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30 Best Taylor Swift Gifts For All Types Of Swifties

Taylor Swift is a talented girl who can be a singer, songwriter, musician, or even lyricist. This intelligent girl has just graduated from New York University with a doctorate degree and has had a thoughtful and inspiring speech. She wrote many songs about love and showed her encouragement for girls. So, if your loved one is a Swiftie, they must be very proud of their idol. Understand that it will be easier for you to choose Taylor Swift gifts for them. Your special one will yell with happiness when they see a present related to their favorite artist.

Taylor Swift's gift ideas are many; we narrow them down and make them into a list so you can pick the ideal ones. The recommendations are varied; the list starts with a makeup bag, convenient for those who need something to put their stuff in. Then, the suggestions go with standees, posters, stickers, cards, etc., especially since all of them are related to Taylor Swift. A Swiftie can bring these gifts to concerts to support their idol or take them anywhere to show their pride when being a Taylor fan. Some useful gifts can be used daily, so your loved one can see their idol in every corner of the house.

Get the loveliest Taylor Swift gift for your special one. Follow the list below!

The Life Was a Willow And it Bent Right to Your Wind Shirt is a perfect Taylor Swift gift. It is designed to be worn over the shirt or sweater, and it makes the wearer feel like they have been magically transported to an enchanted place. The enchanted forest is where they will feel at home as they wear the wind shirt.


✔️ Made of premium soft fabric

✔️ Pressed with grade heat

✔️ Line vinyl for extra comfort

A quality metal sign is the perfect Taylor Swift gift, whether you're a die-hard fan of the superstar or are shopping for yourself. Whether it's displayed on your wall, hung on a fridge, or placed near the sofa where it can be admired, this sign will make a great addition to any home.


✔️ Made of high-quality and premium aluminum

✔️ Perfect for the office, cave, home den, and room

✔️ Provide years of outdoor and indoor enjoyment

Add a bit of sparkle to the occasion with this specialized cup which will bring a little magic to your loved ones' day. It is ideal for use with the brand-new Taylor Swift single Lover and will be sure to make your Taylor Swift fan smile. Taylor Swift fans will love this beautiful cup that is perfect for keeping Taylor Swift-themed gifts.


✔️ Have reusable lid and straw

✔️ Color changing effect

✔️ Cute design for Taylor's fans

Give the gift of beauty with these stunning holiday ornaments. You’ll add elegance to your tree and decor, whether you’re gifting at home or a party. This adorable ornament comes with a metal hook on the back so that it can be hung on a tree or a door for years to come. Perfect for any Taylor Swift fan!


✔️ Be custom-made

✔️ Have high-quality printing with vibrant colors

✔️ Come with a solid and smooth surface

The cute crunchie is a perfect Taylor Swift gift. Made with silk twill and filled with swiftie love, this Lover album-inspired scrunchie is the perfect way to keep her hair tamed and her heart at ease. So whether you’re the proud owner of her official music collection or just a loyal fan, we know this will become a favorite amongst Swifties everywhere!


✔️ One-of-a-kind design

✔️ Have comfortable, flowy, and soft material

✔️ Come with the subtle sheen


❌ Can’t be used on any wet hair

Give your special one a ring to remember the special times with this Taylor Swift ring dish! It's a great way to show your loved one how special they are to you, and the dish will last for years. The dish is perfect for storing rings and jewelry in any home. Great for weddings, housewarming gifts, anniversaries, birthdays, or other special occasions.


✔️ Handwritten text in calligraphy

✔️ Have a beautiful heart shape

✔️ Use permanent outdoor vinyl for texts

The Taylor Swift themed-gift wrap roll is a perfect Taylor Swift gift. Your recipient will love you for it! This gorgeous pink roll is an ideal addition to any gifting collection and can be decorated with your own message. Whether it's a thank-you note to a new mother or a present to your sister, this gift wrap roll will be the perfect accent for any occasion.


✔️ Printed on the 90-gram paper

✔️ Designed in qualified designer software

✔️ Printed in great quality

Taylor Swift fans, get ready to listen and cry over this mug! Inspired by her iconic music and lyrics, the mug features a bold black-and-white design. Crafted from porcelain, this mug comes with a black plastic straw and is dishwasher and Microwave safe.


✔️ Microwave and dishwasher safe

✔️ Be durable with great quality

✔️ Come with the fun graphic that is exclusively created

The "Devils roll the dice; angels roll their eyes" sticker is a perfect Taylor Swift gift. The sticker is printed with your own custom message on one side and the popular quote on the other. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just a casual Swiftie, this sticker will get all your attention!


✔️ Be water-resistant and holographic

✔️ Have an impressive design

✔️ High quality

The Taylor Swift party banner is a perfect Taylor Swift gift. It makes the perfect addition to any Taylor Swift fan's collection. This banner is personalized with her face on the banner. The star-quality print on heavy-duty vinyl will stand up to all sorts of weather. Hang it in your yard or outside your favorite party venue.


✔️ Show Taylor Swift's spirit in panties

✔️ Be custom-made to suit every look and style

✔️ Be ready to hang and pre-strung after opened

You're sure to be a Taylor Swift-a-holic with this product! These posters feature Taylor, and the backdrop is the perfect pop art-inspired Taylor's face design and includes the Taylor lyrics on the poster. These posters will bring Taylor Swift's message of true love and support directly to her fan’s homes.


✔️ Contain up to 18 posters

✔️ Correlate to every album song in each print

✔️ Use glossy paper

The Taylor Swift artwork is a perfect gift for Taylor Swift fans and is sure to be cherished for years to come! The Taylor Swift lyric is handcrafted using a variety of materials, including acrylic paint, collaged images, and high-quality paper, ensuring that this item will stand the test of time. It's designed to be a unique keepsake that Taylor Swift fans can display.


✔️ Instant printing and digital download

✔️ Perfect for bedroom art and office art

✔️ Have high-quality prints

For all of your musical needs! The Taylor Swift Notebook album features a cover made of high-quality recycled polypropylene material with the shape of her album. This notebook features a red vinyl record. You have the option to personalize it with a custom message if you want. Perfect for any occasion - wedding, anniversary, birthday, thank you, or anything else!


✔️ Come with 1,000 vinyl records

✔️ Be customizable to your needs and interests

✔️ Made from the amazing vinyl record

✔️ Have high-quality paper

The Taylor Swift-inspired mouse ears are an awesome Taylor Swift gift! We know that your friends will love them! They're a must-have item for anyone who loves Taylor Swift's music or is a lover of mouse ears. Perfect for getting for any occasion.


✔️ Come with myriad bow variations

✔️ Have good quality

✔️ Be beautifully designed

This vinyl decal of Taylor Swift is the perfect Taylor Swift gift for any fan. The Taylor's Version (TV) Vinyl Sticker is printed on high-quality vinyl and comes in multiple sizes. It has a unique design and an easy peel-and-stick application, which makes this product a great way to decorate your car, bike, truck, or laptop decals and bottles.


✔️ Be water-resistant

✔️ Be available in glossy and matte

✔️ Be easy to clean and rinse


❌ Not be dishwasher safe

Get your T-Swift on with these stylish Taylor Swift-themed rings that are a must-have for any true fan. This ring is inspired by Taylor's new album and will make you the belle of the ball on award night. Be the first to get your hands on the Taylor Swift Ring – and maybe even get one for yourself!


✔️ Use tarnish-resistant wire

✔️ Last long

✔️ Come with vivid seed beads

✔️ Well-made

With this Taylor Swift wall art print, you'll turn your walls into an instant pop star fan club! This canvas wall art features Taylor Swift's images on the cover, so it makes the perfect Taylor Swift gift. Show off your own musical talent with this Taylor Swift wall art print! This pop singer canvas wall art print is a perfect addition to your home or office décor.


✔️ Durable and shrink-resistant frame

✔️ Long-lasting coating

✔️ Waterproof, UV-resistant, and moisture-proof

This is the gift she will want. The Wonderstruck Taylor Swift Parfum Spray is an absolute fragrance of her own, with her signature scent mixed with milk and vanilla and a splash of sparkling water. Perfect for gifting to your favorite Taylor Swift fan, it's a fresh burst of the star's favorite perfume. It's a special one-time offer, so you can give it to her for the holidays, birthdays, or other occasions.


✔️ Filled with spicy notes

✔️ Include a sparkling and charming surprise of fruits

✔️ Have the gorgeous scent

This Swappable Grip is the perfect Taylor Swift gift for any music lover. Whether you love Taylor Swift's latest album or simply want to keep your favorite album close, the Swappable Grip can be swapped for any device. It makes holding your phone and tablet even more comfortable than before! Just slip it over your phone or tablet, and you're ready to use your device without worrying about dropping it.


✔️ Be expandable with expanding stand

✔️ Include swappable top

✔️ Be helpful with stand for watching videos or taking group photos

Have you ever had your picture taken with Taylor Swift? Use this high-quality Taylor Swift prop to make a life-size poster cutout for pictures of you and your friends at your next event or party. This cardboard cutout standee is exactly 5'9" tall, as is Taylor Swift. To create standees that look as realistic as possible, the standee uses high-quality printing. At your upcoming event or party, amaze your guests and generate some laughter.


✔️ High-quality printing

✔️ Life-size poster

✔️ Perfect for photobooths and parties

A healthy care set is ideal to be a present. Your loved one can use these items every day. It will also remind them of how kind you are. The set includes 3 products: spray, scented body lotion, and powder. The item volume is 3.4 fluid ounces for adults only. This scent will make them stand out from the crowd thanks to the special and quality formula. This gift will amaze them a lot!


✔️ Refreshing scent

✔️ High-quality formula

✔️ Bring about the smooth and silky result

The ideal way to support your favorite idol is with a cosmetic bag that says "I'm a Swiftie" in rainbow letters. The cosmetic pouch uses two-sided printing, exquisite patterns, and script writing. You can pick from a variety of classy, amusing, and attractive little cosmetic bags that can help you stand out from the crowd. These makeup bags are water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and made of premium canvas with a marble print. Your cosmetic supplies can stay put, thanks to the strong zipper.


✔️ Look lovely, funny, and elegant

✔️ Come with a large storage space

✔️ Made from high-quality material

✔️ Be sturdy, water-resistant, durable, and scratch-resistant

This vintage shirt is a great way to tell a Taylor Swift fan how much you appreciate her music. This tee is a classic print of Taylor's face, and the vintage style makes this a perfect gift for any music lover. This t-shirt is designed for a fit and will keep you warm and comfortable as you show off your love for Taylor Swift's music.


✔️ Made of soft cotton for great comfort

✔️ Be fabric-blend, durable, comfortable, and lightweight

✔️ Bring out great elasticity

✔️ Prevent stretching and stabilize its back

The pillow is perfect for adding a personal touch to any bedroom or guest bedroom. The decorative pillow will create a cozy environment for the perfect night’s sleep. With a classic, modern aesthetic and soft polyester filling, these pillows make the perfect Taylor Swift Christmas or Holiday gift.


✔️ Come with different variations

✔️ Be personalized

✔️ Be hand-made with good quality

Your favorite singer will get even more adored in her very own collection of coasters, and these ones have a personal dedication to Taylor! This set contains coaster designs depicting some of her most famous songs and music videos, with the lyrics of each song printed on the bottom of each coaster. A must-have for all your Taylor Swift music-loving friends and family.


✔️ Hand-painted with good metallic paint

✔️ Sealed with awesome waterproof sealer

✔️ Have permanent and waterproof vinyl wording

✔️ Prevent sliding

Cheer them up on their birthday with this "Happy Birth-Tay" card. A special design and a funny word-played saying are suitable for the perfect party. This item is designed with care in Michigan, USA, and made from high-quality cardstock and materials. The size of 5 x 7 inches suits any wallet, small enough to enjoy and bring it anywhere. It is a folded card with a blank inside, so you could write your sweet message on it to celebrate your loved one's day.


✔️ Printed on the glossy cardstock professionally

✔️ Great colors and materials

✔️ Lively color with the extra shine

This is a beautiful gift idea for young people, adults, children, girls, ladies, and anyone who is a Swiftie. There are a total of 50 funny folklore stickers. Each cool sticker has its own pattern. The kawaii stickers range in size from 2 to 4 inches. All the vinyl stickers are of the highest quality, waterproof and UV-protected vinyl, giving you fantastic waterproof performance.


✔️ Unique and cool patterns

✔️ Premium quality for waterproof performance and sun protection

✔️ Ideal for laptops, cars, guitars, journals, and so on

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