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32 Best Zelda Gifts For The Legend of Zelda Lovers

Affirming from the beginning, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the game with the most investment in image and compatibility. Players will have a graphical experience that surpasses all other games. The world of The Zelda Legend: Breath of the Wild is considered the most vivid, the most vivid, and the most extensive fairy world. Every inch of land you see, you can travel to.

Therefore, players of this game are huge all over the world. Maybe those close to you, like your brother or lover, are also true game fans. So, if you always have a headache looking for gifts on holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries, now give gifts related to your gaming hobby, like the Zelda game. He will feel you are a psychopath! Check out our list of Zelda gifts below. It will make the person who receives this Zelda gift filled with joy!


Prepare him with a Legend of Zelda-inspired sword to help him imagine himself adventuring through fantasy realms in Zelda's world.

The product includes a toy sword and scabbard. The toy sword has a foam blade and a plastic handle. This replica of the Zelda sword is perfect for pretend play in outdoor games or display in any D&D collection.


✔️ Made of durable material

✔️ Bring a good user experience

✔️ This accessory is light and comfortable to hold

This ocarina, inspired by the Zelda game, is fully playable and great for performing or cosplaying as a Zelda character. Its distinctive blue-violet color and compact design make it stand out. The bellows are adorned with shiny game icons. Plus, it includes a Songbook with legendary in-game tunes!


✔️ Easy to hold and control

✔️ Have Bright, beautiful colors

✔️ The sound comes out hard and easy to hear

The personality and preferences of the homeowner will show through the interior decoration of the space. So give him this Zelda night light. It will surely brighten up his house!

This 3D Zelda illusion lamp base is made of high-quality acrylic and ABS plastic with bright LED lights. The night light can create various visual effects at the touch of a button on the base and 7 different colors using the touchpad/remote control.


✔️ Soft, uniform, and glare-free light

✔️ A companion through every sleep

✔️ There are many different lights and colors

Have you ever thought that you would own all the items in Zelda in just one box? This is exactly what you've been looking for

These products are mostly made of alloy, which would make a great gift for any Zelda fan. The outer box is made of wood, and inside are charms that simulate the items in the game. You can open the box slightly and display it in the house, surely the guests who come to visit will be very curious!


✔️ Entirely made of high-quality materials

✔️ Sophisticated design, similar to game shaping

✔️ Used as charms to wear rings, keys, etc

Your outfit will look cool with this Zelda-inspired sock! It will be a great highlight and help you score points in everyone's eyes.

The socks are made of 98% polyester for durability and 2% spandex for a stretchy fit. Unique design with prominent in-game icons on a sock background. This is a perfect gift for men who love to play this game!


✔️ Made of soft cotton material

✔️ Eye-catching colors, creating accents

✔️ Can be used at home or out

Zelda music box will be a different and fancy display for those who love this game. It contains a lot of interesting things behind a wooden box!

With a neat, pretty design and solid natural wood base, monolithic CNC lathe. Especially above the music box is engraved the title of the game "The legend of Zelda". When rotating the motion handle, the game's theme song will be played. With that tune, you can completely relax to work or play!


✔️ Natural wooden box with beautiful grain

✔️ Can be used as home decoration

✔️ Safe for users and children

If your mom won't let you play games until late at night, then go to bed and put on this Zelda blanket, it will lead you to adventure to the fantasy realms of your dreams!

The blanket is made from 100% premium microfiber polyester. It provides the right balance between comfort and fashion to ensure that you are not only comfortable but also enhance the look of your bedroom. Soft blankets are durable and more resistant to fading than other products such as duvets.


✔️ Keep warm and comfortable all year round

✔️ Durable and perfect to fit

✔️ Anti-wrinkle and anti-fading

The icons in the Zelda game are unique, and not all art connoisseurs understand them, so it will be very suitable to be included as a wall decoration!

These lightweight birch wall murals are laser-cut and hand-polished, stained, and light-finished. Each painting consists of two layers that are permanently bonded together, providing durability and strength for years of use.


✔️ Suitable for all designs

✔️ Luxurious, different pattern

✔️ Durable and sturdy material

Do you feel that drinking beer is not interesting if you just use a regular glass? Why not choose for yourself a cup in your favorite game to inspire and create fun?

This wooden beer mug is manufactured to high-quality standards and features a stainless steel inner coating, which helps keep your beer cold for longer. If you don't drink beer, you can completely use it as a unique cup to drink any kind of water!


✔️ High-quality cup safe for health

✔️ Convenient, durable, and beautiful

✔️ Show your passion and personality

The product is designed after the famous Zelda game with animations and sharp printed images that will make your decorations extremely stylish in the style of gaming.

The product is designed so that you can unleash your creativity and decorate the items according to your personal preferences. Stickers can last a long time and can be removed and re-sticked easily. PVC waterproof vinyl sticker is waterproof and scratch-resistant and can be eaten on surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic, or wall.


✔️ Eye-catching colorful stickers

✔️ Good adhesion, hard to scratch

✔️ Refresh your gadget

This is a well-researched, written, and complete book about The Legend of Zelda. If you are a fan of this game, it is a pity to be ignored!

The 320-page book is a comprehensive recap of everything in The Legend of Zelda's first 30 years. Includes a comprehensive collection of enemies and items, potions for poetry, extensions of legends mentioned in the Hyrule Historia, concept art, screenshots, maps, main characters and their relationships, language, etc.,


✔️ Simple, modern book cover

✔️ Zelda game-specific tutorial

✔️ Beautiful and scientific writing and presentation

Very few people think of giving a Zelda game character wall clock to their best friend or son, but this is an extremely useful and lovely gift!

The clock runs on batteries. When it lights up, it needs to be plugged in through the power cord to light up. There are seven color lights and one color-changing light to choose from. The color of the light is controlled by a suitable remote control. The watch moves continuously and quietly because of the use of high-quality Quartz movement.


✔️ There are 7 lights of the same color and 1 light changing color

✔️ Light with remote control and USB cable

✔️ No ticking or any other noise

The Legend of Zelda became a phenomenon when gamers and fans all over the world were crazy about it. Give him the ring of this legendary game!

A perfect blend of quirky and charming. It is a great gift for the lover of a heart-shaped crystal heart sword. High-grade zinc alloy, creating ruby/sapphire stone. The product is proven safe for the body after rigorous exposure testing, with no harm to health.


✔️ Completely new impression

✔️ Made of high-quality zinc alloy

✔️ Elegant and sophisticated design

Playing UNO with your favorite game surfaces has never been so easy with this set of UNO The Legend of Zelda!

This game is similar to the classic card game, where players match colors and numbers to discard all of their cards. Special action cards include Skip, Reverse, Draw Two, and Wild Cards. The goal is to remove all the cards in your hand before other opponents. A perfect gift for card players.


✔️ Contains 112 cards plus instructions

✔️ Colors and decorations are subject to change

✔️ For 2 to 10 players

Inspired by the game Zelda, this Wallet is created with a design difference to satisfy every customer based on a diverse portfolio of images.

The Nintendo Zelda video game wallet is made of PU material. Featuring Zelda's familiar color and game badge on the front, the Wallet is officially licensed and is 100% authentic. It measures 22cm x 8.7cm, perfect for slipping into a bag or carrying around.


✔️ Rugged Wallet but light weight

✔️ Wallet with a polyurethane lining

✔️ Compact, can be put in a pants pocket, shirt pocket

Want to find something special for your house? Here is the answer! Let's make a splash in your home with this Legend of Zelda-themed mystical rug!

The carpet is woven and dyed with advanced technology, has good durability, is mostly soft, and has good water absorption. Flannel surface, foam middle, and non-woven bottom anti-slip plastic points. It can be used to cover the floor of the living room, bedroom, and dining room.


✔️ Anti-slip and water-resistant fabric

✔️ Always stay in place and do not move

✔️ Clear print, high visibility

Put on this hoodie on the street, and everyone will know you are a true fan of the Legend of Zelda game!

The shirt is made of high-quality Polyester and 10% Spandex material, providing high durability. Breathable and skin-friendly fabric provides excellent comfort and stability. The shirt is available in several sizes for both men and women. The unique print design makes it more eye-catching and fashionable.


✔️ Super soft cotton and good print quality

✔️ Have a classic design, tight fit

✔️ Includes various colors and sizes

This is a must-have box for both casual and fastidious The Legend of Zelda fans because of its unique design!

This box is filled with 7 amazing items, including collectibles, accessories, and everyday items such as Sheikah Slate Bento Box, Glass Water Bottle, Messenger Bag, Hylian Badge Embossed Diary, Pen featuring the Divine Beasts, Champion Sticker Pack, Enamel Pin Set.


✔️ Professional design like in the game

✔️ Includes 7 useful items

✔️ Enrich your collection

Surely everyone wants to play their favorite game on their own PDP Gaming Controller, right? If you're a fan of Zelda, buy her now.

Officially licensed Nintendo controller for the new Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED. LVL40 headphones or other headphones can be plugged directly into your controller for up to 40 feet of maximum operation. You can program buttons & triggers yourself to improve your game easily!


✔️ Perfect control layout

✔️ Enhance playability flexibly

✔️ Control volume directly on the gamepad

Take your Zelda sword everywhere with this little bell! You will really gasp when you open it because it is so beautiful and detailed.

It is truly a treasure, and I would recommend it as a gift to anyone who is a huge fan of Zelda. The small details on the legendary sword are extremely well done. You can use this item to decorate your home or use it as a keychain or pendant if you want.


✔️ As authentic as the in-game version

✔️ Perfection from the smallest details

✔️ Small, can be used as a key chain

You'll look super stylish and show off your taste and personality with just this Zelda beanie!

The hat is made of thick wool, keeping you warm on cold days or perfecting your outfit. With perfect stretch, the hat is only available in 1 size but will fit most people. But in return, it has up to 7 colors for you to choose from.


✔️ Made of thick, quality wool material

✔️ Available in 7 rich, outstanding colors

✔️ Create a different highlight for your outfit

The eye of truth is the symbol of the Sheikah tribe. Now you can also get the beautiful Sheikah eye on this beautiful earring!

The piercing is made of super durable crystal resin combined with aluminum. The piercing size is 15 mm in length, and the width is 10 mm, suitable for all face shapes. The piercing is cleaned and hypoallergenic using a super strong adhesive, making the finish lightweight and durable!


✔️ Handcrafted with high quality and devotion

✔️ Masculine, strong, and outstanding design

✔️ Weighted and durable piercings

Are you a collector of tarot decks with a variety of themes? Then don't miss this Zelda-inspired tarot deck!

This deck is intended to use the visual language of video games to introduce new students to Tarot readings. There are 23 Major Arcana cards featuring the main characters from the video game series. The cards measure 2.75" x 4.75" and come in a black drawstring bag, half transparent organza, and half velvet.


✔️ Suitable for beginners to read tarot

✔️ Easy-to-understand, beautiful illustrations

✔️ Perfect size per leaf as per standard

If you have a beloved one who is a fan of the Legend of Zelda game and always wants them to think of you, this necklace will meet all of them.

This necklace is made of ultra-durable crystal resin combined with aluminum. The necklace is suitable for both men and women because of its high applicability with its unique eye-shaped design, style, and personality. You will become charming when you wear it around your neck.


✔️ Wear-resistant crystal resin material

✔️ Not easy to rust and deform

✔️ Apps for both men and women

This will be a meaningful gift for those who love cooking and are fans of the Zelda game! Delicious food is not only in taste but also depends on how it is prepared.

This wooden cutting board will delight recipients when they see their own name with its unique design, adorning your kitchen with the game's logo engraved in the center. The cutting board is made of wood, and that makes it a great choice because it's non-porous and prevents bacteria.


✔️ Made of solid wood

✔️ Safe cutting board, prevents bacteria

✔️ Username can be personalized

Light up this beautiful Zelda lamp at night, and it will give off a soft glow that will make your whole bedroom magical!

Each lamp is handmade and cannot be an exact replica. The lamp is made of acrylic and wood and comes in 2 sizes, 8 inches high and about 6 inches wide. Mini Wood LED Photo Frames change the mood by choosing one of 7 different color modes just by clicking the mode button.


✔️ Both as a night light and as a decoration

✔️ Beautiful design with a heart shape

✔️ Can change 7 color modes

The Expanded Edition Guide to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a guidebook to help you conquer the game effectively!

The 512-page hardcover book includes everything from the main game as well as the two Expansion Pass DLC packs "The Master Trials" and "The Champions' Ballad". Book accuracy is 100% as all quests and all information about collectibles have been tested.


✔️ Help during game play

✔️ Full and detailed information

✔️ The cover of the book is as beautiful as a painting

Headphones do a necessity when gaming. What could be better than playing your favorite game while using a headset inspired by that game!

The headset's headband is made of plastic with a damage-resistant rubber cover, providing a smooth feeling when wearing, not bringing fatigue when playing games for a long time. Volume levels and audio frequencies deliver the clarity and detail trusted by professional gamers. A perfect gifts for streamers.


✔️ High quality ear cushions and headbands

✔️ Clear and detailed at all frequencies

✔️ Can be connected to any audio source

This is the most attractive gift of all time for gamers who are passionate about the Legend of Zelda game. They will appreciate this gift!

The frame is made of sturdy MDF and meticulously cut laminated foam board. There are multiple layers for the deep 3D effect that really stands out, just like a game setting that you can easily get caught up in! The frame measures 8" x 10" ready to hang on your wall or stand on a desk.


✔️ Made from solid MDF wood frame

✔️ Easy cartridge replacement

✔️ Bring a vivid 3D space

There are many people who think that the card strap looks "simple", not fancy, not fancy. However, with this tag strap, you will have to think differently!

The strap features a Zelda game character pattern, suitable for enthusiasts of this game. The 2" x 3" and medium length cord is perfect for any user. Printed on both sides, the strap will help you express your preferences as well as your own imprint in the eyes of the opposite person!


✔️ Helps keep ID cards from being lost

✔️ The right length for anyone

✔️ Consist of vivid, clear colors

To keep your cactus from getting boring, combine it with this Zelda-inspired pot. You can see it in the window every day!

The pot is made from 100% environmentally friendly PLA (Polylactic Acid). There are multiple size options and color options - Multi color or Single Color. The game's icon will be decorated on all sides of the pot, making a fun decoration!


✔️ Durable, compostable material

✔️ Light weight and sturdy

✔️ Wide selection of sizes and colors

This 3D Diorama Crystal-Clear cube is perfect for those classic game lovers out there!

The model is beautifully handcrafted using premium glossy paper and printed using high quality color printing. The model inside is encased in a crystal clear cube, to make it easy to see and to protect them from stains.


✔️ Clear crystal cube

✔️ High quality paper and color printing

✔️ Room and desk decoration model

This candle is the perfect choice for all the gamers out there. While playing the game while lighting this candle, they will feel comfortable and at ease

Candles are made from high quality soy wax, have a pleasant aroma and are great for stress relief or therapy. Candles not only help relieve stress, spread fragrance throughout the house, but also can be used as a beautiful decoration, can be placed anywhere.


✔️ Made from natural soy wax

✔️ Burn evenly and cleanly

✔️ Memorable Fragrance Experience

Admittedly, there are many types of scrunchies on the market. However, this scrunchies is designed in a very special Zelda game!

Wire scrunchies are made of silk fabric. The texture on the hairband is also extremely rich from the Zelda game that you can't get anywhere else. Elastic band measures 12cm and tube 55cm x 8cm for extra ruffles and moderate stretch


✔️ Soft silk fabric, does not damage hair

✔️ Unique, one-of-a-kind textures

✔️ Make her become beautiful

It seems that stuffed animal toys are only for children, but sometimes it is a spiritual booster for adults as well. Give Zelda fans this gift and they'll feel so warm!

The stuffed animal is made of cotton felt and hypoallergenic filler, safe and gentle on the skin. Each stitch is carefully handcrafted. Each stuffed animal has the perfect height, suitable for carrying anywhere including hugging at bedtime or decorating cars…


✔️ Cute spiritual gift to make her/him smile

✔️ Accompany you anytime, anywhere

✔️ Meticulously handcrafted

Final Thoughts

These 32 top Zelda gifts show that people still adore the series. Whether you're a fan or shopping for one, these gifts add magic to the Zelda world, making adventures extra special. With classic items and unique finds, there's something for every Zelda lover. Share the Zelda magic with your loved ones today and embark on a new adventure!

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