25". With this Umbrella by your side your kids will want it to rain all the time!


✔️ Help him stay dry on a rainy day

✔️ Make him feel like a real hero

✔️ He will still love and be proud of the gift

Enjoy spending time with your kids with this handheld game console and it will be fun for the whole family. It is a perfect companion to keep your kids busy and having fun.

A gamepad is included in the package to connect to a small handheld game console for two-player games. The 3-inch LCD screen can be connected to the TV via the AV output, making it easy to enjoy vivid, attractive video games on the big screen. Built-in 1020mAh battery capacity, you can play up to 6 hours per fully charged. When you go to work, travel, camping, you do not have to worry about running out of electricity.


✔️ Portable and easy to carry

✔️ Best choice for relaxed mood

✔️ Take you back to the joy of childhood

This sticker has more than 50 stickers that kids and adults can enjoy. Pray for your walls after letting your kids get their hands on the book, this will make them smile with delight.

The Big Coloring Book features 50 stickers and a die-cut handle to keep you entertained on the go! Children ages 3 to 7 will love this oversized Nintendo Super MarioTM coloring book featuring Mario, Luigi, and all their friends and foes alike. Come with over 50 stickers and a die-cut handle for fun on the go!


✔️ Great to stick anywhere

✔️ Symbol of childhood

✔️ Accompany Mario's adventure

It's him who will light up your game room or your kid's room. The weird LED sign has the look of a neon light but is much safer, brighter, and much longer lasting.

This high-quality ornament is built to last for many years and is made of very durable MDF wood. The front and back are painted matte black. You need to plug into a standard wall outlet with the included 12V power supply, and a 2-meter/79-inch extension cord is included. Depending on the size of the product, a 2 amp or 4 amp power supply is shipped in the box. All these led lights are designed, laser cut, and assembled by hand at the Lila Park workshop!


✔️ Cosy, soft, light

✔️ Light up any room

✔️ Enhance the romantic space

If you are a true Mario fan, you should not miss the super mario bros sandals. Enjoy the easy-to-wear comfort of these cool, fun kids' skate sandals!

These easy to wear slides are no trouble for your child. Your kids will enjoy putting together these slides themselves, making them mom's favorites. The soft, comfortable material is also very easy to care for. Your child can walk all day with super-comfortable footbed and soft, flexible upper. Since these are children's slip-ons, there are no annoying knots between your toes.


✔️ Fun design with fun

✔️ Comfortable to go all day

✔️ Eye-catching and attractive colors

Featuring Nintendo's colorful Super Mario imagery, this cold-weather kids' beanie kit is cute and comfortable. This is exactly what your little Super Mario fan will want to wear all winter.

Soft and comfortable fleece material, natural warmth. These kids' wool hats and mittens are both double-layered with soft and ruffled Sherpa lining for comfort and extra warmth. The exterior is made of 100% Acrylic with a soft Sherpa lining. Black sleeveless black fingerless gloves with Super Mario clip print design, great coverage for their cute little heads, ears and hands.


✔️ A Funny and fashionable Super Mario gift

✔️ Cute and comfortable in this cold weather

✔️ Ready to have fun and adventure

Think of this as Mario Kart in 3000. Instead of rolling on wheels, this Luigi drone gently hovers in the air above the floor and reaches breakneck speeds.

Mario can race in standard mode or switch to anti-gravity mode to perform slides and tricks with the push of a button, very easy to manipulate. The toy has a 100-inch range, can rotate 360 degrees and even drift. Contains remote control and Luigi Mini anti-gravity racing car. Requires 8 Aa batteries to play this game set.


✔️ Become a professional racer

✔️ Connect with family and friends

✔️ Create a thrilling playground

You can also gift your fans this kingdom discovery collection. Join Mario on a massive, cross-world 3D adventure and use his incredible new abilities.

Explore 3D realms full of secrets and surprises, including costumes for Mario and several ways to interact with the environment. There are Mario's new friends, Cappy, that let you master new moves like hat throwing, hat jumping, and snaps. Also, visit amazing new locations, such as New Donk City, filled with skyscrapers, and meet familiar friends and foes as you try to save Princess Peach from her fangs. Bowser's claws disrupt his bad wedding plans.


✔️ Create an exciting adventure

✔️ Make new friends and travel together

✔️ Improve team spirit

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect gift in the world of Super Mario is an adventure. With the plethora of Super Mario gifts available, you can cater to the tastes and preferences of fans of all ages. Whether it's a plush toy for a child or a collectible for a die-hard fan, Mario gifts are a delightful way to celebrate the joy and nostalgia this iconic character brings to our lives.

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