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35 Unique True Crime Gifts for Mystery and Suspense Fans

Giving is sharing. Have you heard this saying? Remember to spend quality time cherishing the people around you by simply giving a gift. Through a present, you can share your emotions with your loved one. But you don't have to worry too much as you don't know which gift you should get. If they are a horror lover, this listing of true crime gifts below will be handy for you to grab a lovely gift.

Each gift has its function and attractive point, so stay patient to discover the listing gradually. It doesn't make you disappointed. On the contrary, these gifts will bring a unique experience for a true crime lover and make them feel over the mood. Always remind yourself that giving a gift to people surrounding you will make you think life is better and realize the value of life. Do you want to impress your beloved, get a gift below immediately? Have a good day!

Immersive to be a character in this game to experience a dramatic investigation to find the murderer. The gift is ideal for a true crime lover. They will feel thrilled and curious to indulge in this game all the time. So, give it to your lovers and play it with time.

The Mystery game is to investigate the death of a seaside amusement park employee and discover the truth behind the park. This game company, Hunt, a killer, is very popular in this field and has over 4 million games with overwhelming fans worldwide. But remember that the game is suitable for kids from 14 years old.


✔️ Ideal games for 1 to 5 players

✔️ Take 45 to 60 minutes to finish this experience

✔️ Bring authentic feelings like solving a killing case in real life

The mug is so fun for a crime lover to enjoy while watching horror or detective movies. The gift will make him/her feel each detail more authentic. A mug gift combined with a crime film will impress your loved one with a genuine feeling and even threaten people around with this expression.

The mug is made of quality ceramic, and the capacity is 11oz. It is perfect for loading coffee or tea. The design features deep horror-themed to bring a wonderful feeling for users. The printing is hard to fade, and it will keep your mood while bingle watching a murder movie.


✔️ C-handle to hold a mug conveniently

✔️ Safe for microwaves and dishwashers

✔️ Give you an authentic experience of crime documentaries

Unique gifts for crime fans are here, crime-themed novelty socks. A pair of socks has a fun quote to cherish a day with your loved one. The gift will impress them and make your lover laugh out loud whenever seeing your gift. If you are really more engaged in a story from him/her than a murder film, get it now!

The socks are constructed from cotton and polyester. It is endurable and highly elastic to fit men and women. The grey color is simple to match and mix with different shades of shoes. You can put on it daily or on a formal occasion. The quote is set on the bottom to enhance the experience of your loved one.


✔️ Ideal for washing in the machine with detergent

✔️ Comfortable to fold up and store neatly

✔️ Good material to protect feet while walking or running

Lighting up the candle to support you while enjoying a murder movie or documentary. It will create a great atmosphere to help you feel each detail authentically. Being a true crime fan, you will be very satisfied with this feeling. Besides, it is also an ideal gift for your loved one.

The candle is from nature, with the main ingredient being vegan soy wax and no lead. The cotton wick will make the burning time much longer. There are three options in size for you, and each size is ideal for a specific space.


✔️ Various scents to meet your taste

✔️ Good load it in a glass jar with a lid

✔️ Adhesive label with a fun quote to surprise your beloved

Let's perfect your experience in watching a crime movie and boost up your genuine emotions with the pillow here. It is provoking in appearance through words and illustration. Greatly, it is such an excellent gift for your friend, lover, and siblings if they are crime fans.

The watching pillow features a polyester cover, so you will feel soft and warm when cuddling it. The printing is applied for both sides, and it is attractive with black and red colors to create a gloomy vibe. Moreover, there are four sizes available.


✔️ Enhance your experience on a horror movie or podcast

✔️ Concealed zipper to make this gift look prettier

✔️ Outstanding decor to show off your interest to anyone

Set a particular area in the kitchen for your loved true crime to enjoy and indulge in his/her interest. The coffee sign is made anyone know that it is the coffee or tea of a true crime lover. Simply, get this one for your beloved to make him/her feel your fun.

The sign is made of chestnut-stained wood, and it has a size of nearly 5.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches. There have 3 colors on the background, it is white, black, and grey. The text is printed in black or white to make it outstanding. The gift can be free-standing or hung on anywhere.


✔️ Nice sign for coffee bar, tier tray, and tabletop

✔️ Make your loved one smile when making a cup of coffee to watch horror movies

✔️ Offer different quote for you to get

If you want to hold a party for a crime lover, the blanket cannot lack. It will support you to create a scary atmosphere. This will make your loved one feel more thrilled with this party and enjoy it better like being in a true murder movie.

The blanket is made of fluffy, rich flannel. The gift is printed with crime-themed icons and quotes to provoke more feelings in each one. The size is 50"x 65" and it is perfect to snuggle up all your body both for kids and adults. The illustration and mixing of colors will boost your experience.


✔️ Fairly lightweight to fold up and carry anywhere

✔️ Supper soft to keep your body warm

✔️ Never fade to give you a quality blanket to use whenever watching murder movies

Richard Ramirez may be a familiar name to many people. He is a true crime and is known as a nickname of Happy Face killer. The image of the man appears a lot in media, and right here, you also get it through the LED night light.

This night gift will light up whenever you plug it into an outlet. There is no switch to turn on or off. The product is made of good materials like plastic, metal, and frosted glass spray, so it is durable for you to use for a long time. The clear image will scare anyone.


✔️ Have red and blue colors for you to buy

✔️ Reflect an amazing light to create a scary vibe

✔️ Boost up murder watching experience

The women's shirt is an ideal gift for your friend or girlfriend on a special day. She will enjoy this shirt while watching a murder movie or listening to a true crime podcast.

The shirt is made of a cotton blend. It is durably sewn on the neck and sleeves to give you a good garment product. The printing is clear and easy to read. It is simple and not colorful to be suitable for any group of ages. The shirt is better for women to mix with jeans, a jacket, or shorts.


✔️ Many colors and sizes to fit your weight and height

✔️ Give you a comfortable outfit to hang out with friends

✔️ Sweat-absorbent to feel cold in the summer

Put on the socks to prove you are a true crime lover. The socks are perfect for you to show off your interest and hobby. It will make you feel over the mood whenever talking about crime movies or stories. You also give this gift to people surrounding you to honor this weird interest.

The pair of socks are made of cotton, wool, and polyester. The material is safe and warm. It is gentle to wash in a machine or by hand. There are sizes for women from 5 to 9, so you can have wide options to choose from for your loved woman. The 9 colors will satisfy her when receiving it.


✔️ Warm to keep your loved one from getting sick

✔️ Carefully packaged on a plastic bag to view from outside

✔️ Nice and durable printing to delight your beloved

The close-case puzzles will give you an exciting game to enjoy with your friends or alone. Each page is a clue or mystery, and you need to match all this information together to find out the truth of a criminal case. The gift will provide a proper process for solving an issue in real life.

The brain game will have more than 100 teasers related to crime to test your logic skills, memory, and visuals. There are 192 pages, and the book features spiral bound to open and close conveniently. The gift is absolutely to create a fun game for crime lovers to enjoy at a gathering.


✔️ Through mazes and puzzles to find out the murder

✔️ Train your brain to keep flexible

✔️ Give you more knowledge related to crime

You may expect to see how they react when visiting the Jeffrey Dahmer Cutting Board here, right? The gift delivers an image of an actual serial killer in real life. It is perfect for you to have a dramatic Halloween or crime-themed party. Get it to have a better day with your loved one.

The cutting board is made of thick bamboo, and the grain on the board is natural. The product is endurable and solid to resist damage from kitchen tools like knives. There are 3 sizes available. The small one is 6" x 8" x .43," and it doesn't have a handle in the medium.


✔️ Image and words are engraved clearly

✔️ No harmful element to react with raw foods or cooked foods

✔️ Easy to store with a handle

Enjoying crime novel and book better with the bookmark. The gift is amazing for your friends, siblings, coworkers, and your lover to have a much more exciting experience when reading crime documents. If you want to have a true feeling, get it and read a crime novel right now!

The bookmark can be made from 2 different materials. Both of them are durable and resist scratches to use day to day. The gift is thin and has 2 sizes for you to get. It is respectively 3.5 inches and 6 inches. The bookmark features blood spatter markings, and each product is different.


✔️ Clear gives you an obvious view

✔️ Level up your feeling when indulging in a crime book

✔️ Have a thin red cord as a tassel to mark in the book easier

The word letter art is specially designed for horror fans. So, if you want a gift to surprise your lover, friends, or a true crime lover, there is nothing more wonderful than this gift. It has decorative value and creates a great vibe to enjoy murder movies.

The word letter art is made of good materials and finished with canvas, frame, or other options for you to select. The size varies to fit your space to install. Each word is designed to provoke a scary theme. The product is ideal for decorating the bedroom or living room.


✔️ Personalize with all the letters

✔️ Unique design for each product to give you a special gift

✔️ Amazing gift to support your loved one's hobby

Do you want to have a perfect Halloween or crime-themed party? If you want, the dish towel is the thing you cannot miss. The gift is simple, with some thought-provoking words and images of serial killers or blood images. It will give you a better day than feeling scared.

The towel is made from microfiber. The material is quick to dry and easy to wash. To keep the gift longer, you should wash it in cold water. The design is different and diverse to match your taste. The text is obvious, and you can read the text easily. The product has only a size of 16x24.


✔️ Keep your kitchen clean all the time

✔️ Convenient for preparing meals or cooking

✔️ Fightening trick to scare your friends or your beloved

The doormat is an ideal gift for you or your lover to feel happy and have fun. The design is to honor the interest in crime documentaries. If you give it to a true crime fan, let's guess how he/she will react to your gift. It is much, very fun, so get this gift now!

The coir doormat measures 30.0 inches (L) x 18.0 inches (W). The size is suitable for any area in your house or outdoors. You can set it in front of a porch, patio, garage, or entryway. The text on the gift is rude but fun for the right person.


✔️ Clean the doormat by shaking off

✔️ Keep dust and dirt to keep your house clean

✔️ Feature PVC backing to limit slippery when using

If you a finding for a gift to give to your loved one who always tricks or does something out of control, the hat is for you. The gift is so cool and pleasant to make him feel happy. It is also a quick sign to warn people around should be careful to avoid falling into his/her joking.

The hat is unconstructed with 6 panels and is low-profile. It is fantastic with a quote in front and makes anyone smile when seeing it. The black-and-white color mixing is simple and outstanding in the crowd. The trap is adjustable and has a buckle to fix it firmly.


✔️ Perfect for a man to highlight his relaxed style

✔️ Comfy and breathable to put on daily

✔️ Enhance the appeal of a man

The spoon is unique and weird to delight loved ones like your husband, wife, or children. It will make them feel happy every single day or whenever he/she enjoys breakfast with cereal. A true crime fan will be very happy with this gift. Therefore, let's make an order.

The spoon is made of alloy steel and is well-polished and processed to give you a safe item. The size measures 6.25'' in length and is engraved with text and illustrations like a skullcap. The limit for customization is 4 lines and 10 characters for each line. Remember that to get an order smoothly.


✔️ Solid and durable to enjoy meals better

✔️ No smell or taste to not affect your eating experience

✔️ Extra special to help you enjoy drinks or foods

The Jigsaw puzzle is an ideal gift for a tricky lover who loves to solve intricate problems and especially criminal cases. Although it is not a murder case, the puzzle will bring a true experience for you or your loved one, like finding clues and matching them together to find out a killer.

There are 3 sizes 9.6"x8", 14"x11", and 20.5"x15". Each size will have 110, 252, and 500 pieces, respectively. But it isn't at all. The puzzle is much more difficult than others because the color and images on each piece are nearly the same, and we need to observe carefully.


✔️ Challenge your brain and memory to finish this puzzle

✔️ Enhance some personality traits like persistence and carefulness

✔️ Funny and super difficult game to waste your free time

If you require a fun and crime-themed gift for your true crime lover, the pajama pants are for you. The gift will surprise her with some scary icons and illustrations. Choosing a gift is very important to express your emotion and cherish your loved one on a particular day. So, don't hesitate to get her favorite one.

Made from polyester jersey knit fabric, this pant is comfy and thin to feel cold in the summer. The back is elastic to fit anyone's body, and the black drawstring tie adjusts according to each person. The pattern on the design is impressive and colorful on the white Sean thread.


✔️ Offer many sizes to fit your loved one

✔️ Comfortable and cold to wear in any season

✔️ Fun and useful garment product for women to use frequently

Halloween is coming soon. Are you seeking decor for your house on this occasion? Get the door hanger quickly. The product feature true crime-themed words to provoke a scary and frightening feeling in each one. Let's purchase this gift to welcome each guest to your house!

The door hanger is made of wood and painted with bright colors to create excellent artwork for you to celebrate Halloween. The size is 18 inches or 22 inches in diameter, and the thickness is 1/2 inch. The product is decorated with a faux fall greenery arrangement and bow.


✔️ Lase cutting letters to give you a precise and aesthetic decor

✔️ Wide application indoor or outdoor

✔️ Nice design to create a great atmosphere for Halloween

Indulging in 365 days around murders and killer stories. The calendar will open a world of murders for true crime fans to enjoy and experience the ups and downs in sentiment with surprising and unexpected details. Purchasing this gift and delving into the dark of a murder.

The calendar is based on a real story in 1752. So, if you know this case, the calendar would be a one-time-in-life experience for you. Like drawing a fact in front of your eyes, the book can cause some mental issues if you are too deep on it.


✔️ Durable and recyclable paper to keep for a while

✔️ Experience a story to elicit different feelings

✔️ Satisfy your loved one if he/she loves true crime cases

The bag is an excellent choice for your beloved if she is a big fan of true crime documentaries. The give will please her hobby and cultivate her curiosity to discover anything in the world. It is the best gift for a strong girl or those who want to be a police or detective.

The bag is made of world-class canvas with marble print. The dimension is 9.2inch x 6.8inch, so it is ideal for women to organize lipsticks, lotion, makeup brushes, and makeup palettes. The black zipper is sturdy and smooth to keep your cosmetics secure and convenient to take out.


✔️ Water-resistant to protect your valuable cosmetics in any weather condition

✔️ Great size to carry on a trip and vocation

✔️ Indispensable items for women to look pretty all the time

Do you need something to boost your excitement? The serial killer book here is what you are seeking. The gift will bring an unforgettable experience for you to recall some murder facts and elicit a scary feeling in each one, even a true crime fan. Get it for yourself or give it to your loved one is all perfect.

The book will open a world of obscure serial killer trivia and help you know what a killer is thinking and feeling in that world. It describes some behavior and crimes of some humans monster and provides you with some succinct information on psychopaths and sociopaths.


✔️ Attract people's attention with fascinating facts

✔️ Support for those who study crime psychology

✔️ Up-to-date information to give you some latest crime cases

Let's consider the crime badge holder here. The gift is excellent for your loved one who works in medicine field. It will give him/her an extraordinary appearance to show his/her interest in true crime cases.

The ID tag is available in black and white colors. The clip can attach to a garment product or a stethoscope. The gift features a colorful and glossy looking, and you can get this gift in the form of an ID tag or badge reel. The diameter is 11/4,'' and there will have a retractable cord.


✔️ Attach and remove easily for you to use daily

✔️ Enable to apply on many items like stethoscopes, lanyards, or Carabiner

✔️ Shiny face to make this gift more adorable

Sending a gift to express your caring to your friends, siblings, or your girlfriend even where you are with the headband. The gift will please true crime buffs. She can dress up daily to show her interest and create highlights in her fashion style.

The fabric is smooth and cold when touched. The design and pattern are added to an appropriate extent to as not to scare anyone. The size measures 19'' around and 2'' wide. The size is specially designed for teens and adults so it almost fits anyone.


✔️ Washin in cold water and cool iron to maintain this gift

✔️ Create a different style for your loved

✔️ Great addition to the murder lover's collection

Wonderfully please, a true crime fan with the keychain. The gift delivers a horror quote to provoke emotions in her/him at first sight. It is a great choice for you when you want to trick or surprise anyone. The context is proper and not too scary to anyone.

The keychain is well made of good stainless steel, and it is no lead or nickel. The round charm is 3cm and has 2 charms. One is a horror quote, and the other is a red handprint. Get this one to cherish a hobby and much more love for some true crime cases.


✔️ Thoughtfully packed in a velvet bag

✔️ Easy to hook on a key

✔️ Help you find out a key in a mess quickly

Giving you an interesting explanation of crime-related vocabulary. The collage sheet is a great preparation for you to give to your beloved or hold a Halloween at your house.

The digital sheet is convenient for you to download and print into many sheets to use. The design features a vintage style to provoke a better feeling and experience. The world is diverse on crime topics, so let's discover and choose what you want to have a crime-themed party with your friends.


✔️ Ideal decor to bring a frightening vibe to your party

✔️ Classic style, but it is easy to read

✔️ A support to help you come up with more ideas to surprise your loved one

You are getting the glass tumbler to enjoying drinks while bingle watching a horror movie or listening to a murder podcast. It is also a nice gift for a true crime buff to match his interest and impress them. But, of course, the glass would be better if you filled it with red wine or beverages.

The glass tumbler gift is ideal for holding 15oz liquid. The printing is white and very outstanding on a red background if you can pour red drinks on it. The product can keep hot and cold drinks. It is also easy to clean.


✔️ Good item to hold a crime-themed party

✔️ Safe to keep any beverages

✔️ Thick material to resist scratches and limit breaking

You are finding a gift for your loved woman who falls in love with true crime cases, right? The makeup bag is an excellent suggestion for you. The gift is nice to keep cosmetics and personal items. The pattern is crime-themed icons and images to show off her preference.

The bag is made of polyester. It is no wrinkles and is long-lasting. There are 2 colors for the pouch, which are black and white, and for the zipper is gold color. Furthermore, the gift is available in 2 sizes, small and large, so you can get a suitable one for your loved one.


✔️ Nice bag to keep cosmetics in place

✔️ Useful items to carry on a journey

✔️ Well organized on a handbag, backpack, or luggage

The watch band is an amazing and unique gift for a true crime buff. The gift is specially designed for these figures. The design is simple, but it is wonderful to delight your loved one. Wearing it daily will make him /her feel pride in his interest and courage.

The gift is made of high-quality material, and the words and images are engraved by laser. That's why they will never disappear and fade. The band is compatible with only Apple watches, so please keep that in mind to get the right order for your items.


✔️ Diverse in sizes to fit anyone's wrist

✔️ Comfortable to make sure the blood circulation is good

✔️ Elastic silicon to withstand any weather condition

It is the best gift to give a courageous person who is keen on true crime and crime-related items. The bath soak will provide him/her with a memorable experience. Only imagine you also feel scared by this experience, but it is definitely a blessing for a crime lover.

The bath soak is handmade from natural ingredients. The gift is safe for any kind of skin, including sensitive skin. The good ingredients will supply vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin, dehydrated skin. Moreover, the product offers a set with a bath bomb and two bath soaks for you to buy.


✔️ Preserve women's beauty by bathing with the item every day

✔️ Moisturize your skin to keep a smooth one

✔️ Available in many scents to meet your demand

Are you feel scared with the true crime gift set here? Do you want to get it yourself or give it to your loved one? Don't panic. Let's get this gift for your crime lover, or it is also an ideal gift for a crime scene investigator. So, depending on his/her interest, choose this gift for them.

The gift set will include a keychain, bracelet, and a pair of studs. All the items feature blood spatters to evoke a frightening feeling. Not only that but this gift is also packed in an evidence bag. It is absolutely an ideal gift for a crime lover to use daily.


✔️ High-quality material to give you long-lasting products

✔️ Create an exotic and unique style

✔️ Satisfy a crime fan with the gift set

You are celebrating a special day like a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary with your loved one through the scared card. The card is lovely for a true crime buff but would be a nightmare for others. So, if you want to trick or please your loved one, this gift is very suitable.

The card is made from 110lb cardstock, and the material is sturdy to avoid tearing or damage quickly. The printing is professionally made to give you a nice view. The ink is also quality to create bright colors. The size is 4.25” x 5.50”, equivalent to A2 paper.


✔️ Request to get a printed message

✔️ Spacious blank inside for you to write down your thoughts

✔️ Come with a coordinating envelope

The mystery box is perfect for your loved one to get started on collecting. It is an excellent box to keep jewelry or crime-themed items like keychains. You should send this gift to her/him to impress them and delight them with the gift idea.

The product comes from suitable materials and is durable and sustainable to load many things. You can order with a large quality and there will be colorful tissue paper on it to be ready to pack with your gift. So get this one to have a nice present for your beloved.


✔️ Durable box to keep for a long time

✔️ Create a collection for your interest

✔️ Surprise your lover with a crime-themed box


In a world where curiosity often leads us to explore the darker aspects of human nature, true crime gifts provide a unique way to embrace this fascination. Whether you're intrigued by the psychology of criminals or simply love solving mysteries, there's a true crime-themed gift waiting for you.

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