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35 Best DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad From Baby

Are you looking for heartfelt and creative birthday gift ideas for your dad from your baby? Look no further! Celebrating your dad's birthday with a do-it-yourself (DIY) gift adds a personal touch and shows your love and appreciation in a unique way. In this article, we have curated a list of the 35 best DIY birthday gift ideas that you can create with your baby to make your dad's special day truly memorable.

From adorable handprint crafts to personalized photo albums, these DIY gift ideas are not only budget-friendly gift options but also provide a meaningful gift option for your dad. Each project offers an opportunity for you and your baby to bond and create a one-of-a-kind present that your dad will cherish for years to come.

Whether you're a crafting novice or have some DIY experience, there's something for everyone on this list. Get ready to unleash your creativity and explore various DIY ideas that range from sentimental keepsakes to practical gifts that Dad will truly appreciate. Let's dive into the world of DIY birthday gifts and make this year's celebration an extraordinary one for your dad, filled with love, joy, and unforgettable moments with your little one.

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The gift of a tree photo frame with a baby's handprint is a birthday gift for dad from baby. This is a special and meaningful gift because it combines family affection and DIY art.

You can give this gift to your dad on events like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or any other special occasion.


✔️ Vivid, realistic pictures.

✔️ Rich colors are delivered using luster photo paper.

✔️ 400 years of black-and-white and up to 200 years of color durability.

✔️ Easily cleaned as necessary using a dry or moist cloth.

Giving your father a "Best Dad Ever Hands Down" sign is an excellent approach to appreciating and demonstrating your affection for him. You created this unique gift for your father, which can rekindle fond memories.

The sign reading "Best Dad Ever Hands Down" could also be seen as a way to express gratitude to your father for all of the time and attention he has given you over the years.


✔️ Superior wood construction

✔️ Individual and customized

✔️ Send a message that is inspiring.

A Baby Handprint Kit Clay is the ideal birthday gift for dad from baby diy if you're seeking a meaningful gift that will warm your father's heart. This beautiful kit includes three packets of non-toxic white clay, a little rolling pin, a handpainted wood frame, double-sided tape, and simple instructions. Your lovely frame will continue to provide you with nice little moments for the rest of your life.


✔️ 100% Real Glass Fog-Free Pane

✔️ Capture a beautiful baby's moment

✔️ Unleash your creativity

World's Best Dad T-Shirt is an excellent choice for a memorable present for your father on special occasions. The product is a baby diy birthday present for dad that includes non-toxic washable paints to personalize your shirt with your child's handprints. This is a fun and creative present prepared for that special someone in your life by hand printing on a preprinted tee with three colors of non-toxic, made-in-the-USA art acrylic paints.


✔️ Excellent 100% cotton quality

✔️ Includes three non-toxic acrylic paints produced in the United States

✔️ Make a souvenir out of your child's handprints

A one-of-a-kind Handmade Wooden Plaque is a thoughtful present for fathers of children. This lovely natural plaque would make an excellent and amusing Father's Day or special birthday present. Woodburning, also known as pyrography, is an ancient skill that gives a rustic touch to various crafts, which will please dad on special occasions.


✔️ Made of stone and wood

✔️ A one-of-a-kind gift

✔️ Handmade present

Fathers are the superheroes in their children's life, capable of carrying the world on their shoulders and serving as role models. A baby diy special birthday gift for dad will let him experience the affection of his children. A Personalized Gift For Dad would be the most adorable gift for your loved one this holiday season. You will not be able to find them in shops. This one-of-a-kind present will undoubtedly satisfy your father because it is a significant spiritual gift.


✔️ Printed on a high-quality color laser printer

✔️ Laser brilliant white paper material of the highest quality

✔️ Minifigures can be switched out

The Customized Dad Bracelet is an excellent birthday present for dad from baby diy that will please your dad. This monogrammed leather bracelet is a one-of-a-kind present for dad on any occasion. Keep it near his heart by engraving his children's names or initials on one side, making it a unique gift for an anniversary or his birthday.


✔️ Magnetic clasps made of stainless steel and a PU leather cord

✔️ Stylish silver color

✔️ High-quality materials

You Are The Best Dad Journal is a gift that will make your dad happy on his birthday or Father's Day. A notebook lets your father write down crucial information or a love message for the family. This will be a great everyday present that your father can carry anyplace.


✔️ Colorful cover color

✔️ Kraft chipboard backing for durability

✔️ High-quality paper

✔️ Best Personalized Journal for Dad

Family Handprint Kit is a memorable birthday present for dad or for new parents and baby showers, those who care about their family and are gifted as babies. It reminds you of how it felt when their little fingers wrapped around your own by proudly displaying this hands printing kit in a special area in your home.


✔️ Use baby-safe paint

✔️ Make a customized print frame

✔️ High-quality materials and attention to detail

✔️ No color fades quickly

A unique present demonstrates your affection for that individual. These lovely handcrafted mementos are ideal for that special someone in your life. Custom Photo Frame Woodblock is a genuinely unique birthday gift for a dad that will be treasured for a lifetime. This personalized picture block gift is excellent for any daddy, whether it's a first father's day gift, a new fatherhood gift, a Christmas present for dad, or simply a small daddy souvenir.


✔️ Superior pine and customized

✔️ Have a modern, shabby chic wooden design as a background

✔️ Constructed of hefty pine

✔️ Lasting a lifetime

A simple and heartfelt father's day present from the baby. The Personalized DIY Handprint Sign Kit allows the youngster to express their creativity while also sending love to their father. It can be utilized to decorate the bedroom, living room, or any other room in the house.


✔️ Personalized Plaque

✔️ Sign Display

✔️ 3 paints (red, green, and orange)

✔️ Use for a variety of ornamental uses.

A simple and meaningful birthday gift for dad from baby DIY that just cannot be overlooked is the Father's Day Frame Set, which dad will truly treasure. DIY kits are ideal for personal decorating or paint parties. These blanks are ideal for children to decorate for Dad. The majority of the components, including the text, are detachable, allowing you to paint each piece a different color easily.


✔️ 2 easels and 2 glue sticks

✔️ Products made from engineered wood

✔️ Use for a variety of ornamental uses.

Daddy I Love You Book is your father's unique and meaningful birthday gift. This great children's book, with its uplifting text and stunning illustrations, is a memorable and imaginative approach to reflect on the SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN DAD AND CHILD. This great memory book allows you to preserve and cherish those important moments to look back on for years and years to come, whether you want to honor the special position a father has in his child's life or whether you're seeking a unique and unforgettable present idea to touch a father's heart.


✔️ Beautiful artwork and a heartfelt story are included.

✔️ Personalized dedication page for writing a heartfelt message

✔️ Suitable for both girls and boys

Customized Newborn Footprint Keepsake Coaster is a unique and thoughtful birthday gift for dads. This sandstone coaster set may be customized with four various patterns or inscriptions that feature your child's hand or footprints. A lovely method to save your baby's memories and keep them with you forever. As a result, this is a highly significant Christmas, Father's Day, or New Year's present for dad.


✔️ Crafted from stone

✔️ The baby's name is also imprinted on the front.

✔️ Footprints must be no more than 3 inches tall.

A personalized Screwdriver for Dad is perfect for a special birthday or Father's Day gift. Hand-engraved with any phrase, this screwdriver will brighten any Dad's day. This will be a birthday gift for dad from baby DIY that will benefit your father greatly in life and may be used in any situation.


✔️ Engraved wood handle with up to 40 letters

✔️ Embroidered by hand in our calligraphy typeface

✔️ Excellent functioning tool

✔️ Available in a cotton gift bag with cord tie.

Looking for a unique and personalized baby DIY gift for the best papa in the world? DIY Wooden Craft Set Dad is the ideal present for expressing your love and affection for your father. The frame may be displayed on a shelf or in a cabinet. A lovely décor, as well as a particular present, has been prepared. Special represents passionately developed and personalized natural-material items.


✔️ Wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

✔️ A green, plastic-free, and inventive activity

✔️ Allow them to express themselves freely.

Daddy's Little Shits Tumbler with names and funny poop emojis depicting the children is a birthday gift for a dad from baby DIY that expresses love and admiration for a father. With each drink from his glass, recall his loving brat offspring and put a smile on your father's face. Whether you're celebrating Father's Day, your father's birthday, or any other special father-related occasion, you can count on our tumblers as a memorable and helpful present for all dads.


✔️ BPA-free, high-quality stainless steel

✔️ Double-wall insulation to keep the temperature stable

✔️ Tumblers include an airtight closing cover.

✔️ Permanent laser engraving allows for customization.

If you're searching for a baby DIY birthday present for dad, you can't go wrong with the Best Dad Ever Hands Down Sign. A thoughtful present from your child for Dad. This sign is hand-painted on wood and is approximately 12 by 12 inches (the frame adds about 1.5 inches more). There is about 5 inches of space between the top and bottom lines for a baby/toddler set of fingerprints, which may be added at home with a color of your choosing.


✔️ Handmade gift

✔️ Made with acrylic paint and wood

✔️ Make a list of noteworthy moments.

The Birthday Book For Dad is a great birthday gift for dad from baby diy that will make dads feel touched. A heartfelt homage to a child's affection for Daddy. A heartfelt, humorous, and unabashedly emotional look into a child's life as a result of their Daddy. The ideal gift for Father's Day, Daddy's Birthday, Christmas, or any other special "Daddy" occasion.


✔️ Personalized with the name of the father

✔️ Heartwarming tales

✔️ Vivacious colors

If you're searching for a thoughtful present that will warm your father's heart or a gift to express your love for your parents, the Letter Blanker Gift is an excellent choice. These lovely woven throw blankets make an ideal present. Ideal for cold evening outdoor gatherings, couch lounging, or wall hanging.


✔️Material of high quality and breathability

✔️ Print is amusing and easy to read.

✔️ Obtain font choices

This cute DIY Dad Paint Kit is the ideal baby diy birthday present for dad. This DIY painting kit comes without paint but may be upgraded to a completely complete package that includes everything you'll need to embellish and build a framed picture (paint, brushes, etc). Kids will have a great time painting and putting together their gift for Dad - the options are unlimited, and each painting will be unique.


✔️ Simple to setup

✔️ A variety of colors

✔️ Simple to use

Color Your Own All About Dad Poster is a present that expresses love and respect for fathers of children. Children will construct their own masterpieces in the spirit of diy to produce a birthday gift for dad from baby diy. This present can be given to Dad on his birthday, Christmas, or Father's Day.


✔️ Unleash your creativity

✔️ Rich colors

✔️ Detailed instructions are available.

The Best Dad Hammer Suncatcher Kit is a craft that children may make for their father, guardian or someone special in their lives. With the materials supplied in the kit, kids can simply make this mess-free suncatcher for their loved ones. Dads and babies alike like making these suncatchers and adorning all of our windows - a one-of-a-kind project for people of all ages.


✔️ Designed on 65-pound black cardstock

✔️ Tissue paper in a range of colors

✔️ Stunning completed effect

You should not neglect Custom Kids Art Father's Day Keychain if you are seeking a unique and outstanding gift to make a birthday gift for dad from baby diy. Pendant pictures are made to order and hand-sealed under a glass dome cabochon. The circular pendant has a diameter of 1 inch and is set in a gleaming silver-plated tray.


✔️ Necklace made of genuine black leather

✔️ Sparkling pendant

✔️ Simple length adjustment

✔️ Images are personalized based on your choices.

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind present for father's day or a birthday gift for dad, Baby's Footprint Unique Gifts For Dad is the birthday gift for dad from baby diy. We can transform your footprint or handprint into a unique and meaningful present. This Peyto 16oz insulated tumbler customized with footprint engraving is the most one-of-a-kind drinkware available, making it the ideal present for you and a loved one!


✔️ It is a working art that may be utilized every day.

✔️ Professional layouts

✔️ High-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail

Baby's Footprint Unique Gifts For Dad is a wonderful present idea for a new father. This item will be engraved with an ACTUAL baby's footprint on a lovely genuine leather tray. It's a thoughtful Christmas present for dad, mom, or grandpa. A treasured gift to remember those priceless moments with their child!


✔️ Genuine leather of the highest quality

✔️ Handmade and hand-dyed

✔️ Personalized with your own thoughts and footprint

✔️Made in the United States of America.

Dad will treasure a simple birthday gift of Im Not Sleeping Just Resting My Eyes Socks. The humorous sock is the greatest gift for dad on his birthday, Father's Day, or Christmas.


✔️ Cotton of superior grade

✔️ The intriguing text is a rubber that is both healthful and pollution-free.

✔️ Experience that is soft, comfy, toasty, and non-slip

✔️ Pure black is also the least outdated color, and it goes well with all types of apparel and shoes.

A birthday gift for dad might be hard, but this simple keepsake will be treasured by Dad. This one-of-a-kind board is a wonderful way for children to make a keepsake for Father's Day, a birthday, or Christmas. A Drawing For Daddy Plaque is a thoughtful present that can be used as a lovely wall decoration in any room to remind dad of his children's affection for him.


✔️ Natural wood construction

✔️ Decorate with paint, doodles, fingerprints, and handprints.

✔️ Clearly engraved

Baby's Actual Footprint Keychain For Dad is a unique and thoughtful birthday gift for dad from baby DIY. A lovely way to save your baby's memories and keep them with you forever. As a result, this is a highly significant Christmas, Father's Day, or New Year's present for dad. As his beloved son is constantly by his side, a parent may carry it wherever.


✔️ Made of brass and has a brushed, shining finish.

✔️ The baby's name is also imprinted on the front.

✔️ A distinct stamping image

✔️ The key chain is connected to a swivel clasp.

Custom Baby Face Mug For Dad is a unique and thoughtful birthday present for dad from baby DIY. Fathers adore their children and long to see them wherever they are. As a result, this is a highly significant Christmas, Father's Day, or New Year's present for dad.


✔️ White ceramics

✔️ Free of lead and BPA

✔️ Double-sided printing

✔️ Bright colors

✔️ Microwave-safe

Cookie Bags With Thank You Stickers is a unique and thoughtful birthday gift for dad from baby DIY. Nothing compares to cooking wonderful handmade cookies for Dad's birthday and wrapping them in attractive packaging. The 100-piece set of white dot goodie bags includes 100 thank-you stickers to make sealing easy. Demonstrate to your friends and family how you organized the cookie packages with a thankful heart.


✔️ Crafted from high-quality OPP plastic

✔️ Cute white polka dot dress

✔️ Several applications

A personalized Limb Scale is the ideal present for expressing your love and concern for your father. This is a stunning birthday gift for dad from baby DIY, complete with thoughtful inscriptions that will delight dad. Whether you're celebrating Father's Day, your father's birthday, or any other special father-related occasion, you can count on our tumblers to be a memorable and helpful present for all dads.


✔️ Natural wood with a clear lacquer finish.

✔️ The scale is quite steady.

✔️ The linkages are simple to move.

✔️ A total length of 2 meters

A customized BBQ set is an ideal baby DIY birthday present for dad. These BBQ Sets are a one-of-a-kind and personalized way to begin. Personalized grilling sets are ideal for both outdoor gatherings and regular usage. Choose from a variety of styles that best suit your preferences and personality. This set does the job whether you're cooking, camping, or tailgating! This set is tastefully etched to provide a unique remembrance that may be passed down from generation to generation.


✔️ Stainless steel of the highest grade

✔️ All-in-one grilling and dining set

✔️ Convenient to use

✔️ Simple transportation

If you're searching for a baby DIY birthday gift for dad, the Dad Grilling Plate is an excellent option. The plate is completely ready for you to get painted on your hands. (The design was created using Oracal 651)—the colors can be changed. This incredibly touching present for dad on his birthday, Christmas, or Father's Day will surprise and move him.


✔️ Make use of acrylic paint.

✔️ Colors and names can be customized.

✔️ Simple to use.

✔️ Can be used as a decoration.

Bottom Lines

The 35 best DIY birthday gift ideas for Dad from your baby offer a delightful way to celebrate your dad's special day from daghter. These DIY gifts not only showcase your creativity but also hold immense sentimental value. From handprint crafts that capture the precious moments of your baby's growth to personalized photo albums filled with cherished memories, each gift on this list is a heartfelt expression of love and appreciation.

By creating a DIY gift together with your baby, you're not only giving your dad a unique present but also sharing a bonding experience between father and daughter that he will treasure forever. These handmade gifts are a testament to the love and effort you've put into making his birthday memorable and meaningful.

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