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34 Best Halloween Toys For Kids That Will Make Them Surprise

Can you recall the times from your childhood when you eagerly anticipated Halloween? Did you dream about finding the perfect costume, the most delightful candy, and a little spooky surprise to add an extra thrill to the night? Well, kids today feel the same way! They still want that Halloween magic, and one fantastic way to make it extra special is by giving them Halloween gifts.

To clarify this goal, let's explore together which types of Halloween toys will be most suitable for the little ones. Of course, they won't be too scary to fit well for young children. This list, from soft plush toys to intriguing animal-themed building sets, is all designed with a Halloween theme featuring various symbols.

Getting the kids to smile this Halloween is a piece of cake, and there are many more toys to consider. Take a look at our preferred toys for Halloween and pick out some that will make them declare, "Trick or treat—or toy!"

What activities will keep kids interested and engaged? The answer is coloring! Matching the Halloween theme, this figurine bowl set will be a favorite gift for kids!

The set has lots of Halloween shapes for your kids to be creative with. Each squishy is made from soft, high-quality material, so when they squish them, it feels really nice and adds extra fun to playing with them.

Surely, you're no stranger to this reversible octopus plush! Any child would want to own it, so why not gift one to the little one in your family?

Specially designed with a Halloween theme, it has two main colors: orange and black. What makes this toy so popular is its extremely cute ability to change between angry and happy states. What’s more? Its soft and cozy feel makes it a perfect bedtime buddy or a comforting toy.

If you're in search of a stress-relieving squeeze or a playful sensory encounter for your child, these squishies toys are here to meet your requirements.

The set likely includes a range of Halloween-themed designs, offering kids a variety of cute and spooky characters to enjoy. Its diversity enhances the play’s value and keeps kids engaged. They will be delighted and look forward to collecting more characters!

How about a tactile and sensory experience that will keep your beloved kid engaged for hours? Well, that sounds interesting, and that's exactly what this stretchy skeletons set offers.

The skeletons in this set are designed to be stretchy and flexible, providing a unique tactile experience for children. Kids can pull and stretch the skeletons, adding an element of novelty to playtime. A toy that never breaks - perfect for little ones!

For kids who always want to dress up as witches, this crystal ball is an indispensable accessory to add magic to any fun.

As the name suggests, the toy provides an opportunity for kids to explore concepts related to mysticism, fantasy, and storytelling. Kids will be curious and interested in different cultural or historical aspects associated with fortune-telling traditions!

The wizard toy is a fantastic addition to Halloween costumes. Children can incorporate it into their wizard or magical-themed outfits, enhancing their overall Halloween experience.

With this wizard toy, kids can immerse themselves in magical scenarios. They can pretend to cast spells, brew potions, and engage in other creative and spooky activities. How interesting it is!

In terms of entertainment and attractiveness, it is impossible not to mention the interactive hammering game. And you can easily organize this game at home for your kids with this set!

Simulation based on zombie extermination war with eye-catching color design, it especially matches the Halloween theme you are looking for. In addition, the quality sound system will attract the child's attention, making them unable to take their eyes off this lively toy.

The cuter and softer things are, the more they will love them! That's why you should choose this plush toy as a Halloween gift for your little one.

You can choose from many colors and animals, but I think the spooky creatures should be prioritized for the occasion. The softness of this plush toy will make your child love it and want to cuddle with it at bedtime.

I don't believe that only spooky plush toys can scare your child. How about this spider surprise box? Well, your kids will be startled by its element of surprise.

Just imagine their excited faces when receiving a gift from their most trusted loved ones. But the next moment is the shock and fear caused by the fake spider inside. The expression on the child's face after opening the box is the most anticipated part.

I wonder if just a Halloween toy can be so cute? Well, what child wouldn't love these multi-shaped toys?

Mochi squishy toys are known for their soft and squishy texture, providing a satisfying sensory experience for kids. The added luminous feature makes it even more engaging. Plus, the toys can glow in the dark, enhancing the play experience, especially in low-light conditions or during bedtime.

Want to surprise your little ones with the magic of Halloween? You can consider this reversible pumpkin plush, a charming gift that brings double the joy and imagination!

The plush embodies the aesthetics of Halloween, featuring the classic pumpkin symbol associated with the holiday. And what's the most interesting part? With a simple flip, you can change its facial expression, allowing your kids to convey their mood without saying a word.

If your kids are brave and mischievous, why not give them a bathtub filled with these strange creatures? Fear is just the first moments, gradually they will adapt and accept these stretchable figurines. And the best part? It can change color! This feature simply engages kids and adds excitement to their play.

All these monster illustration toys are perfect for Halloween! That's why this creative monster-building set is on this list.

This set comes with lots of LEGO bricks and special pieces, giving your baby everything they need to bring their craziest monster ideas to life. Plus, there's a handy instruction booklet to help them get started on their building adventure.

Halloween just got a whole lot screamier! Meet the screaming Ghostface plush toy, the must-have spooky pal for every brave little adventurer.

This plushie is super soft and perfect for cozy snuggles. But beware, its spooky expression and chilling scream might frighten your little one! Standing at 10 inches tall, it's also a great addition to your kid's Halloween decorations.

If you've got energetic kids who love to bounce and play, this skeleton hopping horse is a must-have. It's not just any hopping horse – it's designed to be whimsical and fun, combining playtime with exercise.

The soft and bouncy build ensures hours of entertainment, all while helping develop balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. It's a win-win for play and development!

Among Us has become an incredibly popular game, especially among kids and teenagers. The Halloween-themed plush brings a beloved virtual game into the physical world.

This toy allows children to interact with their favorite characters in a tangible way. Plush toys are known for their comfort and softness. Then, kids can enjoy snuggling up with their plush toy, especially during the Halloween season.

In case you're too busy to prepare for Halloween, let your kids play with these transformable skeleton fidget toys.

Fidget toys are known for providing a tactile and interactive experience. The transformable feature of the skeleton fidget toy will keep your little one engaged. They can enjoy transforming the toy into different shapes and figures, providing endless entertainment.

Halloween wouldn't be complete without a touch of eerie and crawling sensations, and these eyeball bouncy balls are a perfect match.

With their lively colors and captivating eyeball designs, these bouncing balls are certain to captivate the attention of both kids and adults. Eyes that can jump and move? How scary that sounds!

To test your child's bravery, this Halloween, buy fake snake toys and place them around the house. Then, wait for your baby’s expression as they see those scary toys at home!

Each bug has realistic sizes, vivid colors, and detailed textures that give the impression that they are directly out of the natural world. They're going to make your little one feel uneasy and curious because of how realistic they seem.

Turn your Halloween gathering into an unforgettable event with this assortment of spooky and delightful pinatas. It promises hours of laughter and sweet surprises for the kids!

This set has many colorful designs with classic Halloween symbols like pumpkins, bats, and ghosts. Breaking open a pinata is all about surprises! Kids love not knowing what's inside, and that makes it really exciting. The surprise part is what makes playing with a pinata so much fun!

Let’s see how beautiful these teacup gaming action figures are! Its eye-catching aesthetics make it visually interesting for kids, especially during the festive Halloween season.

These action toys feature a unique and quirky teacup head design, adding a touch of novelty and fun to the Halloween theme. The unconventional twist makes them stand out as playful and intriguing toys.

Are you looking for Halloween toys for kids who enjoy assembling things? Well, you've come to the right place.

This spooky pumpkin-building set is complex enough to keep your child focused for hours! But rest assured, it's not too difficult for little ones. Plus, with its beautiful and eye-catching design, your child will love it at first glance.

While looking for Halloween decorations, don't forget to get your kids these scary toys. These toys are super soft and perfect for relieving stress, making Halloween more fun.

In each set, you'll find a bunch of squishy toys with adorable pumpkin and vampire designs. They're made from safe, high-quality materials, so both kids and grown-ups can have a good time without any worries.

If your little one is a big fan of the Wednesday series, they will be intrigued by this Halloween decoration. Basically, it's the talking hand from the film. Sounds quite spooky, but it’s perfect for the Halloween atmosphere!

Besides being a toy, the Wednesday Addams hands can serve as a decorative element. Kids can contribute to the Halloween decor by placing their hands strategically, adding a touch of whimsy to the overall festive setting.

You can let your kids play with them instead of using these fake spiders for decoration. See if your child is afraid of these lifelike creatures.

For kids who enjoy a bit of spooky fun without being too scared, these plastic spiders offer a fear-friendly option. They add a touch of Halloween eeriness without being overly frightening, making them suitable for a wide age range.

Are you asking me why I chose this set of assortment fillers? Simply because it includes many classic Halloween symbols with many eye-catching colors. Without a doubt, your child will be attracted to this diverse set!

Each assortment is a lovable and slightly spooky character that goes well with the Halloween theme. Whether it's a friendly ghost or a smiling pumpkin, these toys are the perfect buddies for little ones who love exploring squishy things.

Searching for the ideal Halloween gift for your kids? Look no further! This assortment toy pack is here to bring a mix of smiles and spooky delights to your little explorers.

This pack typically includes a variety of Halloween-themed toys, offering a diverse and exciting assortment. From spooky characters to playful accessories, the range of items ensures that there's something for every child's taste and preference.

I can't know exactly what Halloween toys your little one will like. But you can try giving them this haunted house building set. Trust me, your kid will be attracted by the magical look of this set.

This toy allows your child to show off their building talent and patience. It will take time to build this complete haunted house. But in return, the result they receive is a work of art that they created with their own hands! How cool it is!

If you want to look for Halloween toys that are scary creatures for your kids, you should not miss this Demogorgon creature from Stranger Things.

Your kid will have to find a way to assemble and create this creature. This process requires creativity and an interactive factor. Then, kids can collaborate with friends or family members. This not only enhances their social skills but also makes playtime more enjoyable.

For kids who enjoy a bit of spooky fun without being too scared, this spider robot offers a fear-friendly option.

The smart functions of this robot will make your child excited. They can control this spider to crawl around the house or scare others. What's more interesting is that this robot has the ability to spray to simulate a real spider shooting silk! Indeed, no kid can resist this interesting spider!

Bottom Line

Remember, Halloween is not only about candy but also about having fun moments with the kids. To make your kids smile, don't hesitate to invest in some of the cool Halloween gift ideas we have covered above. From spooky gift ideas like glowing stickers to creative pumpkin decorating kits, these gifts are all about making special memories that will last.

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